An Expert Guide to Volcom Snowboard Pants

Published on 06/14/2023 · 10 min readGear up for epic mountain adventures with our Expert guide to Volcom snowboard pants. Stay dry, warm, and stylish as you conquer the slopes!
will koons, Snowboarding Expert
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TL;DR: When buying Volcom snowboard pants, consider your preferred fit, waterproofing and breathability needs, sizing, and any additional features required. Look for Volcom-specific features like Zip Tech, V-Science, GPT, and Thermal Defense System. Prices vary depending on features, ranging from around $100 to over $300.


Hey there, I'm Will. For over 20 years, I've been snowboarding various mountains across the U.S. With over a decade of experience in the outdoor industry in both retail and guiding under my belt, I've honed my ability to match riders with the right gear, and I've got a keen understanding of what works and what doesn't when it comes to snowboarding outerwear.

One brand that's consistently impressed me over the years is Volcom. Their snowboard pants, in particular, have become a staple in my personal kit, and I've spent many hours in them, experiencing everything they offer firsthand. I understand how critical the right gear is for a good day on the mountain, and Volcom certainly knows how to deliver.

I'm passionate about helping others find that perfect piece of gear. It's about combining knowledge, experience, and personal preference to enhance your time on the slopes. That brings me here today—to give you a comprehensive look at Volcom snowboard pants and help you find the right pair for your ride.

Why Volcom?

The Women's Knox Insulated Gore-Tex Pants. Photo courtesy of Volcom

Ever since its inception in 1991, Volcom has been a trailblazer in the world of action sports. Born and raised in sunny California, Volcom isn't just a lifestyle brand; it's a symbol of counterculture, rebellion, and the sheer love of the outdoors. They've crafted a name for themselves with a signature blend of fashion-forward aesthetics and functional design across their range of apparel and accessories for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

But what sets Volcom apart in the snowboarding outerwear industry isn't just their gear; it's their ethos. They don't just make clothes. They're creating a movement, a lifestyle. This spirit of audacity and individuality seeps into their designs, making each piece, especially their snowboard pants, a testament to performance and personality.

Moreover, Volcom has earned a reputation for innovation. Their snowboard pants boast features that match the demanding needs of riders, proving their understanding of what it truly means to be out on the snow, taking on the elements. When you choose Volcom, you're not just picking a piece of clothing. You're aligning with a community that values quality, innovation, and a sustainable future.

What to Consider When Buying Volcom Snowboard Pants

1. What Is Your Preferred Fit and Style?

When it comes to snowboarding, comfort is king. And that's all about finding the right fit. Volcom's got you covered, from slim to regular and relaxed fits, so you'll find a style that matches your vibe. So, think about what feels good on you and let that guide you to your perfect pair.

2. What Level of Waterproofing and Breathability Do You Need?

Now let's talk about staying dry and keeping cool. Volcom offers pants with various levels of waterproofing and breathability. Consider the kind of weather you'll be riding in. More waterproof and breathable usually means better performance. So, if you're expecting slush or intense sessions, it's worth investing in higher ratings.

3. What Is Your Correct Pant Size?

Size matters. There's nothing worse than gear that doesn't fit right. To avoid that, take a look at Volcom's size chart. Measure your waist, hips, and inseam, and use those numbers to find your ideal fit. The right size means unrestricted movement and all-day comfort, so don't skip this step.

4. How Much Should Volcom Snowboard Pants Cost?

We've got to address the elephant in the room: price. Volcom's snowboard pants range from around $100 to over $300. At the lower end, you'll get solid features and good protection. Mid-range pants step it up with better waterproofing, breathability, and extras like venting. As for the top-tier pants? You're looking at top-notch performance, superior materials, and cutting-edge tech for unrivaled comfort and durability. So, weigh your budget against your needs, and find the sweet spot right for you.

What Are the Types of Volcom Snowboard Pants?

Let me break down the benefits and downsides of each Volcom pant type for you.

1. Slim Fit

Slim-fit snowboard pants are designed to closely follow the contours of your body, offering a more tailored and streamlined appearance. They are less bulky than other fits, providing a sleek look while allowing enough mobility and flexibility during snowboarding. However, slim-fit pants may not offer as much room for layering as other options.

  • Benefits: These pants give you that modern, stylish look, making you stand out on the slopes. They're less bulky, which can help with agility and overall maneuverability while riding.
  • Keep in Mind: The snug fit might limit your layering options on colder days, and for some riders, it could feel a bit restrictive during certain movements.

Example: Volcom Women's Knox 2L Insulated GORE-TEX Pants

2. Relaxed Fit

Relaxed-fit pants offer a comfortable balance between a slim and loose fit. They provide more room than slim-fit pants, allowing for greater freedom of movement and additional layers if needed. These pants are ideal for riders who want style and comfort without feeling too restricted or baggy.

  • Benefits: This fit is about that sweet spot, offering you the best of both worlds. You get a comfortable, slightly loose fit that still looks good and allows easy layering and better mobility.
  • Keep in Mind: While they're more comfortable than slim-fit pants, they may not provide the sleek, tailored look some riders prefer.

Example: Volcom Men's L GORE-TEX Pants

3. Loose Fit

Loose-fit snowboard pants are designed with ample room in the thighs, hips, and legs, providing maximum freedom of movement and space for layering. This fit is ideal for riders prioritizing comfort and mobility over a streamlined appearance. The extra room in loose-fit pants may also provide additional insulation for colder conditions.

