An Expert Guide to CAPiTA Snowboards

Published on 06/01/2023 · 14 min readCAPiTa is a big name in the snowboarding world. Snowboarding Expert Tyese Messerman breaks down the brands background, top features, and top models!
Tyese Messerman, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Tyese Messerman

Getting air with Capita. Photo by Tyese Messerman

CAPiTA is truly a labor of love when it comes to building sustainable snowboards. As with any brand, when buying a CAPiTA snowboard you’ll want to look at the entire line-up and consider your skill level and your riding style to find the perfect fit. Exploring various board types like all-mountain, freestyle, freeride, and powder, and taking a look at specific features like camber profile, flex, shape, base material, and edge technology will help you find the perfect board to get out on the slopes and take in that crisp air.

As an avid snowboarder, I grew up on the East Coast and moved west toward the mountains about 15 years ago. I have ridden in many states and countries and gotten to demo a huge array of different gear, brands, and styles of snowboards. I truly believe that getting the right fit for your personal style of snowboarding can make you fall in love with the sport over and over again, and I’m passionate about helping others find the right board for them.

Who Are CAPiTA Snowboards?

CAPiTA is a renowned snowboarding brand founded in 2000 by former pro rider Blue Montgomery. Famed for their innovative designs, premium materials, and eye-catching graphics, CAPiTA’s company mantra is “Everything is Possible”. Combining sustainability and performance, they have been producing boards in their eco-friendly facility, "The Mothership" since 2016, and believe that the best snowboards should be made in an area with a rich alpine history.

Due to their location, they have decreased their carbon footprint immensely by sourcing 98% of their materials from within a five-hour drive of “The Mothership”. Choose CAPiTA for not only cutting-edge snowboard technology and progressive designs, but a huge commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing aimed at minimizing ecological impact.

What to Consider When Buying CAPiTA Snowboards

1. What Is Your Skill Level?

Understanding your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) is crucial to selecting the appropriate CAPiTA snowboard. Take a look at what slopes you tend to gravitate to—green circles, blue squares, or black diamonds—to determine your approximate level. Can you connect turns? Do you love flying through trees?

Once you know your skill level, it’s time to dive into CAPiTA’s lineup. Beginner boards are softer, more forgiving, and easier to control; whereas models designed for advanced riders offer more responsiveness and specialized features. Matching your skill level with the right board promises an enjoyable ride on the slopes.

2. What Type of Terrain Do You Prefer?

CAPiTA offers boards designed for various terrains, from groomed runs to backcountry powder. Identifying your preferred terrain helps you choose a board with the right flex, shape, and profile to optimize your performance in those conditions. Whether you're into freestyle, all-mountain, or powder riding, CAPiTA has a snowboard tailored to your needs.

3. What Is the Ideal Snowboard Size for You?

Snowboard sizing is crucial for maneuverability, control, and stability. The right size depends on your height, weight, and riding style. A general rule of thumb is to have the snowboard stand between your chin and nose when upright. However, shorter boards are better for freestyle, while longer ones are ideal for powder and speed.

There are also different types of boards, like volume-shifted boards that need to be ridden shorter than usual due to their width. Of course it’s always important to look at your shoe size as well, to determine if you need a wide board or not. CAPiTA provides sizing charts to help you find the perfect fit.

4. How Much Should a CAPiTA Snowboard Cost?

CAPiTA snowboards range from around $350–700+. Lower-end boards cater to beginners, offering an easy ride and good value for money. Mid-range options—often costing between $450 and $600—provide a mix of performance and quality for intermediate riders without breaking the bank. Whereas high-end boards—typically over $600—boast advanced technologies, premium materials, and specialized designs for experienced riders looking to shred. Your budget and riding style will determine the ideal price point for you.

What Are the Different Types of CAPiTA Snowboards?

Photo by Tyese Messerman

CAPiTA snowboards can be broken down into five primary categories, catering to various riding styles and preferences.

1. All-Mountain Snowboards

These are the most versatile snowboards out there, and are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions and terrains—from groomed slopes to off-piste adventures. If you plan to own only one board, most likely you will want an all-mountain board. They typically have a medium flex, making them suitable for riders of all skill levels.


  • Suitable for various conditions and terrains, very adaptable
  • Ideal for riders who want one board for multiple situations
  • Generally easier to progress with due to their versatility

Keep in Mind:

  • May not excel in specialized disciplines (e.g., park or powder)
  • Potentially not the best option for riders with a specific focus

Board Examples:

2. Freestyle Snowboards

Freestyle boards are tailored for riders who love park, pipe, and urban riding. They often feature a twin or twin-like shape and softer flex, enabling easier maneuverability for spins, jumps, and tricks.


