The 12 Best Sleeping Bag Brands

Published on 04/06/2023 · 15 min readWith all the options for sleeping bags, it's hard to know which brands to trust! Camping and Hiking Expert Hunter Reed lists the top sleeping bag brands out there!
Hunter Reed, Camping Expert
By Camping Expert Hunter Reed

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As outdoor enthusiasts, we all know that a good sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of gear to have on any adventure. Whether you're camping in the backcountry, backpacking through the mountains, or just enjoying a night under the stars in your backyard, getting a good night's sleep can make all the difference in your experience, and a good night's sleep starts with having the right gear!

With so many options of sleeping bag brands on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of the top sleeping bag brands that you can trust to keep you cozy and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you! From innovative designs to sustainable materials, these brands have earned their spot at the top of the industry, and make some great products to guarantee you have a comfortable sleeping experience during your adventures!

Alps Mountaineering

Alps Mountaineering is a sleeping bag brand that has been providing quality outdoor gear to adventurers for over 25 years. Founded in 1993, this brand is known for its affordable and durable sleeping bags. They offer a range of sleeping bags, from synthetic to down-filled, with temperature ratings that suit different outdoor activities, including backpacking, camping, and mountaineering. The brand's sleeping bags are designed with comfort and warmth in mind, utilizing advanced insulation technologies such as continuous filament fiber and TechLoft+. Alps Mountaineering sleeping bags are also known for their lightweight and durable construction, using ripstop nylon face fabric on both their sleeping bags, complete with a compression sack.

In addition to sleeping bags, Alps Mountaineering offers a variety of outdoor gear such as tents, chairs, tables, and sleeping pads. The brand provides high-quality products at an affordable price, making outdoor activities accessible to everyone. Alps Mountaineering takes sustainability seriously, and the brand strives to minimize its environmental impact through responsible sourcing and production practices. Overall, Alps Mountaineering is a reliable and affordable choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for durable and high-performance sleeping bags that won’t break the bank.

Big Agnes

Founded in 2001 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA, Big Agnes has quickly risen up the ranks of the best sleeping bag brands thanks to its innovative approach to sleeping bag design. Big Agnes is best known for its use of the "sleep system" concept, which involves combining a sleeping bag with a sleeping pad for a more comfortable and efficient sleeping experience. This concept has been a game-changer for many outdoor enthusiasts, as it eliminates the need for the sleeper to constantly adjust their pad and bag during the night. Big Agnes sleeping bags are also equipped with draft collars and draft tubes, which are designed to prevent cold air from entering the sleeping bag so the user is kept warm throughout the night. In addition, Big Agnes sleeping bags are also notable for their lightweight design, making them a favorite among backpackers and thru-hikers.

One of Big Agnes' key target audiences is the ultralight backpacking community. The brand has gained a reputation for producing some of the lightest and most compact sleeping bags on the market, without sacrificing warmth or quality. Big Agnes also offers a wide range of sleeping bag options to cater to different temperature ranges, user preferences, and budgets. Sustainability is also an important consideration for Big Agnes. The company has made efforts to reduce its environmental impact through the use of recycled materials and responsible manufacturing practices. Overall, Big Agnes is a brand that is known for its innovative and practical approach to sleeping bag design, catering to the needs of backpackers, thru-hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a comfortable and efficient sleep system.


Founded in Switzerland in 1997, Exped is devoted to making high-quality, comfortable outdoor gear and has been a go-to brand for backcountry enthusiasts since its beginnings. They understand that comfort is crucial for a good night's sleep, and that's why they make sure that their bags are designed with this in mind.

Exped sleeping bags are also known for their versatility. They offer a wide range of bags that are suitable for different environments and weather conditions. Whether you're camping in the summer or winter, Exped has a sleeping bag that will meet your needs. Additionally, many of their bags are designed to be used in a variety of ways, such as quilts or blankets, making them even more versatile. With a focus on the warmth-to-weight ratio, Exped sleeping bags are lightweight and packable, making them ideal for backpacking trips.

In terms of sustainability efforts, Exped is prioritizing reducing its environmental impact through its use of recycled materials whenever possible and designing its products to be long-lasting and durable. Additionally, they work with Bluesign-certified suppliers to ensure that their products are produced in an environmentally responsible manner. All of these efforts demonstrate that Exped is a brand that not only cares about providing high-quality products but also cares about the planet.


Klymit is a relatively new player in the sleeping bag market, but its innovative approach has quickly made them a standout brand. Their sleeping bags are designed to be ultra-lightweight, compact, and highly versatile, making them ideal for backpackers and backcountry campers who need to pack light and move fast. Klymit is known for its use of advanced materials, including premium down insulation and highly durable fabrics, to create sleeping bags that are both warm and durable.

