An Expert Guide to Burton Women's Snowboard Jackets

Published on 05/22/2023 · 11 min readLooking for a new snowboard jacket to keep you warm on the slopes? Burton has some great options! Snowboarding Expert Tyese Messerman breaks them down below!
Tyese Messerman, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Tyese Messerman

Photo by Tyese Messerman

Pulling the trigger on a new jacket can be a daunting experience. There are many great brands, but one tried-and-true brand is Burton. Once you’ve narrowed down the options and decided you want to go with Burton, there are a lot of features to consider. Looking at your preferred style and fit, the insulation level, and waterproofing and breathability ratings are a good start. You can also choose between insulated, shell, 3-in-1, or technical jackets based on your preferences and the conditions you ride in the most. Burton has many Burton-specific technologies to check out, too, like DRYRIDE, THERMOLITE insulation, and Living Lining.

I grew up snowboarding from an early age and have ridden in many states and countries in all types of conditions. From riding Japan to Switzerland and France, and East Coast to West Coast in the U.S., I’ve learned that the type of jacket I want depends on the conditions I ride in the most. I love helping people find the perfect gear for their adventures, so let’s dig into what Burton offers.

Why Burton?

Burton is a renowned snowboarding brand founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter out of a barn in Vermont, later moving their headquarters to Burlington, Vermont, in 1992. Burton pioneered the modern snowboard and revolutionized the sport with innovative designs and technology. In addition, the company caters to both beginners and professionals. Burton is known for its high-quality snowboards, boots, bindings, and snowboard apparel. In addition, their snowboard outerwear selections offer style, comfort, and durability with cutting-edge materials for any and all conditions.

Burton cares about the big picture, and they’re constantly making changes to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, even becoming the first snowboard company to become a B-Corporation. They also work closely with POW (Protect Our Winters) and uphold high sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility standards. As a result, customers choose Burton for their industry-leading reputation, commitment to snowboarding culture, and dedication to sustainability, making them a trusted choice for winter sports enthusiasts.

What to Consider When Buying a Burton Snowboard Jacket

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1. What Is Your Preferred Fit and Size?

Understanding your preferred fit and size is crucial for comfort and mobility on the slopes. There’s a fine line between looking sharp and having freedom of movement while cruising the slopes. Burton offers various fits, including slim, regular, and relaxed, to cater to personal preferences. Consult a Burton sizing chart to find the perfect match for your body measurements to ensure you have room for adequate layering and mobility.

2. What Level of Insulation Do You Need?

Different levels of insulation cater to varying temperatures and activity levels. If you tend to feel cold easily or ride in frigid conditions, opt for a jacket with more insulation. Alternatively, consider a shell jacket for better breathability and flexibility in layering during warmer days or intense activity.

3. Which Features Are Important to You?

Consider features that enhance all-around functionality and convenience, such as waterproofing and breathability ratings, snow skirts, extra pockets, and adjustable hoods. Of course, everyone’s priorities are different, so assess yours, whether it's staying dry, regulating body temperature, or securing the jacket to your snowboard pants to prevent snow from getting in!

4. How Much Should a Burton Women's Snowboard Jacket Cost?

Burton jackets range from $150-$600, with price points reflecting materials and features. Expect essential features and either moderate insulation or a shell at lower price points ($150-$300). Mid-range ($300-$450) jackets offer higher waterproofing, breathability, and insulation. High-end ($450-$600) jackets boast advanced materials, high waterproof ratings, exceptional performance, and innovative technologies.

5. What Is Burton's Environmental Impact?

As a conscientious consumer, consider Burton's commitment to sustainability. The brand strives to reduce its environmental footprint by incorporating eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester and bluesign® approved fabrics, and adhering to fair labor practices, making them a responsible choice for environmentally aware shoppers.

What Are the Different Types of Burton’s Women’s Snowboard Jackets?

Photo by Tyese Messerman

Burton's women's snowboard jackets can be categorized into different types based on insulation, construction, and specific features. Here are three primary types of Burton's women's snowboard jackets:

1. Insulated Jackets

These jackets come with built-in insulation, providing warmth in colder conditions. They are available in various insulation levels, from lightweight to heavier, for different temperatures or personal preferences. They also often spread the insulation differently to different body parts (i.e., body, sleeves, and hood).


