The 5 Best Cobra Golf Clubs

Published on 05/17/2023 · 6 min readLooking for some new clubs to hit the course with this summer? Read on! Golfing Expert Nick Johnson breaks down the five top golf club recommendations from Cobra!
Nick Johnson, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Nick Johnson

Photo by Nick Olejniczak

Today I will break down my top five picks from Cobra Golf to look out for when making your next purchase. One thing to note, Cobra stays competitive as a manufacturer by being just a little cheaper price-wise. However, that does not mean their quality is any less; take it from me, an employee of Cobra Puma Golf for over five years.

I will also discuss the best value out in the market right now, in no particular order. And also give something for every category of golfer, from beginner to intermediate to scratch.

1. LTDx Driver: Great for Everyone!

In terms of quality, this driver is at the very top of my list. One reason being the price was just reduced to under $300, but the main reason is ball speed. For those of you who aren’t sure what ball speed is, ball speed is quite literally the speed the ball comes off the face. The higher that number is, the more distance you get and the more forgiving a club is.

And in my testing against the TaylorMade Stealth, the Ping G425, the Titleist TSR2, and the Callaway Rogue ST, the LTDx won by 2mph. This may not seem like a lot, but that would equate to 5-8 extra yards. If you were wondering, the test was 15 balls hit with each club, taking the average. Long story short, this new price reduction will be a great value and a great performer for golfers of all types.

Additionally, the technology in these is a step above the competition. While most drivers have some sort of carbon crown and solid CG (center of gravity), this driver has a CNC-milled face. This means these drivers are manufactured by a computer rather than by hand, which is what every other brand does to polish the clubface. The unique pattern on the face also allows the user to see where the impact was made, whether it was toe, heel, or center, due to this unique face pattern (see image) the milling creates. The milling, combined with the tungsten located low and back, creates added stability and forgiveness and optimizes launch and spin.

2. AirX Irons: Lightweight Clubs Great for Forgiveness

Another home run here in terms of value and performance. AirX is a product meant for those looking for clubs that are easy to swing and hit. What’s the difference? Easy to swing, meaning they are very lightweight from the head to the shaft to the grip. They are intentionally made 10% lighter than your average irons to increase clubhead speed for those who may struggle and help you find new speed levels. And easy to hit, meaning they are forgiving with a large sweet spot and larger cavity back.

These are definitely not directed toward more advanced players, but will be a great step in getting there! If you are looking for something high quality and under $500, this is your choice! You can even customize them with a shaft of your choosing for a short period of time.

3. Fly XL Complete Set: Great for Beginners or Those Looking to Upgrade an Old Cobra Set

This set has been leading the charge for the complete set game for a long time with a pretty simple strategy:

  • A more affordable price point (about $800 versus $1,000 for competitors)
  • A quality
  • A successful lineup
  • A quality bag/presentation

What I mean by quality and a successful lineup is they take a successful model from their past and put them together in a solid package set. They similarly do this with another model (AIRx just under $1,000).

I recommend this set daily because of the quality you get for the price. It’s a great choice if you want a set to last as long as possible while learning or improving! It’s an ultra-forgiving lineup with a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. Available in Steel and Graphite Shafts if you want to reduce club vibrations. The set also can come with a stand bag or a cart bag, depending on your preference. Women’s options are available as well!

4. King Tour Irons: Great for Intermediate-Scratch Players

The new King Tour Irons from Cobra was a much-needed add-on to their Player’s lineup, as they were missing something between their pro blades and their Forged Tec line (technically called the Player’s Distance** **category). In layman's terms, a club that will allow golfers to shape the ball but still be forgiving on miss-hits, which seems to be a trend on tour these days.

Golfers like Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffle, Jordan Spieth, and Cobra’s own, Rickie Fowler, have gone to irons such as these cause why make the game harder? Rickie put these in play around December/January 2023, and his world ranking has been cut in half (from 103rd in 2021 to now ranked at 59th). His green in regulation percentage has gone from 62% to 69%, and the big stat the pros look at— Strokes Gained on the Field—from 133rd last year to 13th this year. Quite a big jump, and we are only in May! These irons were exactly what he needed, where you can play around with the ball flights and trajectories but still have forgiveness and not be too demanding of yourself.

The new King Tour irons feature a minimal offset, a five-step forging process, and a lower center of gravity to enhance forgiveness. Let me know if you want me to fit you into a set!

5. T-Rail Hybrid/Irons: For Female Golfers and Beginner Golfers Needing Some Help!

T-Rail Women's Irons

These are super game improvement irons, meaning they have one of the largest footprints/cavities you will see on an iron, which means they are extremely forgiving. These also have rails (hence the name) on the sole of each club, making it glide through the turf very easily.

I have a quick anecdote: Like many of us, my mom started playing golf during Covid-19. She started to really love it but is about 5’ tall and was using a complete set that was not right for her. So as the amazing son I am, we got her fitted into some T-Rails where we got the length she needed for her height and a clubhead behind it that would make the game more fun. Oh, and by the way, she gained 20 yards! At this point, my usually very soft-spoken mother said, “Holy Sh**.” That’s a moment I will never forget for as long as I live.

The moral of the story is these irons are great for golfers just beginning but can also allow golfers that just struggle with the game to get a little more enjoyment out of it. And that’s the name of the game, right?


As a quick recap…

  • The T-Rails, Fly XL, and Air X are great for beginner and intermediate golfers;
  • The King Tour Irons for the more advanced player;
  • And the LTDx driver can suit all golfers!

Hopefully, these quick reviews give you a sense of what Cobra offers. They really do have something for every type of golfer—from beginner to pro. Feel free to contact a Curated Golfing Expert or me if you want me to go into more detail about anything! I’m happy to help in any way I can!

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