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An Expert Guide to Ride Snowboard Boots

Published on 06/14/2023 · 11 min readStrap in and ride with confidence! Our Expert guide to Ride snowboard boots offers comfort, performance, and style for the ultimate experience on the hill.
will koons, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert will koons

Photo by Artshake Media

TL;DR: Ride offers a variety of boots to suit different preferences and performance needs. When buying Ride snowboard boots, consider your riding style, skill level, and preferred lacing system (Zonal BOA, Single BOA, Tongue Tied, or Traditional Lace). Look for boots with heat-moldable Intuition Foam liners, secure heel hold, durable outsoles, and comfortable footbeds.


What's up, riders? I'm Will, your go-to guy when it comes to snowboarding gear. I've been riding regularly for more than two decades, tackling everything from groomed runs to backcountry terrain. I've also spent over 10 years in the outdoor industry and have a pretty solid grip on gear. One of my specialties? Snowboard boots. I’ve spent a lot of time in them.

Regarding gear, I understand how critical the right boot can be for your overall ride. And that's where my passion comes in. I'm here to help you navigate the world of snowboarding footwear, so you can find a boot that matches your ride style, comfort preferences, and performance needs.

Today, we're zeroing in on one brand consistently delivering in the snowboarding scene: Ride. This guide is about helping you understand the ins and outs of Ride snowboard boots to make an informed choice for your next pair.

Why Ride?

Established in 1992 in Redmond, Washington, Ride Snowboards has become a respected name in the snowboarding industry. Their dedication to creating innovative, top-quality gear for snowboarders is evident in their wide range of products, including snowboards, bindings, outerwear, and boots.

What sets Ride apart is its roots. This is a company built by riders, for riders. They're not just pushing products off an assembly line; they're out there on the mountain, testing and refining every piece of gear they produce, and it really shows in the quality of their boots.

Regarding snowboard boots, Ride is about performance, comfort, and fit. They've developed some rad tech like their Intuition Foam liner system, which means a snug fit and no compromise on comfort. And with options like the quick-and-easy BOA Fit System or traditional lacing, you can dial in the fit to your preference.

Bottom line: Ride is more than just gear; it's a community. Choosing Ride means investing in quality, durability, and a brand as dedicated to snowboarding as you are. So, when you step into a pair of Ride boots, you commit to better mountain rides. I’ve ridden many pairs of their boots, and Ride’s commitment to innovation and quality is apparent from the moment you lace up.

What to Consider When Buying Ride Snowboard Boots

1. What Is Your Skill Level and Riding Style?

Before diving into the world of Ride boots, it's crucial to think about where you're at in your snowboarding journey and how you like to ride. Newbies to the sport might lean towards boots with a softer flex, giving them some wiggle room while still finding their footing. On the other hand, more advanced riders might prefer boots with a stiffer flex for extra responsiveness and precision.

Whether you're a park rat, a backcountry rider, or a groomer cruiser, Ride has a lineup of boots with varying flex ratings to suit your style.

2. What Size Ride Snowboard Boots Should You Choose?

Sizing isn't just about the number on the box; it's about finding the boot that hugs your foot just right. Be sure to reference Ride's boot size chart as your starting point. One of Ride's standout features is their Intuition Foam liners, which you can heat mold for a personalized fit. Remember, a good boot fits tightly without pinching or cutting off circulation.

3. How Much Should Ride Snowboard Boots Cost?

Ride offers boots across various price points to suit riders of different levels and budgets. If you're just starting, you can snag a solid pair of entry-level boots for between $150 and $250. If you're more serious about your gear, mid-range boots run from about $250 to $400 and offer upgraded materials and tech for improved fit and performance. For those ready to ball out on top-tier performance, expect to drop $400 and up on high-end boots.

4. Which Lacing System Do You Prefer?

Everyone's got their preference when it comes to lacing. Ride boots come with options like traditional laces for those who appreciate the tried-and-true approach, speed lacing for riders who don't want to waste any time on boot adjustments, and the BOA Fit System for those who want the ultimate in easy, precision fit control.

