The 6 Best Ski Boot Brands

Published on 04/06/2023 · 5 min readSkiing Expert Lauren Dobbins takes you through her top 6 brands of ski boots that you should give a look when on the hunt for your next pair.
Lauren Dobbins, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Lauren Dobbins

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Finding the right ski boots for your needs can be difficult. With so many high-performance brands, there are endless possibilities to find the best alpine ski boots for anyone from beginner to expert skiers. One way to begin narrowing your search for new gear is to consider what brands are out there. Today, I’m going to break down the best ski boot manufacturers on the market to help you on your quest!

Here are my top 6 ski boot brands (in alphabetical order):


Atomic is known for outfitting some of the best skiers in the world. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to ski like the legendary Mikaela Shiffrin? Atomic shines in the racing world with its Redster series. For those who aren’t comfortable hitting 80 mph on skis, look no further than the Hawx series. This best-selling series comes in various widths, flex ratings, and men's and women's specific designs.

The Atomic Hawx Ultra features the narrowest, most race-like fit of the series, with a last width of 98mm. The Atomic Hawx Prime is the standard fit at 100mm, and the Magna is for those with wide feet who still demand excellent performance at 102mm. The Hawx series truly has a match for any skier who wants to have a great day on the slopes!


It is no secret that I have a love affair with Dalbello boots. I have used my Dalbello Krypton AX 110s for three seasons now, and they are easily the best boots I’ve ever owned in my 20+ years of skiing (you can check out my in-depth review of them here).

Dalbello makes a variety of boots, but its standouts for me are the Cabrio-style boots. A Cabrio boot differs from the construction of a standard boot in that it has a separate tongue piece. This unique tongue allows for a progressive flex (no more shin bang) and exceptionally easy foot entry and exit. Their comfort is unrivaled for those with high arches or needing extra ankle buckle support. This tongue can also be replaced with tongues of varying stiffness, allowing for flex adjustment as ability level changes.

Dalbello has been an industry leader in Cabrio design, and they are one of only a few brands that design boots in this manner. If you want more info about Cabrio and traditional two-piece boots, you can learn more here. However, if you want an all-mountain boot with supreme comfort, look no further than the Dalbello Panterra.


Lange revolutionized the ski industry in 1962 when it developed the first-ever plastic ski boot. Lange has continued to innovate ever since and is on a mission to create the perfect ski boot. If you want to try the newest and most unique shell design, check out their all-mountain Shadow series.

The Lange Shadow boots feature a dual pivot at the shell connection point, with two joint pieces instead of a standard singular piece. This technology allows less energy input for the same incredible power delivery and precision. These boots are designed to give ultimate confidence without sacrificing any downhill performance capabilities. Traditionalists shouldn’t overlook the RX series for Lange’s renowned performance.

Similar to Tecnica, Lange has also made it easy to pick out the perfect width boot thanks to the LV/MV/HV naming conventions.


Nordica is undeniably my favorite brand for skis. (I own two pairs and have been a repeat buyer for many seasons.) Recently, Nordica has shifted focus to make its boots better and better. Notably, Nordica has completely revamped its Doberman boot line for the upcoming season to be just as legendary as the skis they share a name with.

Although its expert boots are a main focus, Nordica is known for having one of the best and most affordable beginner boots available: the Nordica Cruise. These boots are known for being very comfortable while retaining warmth. The Cruise boots are also an excellent option for a more advanced skier with a wide and high-volume foot. Are you an eco-conscious consumer? If so, Nordica has a unique boot recycling program designed to keep boots out of landfills and reuse the materials for boot buckles and other pieces.


Salomon boots are insanely popular and for good reason. Salomon is one of the best brands in terms of boot variety, allowing skiers to find a boot for their unique foot shape and ability. The standout line for variety is the Salomon S/Pro series.

The S/Pro boots have four flex options for men and two for women, but the key feature of the line is the three different widths for each flex rating. With a last of 98mm, the S/Pro Alpha is a top choice for those with low-volume and/or narrow feet or expert skiers looking for precision in a slim-fitting boot. The MV boots (or those with no additional naming abbreviations) are designed for a standard foot. The HV series is targeted at those with wide and/or high-volume feet who need the extra width through the toe box. Finally, if you are looking for a boot capable in the resort and backcountry, the Salomon Shift Pro is a must-try in the 50/50 category.


Tecnica is the ski boot manufacturer in the Blizzard skis family. Thanks to Tecnica’s proprietary Custom Adaptive Shape shell technology, it promises that the boots will be comfortable out of the box and fully customizable to ensure the fit is dialed in.

The Tecnica Mach series is a standout as a popular all-mountain option. In addition, Tecnica has taken the width guessing game out of the equation for consumers with its clear naming conventions. Any boot in this family will have a straightforward name to indicate the width and volume of the boot: LV for low-volume, MV for mid-volume, and HV for high-volume. The Mach Sport options are designed for intermediate skiers who still want the C.A.S. tech at a friendlier price and flex.

For experienced skiers who need a freeride boot for inbounds and backcountry skiing, the Tecnica Cochise is the boot for you! Featuring the same C.A.S. tech as the flagship Mach line, the Cochise is the one boot that can do it all for the most serious skiers who want to conquer any terrain.


Those are my top 6 boot brands. I hope this article has helped you narrow down your search for boots. Still not sure which boot brand is right for you? Chat with a Skiing Expert here at Curated or me, and we will help you find your new favorite pair!

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