Expert Review: Odyssey 2023 Tri-Hot 5k Triple Wide Center-Shaft Putter

Published on 04/23/2023 · 4 min readThis review is my honest opinion of the putter, which I purchased with my own money in March of 2023.
Michael V, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael V

No more 3 putts. PERFECT ALIGNMENT. All photos courtesy of Michael V.

About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the putter, which I purchased with my own money in March of 2023.

My take

The Odyssey 2023 Tri-Hot 5k Triple Wide Center-Shaft Putter is a great option for any golfer with a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke. I would recommend center shafts for golfers struggling with alignment, or putting in general. In my experience, Odyssey is extremely trustworthy for the most important club in the bag.

Multi Material shaft, large sweet spot

About the club I own

  • Model: 2023 Odyssey Tri Hot CS Putter
  • Shape: Triple Wide
  • Hosel Neck: Center Shaft
  • Shaft Length: 37 inches
  • Grip Type: Garson Quad Tour

About me

  • Average Score: 74
  • Handicap: 1.2
  • Experience: 10 years of golf
  • Right/Left-Handed: Right-handed
  • Stroke Type: Straight back, straight through
  • Golf Ball Used: Wilson Staff, Mizuno RB Tour X, Prov1x, Bridgestone Tour B X
  • Height: 6’5”

Test conditions

  • When I bought the putter: March 2023
  • Days tested: 30
  • Where I’ve used it: Indoor and outdoor practice green and on the course
  • Weather and Wind Conditions: Cold, rain, sun
  • Green Speed: Faster greens

How it performs


What I was looking for

I have been looking for the perfect putter for as long as I can remember. I have always gravitated towards center-shaft putters, and more of a straight back straight through stroke. I also like a softer face feel, and am picky about the sound of the golf ball coming off of the face.

Why I chose this club

I didn’t want to be brand biased, or let my previous experiences with Odyssey prevent me from finding a great putter. I did look at other options—Bettinardi’s studio stock, mainly. I wanted to give Odyssey a shot, as I’ve played with Bettinardi putters for a very long time.

Garsen grips! Huge surprise, good luck using something else

What I love about it

  • Face Feel: I was blown away by the White Hot Face Insert. I did not remember it being so consistent, and muting the sound of so many golf balls. Any golf ball will feel great coming off of the face. This has made me less brand biased with golf balls.
  • Forgiveness: This putter is extremely forgiving. I’m not worried about having to hit the center of the face to make putts. When I miss from further out, my distance control is still exceptional.
  • Weight: The weight is a bit heavier, with a lighter stability shaft, which allows for exceptional control over the club head. Controlling speed and lag putts comes very naturally with the heavier head weights. I thought I would like lighter head weights (which Odyssey offers), but I really have enjoyed the stock weights.
  • Alignment: This club is very easy to align with the center shaft, alignment line, and club design. Center shaft putters are extremely easy to align.
  • Length: This club’s length fits me perfectly. The stability shaft is great, especially for the longer length, offering a lighter and stiffer feel.
  • Grip Feel: The Garsen Grips fit my hands perfectly and feel better than cord grips while being softer. I’m able to change my grip and feel comfortable doing so.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Aesthetic Appeal: This is not the fanciest-looking putter in my opinion. Others seem to like the look. I’d rather not have any steel.
  • Customization: I wasn’t able to customize the loft. I would have picked a lower loft.

Headcover view - wide enough for the Triple Wide CS

Stroke lab - make more putts

Best Putt or Round with this Putter

My favorite putts so far with the Odyssey have been finishing rounds. So far, I have had two memorable putts from off of the green for birdies to finish my rounds. My most memorable was a lip out for an eagle. And not succeeding drives me to be a better golfer.

Value for the money vs. other options

I’ve played center-shaft putters quite a bit over my 12 years of golf. These putters include Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron Futura, Cleveland, TaylorMade, L.A.B Golf, etc. This has to be the best-value putter I have owned. A stability shaft, interchangeable head weights, the putter will come perfectly made and ready to go. There is no comparison here.

Final verdict

Odyssey 2023 Tri-Hot 5k Triple Wide Center-Shaft Putter is one of my favorite putters of all time. The putter is not as wide as I’d think, being a triple wide. Offering a bit longer of a profile, it seems more like a blade. I’ve played putters that require extreme precision and would take a putter with more forgiveness, like this one, any day. While the putter may not feature my favorite look, since I usually prefer custom colorways, and a full graphite shaft, it’s a huge stand out performance wise.

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