An Expert Guide to Greenpan Cookware

Published on 06/12/2023 · 9 min readReady to level up your cooking game? Dive into our expert guide on GreenPan Cookware—explore their awesome features and find the perfect fit for your kitchen.
Jacob Lewis, Kitchen Expert
By Kitchen Expert Jacob Lewis

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TL;DR: With about the same lifespan (2-5 years) as other high-quality nonstick cookware, GreenPan uses a “healthy ceramic nonstick” coating (Thermolon) that is PTFE, PFAS, Cadmium, and PFOA free, giving chefs the peace of mind that their nonstick cookware is safe to use.


With over 20 years in commercial and home kitchens, I’ve worked with a wide variety of cooking appliances and materials. Although I prefer cast iron and stainless over nonstick cookware, I reserve a place in my kitchen for nonstick when cooking eggs, pancakes, or reheating leftovers. With my experiences, it’s a joy to share my wisdom in helping enthusiastic cooks find their next favorite cookware.

My personal cooking tests revealed that GreenPan cookware isn’t good for high heat (and all nonstick in general), although better than T-fal or Cook N Home. Still, it’s great for home kitchens. (For commercial kitchens, I recommend you skip nonstick cookware altogether.) I found putting nonstick cookware in the dishwasher resulted in chipped and scratched pans; the same went with using metal utensils. Instead, I recommend using a medium heat source, soft-tipped utensils, and hand washing only to prolong the cookware's life. While GreenPan does have a limited lifetime warranty, damage to the ceramic nonstick coating will easily void coverage (just like any other nonstick cookware brand, sadly).

Why GreenPan Cookware Company?

Decades of research proved that conventional nonstick cookware was loaded with cancer-causing carcinogens, and GreenPan set out to change that. In 2007, Belgium-based innovators Jan Helskens and Wim De Vierman released their revolutionary ceramic nonstick cookware to give passionate cooks a safer nonstick. For home use, GreenPan holds the lead for continuing to innovate on their own toxin-free materials, resulting in tough, stylish, and fun cookware.

What Are the Different Types of GreenPan Cookware?

1. Cookware Sets

The GreenPan GP5. Perfect for anyone who wants the most durable nonstick coating that GreenPan offers, GP5 uses Infinite8: 60% more durable than their seventh-generation coating. In addition, the GP5 features a 5mm thick hard anodized material that is both rugged and stylish

Each set covers the essential pieces with at least one fry pan, saucepan, sauté pan, Dutch oven, or a good stockpot so you can have ingredients like rice, vegetables, and meats all cooking simultaneously. In addition, each piece will have the same ceramic nonstick Thermolon coating that makes for simple cleanup at the end of the meal.

  • Benefits
    • Comprehensive: Each set covers all the basic needs, while larger sets have all the variety you can imagine.
    • Value: Buying in a set saves money versus buying individual pieces.
  • Keep in Mind
    • Overlapping: Some overlap can happen if added to your existing set.
    • Space: Larger sets will require more storage.
  • Best For: Matching lids and aesthetics keeps the kitchen simpler, leaving time and energy for focusing on cooking.

2. Frying Pans

The GreenPan Reserve 12” Frypan With Helper Handle and Lid. This stylish 12” frypan is perfect for anyone who has large meal preps. The glass lid allows you to lock moisture and see in while the food is cooking, while the helper handle makes transportation from the stovetop to the table a safe journey

Frying pans are available in a few sizes for any task, such as an 8-inch skillet for one or a large 12-inch skillet for the family. They’re perfect for anyone replacing an old pan or adding variety to their kitchen.

  • Benefits
    • Precision: Perfect for easily searing and browning with a spatula or scrambling eggs.
    • Adaptability: Great for pancakes, crisping a burrito, frying shrimp, or reheating yesterday’s leftovers.
  • Keep in Mind
    • Handling: Most fry pans use a single-handle design, which makes them best for smaller meals with ingredients that won’t slosh around.
    • Oil Use: it’s still important to use a little oil or butter to keep the ingredients from glazing onto the cooking surface.
  • Best For: Scrambled eggs, fish filets, stir-fried vegetables, and searing meat.

3. Sauté Pans

The GP5 Stainless Steel 4-QT Sauté Pan With Lid. A 5-ply stainless steel construction (similar to all-clad) with their Infinite8 nonstick coating makes it perfect for anyone who wants the best. The low-profile lid easily fits in the oven for slow-cooked stews. Four quarts is a large capacity for one but enough for a small party

It can do all of the same tasks as a frying pan, and the taller sides of the vessel mean you can put liquids and larger portions in it without worrying so much about spillage. Great for one-pan meals, large stir-fries, and reducing sauce or braising meats and veggies.

  • Benefits
    • High Sides: When frying, the vessel's walls can help reduce splatter.
    • Versatility: Does it all. It’s not the best stockpot, but it’ll do if it’s what you have.
  • Keep in Mind
    • Size: It can be bulky in the cupboards and might need its own nook.
    • Weight: With the size comes weight, especially with many ingredients, so these can become tricky to move around the kitchen.
  • Best For: Dishes with a lot of sauce and one-pan meals.

4. Sauce Pots

The GreenPan Venice Pro Stainless Steel 1.5-QT. Stainless steel pots have added durability, and 1.5 quarts is great for reheating single-serving leftovers for one or two people.

The best choice for home chefs dabbling with soups and sauces is the GreenPan sauce pots made with clad stainless or hard anodized aluminum. These pots are tough and least likely to warp or dent in a high-traffic kitchen.