  • Benefits: These pants are for you if you're all about comfort and unrestricted movement. They offer plenty of room for layering and make it easy to tweak, spin, and grab with no issues.
  • Keep in Mind: The baggy appearance might not be everyone's cup of tea, and the extra fabric can sometimes lead to increased wind resistance or snagging on obstacles.

Example: Volcom Men's Arthur Pants

4. Bibs

Snowboard bibs are pants that extend over the chest, featuring shoulder straps to keep them in place. They provide additional coverage and protection from snow and cold weather. Bibs are suitable for riders who want increased warmth and a secure fit or frequently ride in deep powder or harsh conditions. They can come in various fits, from slim to loose, offering options for different preferences.

  • Benefits: Bibs keep snow out and warmth in, offering added protection and coverage for those pow days or harsh conditions. Plus, no worries about your pants sagging while you ride!
  • Keep in Mind: They can be a bit more cumbersome to put on and take off, and for some, the extra coverage might feel too warm or restrictive on milder days.

Example: Volcom Women's Swift Bib Pants

Remember, it's all about personal preference and what makes you feel confident and comfortable while Riding!

Features to Look for in Volcom Snowboard Pants

Let's discuss the general features and technologies you should look for in snowboard pants and some cool stuff specific to Volcom. General features and technologies:

  1. Waterproofing: Ensure your pants have a solid waterproof rating (10K-20K+ mm) to keep you dry in various weather conditions.
  2. Breathability: Breathability ratings (10K-20K+ g/m²) ensure that moisture from sweat can escape, so you stay comfortable and not clammy.
  3. Sealed Seams: Fully taped or critically taped seams prevent water from sneaking in through the stitching.
  4. Venting: Mesh-lined or zippered vents help regulate your temperature during intense runs or warmer days.
  5. Gaiters: Built-in gaiters create a barrier between your boots and pants, keeping snow out.
  6. Reinforced Cuffs: Cuffs with added durability protect your pants from wear and tear caused by your bindings or boots.

Volcom-specific features and technologies:

  1. Zip Tech: This unique system allows you to zip your Volcom pants to compatible jackets, creating a seamless barrier against snow and cold.
  2. V-Science: Volcom's V-Science technology provides a range of waterproofing and breathability levels to match your needs. It combines durable outer layers, breathable membranes, and inner linings for optimal performance.
  3. Guide Proven Technology (GPT): Developed with input from Volcom's pro riders, GPT garments offer top-tier performance, durability, and rider-driven features.
  4. Stone Butt Patch: This extra layer of padding in the seat area provides added comfort and protection for those inevitable falls.
  5. Thermal Defense System (TDS): The Volcom's TDS features thermal panels packed with responsibly sourced, natural down fill. The panels are tactically positioned to give an extra boost of insulation exactly where you need it most. The TDS is the perfect thermal regulation layering system built directly into the jacket.

Remember these features when shopping for snowboard pants, and you'll be set for an awesome season on the mountain!

How to Choose the Right Volcom Pants for You

Alright, let's take a few imaginary friends out shopping. Remember, everyone's needs are different, so it's all about finding the right Volcom pant that matches your style and comfort preferences.

Rider Type 1: The All-Day Rider

Needs: You’re out on the mountain from first chair to last call, so you need pants to keep up with your endurance.

Features to look for: High waterproofing and breathability, insulation for warmth, durable materials, and good ventilation are crucial.

Products to consider:

  1. Volcom Elm Stretch GORE-TEX Bib: Perfect for all-mountain riders, these bibs are modern, stylish, and functional.
  2. Volcom New Articulated Pant: With its 15k waterproofing rating and breathability, this great mid-range pant is perfect for long days on the slopes.
  3. Volcom L GORE-TEX Pant: An option with reliable GORE-TEX technology for top-notch waterproofing and durability, perfect for all-day riders.

Rider Type 2: The Park Rider

Needs: You’re hitting the park and pulling off tricks, so you need flexibility and a standout style.

Features to look for: Flexibility, a relaxed fit, and unique style elements are a must.

Products to consider:

  1. Volcom Freakin Snow Chino: This pant combines the look of a casual chino with the functionality of snowboarding gear, perfect for a standout style in the park.
  2. Volcom SLC Cargo Pant: Its loose fit and flexible fabric is designed for those looking to nail their tricks in the park with some old-school baggy steeze.
  3. Volcom Swift Bib Overall: It provides excellent mobility and a distinctive style that won't go unnoticed.

Rider Type 3: The Backcountry Explorer

Needs: You’re venturing off-piste and into deep powder, so you need top-level protection and comfort.

Features to look for: High waterproofing, breathability, and functional features are essential.

Products to consider:

  1. Volcom Stretch GORE-TEX Pant: With high waterproofing and breathability levels thanks to its GORE-TEX fabric, this pant also offers the stretch you need for hiking and riding in the backcountry.
  2. Volcom Rain GORE-TEX Bib: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this pant is a great choice for backcountry explorations.
  3. Volcom Men’s 3L GORE-TEX Overhauler Bib: This features three-layer GORE-TEX for excellent waterproofing and is perfect for those deep powder days.

Find the Right Volcom Snowboard Pants for You

Photo by Markos Mant

To wrap up, we've dug deep into the world of Volcom snowboard pants. We talked about the importance of choosing a style and fit that suits your preferences, understanding the ins and outs of waterproofing and breathability, ensuring a proper fit with the right size, and balancing your budget with your snowboarding needs.

Remember, selecting the right gear can transform your riding, and I'm here to make that journey easier. If you have questions or need more guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to me or one of my fellow Snowboarding Experts here on Curated. We are more than ready to help you nail down the perfect pair of Volcom snowboard pants for your next season on the mountain.

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