The Five 2023 Women’s Skis Curated Experts Love

Published on 05/17/2023 · 7 min readAfter demoing several different skis at Powder Mountain Resort, Skiing Experts Sara Beeken and Jessica Whittam list their top five favorites for women's skis!
Sara Beeken, Ski Expert
Jessica Whittam, Ski Expert
By Curated Experts Sara Beeken and Jessica Whittam

Curated Skiing Experts help thousands of people season find the perfect ski setup for them. From testing dozens of skis in Powder Mountain in Utah, here are our top picks on our favorite women's skis and what Skiing Experts Sara Beeken and Jessica Whittam had to say about them. Just so you know, they are unsponsored and unaffiliated with any of these brands; these are their honest opinions on the skis.

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[Sara] In fifth place, we've got the Blizzard Black Pearl 88. This is the most popular women's ski out there. It's advertised as an intermediate-advanced ski, but I really do feel like it's versatile enough that most anyone can enjoy it.

We took them on the groomers, they were great. They really excelled at short turns, and then we even took them in the trees, and they held their own. They're not super wide, so I'd probably avoid too much deep snow with them, but I had a great time.

One of the cool features of these skis is called Trueblend technology, which means in the varying lengths of the ski, the stiffness is going to be adjusted. So, say you've got a 140 something for a really smaller female skier, those are going to be a softer ski than what you would find in the 170 version of the ski. I would not recommend these skis to somebody who's either looking for a playful terrain park type ski or maybe a freestyle freeride ski that's going to hold up well in powder.

[Jessica] I would recommend these skis to mostly intermediate to advanced riders. Beginners looking to improve could totally handle this; they might be a little bit hard to get used to at first, but it's definitely a ski that could stick with you for the long run.

[Sara] I'd recommend these for anyone in most parts of the country. If you're sticking to groomers, they'd be a good daily driver for somebody on the East Coast for sure.

[Sara] Coming in fourth place is the Nordica Santa Ana 93. Nordica claims that these are an advanced-level all-mountain ski. I agree that they are definitely good for all mountain. I would personally say these are very accessible for an intermediate skier.

I feel like these are really solid in a lot of areas, but at the same time not the most high-performance in any one area. I felt like the edge hold was really good, and the stability of the ski as a whole for an intermediate or advanced level skier I think will be just right. For me, I was going a little faster than I think these skis were ready for. I think if you're someone like me that really is carving hard turns and maybe has a background of using more carving-oriented skis, you might find that these are a little bit chattery.

[Jessica] If you're going to be skiing deep powder, you might want something a little bit fatter. At 93 underfoot, they are a really happy medium between big mountain and groomer ski. So, if you want a ski that's truly great for groomers, I would go with something a little bit narrower and a little bit stiffer. And if you want something for deep powder days, you might want something a little bit wider. If you're looking to progress in the sport and you're kind of new to the sport, this might be a really good option for you because you can keep this ski for years, and you can keep this ski all the way until you're an expert skier.

[Sara] In third place is the Salomon QST Lumen 98.

[Jessica] Salomon built these skis with a modern twin rocker and double sidewalls. The double sidewalls, they claim, help the ski stay on edge in ice and crud and the freestyle rocker helps it float in powder.

[Sara] So these skis have a double sidewall, which means that they hold an edge really well on the groomers. I was super impressed that such a soft ski could hold an edge like that. If you're looking for strictly a terrain park ski, this is not a ski for you. Or if you're looking for a strictly groomer ski, this is not the ski for you. This is a really versatile all-mountain freeride ski.

[Jessica] When we skied in the trees with these after we got through about two inches of powder that had fallen today, there is some icy crud underneath, and these skis really did handle that crud well. I didn't feel too much chatter. They would definitely be more of a powder ski for the East Coast, but this could be a total everyday driver for anybody on the West in variable conditions. If you're looking to get into all-mountain skiing and into playful freeriding, this would be the ski for you.

[Sara] In second place is the Blizzard Sheeva 10.

[Jessica] Blizzard claims that these skis are optimal for East Coast powder or West Coast all-mountain. They say that it's a perfect blend between an all-mountain ski and a freeride ski. So, these are rocker-camber-rocker, and they have early rise in the tips and the tails. This helps these skis be a little bit more freestyle, a little bit more playful, surfy. They will float a lot more in deeper powder.

These are 102 millimeters underfoot, which means these are a wider ski. These actually were really, really fun on groomers, but they're definitely not made for groomers. They're 102 millimeters underfoot, so that means these are going to be more of an all-mountain ski. They do have the rise and the tails. I could ski switch on them no problem.

I would not recommend this ski to beginners or people who ski consistent groomers. This ski is going to be an advanced-to-expert ski. You're not going to want to hop on this ski if you're on the East Coast or skiing mostly groomers or icy conditions. These are definitely going to be a playful, more powder-oriented ski. You can definitely use this as your powder ski on the East Coast, but it wouldn't be your everyday driver.

[Sara] And in number one, our favorite women's ski out of all the 2023 skis was the Head Kore 91. Head claims that this is a versatile all-mountain freeride ski. It's 91mm underfoot, which is one of the more narrow versions of it. This was extremely responsive on the groomers. It held an edge really well and strong.

[Jessica] It's super stiff, super strong, and super light, and that's a big thing. It's a super durable, really, really strong, fast ski without being heavier. So, these skis have a turn radius of 10 to 14 meters depending on the size. So that's pretty narrow. You can get these skis going in tight slalom turns, and then you can go all the way out into big GS carving turns, and they held an edge really, really well.

[Sara] This ski is ideal for trees. It's ideal for groomers. It's ideal for bumps. It's ideal for most places on the mountain. The only place I probably wouldn't take this is in like a foot of powder.

[Jessica] So, these skis because they're so versatile, I would really recommend these skis to any intermediate skier who's looking to improve. I would say this is more of an advanced ski, but I think that if you are a progressive beginner or an intermediate skier who really, really wants to keep going with the sport, this would be a great option because you can really keep this ski until you're an expert and still rip them and still have a great time on them.

Final Thoughts

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