The 7 Best Coffee Machine Brands

Published on 05/09/2023 · 7 min readCoffee and Espresso Expert Jeff Sutton gives you his top 7 coffee makers you should consider, and details why each brand are some of the best in the industry.
By Coffee Expert Jeff Sutton

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Everyone loves the flavor they get from their favorite coffee shops and cafes, but the cost certainly adds up, and these days, there are coffee brewers that will replicate that same taste for you at home. It will become apparent that not all machines do the same things, and certain ideas may be more conducive to your given lifestyle. Here are seven of the best coffee brands that will make your mornings more pleasant and enjoyable. I’ve listed them alphabetically, starting with maybe the biggest name in the business, Breville.

  1. Best Drip Coffee Maker (Overall): Breville Precision Brewer
  2. Best Drip Coffee Maker With Built-in Grinder: De’Longhi TrueBrew Coffee Maker
  3. Best French Press: Espro P7 French Press Coffee Maker
  4. Best Traditional Single-Serve Coffee Maker: Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One
  5. Best Drip Coffee Maker (Value): OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker
  6. Best Single-Serve Coffee and Espresso Maker: Philips 3200 With Milk Frother
  7. Best Drip Coffee Maker (High End): Ratio Eight


Breville was founded in 1932 in Sydney, Australia when Bill O’Brian and Harry Norville combined their names and created a company that specialized in making radios. The onset of World War II shifted the company's direction; it began to make and manufacture mine detectors. At the end of the war, Breville sold off the radio division and decided to transform the household appliance market with the best research and development in the business.

The company has prided itself on the advances it has made across its entire line of products and currently has over 100 active patents on its products. Though they are more known for their espresso machines like the Breville Bambino Plus, their coffee developments have made Breville a leader in the field. Outside of Australia and the United States, the company goes under the name Sage.

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee sometimes takes outside help. Breville involved the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the UC Davis Coffee Center, and the Coffee Science Foundation to fully understand all aspects of the brewing process and then create machines that would consistently brew amazing coffee. The result of this combined knowledge has led to the creation of the Precision series of coffee machines. These ideas come with a glass or stainless carafe, making getting the perfect cup of coffee as easy as child's play. These have become an industry standard for quality in the short time that they have been on the market and continue to gain rave reviews as time goes on.


In 1974, the De’Longhi company started by creating a massively successful oil-filled radiator designed to help during the worldwide oil crises that occurred at the time. Over the next 20-plus years, the company used research and development to lead innovations in home heating. In 2001, De’Longhi made big changes by going public and acquiring the Kenwood brand, already well-known for its quality kitchen appliances. They have continued the innovation that made them a successful heating company and now pride themselves on being leaders of innovation within the coffee world.

De’Longhi has taken a firm lead in drip machines that have grinders built into them. They have come up with a proprietary extraction technology that adjusts the grind, depending on the roast level of coffee beans being used, to give you the best possible flavor. These drip brewers are ideal for the person who wants a freshly ground cup each morning without using multiple appliances to get the job done. This is one way to ensure you get the best flavor possible from your beans because different beans react differently to grinders depending on the roast level and ensuing bean density.


In 2002, Chris R. Mclean and Bruce Constantine, two engineers who decided to take on the problem of consistency in coffee extraction, created Espro. The goal they are always striving to achieve as a company is to take human variation out of the coffee-making process. This has come by creating new and innovative takes on traditional machines that create a more controlled temperature and stable brewing environment.

It started with their Calibrated Tamper creation, and then they tackled the designs for French Presses and traditional pour-overs. In their innovative French Press design, multiple basket systems allow for a consistent temperature during extraction that has never been seen in a coffee press. It also utilizes dual micro mesh filter technology, ensuring a grit-free cup of coffee every morning. In addition, they have created a flat bottom pour-over called the Bloom with 1,502 holes for even water distribution.


Gerard Clement Smit created the Technivorm factory in 1964 in the Netherlands. The first project the industrial engineer’s new company began to work on was a coffee grinder for the home. After dialing their first product in, they studied how coffee was best extracted and how it could be produced in a home machine. After five years of scientific study on coffee extraction, they debuted their Moccamaster in the Netherlands in 1969. It uses flat filter baskets for more consistent extraction versus the traditional cone design.

The ideas that created the original Moccamaster have only subtly changed over the years. They innovated a pour-over style flat bottom drip system that is shown to get the most consistent extraction possible. Their KBGV machine is a staple for those who love a unique look and a quality cup of coffee each day.


OXO was created in 1990 by Sam Farber. Sam created the company using the ambigram OXO that would be the same regardless of its orientation. The company was created to make kitchen utensils easier to use for people with gripping issues due to arthritis. Since its founding, OXO has changed hands multiple times and is now part of the Helen of Troy Limited Group. Since that time, they have expanded from simple kitchen tools into the world of higher-end coffee machines.

Making a machine easy to use doesn’t mean that quality needs to be sacrificed in any way. This is an idea that shows broadly in OXO’s coffee lineup. Both their 8 and 9-cup machines are SCA certified to assure you that the brewing consistency will always be there to make your perfect cup of coffee every morning.


Philips originally started in 1891 with their first product, light bulbs. They stayed at the forefront of the electronic revolution through the turn of the century and created many products for both commercial and home use. In 2009, Philips purchased Saeco, an Italian manufacturer of top-level coffee and espresso machines, and increased their footprint in their business's coffee and super-automatic espresso side.

Although most of the ideas in the Philips line-up are more of a “touch of a button” style super-automatic espresso machine than a traditional drip machine, they still work great for a single cup of fresh ground coffee every morning or just an espresso shot to go. The Philips 3200 with latte-go and iced coffee is an ideal machine for the person looking to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning just by using a touchscreen and then even have the occasional iced drink when the afternoon comes. These machines also allow for the creation of espresso and the frothed milk and crema associated with beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos. It doubles as both a coffee and espresso maker. The units are easy to use and clean with features like a removable drip tray and really take the learning curve out of making espresso and coffee.


In a world that has made leaps and bounds in super-automatic espresso machines, the founder of Ratio, Mark Hellweg, wondered why no one had created a beautifully designed drip coffee brewer that would be of the highest quality and yet be simple to use. This set Mark on a path of trial and error until he came up with some of the best-looking and highest-quality machines to hit the coffee world.

If simulating a classic pour-over coffee from a barista in a cafe is what you are trying to recreate at home, the Ratio Eight is designed to do this in elegance. Rarely does a coffee brewer appear to be a piece of art on a countertop, but one look at the Ratio Eight and its hand-blown glass carafe, and art is the first thought that jumps into the mind.


This hopefully gives you some solid ground to start researching, and if you run into any questions about coffee or espresso, you can always reach out to a Coffee Expert at Curated, and help will be there for you.

Jeff Sutton, Coffee Expert
Jeff Sutton
Coffee Expert
I currently roast and run production at one of the highest-rated coffee companies in Colorado. I’m also a barista and can teach you all about espresso machines from beginner through commercial units!.I am here to help find the best machine for your home or business!
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Written by:
Jeff Sutton, Coffee Expert
Jeff Sutton
Coffee Expert
I currently roast and run production at one of the highest-rated coffee companies in Colorado. I’m also a barista and can teach you all about espresso machines from beginner through commercial units!.I am here to help find the best machine for your home or business!
110 Reviews
2237 Customers helped

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