The 5 Best Players Irons of 2023

Published on 04/20/2023 · 7 min readGolfing Expert Eric Hall guides you through the top 5 best players irons for the 2023 season, as well as how to tell if they are the best fit for your game.
Eric Hall, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Eric Hall

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tl;dr Every year, golfers are blessed with new offerings from golf's top manufacturers. But wading through all the different styles of irons can be a drag. Instead, we’re here to offer you the top five Expert-recommended player’s irons of 2023.

In the world of golf, iron sets vary greatly based upon their intended user. Game improvement irons have a plethora of technology packed in to offer high handicappers a better golfing experience. Meanwhile, player's distance irons combine more shot shaping with the most advanced technology to add a little distance for those needing it. Finally, there are player's irons, which used to be reserved for the best of the best, though these days are available to any and everyone.

A traditional player's iron in the days of yore featured thin soles and top lines, no toe weighting at all, and minuscule sweet spots. These days things are different, and the best golfers in the world take advantage of new lines of player’s irons’ workability, precision, and increased forgiveness.

Who Needs a Player's Iron Anyway?

Player's irons are great for players with low handicaps looking to maximize their ability to work the ball through any and all windows needed on the golf course. To do this, these clubs have minimal offset, generally have multiple shaft options available, and offer the low handicapper traditional lofting. These irons do not look “clunky,” and offer thinner top lines and shorter club faces than most other irons on the market.

The player who would benefit most from these irons is:

  • A golfer whose swing is able to produce launch and spin numbers that promote good carry distance.
  • A golfer with control over their swing plane who wants to move the ball left to right and right to left.
  • A golfer whose ball speed numbers are somewhere in the 115–125mph range with a 7 iron.

All in all, these players are looking to get proper gapping in their bag from driver and fairway woods to irons and wedges.

Nearly all manufacturers produce at least one, if not two, player's-iron options every few years. These companies know that some of the more advanced amateur golfers want to play an iron similar to the Tour players’—or even the same ones.

These irons are quality enough for the Tour players themselves, offering stability in the head, a thinner top line, and technology to afford them to be fractions off and not result in catastrophic consequences. Gone are the days when all player's irons had to be blades; many of the best player’s irons today have a cavity back of some sort to help distribute weight and limit unwanted vibrations on mishits.

Below are five of the top Expert-recommended player’s irons of 2023.

1. Cobra King Tour

The Cobra King Tour irons are designed to be more accessible to a wider range of handicaps while still maintaining the player’s iron moniker. So, these could end up in one of two categories: the player's iron category; or the player's distance category. Whichever you call it, these King Tour irons offer a muscle cavity back that is forged through five steps to create an iron that is great feeling while offering subtle feedback on mishits.

Cobra offers a wide range of steel and graphite shafts to make all golfers feel comfortable with the customized iron process—including many that can be chosen with no upgrade cost. These are the perfect clubs for many handicappers, as the irons are not as small as some of the other player's irons in this list. This makes them a good low- to mid-handicap iron, as they are less intimidating at address.

2. Mizuno Pro 223

The Mizuno Pro 223 irons are considered among the best irons in golf. They feature a compact design, create enough spin to provide great stopping power, and optimize a Chromoly face (which is similar to that on the Mizuno JPX) to produce fast ball speeds. Plus, these clubs are fine tuned to give great audio feedback to the low-handicap golfer.

Promoted as a good choice for the 5–9 handicapper, these irons provide the ability to work the ball any direction, know exactly how the ball was hit, and achieve wonderful turf interaction on pure strikes. For some golfers, a blended set may be a great choice as well: blending the 4–7 Mizuno Pro 225, a hollow body construction, more forgiving player's distance iron with the 8-PW of the Mizuno Pro 223 set. Blending the two would allow long irons to be more easily launched at numbers the golfer expects while maintaining precision and workability in the shorter irons.

3. Srixon ZX7 MKII Irons

This iron set is another example of blending a shallow cavity back with the precision that tour players and elite amateurs expect. The head is considered a Tour Cavity, moving subtle amounts of weight around the perimeter to help with off-center strikes while keeping a considerable amount of weight right behind the sweet spot. This gives pure strikes a soft feel off the clubface.

Progressively, the 4–7 irons have wider grooves meant to promote consistency in all conditions, while the 8-PW irons have deeper, shorter grooves that cut through the turf with ease. All of this is meant to promote consistency and limit surprises for the golfer wielding these clubs on the course.

The MKII features the smallest blade length and the thinnest sole of the ZX line, but roughly the same top-line thickness as the ZX5 irons. The longer irons feature a bit of tungsten weighting in the toe, giving them stability throughout the swing and offering more heel-toe forgiveness to create better MOI.

4. TaylorMade P7MC

The TaylorMade P7MC irons are soft at impact, giving a player great feedback for pure strikes. Though they’re also dull, providing the ability to see how a shot is being set up without dealing with glare from the sun. The bottom line: if one is looking for a new set of irons with control in mind, these are a great option. They even provide more advanced golfers with more control than their P7MB counterparts.

Further, they are infused with technology that moves the weight to the perimeter of the club, adding some to the heel and toe to create a more stable head throughout one’s swing. If a higher handicap golfer, say someone 8–12, really wanted these irons, it may be in their best interest to swap out the 4–7 irons with the P770 or P790 irons to gain more forgiveness and consistency.

5. Titleist T100s

Low handicappers have long attributed Titleist's name to quality. The T100s fall right in line with that sentiment. Similar to the Titleist T100 irons, the T100s are lofted two degrees stronger than their counterparts. This lower loft tends to add just a touch more ball speed.

The chrome on the face of the club is shiny, but does not offer too much glare. And the head is compact, and a little perimeter weighting is added for off center strikes. Overall, the club is designed to give the golfer control over every shot.

Connect With a Real Expert

The five iron sets listed above are all great choices for the more advanced golfer looking to take the next step in lowering their handicap. Each offers specific technology which supplies the consistency, stability, sound, and feedback expected out of player's irons.

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