  • Provides warmth in cold conditions without the need for additional layers
  • Good for riders who easily get cold or ride in colder climates
  • Various insulation levels available for customized warmth

Keep in Mind:

  • Less breathable than shell jackets, potentially leading to overheating during high-intensity activities
  • Limited versatility compared to other jacket types


  • Burton Prowess: Features 80g of THERMOLITE insulation in the body and 60g in the sleeves and hood.
  • Burton Jet Set: Features 80g of ThermacoreECO insulation.
  • Burton GORE-TEX Powline: Features 80g of ThermacoreECO insulation and a 2L GORE-TEX membrane.
  • Burton AK GORE-TEX Flare Down Jacket: Features 90/10 800-Fill Goose Down for premium warmth.

2. Shell Jackets

Shell jackets are designed to offer protection against wind and moisture without built-in insulation. They are versatile and breathable, perfect for layering to adapt to changing temperatures and activity levels. These are great for someone who runs hot, mostly goes spring skiing, or exerts a lot of energy, perhaps in the backcountry.


  • Lightweight and breathable, offering greater comfort during intense activity
  • Versatile, allowing for customized layering based on temperature and conditions
  • Generally more packable than insulated jackets

Keep in Mind:

  • Requires additional layers for insulation in colder conditions
  • May not provide sufficient warmth on its own for riders prone to getting cold


  • Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Upshift Jacket: Features a GORE-TEX 2L Membrane, Burton’s Living Lining mapped with soft taffeta, closed cell mesh, and no insulation.
  • Burton GORE-TEX Pillowline Shell Jacket: Features a GORE-TEX 2L Membrane, Burton’s Living Lining, and no insulation.

3. Technical Jackets

Technical jackets are designed for those going bigger and higher than most. They are generally very durable and tough and have high breathability/waterproofing ratings. These jackets also often include more features than average, like snow skirts, goggle pockets, wrist gaiters, a RECCO reflector, and more, catering to the needs of avid snowboarders who often go off-piste.


  • Offers advanced features for enhanced performance and comfort
  • High-quality materials for improved waterproofing, breathability, and durability

Keep in Mind

  • Often more expensive than other jacket types
  • May provide more features than needed for casual or beginner snowboarders


  • Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Kimmy Stretch Jacket: This shell jacket features 3L GORE-TEX instead of 2L for a much more durable membrane. It has a RECCO reflector, a StormForm Hood, an articulated fit for a high degree of mobility, and fully taped seams.

Each jacket type has its own set of benefits and downsides, so take a hard look at your riding style and what conditions you generally find yourself in to get the best jacket for you.

Features to Look for in Burton’s Women’s Snowboard Jackets

When looking for women's snowboard jackets, consider these essential features and technologies:

  1. Waterproofing: Look for jackets with a high waterproof rating (measured in millimeters) and seam-sealed construction to keep you dry in wet conditions.
  2. Breathability: Opt for jackets with breathable materials (measured in grams) and venting systems to prevent overheating during high-intensity activities.
  3. Insulation: Choose between an insulated jacket or a shell, depending on your preference.
  4. Fit and Adjustability: Consider jackets with adjustable cuffs, hems, and hoods for a personalized fit and improved comfort.
  5. Snow-specific features: Check out features like snow skirts, wrist gaiters, goggle pockets, and headphone ports for added functionality on the slopes.

Burton-specific features and technologies include:

  1. DRYRIDE: Burton's proprietary waterproofing and breathability technology is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in various conditions.
  2. THERMOLITE Insulation: Many Burton insulated jackets utilize this lightweight, synthetic insulation that provides warmth without bulk.
  3. Living Lining: A temperature-regulating technology that adapts to your body's activity level, providing warmth when needed and wicking away moisture when you're active.
  4. bluesign Approved: Burton incorporates eco-friendly materials and practices, with many jackets featuring bluesign-approved fabrics, ensuring environmentally responsible production.
  5. RECCO Reflectors: Some Burton jackets include a RECCO reflector, an avalanche rescue technology that can help search and rescue teams locate you in case of an emergency.