  • Easier maneuverability for executing tricks and jumps
  • Often lightweight, making them easier to control during spins or riding rails
  • Twin or twin-like shape provides a balanced, symmetrical feel, making it easy to ride switch

Keep in Mind:

  • Not as suitable for high-speed carving or deep powder riding
  • Softer flex may not provide enough stability for aggressive riders

Board Examples:

3. Powder Snowboards

Powder snowboards are designed for deep snow and backcountry exploration. They usually have a directional shape, a wider nose, and a tapered tail, which enhances floatation and ensures smoother turns in powder conditions and better float. For anyone who races out when the snow is dumping and isn’t content with groomed runs, a powder board is a great option.


  • Optimized floatation in deep snow
  • Directional shape and tapered tail for smoother turns in powder conditions
  • Provides a surf-like riding experience

Keep in Mind:

  • Less versatile compared to all-mountain boards
  • Not ideal for park riding or performing tricks
  • You may want a separate board for groomed runs or freestyle

Board Examples:

4. Freeride Snowboards

Freeride snowboards are designed to take you anywhere on the mountain. They are generally faster and stiffer than the usual all-mountain board, and can go off-piste as good as they ride on-piste. Freeride boards often have a directional shape and are designed to be ridden aggressively by an advanced rider.


  • Optimized for faster riding
  • Directional shape for smooth turns
  • Stiffer for the most stability

Keep in Mind:

  • Might be a bit much for a beginner or low intermediate
  • Not ideal for park riding due to their stiffness

Board Examples:

5. Women’s-Specific Snowboards

CAPiTA also offers women's-specific snowboards, which have a range of smaller sizes and are designed to accommodate female riders' unique needs—such as being lighter weight and having different body proportions. These boards feature slightly different flex patterns, sizes, and graphics that may be more appealing to women.


  • Usually come in smaller sizes to accommodate female sizing (weight, height, etc)
  • Tailored graphics for aesthetic appeal

Keep in Mind:

  • Limited selection compared to unisex or men's snowboards
  • Some women may prefer the performance characteristics of other board types

Board Examples:

Features to Look For in CAPiTA Snowboards

Photo by Tyese Messerman

When buying a snowboard, the lists of various features and technologies can begin to get overwhelming. But there are some that are definitely worth checking out because they’ll change your riding experience dramatically based on what you pick. Here are some general features to consider:

  1. Camber Profile: This refers to the snowboard's curvature, which impacts its performance. Common profiles are traditional camber, rocker, and hybrid (a mix of camber and rocker). Camber is often the best for carving and has explosive pop; rocker is more forgiving for beginners and offers more float in powder; while a hybrid often can offer the best of both worlds.
  2. Flex: The board's flex impacts its responsiveness and feel. A softer flex is more forgiving and suitable for beginners or freestyle riders, while a stiffer flex offers stability and control for high-speed carving or advanced riders.
  3. Shape: The shape of a snowboard can be directional, twin, or directional twin. Directional boards are designed for forward riding and excel in carving and powder, while twin boards are symmetrical and ideal for freestyle riding and riding switch. Directional twins offer a balance between the two.
  4. Base Material: Snowboard bases are typically either extruded or sintered. Extruded bases are low-maintenance and more affordable, while sintered bases offer better performance and durability but require more upkeep.
  5. Edge Technology: Some snowboards have special edge designs or technologies to improve grip on icy or hard-packed snow, such as serrated or wavy edges.

CAPiTA-Specific Technologies

While CAPiTA has so many specific features and technologies unique to the brand, here are just a few to look out for when choosing your next board:

  1. Resort V1 Profile: This camber profile combines traditional camber underfoot with rocker at the tip and tail. It offers a versatile ride with a balance of edge hold, float, and playfulness. (Many other profiles are available to check out on CAPiTA’s site)
  2. Superdrive EX Base: A high-end sintered base material exclusive to CAPiTA, the Superdrive EX Base provides exceptional durability, speed, and wax absorption for better glide. The FX Base is more transparent to offer even clearer and more vibrant graphics.
  3. Technora: CAPiTA uses Technora Flax Boosters as a shock absorber and energy source that helps reduce fatigue when riding and provides tons of pop and power in a lightweight package.
  4. Holysheet Fiberglass: This fiberglass technology uses a high-density biaxial weave, which enhances the board's strength, response, and durability while reducing weight.

How to Choose the Right CAPiTA Snowboard for You

Photo by Tyese Messerman

Everyone’s preferences and ability level is a little different, so it can still be daunting to know which board to choose. Let’s look at three examples of people looking to buy a new board, and what they might consider.