Take a moment to consider what works best for you, whether it's the versatility of traditional laces or the on-the-fly adjustability of the BOA system.

What Are the Different Types of Ride Snowboard Boots?

As an old hand in the snowboarding game, I can't stress enough how much the lacing system can make or break your boots. Here's a quick lace guide on Ride's four major lacing systems, their pros, cons, and some examples.

1. Zonal BOA

Zonal BOA boots use the BOA Fit System. With a dial, lace, and guides, these boots give you a snug and personalized fit. The magic is in the two BOA dials, each controlling a different zone of the boot for a custom fit like none other.


  • Adjustments on the fly, even with your gloves on.
  • Dual-zone customization for a tailored fit.

Heads up:

  • The BOA system may not give the same classic feel as laces.
  • Fixing or replacing BOA parts can be trickier than dealing with traditional laces.

Example: Ride Hera Snowboard Boot

2. Single BOA

Not too far off from the Zonal BOA, the Single BOA boots feature the same quick and easy BOA system. The difference? One BOA dial controls the whole boot for uniform tension but less zone-specific customization.


  • A single twist adjusts the whole boot.
  • Equal fit and tension all over.

Heads up:

  • Less zone-specific control than Zonal BOA.
  • Same potential component repair issues as the Zonal BOA.

Example: Ride Sage Women’s Snowboard Boot

3. Tongue Tied

Ride's Tongue Tied boots balances between new tech and old-school style. These boots combine traditional laces with a BOA dial that controls the tongue, letting you nail that heel hold around your ankles for more responsive rides.


  • A blend of traditional lacing and BOA control.
  • The BOA dial reduces heel lift and enhances overall ride control.

Heads up:

  • Fiddling with laces may take more time than BOA systems.
  • Some riders may prefer a fully integrated BOA system.

Example: Ride Triad Snowboard Boot

4. Traditional Lace

Traditional Lace boots keep it classic with good ol' shoelaces. While they may take more time and effort to lace up, they give you full reign over the fit and tension, which is ideal for riders who prefer a hands-on approach.


  • No-frills and ease of use.
  • Maximum control over fit and tension for a dialed-in feel.

Heads up:

  • Longer lace-up time compared to BOA systems.
  • They may need re-tightening on those long days.

Example: Ride Fuse Snowboard Boot

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lacing systems. Whether you're digging the Zonal BOA, Single BOA, Tongue Tied, or Traditional Lace, it's all about finding the right fit for your ride style and convenience preferences.

Features to Look for in Ride Snowboard Boots

Choosing the right snowboard boots isn't just about picking the pair that looks the coolest. It's about understanding the unique features and technologies that will elevate your riding experience. Let's dive into some key factors and highlight the Ride-specific technologies:

  1. Boot Flex: Choose a boot flex that suits your riding style and skill level. Ride offers various flex options, from soft to stiff, to cater to different preferences and styles, like freestyle, all-mountain, or freeride.
  2. Liners: Opt for boots with high-quality, comfortable liners. As mentioned, Ride uses Intuition Foam liners, which are heat-moldable for a customized, snug fit that conforms to your foot shape, providing better overall comfort and supportive fit.
  3. Heel Hold: Look for boots that provide a secure heel hold, minimal heel lift, and enhanced control. Ride's Tongue Tied system uses a BOA dial to lock your heel in place, offering exceptional heel hold and responsiveness.
  4. Outsoles: Durable, lightweight outsoles with good traction are essential for grip and shock absorption. Ride incorporates Michelin outsoles in some of their boots, providing excellent grip, durability, and impact protection.
  5. Footbeds: Comfortable footbeds help support your feet and absorb impacts. Ride offers boots with dual-density EVA footbeds, which provide a good balance of comfort, support, and shock absorption for all-day comfort.
  6. Cuff Alignment and Adjustability: Boot cuff alignment and calf adjustment technology features, like Ride's Lock Down Turbo liner lacing, can help fine-tune your boot's calf zone fit and performance, enhancing overall comfort and response.