Considering these features and technologies, you can find a women's snowboard jacket that is perfect for your needs while supporting a company with innovative designs and a commitment to sustainability.

How to Choose the Right Burton Women’s Snowboard Jacket for You

Photo by Tyese Messerman

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which jacket you should purchase. Let’s look at three examples of people who are on the hunt for a new snowboard coat.


Needs: Michele is an intermediate snowboarder on the East Coast, looking for a jacket for snowboarding with her friends. She doesn’t want to break the bank but wants something to keep her warm on chilly days. She prefers to go on sunny days, but it’s still cold in the Northeast in the dead of winter.

Features to look for:

  • Insulated jacket for the most warmth
  • Fleece pockets to keep her hands warm even when she’s in the parking lot
  • Jacket-to-Pant interface to keep the cold breeze out

Products to consider:

  • Burton Prowess Jacket: Michele could check out the Prowess. It has targeted insulation, so if she finds that her torso is the coldest but doesn’t need as much bulk or warmth in the arms, this could be a great jacket. It has a fleece lining, a fleece-lined collar, and a jacket-to-pant interface. It sits at around $280 and is often on sale, so it’s a pretty good deal. It’s also stylish!
  • Burton GORE-TEX Powline Jacket: If Michele will be out in slightly inclement weather, she should also take a look at the Powline. It features a GORE-TEX membrane for better waterproofing than the Prowess. It also features 80g of insulation throughout the jacket for added warmth. It doesn’t have fleece-lined pockets, but it will keep her drier in any precipitation that comes her way!


Needs: Heather is an advanced snowboarder from the PNW. The weather changes on a dime in that area, so she prefers to choose her layers, often doing a Merino wool baselayer, a down puffy, and a shell. Heather rides a lot of days at her local resort, often going into the trees and down steep bowls. She is looking for a shell jacket that will keep her dry even when it’s dumping, and she wants it to be breathable in case she decides to bootpack up to some summits.

Features to look for:

  • Durable shell for protection from the weather
  • Helmet-compatible hood for when it’s snowing
  • Removable powder skirt for when the weather turns warm and doesn’t want the added bulk

Products to consider:

  • Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Upshift Jacket: The Upshift has a nylon face fabric and a GORE-TEX 2L membrane for durability and protection from the elements. It has microfleece handwarmer pockets and a removable powder skirt. It also features pit zip vents for when she’s hiking up to a summit and Burton’s StormForm Hood to give a perfect fit over her helmet.
  • Burton GORE-TEX Pillowline Shell: The Pillowline shell features a GORE-TEX 2L membrane and a Living Lining liner to help regulate her temperature. This jacket has a regular fit compared to the slim fit of the Upshift jacket, in case she wants more room to layer. It also features a zip-out waist gaiter/jacket-to-pant interface.


Needs: Jess is splitting her time between splitboarding in the backcountry and finding untouched pow in resort. She lives in Colorado, has many mountains and routes at her fingertips, and goes out multiple times a week. Jess is looking for the most durable jacket and isn’t as concerned about the price. However, she wants the jacket to last, and she needs a tough, durable shell in case she goes through tight tree branches or throws her jacket in her pack when skinning to avoid snags.

Features to look for:

  • 3L GORE-TEX instead of 2L for added durability and burliness
  • A good venting system for when she’s working hard on the uphills
  • Articulated fit for lots of mobility

Products to consider:

  • Burton AK 3L GORE-TEX Kimmy Stretch Jacket: This jacket features a 3L GORE-TEX membrane so it will be durable enough for all of Jess’s adventures. It has the StormForm Hood for blustery days. It features a RECCO reflector and pit zip vents and has cutlines and patterns to mimic the body’s natural movements for lots of freedom of movement.


Photo by Tyese Messerman

Overall, Burton is an environmentally sustainable company with many choices for ladies looking to get out on the slopes. From insulated jackets to high-end technical shells, Burton has anyone and everyone covered. Feel free to reach out to me or any of our highly knowledgeable Curated Snowboarding Experts for help walking through which jacket is perfect for you.

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