One of Klymit's key innovations is the use of body-mapped insulation, which helps to reduce weight and improve the warmth-to-weight ratio by strategically placing insulation only where it is needed most. Additionally, their sleeping bags often feature unique designs, such as the KSB Double sleeping bag that allows two people to sleep comfortably while still being able to zip off a section to use as a standalone quilt. Klymit also offers sleeping bags in a wide range of temperature ratings to suit a variety of climates and conditions, from warm summer nights to harsh winter conditions.

Klymit incorporates sustainable practices in the materials they use for their sleeping bags, such as utilizing recycled materials and minimizing waste in their production processes. Additionally, they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint through various initiatives, such as investing in renewable energy and working towards a zero-waste goal in their facilities. Overall, Klymit is taking steps towards a more environmentally conscious approach in its business practices.


Marmot is a trusted name in the outdoor gear industry, producing high-quality camping and hiking gear for almost five decades. Their sleeping bags are renowned for their exceptional warmth, comfort, and innovative features. Marmot uses only the best down insulation, which provides superior warmth in even the most frigid of conditions. And with innovative stitching techniques such as spiral stretch (which minimizes cold spots), Marmot's sleeping bags ensure that users stay cozy and comfortable all night long. From lightweight summer bags to extreme cold weather bags, Marmot offers a range of sleeping bags to suit different needs and budgets. They are well known for having a high-quality line of sleeping bags—including the well-known Trestles Elite Eco—at an accessible price for those who are just getting into camping and want a warm bag that won't break the bank.

Marmot is also dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. They use recycled and eco-friendly materials in many of their products and are a proud member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Marmot has been working tirelessly to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize its impact on the environment. This makes their sleeping bags not only a testament to their commitment to quality but also to their dedication to sustainability. Marmot's focus on affordability and sustainability makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality sleeping bag that won't harm the environment or their wallet.

Mountain Hardwear

Founded in 1993 by a group of former employees from the iconic outdoor gear brand, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear has quickly made a name for itself in the outdoor industry. The brand is committed to producing high-performance gear for outdoor enthusiasts, from backpackers to alpinists. Mountain Hardwear is particularly known for its innovative sleeping bag designs, which incorporate cutting-edge technology like Thermo Trap Baffles, which help to retain heat and prevent cold spots. They also offer a range of sleeping bags that cater to different types of users, from ultralight bags for backpackers to expedition bags for serious mountaineers. Their most popular bag is the Mountain Hardwear Bishop’s Pass Bag, which has a durable water-resistant shell, high-quality down insulation, a lightweight design, and a draft tube and collar. Whether you're a casual camper or a seasoned mountaineer, Mountain Hardwear has a sleeping bag that will meet your needs. However, due to their high-quality construction and features, some of their bags may come with a higher price tag than some other brands.

In addition to its high-quality gear, Mountain Hardwear is also committed to reducing its environmental impact. The brand has implemented several sustainability initiatives, such as using recycled materials in many of its products and partnering with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to promote responsible outdoor recreation. Mountain Hardwear also supports various conservation organizations, such as the Access Fund and Protect Our Winters, to help protect the environment and promote sustainable outdoor recreation. With its focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, Mountain Hardwear is a brand that outdoor enthusiasts can trust to provide them with the gear they need for their adventures.

Nemo Equipment

Nemo Equipment has been revolutionizing the camping and hiking scene since 2002. Based in New Hampshire, USA, the brand is known for its innovative, unique spoon-shaped sleeping bag design, which offers more room to move around and is especially popular among side-sleepers, and their Thermo Gill design, which are two vents, each with a zipper located on the upper portion of the sleeping bag that allow campers to regulate their body temperature without fully unzipping their bag. Their most popular bags are the Nemo Disco bags, which are spoon-shaped, feature their Thermo Gills, and have an integrated pocket pillow. Nemo Equipment also uses synthetic insulation in many of their sleeping bags, which is lightweight, compressible, and water-resistant, making it perfect for backpackers and hikers who need gear that can pack down small in a stuff sack and is easy to carry.

Nemo Equipment's sustainability efforts are also noteworthy, with the brand using recycled and eco-friendly materials in many of its products. The company is dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, reliable gear. Whether you're a casual camper or a hardcore backpacker, Nemo Equipment has a sleeping bag that will suit your needs, from warm summer nights to cold winter expeditions. Overall, Nemo Equipment is a brand that offers innovative and reliable sleeping bags that cater to the unique needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is one of the top sleeping bag brands that has been around since 1990. Sea to Summit offers a range of sleeping bags, from ultra-lightweight to expedition-grade, with an emphasis on comfort and versatility. One of the unique features of Sea to Summit sleeping bags is their Relaxed Mummy design in their Mummy bags, which provides more room in the chest, hips, and feet areas for greater comfort. Their sleeping bags also use a combination of synthetic and down insulation, offering warmth and durability with a focus on minimizing weight.

