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Published on 05/22/2023 · 6 min readLine makes some great ski options for skiers looking for a more playful ride. Skiing Expert Aidan Campbell dives into the different skis Line has to offer!
Aidan Campbell, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Aidan Campbell

Founded in 1995, Line is a popular brand specializing in skiing equipment and apparel. The company is known for producing high-quality, fun skis designed for various terrains, such as park, powder, and all-mountain. The brand has gained a reputation for its innovative designs and playful approach to skiing, appealing to a wide range of skiers, from beginners to professionals. In addition, Line is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials in its products and implementing green practices in its operations.

Blade Optic

Line’s Blade Optic series replaced the Sick Day series for the 2022/2023 season. This new lineup of freeride skis is engineered with an innovative metal layup that adds power and stability for charging freeride terrain without sacrificing the playful feel that Line skis are known for. In addition, the Blade Optics come in four different widths: 92, 96, 104, and 114.

1. Blade Optic 104

The 104 is the most versatile ski in the Blade Optic collection. The 104 can be used in nearly all snow conditions, from surfing powder to blasting frozen chop. With a 19m turn radius and metal laminates, the 104 can also rip carves down groomers on the way back down to the lift. This new ski is great for any freeride skier that loves charging but also wants a playful ski.

2. Blade Optic 96

At 96mm underfoot, the Blade Optic 96 is geared more towards firm snow than the 104 and 114. The innovative shape of titanal layers keeps the 96 smooth and stable at the highest speeds and in the hardest snow. The Blade Optic 96 is great for someone who spends most of their time on firm snow, although it can handle a few powder laps and loves going fast with confidence.


The Vision series by Line consists of three skis that are just as capable of going uphill as they are going down. Light enough to skin up backcountry zones yet stable enough to charge the resort, the Visions are one of the best 50/50 skis on the market. As always, these skis maintain the playful and surfy feel that Line is best known for. Below are my two favorite options.

3. Vision 108

The 108 is an ultra-lightweight freeride ski that can be used in nearly all situations. The versatile width can float above fresh powder and grip on old, chalky snow without a problem. Featuring Line’s “Triple Hybrid Construction,” the Vision 108 kills vibrations and remains damp while keeping a lower swing weight. Tip and tail taper and a playful rocker profile keep the 108 surfy, agile, and quick through tight terrain.

4. Vision 118

The widest model of the Vision series is built for the deepest of powder days. When a big storm comes in, the 118 can float on top of anything without fear of sinking. Similar to the 108, the 118 is built with extremely lightweight materials that add to the dampness and stability of the ski. Whether taking a long trip in the backcountry or waiting for lifts to open on a pow day, the Line Vision 118 is a great choice to surf through deep snow.


Line’s Pandora series consists of four different women’s specific skis. These skis offer exceptional performance at a lower weight than their competitors. Coming in at widths of 84, 94, 104, and 110, there is an option for any type of snow. Dive into my top picks below!

5. Pandora 84

The 84 is best for laying down carves on groomed snow, although it can handle a few laps off the beaten path. Featuring an 84mm waist and a 13m radius, the Pandora 84 is extremely quick edge-to-edge for precise hardpack turns. Built with “Carbon Magic Fingers,” this ski remains stable at high speed without adding weight.

6. Pandora 94

At 94mm underfoot, the Pandora 94 is best for slopes that don’t get as much natural snow. The lightweight design keeps the 94 quick and nimble without sacrificing performance at speed. From groomers to crud and even a few inches of fresh snow, the Pandora 94 will keep you skiing comfortably from the first chair to the last.

7. Pandora 104

As the most versatile ski in the Pandora lineup, the 104 can handle everything. Maintaining the same technology as the first two models, the 104 is light and stable anywhere from hardpack to powder. Competent in any condition, the Pandora 104 is a great one-ski quiver.


Line’s Swallowtail collection consists of two skis with a featured V-shaped cutout in the tail. These directional skis are playful enough to float, butter, and surf yet stable enough to charge the biggest lines and lay over hard carves on firm snow.

8. Sakana

The Sakana is one of the most unique and versatile skis on the market. Wide enough to shred powder, with enough camber to rail turns on groomers, and a fishtail shape, the Sakana is unlike any other ski. It is equally capable of carving trenches on hard snow as spinning tricks into deep snow. The Sakana is best suited for freestyle/freeride skiers that want one ski to do it all.

9. Pescado

At 125mm underfoot, the Pescado is a dedicated powder weapon. The soft flex and massive shovel keep the tips afloat, while the swallowtail and directional mount point keep the tails low, providing the best possible ride in powder. Known as one of the best powder skis, the Pescado can also carve up groomers better than nearly all other skis of this width.


Line is best known for their freestyle skis inside and outside the park. They offer six park-specific skis and two freestyle all-mountain skis to suit any skiing style. Line offers one of the largest freestyle selections of all ski brands. Below are my top three choices.

10. Tom Wallisch Pro

Line’s Tom Wallisch Pro is one of their most iconic skis ever produced. Designed with influence from Tom Wallisch, the TW Pro is the performance model of the park lineup made for hitting the biggest features. At 90mm underfoot, the TW Pro is lightweight and quick on rails while stiff enough to land any jump trick you could think of.

11. Blend

The Blend is currently one of the softest skis on the market and is a favorite among the line team. With a 100mm waist width and crazy buttery feel, the Blend is tons of fun anywhere on the mountain. Creative riders that love to jib anything they can find will love the Line Blend.

12. Sir Francis Bacon

The Line Bacon is a very playful all-mountain freestyle ski that loves to spin and butter across the entire mountain. At 107mm wide, the Bacon can be used anywhere from a firm crust to a foot of fresh powder without losing its playful feel. Convex tips and tails and a symmetrical flex keep the Sir Francis Bacon loose and ready for anything.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most commonly recommended skis made by Line. Although most of their skis are made to be loose and playful, some of them still can charge anything. Reach out to a Curated Skiing Expert for some help choosing the right ski for you!


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