  • Benefits
    • Conduction Heating: You’re guaranteed the most efficient heat distribution, avoiding hot spots and partially-cooked ingredients.
    • Size Variety: Available in a few dimensions from 1.5 to 3 quarts
  • Keep in Mind
    • Single Purpose: Mostly good for heating contents with many liquids or deep-fried food
    • Cleaning: Easiest to clean these by hand as some dishwashers struggle to hit all the angles inside the vessel.
  • Best For: Soups, boiling pasta, smaller amounts of liquid, and deep frying.

5. Grill and Griddle Pans

The GreenPan Valencia 11” Grill Pan. Grill lines in the pan's cooking surface make an easy sear on tender chicken breast, asparagus, and other veggies. Perfect for anyone who might not have enough space for a bbq. The looped grip on the side makes it easy to go from stove to table without a fuss. Make sure to have some oven-safe mitts nearby, as those sturdy handles get hot

Larger than most fry pans, you can fit more on the cooking surface and easily access the spatula to flip as needed. I prefer smooth-surfaced grill pans over the ridged options because they work great for cookies and pizza in the oven.

  • Benefits
    • Grilling: Ridged grill pans get the texture of bbq cooking from the convenience of your kitchen.
    • Healthier: If too much fat is a concern, the ridged grill pans help drain oils and grease away from the ingredients.
  • Keep in Mind
    • Cleaning: Ridged grill pans require more cleaning effort than a flat surface.
    • High-Heat: Nonstick cookware isn’t the best option for grill pans. (Cast iron is better.)
  • Best For: Burgers, veggies, and anything you want to sear.

6. Wok and Stir Fry Pans

The GreenPan Venice Pro Ceramic Nonstick 12" Covered Wok. Perfect for anyone who’s into Asian cuisine and wants the width and depth of a wok but also wants the simplicity of modern ceramic nonstick

Traditionally intended for high-heat cooking, the nonstick woks are not my first recommendation for beginners because they’re too easy to overheat and damage the cooking surface. But if you can use medium heat, this wok does a great job and promises easy cleanup.

  • Benefits
    • Heat variety: Hottest at the vessel's center, great for frying and browning while keeping food warm around the edges.
    • Flavor: Great for deep frying, and the two metal handles help reduce sloshing while you boil liquids.
  • Keep in Mind
    • Learning Curve: Woks are great for cooks of any skill level, but mastering them can take years!
    • Compatibility: Performs best on gas stoves.
  • Best For: Steaming, stir-fried foods, and large portions.

Features to Look for in GreenPan Cookware

  1. Thermolon Ceramic Nonstick Coating: Derived from sand, GreenPan’s signature Thermolon nonstick coating does not use toxic chemicals like PFOA, lead, PFAS, or Cadmium. While it has a lifespan similar to other nonstick cookware, you can rest assured that it’s safer to use.
  2. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: GreenPan uses upcycled stainless and aluminum whenever possible, reducing mining and other globally detrimental impacts on acquiring new materials.
  3. Oven and Broiler Safe: Safe in the oven and broiler to 600°F/315°C makes your cookware safe and versatile from the stovetop, oven, and broiler without worrying about how it will hold up.
  4. Ergonomic Handles: GreenPan shares design roots with OXO, and the comfort of their handles shows it. Good ergonomics means the cookware is easy to handle, and the stay-cool design means you won’t need mitts (unless used in the oven, you’ll still need mitts.)
  5. Induction Compatibility: Most GreenPan cookware will be compatible with induction cooktops, but it’s worth double-checking in case it’s something you need now or might want down the line.

How to Choose the Best GreenPan Cookware for You

Photo courtesy of GreenPan

Here are a few examples of how I might recommend cookware to various individual needs.


Needs: Erica is a college student with limited space. She needs a small cookware set for the dorm and hopefully after college. Erica loves bright aromats, lobster boils, and beans.

Features to look for: Medium budget, nonstick, ceramic, durability, ease of cleaning, and straining device optional

Products to consider:


Needs: Richard is upgrading to an induction cooktop. Before committing to a full cookware set, they want to try a high-end fry pan.

Features to look for: Safer than their old nonstick that is falling apart, ideally stainless or colorful, and is easy to clean

Products to consider:

  • GreenPan GP5 10” Fry Pan: The latest ceramic tech on a 5mm 5-ply stainless pan will not disappoint, and it comes with the perfect handle size with gold accents for a little color.
  • Caraway Home 10.5" Fry Pan: The 10.5” fry pan is the best all-around size for a nonstick fry pan, and while it’s not exactly high-end, it is colorful and guaranteed way better than your ancient nonstick pan.
  • Scanpan Haptiq 11” Fry Pan: Made in Denmark with 100% recycled aluminum, the Haptiq has a ceramic nonstick cooking surface that feels similar to seasoned cast iron.


Needs: Jordan is a bare-bones chef. They only need one piece of cookware for their electric hotplate (mostly for reheating leftovers), but they would still like to cook for guests without needing a stainless steel stockpot.

Features to look for: Affordable, easy to clean, won’t need to be replaced anytime soon, and large but compact.

Products to consider:

Finding the Best GreenPan Cookware for You

GreenPan is a top contender for the longest-lasting, most stylish, and least-toxic cookware. But it might not be for everyone. So if you’re still looking for the cookware set that’s right for you, please feel free to reach out to one of our Kitchen Experts here on Curated or me for unique feedback based on your needs.

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