Sea to Summit also offers sleeping bags with temperature ratings ranging from 46°F for a warm sleeper or summer camper to -22°F for winter campers looking for a lower limit rating, allowing users to choose the best bag for their specific needs. Additionally, Sea to Summit uses responsibly sourced materials and implements eco-friendly manufacturing practices in its products.

Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs is a well-respected outdoor brand known for its innovative and high-performance sleeping bags. Founded in 1965, the brand has a long history of creating products that are designed to meet the needs of serious backcountry adventurers. They offer a variety of sleeping bags made with high-quality materials and unique features, such as their patented zipperless design in the Backcountry Bed series, which provides a more natural sleeping experience with freedom of movement.

Sierra Designs also offers synthetic sleeping bags with advanced insulation technology, such as DriDown technology, which is a hydrophobic down insulation that resists moisture and provides warmth even in wet conditions. Their synthetic sleeping bags also come with integrated pockets that can be used to store essentials like phones and headlamps, making them a popular choice for backpackers and hikers who value convenience and organization.

In terms of environmental initiatives, this brand has been working to reduce its environmental impact by using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. They have also joined 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes. Sierra Designs also offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, ensuring that customers can feel confident in their purchase for years to come.

The North Face

The North Face is a household name in the outdoor industry, known for its high-quality gear that caters to all types of adventurers. Founded in 1966 in San Francisco, California, the brand has been providing top-notch gear for over half a century. Though this brand is perhaps better known for its clothing, they also make sleeping bags which are no exception to its reputation for quality. The brand offers many different types of sleeping bags for various types of conditions, from lightweight and packable bags for summer camping to heavy-duty bags designed for extreme cold weather. The North Face's sleeping bags feature innovative technologies like ThermoBall insulation, which provides warmth and compressibility without sacrificing loft. The brand's sleeping bags are also known for their durability and resilience, ensuring that they'll last for many camping trips to come.

On the sustainability side of things, The North Face has made strides in reducing its environmental impact through initiatives like its Clothes the Loop program, which encourages customers to recycle their old clothing and gear. The North Face has also implemented sustainable manufacturing practices, such as using recycled materials in its products and minimizing waste in production. The brand's efforts towards sustainability extend to its sleeping bags, with options like the Eco Trail Bed series made from recycled materials. The North Face's dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable and eco-conscious sleeping bags.


Therm-a-Rest has been at the forefront of sleeping bag innovation since its founding in 1972. Their sleeping bags are designed with comfort, warmth, and practicality in mind, and they have a variety of temperature ratings to suit any type of outdoor adventure. One of the unique features of Thermarest sleeping bags is their SynergyLink Connectors, which allow you to attach your sleeping bag to your sleeping pad for a secure and comfortable sleeping system. The brand also has a range of quilts and down bags that offer lightweight and packable warmth for those who prefer a minimalist camping setup. Their quilts are also a great option for a cold sleeper who is looking for some extra layers to use on top of their sleeping bags for cold nights.

Thermarest sleeping bags are engineered with high-quality materials, such as their 650-fill Nikwax hydrophobic down, to provide superior insulation and comfort. They also feature ThermaCapture lining technology, which reflects radiant body heat back to you for added warmth. The brand offers sleeping bags that cater to a range of temperature ratings, from summer camping to winter backpacking, and their sleeping bags are targeted towards adventurers of all levels. Additionally, Thermarest is committed to using sustainable materials and production methods, and their sleeping bags are made with recycled materials and certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to ensure ethical sourcing.


Zpacks is one of the top sleeping bag brands in the ultralight gear world and mostly caters to thru-hikers, ultralight backpackers, and backcountry enthusiasts. The company was founded in 2005 by Joe Valesko, who was inspired to create ultralight gear after hiking the Appalachian Trail. Zpacks uses a range of high-tech materials, including advanced synthetic insulations and ultralight fabrics like Dyneema Composite Fabric, to create some of the best warmth-to-weight ratio bags on the market. Most of their bags do not include a hood in order to cut weight, but they are all compatible with a 950-fill goose-down hood that weighs less than an ounce. The hood zips on and is sold separately!

The brand offers a range of sleeping bag styles, including quilts and down bags, to cater to different preferences and situations. The bags come in a variety of sizes and lengths to ensure a comfortable fit for users of different sizes. The company is also known for its sustainability efforts, using recycled and eco-friendly materials whenever possible, and offering a repair program to extend the life of its products. Overall, Zpacks is a top choice for those looking to reduce pack weight without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, choosing the right sleeping bag for your outdoor adventures is essential to ensure you stay warm, comfortable, and rested. The top sleeping bag brands in the market today offer a wide range of innovative and reliable products designed to cater to the unique needs of outdoor enthusiasts. No matter what kind of camping you’re doing, there's a sleeping bag out there that will meet your needs! If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect sleeping bag, don't hesitate to reach out to the Camping and Hiking Experts here on Curated for guidance and advice. Happy sleeping!

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