The 10 Best Ski Outfit Options to Hit the Slopes in Style

Published on 06/19/2023 · 10 min readSeeking to update your look on the slopes? From jackets to snow pants to baselayers, Ski Expert Hannah Bibbo pulls together cute ski outfits that combine fashion and function.
Hannah Bibbo, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Hannah Bibbo

Photo by Hannah Bibbo

We’re past the days where we have to sacrifice fashion for practicality and comfort on or off the ski slopes. Skis and snowboards have flashy graphics and top sheets on them, boots are sleek and available in just about every color, and you can match all of your ski gear if you want to. So why not look your best, while also skiing your best?

We dug into the best ski clothing and snowboard clothing of 2021, taking into account fashion, function, and tech. This article covers some of the main categories of ski apparel for active use on and off the hill. From jackets to snow pants to baselayers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to ski outfits for the slopes — and we even included plenty of accessories below.

The Best Outfits for Skiing and Snowboarding in Style

Photo by Hannah Bibbo

You may be thinking, "Don't I just need to stay dry and warm?". And the answer would be yes, that's all you need to do, but why not add a little flair to your ski outfits and grab a couple of double-takes as you're skiing? Whether you're resort skiing or backcountry skiing, you can look like a fashionista on the hill in a range of styles.

1. The Puffer Jacket with Skinny Snowpants

If it’s good enough for Princess Diana, it’s good enough for us. It keeps your upper body warm but is also cute enough to keep on for whatever après ski activity you have planned.

The jacket itself will be the statement piece of the outfit, adding a pop of color, so pair it with solid color ski pants. If you don’t mind tighter-fitting ski pants for stylish resort skiing, I’d recommend a pair of sleek white or black narrow-legged snow pants to complete your outerwear kit and look fresh in your ski gear!

Where to buy the look:

2. Bibs with Literally Anything

Bibs are BACK! They keep you drier and offer added warmth compared to regular snow pants, and are typically a little looser fitting than traditional snow pants, great for resort skiers or backcountry use. Opt for an insulated model for added warmth. Some of them even come with little kangaroo pockets for your season pass or lip balm, like my fave Flowlow Foxy Bib, with taped seams and a waterproof membrane for dryness. The bibs also feature thigh zippers for ventilation and reinforced knees to help out snowboarders. Pair it with the Flylow Lucy Ski Jacket, and you have the perfect fit for daily wear and all kinds of weather, from mild conditions to high wind chill to heavy snow.

Where to buy the look:

  • Bibs: Check them out at Curated!
  • Jacket: We don’t have the matching jacket at the moment, but you can get it straight from the source.

3. Mix it up with Some Fun Patterns

Cheetah ski gear is in, and we are here for it. Make a statement (and stay warm) with these DC Collective Cheetah Bibs. Warning: Will attract attention.

Similar to the puffer jacket, the cheetah print is a staple item for cute ski outfits, so pair it with a solid black or white jacket or uninsulated shell on warmer days. You can even rock this outfit all the way through après if you throw it over a solid black merino wool turtleneck.

Where to buy the look:

  • Bibs: Check them out at Evo.
  • Jacket: We have quite a few solid color ones, but I love this insulated jacket with a hood.
  • Turtleneck: L.L.Bean has quite a few options!

4. ‘80’s Retro Onesies

Not only will a onesie ski suit keep you warm, but the retro style has actually never gone out of style on the ski slopes. The brighter, the better, and it really doesn’t matter what’s underneath because you probably won’t want to take it off. Opt for a onesie with pit zips and stretchy construction so you can stay comfortable.

Where to buy the look:

  • You get extra points for this super bright option from Shinesty. They also have some rad '90s onesies to check out, too!

5. All White Everything

Or, honestly, any monochrome skiwear. We all saw Michelle Obama rock the monochrome (she was an internet sensation) during the inauguration, so we know it’s in style this year. Try this look out on the slopes, too, with a jacket and pant set! Just make sure you opt for high-quality ski gear like a waterproof shell with an adjustable hood and snap-out powder skirt for easy adjustments. On colder days, wearing a monochromatic outer shell over a puffer makes for solid ski outfits and pairs well with white pants.

Where to buy the look:

  • Curated has them both! I’ve picked out a jacket and pant combo that won’t steer you wrong.

6. These Bootcut Bibs and Matching Turtleneck Sweater

What’s better than rocking bootcut bibs down the mountain? Pairing it with a striped matching turtleneck sweater or moisture-wicking quarter-zip. You won’t have to worry about a cold neck, and you’ll look chic heading to your post-ski activity.

Where to buy the look:

The Best Outfits for Anything But Skiing

We love love love (did I say love?) skiing, but we know that’s not always the main event. So we pulled together some après ski outfits that’ll keep you warm off the slopes while looking your best.