When shopping for boots, it's all about nailing that sweet spot between comfort, support, and features that match your riding style. Ride steps up to this challenge by offering a diverse lineup of snowboard boots packed with advanced tech to enhance your comfort, control, and overall mountain vibes.

How to Choose the Right Ride Snowboard Boots for You

Photo by Josemaria Toscano

Alright, let's take a few imaginary friends out shopping. Everyone's needs are different, so it's all about finding the right boot that matches your riding style and comfort preferences.

Rider Type 1: The Weekend Warrior

Needs:Our friend here hits the slopes every weekend, exploring everything from groomed runs to off-piste adventures. Comfort, versatility, and durability are key for this all-mountain snowboarder.

Features to look for:Look for mid-flex boots that can handle a variety of terrain, and prioritize comfort-enhancing technologies like Ride's heat-moldable Intuition liners.

Products to consider:

  • Ride Lasso: A versatile, medium-flex boot with a Zonal BOA system for the perfect fit. Its Intuition Support Foam Liner offers customized comfort for all-day shredding.
  • Ride Hera: Specifically designed for women riders, the Hera offers similar features to the Lasso with a women-specific design for a better fit and increased comfort.
  • Ride Jackson: This boot delivers a balance of comfort and performance with a medium flex and BOA lacing system, making it ideal for riders exploring the whole mountain.

Rider Type 2: The Park Rat

Needs:For our terrain parks obsessed rider, flexibility and impact absorption are paramount. Boots should allow for easy movement without compromising on support.

Features to look for:Freestyle riders will benefit from softer, more flexible boots with extra cushioning. Look for boots with features like Michelin Soles for maximum grip and shock absorption.

Products to consider:

  • Ride Triad: With its softer flex and traditional lacing, the Triad offers the perfect blend of flexibility and control for nailing those park tricks.
  • Ride Karmyn: The women's version of the Triad, Karmyn, brings the same park-optimized performance to women riders who live for the jumps and jibs.
  • Ride Fuse: Featuring a unique Tongue Tied BOA lacing system, the Fuse delivers a dialed-in fit with the flexibility freestylers crave.

Rider Type 3: The Backcountry Rider

Needs:Our off-piste explorer seeks untouched powder and challenging terrain. This rider needs sturdy, responsive boots that can handle the toughest conditions.

Features to look for:Search for stiff boots with advanced lacing systems and superior insulation. High-end, lightest weight materials and technologies like the TPU External Slime Tongue will provide additional response and durability.

Products to consider:

  • Ride Insano: Living up to its name, the Insano offers insane response and durability, thanks to its stiff flex and Dual BOA lacing system. The boot is designed for riders who push their limits in the backcountry.
  • Ride Cadence: This is a women's boot that doesn't compromise on performance. The Cadence combines a stiff flex with BOA lacing for a secure, responsive fit perfect for tackling tough terrain.
  • Ride Trident: With its unique Triple BOA lacing system, the Trident offers unparalleled fit customization. Its stiff flex and high-end materials make it a top-tier choice for serious backcountry riders.

Find the Right Ride Snowboard Boots for You

Alright, we've been on quite a journey through the land of Ride snowboard boots. We've gone over the importance of matching your boots to your skill level and riding style, sizing them right for optimum performance and comfort, and even explored the different lacing systems and how they can shape your ride. We've also hung out with a few imaginary friends, digging into what boots might suit them best.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all boot. It's about finding the right blend of comfort, performance, and features that match your needs on the mountain. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a park rat, or a backcountry rider, Ride has a boot for you.

Do you still have questions or need more help finding your perfect pair? Don't hesitate to hit me up here on Curated. I'm all about helping you make the best decision, so you can focus on what really matters: shredding those slopes from the opening bell to the last chair!


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