Mike: A Casual Park Rat

Mike is a super-chill guy looking to hit the resort with friends, and he mainly enjoys the park. He isn’t getting massive air, but he loves to hit the kickers in the flow park and ride rails and boxes. He is looking for a new board that he can take out and ride on those warm spring days; he plans to stay on groomers and in the park.

Features Mike should look for:

  • Twin shape for easy switch riding
  • Softer flex for easy maneuvers in the park, butters, rails, etc

Snowboards to consider:

  1. CAPiTA Pathfinder: If Mike is spending the majority of his time in the park, there are two options available: both the Pathfinder Camber and the Pathfinder Reverse. Both of these boards are designed with a 4/10 flex for a soft, maneuverable ride in the park, and they are both twin shaped for easy riding in either direction. The Reverse version is flat underfoot with rocker at the tip and tail, while the Camber version is—you guessed it—camber underfoot. The Camber version might offer Mike a bit more pop if he is mainly interested in jumps and carving, while the Reverse version will make riding rails or boxes and buttering a bit easier.
  2. CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome: If Mike is looking for an all-mountain board that lends itself to being freestyle friendly, this board could be the ticket. It sits at a 5.5/10 flex rating, which will provide just a bit more stability when carving, but it is still a true twin board for riding switch. It is a Resort V1 Profile which offers camber underfoot with a zero camber tip and tail providing easy turn initiation. This board has a good amount of pop but is still stable enough to cruise the whole mountain. If Mike is splitting his time between the park and carving groomers, this could be a great option.

Jason: An Aggressive Sidecountry Rider

Jason is a pretty aggressive rider who is looking for a premium product. He carves fast and hard, and often goes off-piste into sidecountry, hitting bowls and weaving between trees every chance he gets. He wants a board that can keep up and will be durable for all of his adventures.

Features Jason should look for:

  • A directional shape for carving fast
  • A stiffer flex to provide stability and support at high speeds
  • A fast base

Snowboards to consider:

  1. CAPiTA Mega Mercury: The Mega Mercury could be a great choice for Jason. It features a stiff flex for great support at speed and a directional shape for carving hard. This board has a Resort V2 Profile, so it has camber in the center for ultimate, high-speed edge hold, with Flat Kick tip and tail arcs for aggressive transitions.
  2. CAPiTA The Black Snowboard of Death: The Black Snowboard of Death features a medium/stiff flex for stability at speed, and it has a set-back directional shape that offers a bit of float in powder. It uses the Alpine V1 Profile design, which features camber in the center, a flat tail and a rocker nose. This offers great stability, while providing a bit more float in powder than the Mega Merc. If Jason plans to ride in a little more powder, this could be a great choice.

Max: An All-Mountain Shredder

Max likes to shred the whole mountain. He races to the slopes when the snow is falling, so he definitely wants a board that can handle powder. He is looking to add to a quiver and already has a dedicated all-mountain board. He likes to ride playfully—hitting windlips and natural kickers—but also really shreds fast when given the chance. His ideal day is floating in powder with natural features to jump off of for days. Features Max should look for:

  • Powder-specific profile
  • Medium flex for riding playfully in powder

Snowboards to consider:

  1. CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Racer: The Powder Racer is probably the most powder-specific board from CAPiTA. It’s a directional board that features a Surf Camber Profile, so it has a bit of camber underfoot with a smooth rocker in the tip and tail. It has a much wider tip than tail, and is floaty, surfy, and easy to control. If Max is really looking for a powder board first and foremost, this could be a great choice.
  2. CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin: The Powder Twin also has a medium flex, but instead of being directional, it is a true-twin board. The tip and tail are the same width, and it features a Surf Rocker Twin Profile with zero camber underfoot and tons of rocker at the tip and tail. This board leans the most freestyle focused, so it will help Max hit those kickers, but because it is still a true twin, it might not float quite as good as the Powder Racer.
  3. CAPiTA Navigator: The Navigator combines a freeride-focused way of attacking the mountain and adds in some powder-specific features. Max would probably choose this board if he decides he wants a board slightly more aggressive for extra pop in his ollies and jumps, and better carving in icy or variable conditions. It features an Alpine V1 Profile that blurs the line between Freeride and Powder and offers an exceptionally stable ride. This board is more versatile than the other two as far as riding the entire mountain, so if that is what Max needs, this could be an awesome addition to his quiver.

Connect With a Real Expert

Photo by Tyese Messerman

CAPiTA has a ton of versatility in their line-up, offering everything from freestyle and all-mountain boards, to high-end freeride boards and powder boards. CAPiTA builds their boards in the most eco-friendly way possible, and has some sick graphics as well. If CAPiTA piques your interest, consider reaching out to a Curated Snowboarding Expert, like me. Our team of knowledge professionals would be stoked to chat with you and help you find the best fit for your personal riding style!

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