Expert Review: Lange XT3 130

This review is my own honest opinion of the ski boots, which I bought with my own money in January 2021.

Picture of the boot locked in on skis in the snow.

Photo courtesy of Robbie M.

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About this review This review is my own honest opinion of the ski boots, which I bought with my own money in January 2021. I was not paid by the manufacturer to write this review.

My take

The Lange XT3 130s are a great "one-boot quiver" for advanced to expert skiers looking for a stiff boot that you can use as your daily driver inbounds as well as take outside the resort for the occasional ski tour.

Photo courtesy of Robbie M.

About me

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Model: 2021 Lange XT3 130
  • Size: 27.5
  • Skis: Line Sakana and Moment Wildcat 108
  • Bindings: Look SPX 12 and Salomon STH2 WTR
  • Experience: 10 years

Test Conditions

  • When I bought these: January 2021
  • Days tested: 3 days
  • Where I’ve used it: Minnesota resorts
  • Terrain: Hardpack/groomers

How it performs

Walk Mode

What I was looking for

After having skied with my six year old 90-Flex boots and significantly progressing my skiing ability and style, I was in need of a stiffer boot. After skiing chop in Big Sky on my stiffer Moment Wildcat 108s, I definitely felt this need as my shins got bashed around in my softer boots. I was also hoping to find a boot with Gripwalk soles and tech toe inserts in the event I get into backcountry skiing in the future.

Why I chose this gear

I went to a local ski shop and tried on the Lange XT3 130s; I immediately fell in love with how they “hugged” my medium-width foot. The XT3 130s were a much more stiff flex compared to my old boots, and the walk mode and Gripwalk soles were big perks as well!

I had looked into the K2 Mindbender series boots as well, and unfortunately, they didn’t fit my foot as well (I’m more on the medium to narrow side).

A picture of the left ski boot, showcasing the side view of the boot.

Photo courtesy of Robbie M.

What I love about it

  • Accuracy of Claimed Stiffness: These boots are definitely stiff, as would be expected for a 130 flex.
  • Accuracy of Claimed Fit: The stated 100mm last for medium width feet is pretty accurate. Compared to the K2s I feel like my foot has a little more room vertically which is nice.
  • Comfort: The boots are super comfy. The stated 100mm last is pretty accurate. Lange’s fit on these boots is a gradual taper that hugs your foot.
  • Flex: 130 flex is awesome for advanced to expert skiers looking for maximum control / power transmission to their skis. The boots are not for beginners as they’re pretty stiff.
  • Weight: At just under 1800g per boot, these boots blow standard alpine boots out of the water when it comes to weight. The first couple times I took them out of my boot bag I was amazed at how light they are and it makes a difference on the hill too!
  • Resort: Because they’re designed as a 50/50 (inbounds and backcountry) boot, they handle resort skiing just as good as a traditional alpine boot.
  • Durability: Lange is using higher quality plastics in this year’s model of the boot, something they listened to from customer feedback regarding last year’s model (XT Free) not being as durable.
  • Walk mode: Super easy to use; I just have to loosen the top two buckles and flip the lever in the back of the boot to feel free when walking around!

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Park: Since these are a stiffer boot, they aren’t a great pick for park skiers who like a soft / damper boot.
  • Backcountry: Being a 50/50 (inbounds / backcountry boot), they are definitely not the lightest option when it comes to touring boots; a touring-specific boot will be much lighter.

Favorite moment with this gear

The first time I used these boots with my Moment Wildcat 108s it was like going from driving a mini-van to a Porsche. The stiffer boot allowed all of my energy to be more efficiently transmitted from my legs to my skis, making carving feel much more effortless and precise. With the stiffer flex of the skis finally matching my boots, I was able to unlock the full potential and dampened feel of the skis and had an awesome time (even though I was only skiing at our 300ft vertical local hill). And the walk back to my car with the walk mode and Gripwalk soles was a game changer...

Photo of boots on skis from the point of view of Robbie M.

Photo courtesy of Robbie M.

Value for the money vs. other options

At the current retail of around $600 it is definitely an investment. However, considering that these boots could be used instead of an alpine boot and a touring boot means I’m saving money through only needing one boot to do it all!

Final verdict

The Lange XT3 Ski Boots are a great fit for advanced to expert skiers looking for a “one-boot quiver” to ski both inbounds at the resort and do some shorter tours in the backcountry, or just looking for a high performance boot packed full of features like Gripwalk soles and a walk mode.

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