Photo by Hannah Bibbo

7. This Cozy, Oversized Fleece

A fleece is a must-have for every après-ski look, and you’ll want to add this fleece from a local Crested Butte shop, Slut Strand Society, to your wardrobe. Want to feel pretty and rad? Show off those Slut Strands and throw on the fleece. Throw it over your bibs or pair it with some merino wool leggings with warm and soft fabric.

Where to buy the look:

  • Fleece: From Slut Strand Society themselves, of course.
  • Leggings: Ask your Curated Expert to hook you up with a pair!

P.S. Slut Strands aren't just an accessory to level up your ponytail or bun – it's a true lifestyle. Check out how these ladies of skiing are using them to empower themselves on the slopes, express femininity, and more.

8. A Fur Coat

Or faux fur, either will do the trick! It’s an easy piece to throw over any base layers you were wearing throughout the day, or some jeans or leggings if you weren’t on the slopes. Either way, it’s an easy way to spice up an otherwise basic look!

Where to buy the look:

  • ASOS has so many options.

9. A Fur Vest, if the Fur Coat is Too Much

Too much fur on the fur coat? Try a faux fur vest! The same rules apply from above, and you could even add a turtleneck sweater or merino wool sweater underneath for an added layer of warmth. Stick with black or neutral colors, since the fur vest is the statement piece, here!

Where to buy the look:

10. A Merino Wool Sweater

Graphic tees may be out, but premium merino wool sweaters with “après ski” or winter graphics are totally fair game. The breathable fabrics of merino wool sweaters offer extra warmth and are essentials on all of my ski trips. Unlike cotton, merino wool wicks sweat and provides insulation for the coldest of days. Throw a lightweight down vest over it if you need another layer, or rock it on its own and have the coziest ski season.

Where to buy the look:

  • Ask your Curated Expert to hook you up with the sweater and vest from our partner site!

Accessories to Make it Pop

Because are cute ski ensembles really complete without some extra accessories?

11. Smith I/O Mag Goggles

No ski wardrobe is complete without ski goggles. My go-to goggles are the Smith I/O Mag goggles, known as some of the best performers because there isn’t a frame to detract from the rest of your look, and they have magnetic lenses, which are super easy to change, even if your hands are cold. From low-light lenses to sunny bright days, they have lens options that will keep you going. Smith also offers tons of entry-level goggles options at a lower price point.

Where to buy the look:

  • Your Curated Expert can get you a pair!

12. A Helmet with MIPS Protection

Ski helmets are more functional ski gear than fashionable, we know, but they should be considered a high priority. We recommend one with MIPS protection—which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System—the main advantage of which is additional protection from concussion compared to traditional helmets. You only get one head, after all, so MIPS is a good choice!

Since this is more functional than fashionable, we’d suggest something white or black for a minimalist look so the emphasis will be on the rest of your outfit! But, since we know fashion is of comparable importance, just show off those Slut Strands, and you'll be good to go. Some high-end helmets also offer speakers with Bluetooth, so you can pair your device instead of fumbling with headphones on your ski trip.

Where to buy the look:

  • If you want some help picking out a helmet with MIPS Protection, ask your Curated Expert.

13. A Matek Balaclava

Matek is changing the outdoor clothing game. There’s an emphasis on sustainability and affordability on top of being fashionable and functional. It really checks all the important boxes. The style is bold and retro-inspired and seems like it’s here to stay.

The balaclava, in particular, even doubles as a neck gaiter and face mask, all while keeping your head super warm.

Where to buy the look:

14. Hestra Mittens

From someone whose hands are always cold (literally always, even in my own house), I can tell you these are incredible. They may be more functional than fashionable, but, when you’re trying to show off your cute outfit all day, these will keep your hands toasty warm the whole time and are a long-term solution offering high performance. Known as mittens market leaders, Hesta offers first-rate build quality, so your product will last you for years.

They make both snowboard and ski gloves and mittens, so you have multiple options to pick from! They also offer lighter-weight models for warm spring days.

Where to buy the look:

15. Funky Sunglasses

These are less for on the mountain and more for your drink at the bottom of the ski resort, but they pull après ski outfits together with added style points. Pair it with a beanie, and you've solved the formula for the perfect après outfit.

Where to buy the look:

  • This cat-eye pair from Curated will make any outfit pop.

16. Puffer Scarf

This may be too much to throw on over your puffer jacket, but add overtop your merino wool sweater, and voilà!

Where to buy the look:

17. Sorel Boots with Micro Fleece Lining

You’ll be wearing your ski and snowboard boots on the mountain, but no matter how comfortable your winter boots are, you’ll want an option for some snow boots when you’re finished! Whether you're in the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, or Patagonia, you need high-quality boots with a waterproof build to keep your feet dry. Try pairing ski socks with Sorel boots with microfleece lining to retain body heat — your cold feet will thank you.

Where to buy the look:

  • ASOS is tried and true, or you can get them from Sorel.

Looking for more ski gear inspiration to complete your cute ski outfits? Check out our Instagram or reach out to me or a fellow Curated Expert, and we'd be happy to help you craft your ideal look for the slopes in little time.

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