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Published on 06/19/2023 · 8 min readConquer the slopes with the top 7 Rossignol skis. From speed to agility, these skis offer unparalleled performance for an incredible ride!
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In the world of skiing, Rossignol stands tall as a legendary brand renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice looking to make your mark, Rossignol has a stellar lineup of top skis to elevate your skiing experience. Rossignol has you covered, from carving through perfectly groomed slopes to conquering deep powder and tackling daring freestyle tricks. Join us as we explore the top Rossignol skis!

Who Is Rossignol

Founded in 1907 in France, Rossignol is a leading ski manufacturer with a rich history of excellence. Their skis have played a pivotal role in the industry, particularly professional ski racing. Rossignol skis gained fame for their exceptional performance, propelling athletes to victory in international competitions.

Rossignol is renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation in ski manufacturing. The company has consistently pushed boundaries and introduced groundbreaking technologies. They were the first to introduce fiberglass reinforcement in plastic skis in the 1960s, revolutionizing ski construction across the industry with increased strength and flexibility. They were also the first to use the "V-Shape" design with a wider shovel and narrower tail that enhances maneuverability and turn initiation. Collaboration with top athletes has allowed Rossignol to develop skis tailored to specific disciplines, further solidifying their reputation for performance-driven innovation.

A popular and well-loved brand in the winter sports world, they also make Nordic skis, ski boots, apparel, and other ski accessories in addition to their line of alpine skis, which is what we will focus on in this guide!

Types of Skis Made by Rossignol

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Rossignol has produced a wide range of skis over the years. Starting from its early days, the company initially focused on Alpine skis. As the years progressed, Rossignol expanded its product line to include various types of skis, catering to different skiing disciplines and preferences. Here is a brief list of the types of skis made by Rossignol:

  • Alpine Skis: Rossignol's foundation lies in Alpine skiing, and they have a diverse range of skis designed for groomed slopes and carving turns.
  • Nordic Skis: Rossignol also produces Nordic skis for cross-country skiing, encompassing classic skiing and skate skiing styles.
  • Freestyle Skis: Rossignol offers a selection of skis specifically designed for freestyle skiing, including park and pipe skiing and various tricks and jumps.
  • Freeride Skis: Rossignol caters to the demands of off-piste skiing, with their freeride skis optimized for exploring ungroomed terrain and deep powder snow.
  • All-Mountain Skis: Rossignol manufactures all-mountain skis that are versatile and designed to perform well across various snow conditions, including both groomed runs and ungroomed terrain.
  • Backcountry Skis: For those who enjoy venturing into the backcountry, Rossignol offers backcountry skis, which are lightweight and designed for climbing uphill and descending in challenging off-piste environments.
  • Powder Skis: Rossignol offers specialized powder skis designed to excel in deep, fluffy snow conditions, providing excellent floatation and maneuverability.

Over time, Rossignol has continued to innovate and refine their ski designs, incorporating new technologies and materials to enhance performance and cater to the evolving needs of skiers across different disciplines. No matter what type of skier you are and what type of terrain you like, Rossignol is sure to have the perfect ski for you!

Top 7 Rossignol Skis to Consider

1. Experience 76

Starting with the most intro/beginner-friendly ski set from Rossignol, the Experience 76 offers a user-friendly experience that will have you making beautiful turns in no time. The Rossignol Experience 76 Skis + Xpress 10 GW Bindings are a fantastic choice for beginners looking for their first skis to transition from rental skis. With their user-friendly design and easy maneuverability, these skis make it effortless to navigate the slopes and start making beautiful turns.

The All-Trail Profile ensures smooth absorption of uneven terrain, while the All-Trail sidecut enhances control and stability. The poplar wood core strikes a perfect balance between weight, flex, and stability, while the fiberglass construction adds elasticity and durability. With the Drive Tip Solution for vibration absorption and directional stability and the comfortable Cap Construction, these skis provide a great blend of performance, comfort, and ease of use. For any skier just getting into the sport or returning to the sport after a long hiatus, the Experience 76 will make for a smooth, fun day on the corduroy. Bonus: They come as a set with bindings!

2. Experience 86 Ti

Next up, in the same Experience line as the 76, we have the Rossignol Experience 86 Ti ski.. This wider and stiffer version of the Experience 76 is a high-performance all-mountain ski that excels on groomed slopes but can still confidently handle some variable snow. Though not as much a beginner ski as the 76, the 86 Ti is still forgiving and playful enough to make it suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. At the same time, the metal in its core ensures stability and performance for more advanced riders at high speeds.

With its 86mm waist, the ski offers versatility and stability, allowing you to charge confidently across changing snow conditions. The Drive Tip design enhances control and facilitates smooth turn initiation from the tips of your skis, while the titanal layers absorb vibrations and provide a smooth and powerful feel. It has the same poplar wood core as the Experience 76, which ensures a balanced weight and flex, contributing to the ski's power and playfulness. With its blend of performance and versatility, the Rossignol Experience 86 Ti is an excellent choice for beginners up to advanced skiers who want a confident ride on mostly hardpack conditions.

3. Blackops 98


The Rossignol Blackops 98 ski is a versatile multitool for all-mountain skiers who like exploring a bit of everything. This ski excels in various snow conditions and is designed as a favorite of Rossi team riders. Its wider profile allows for excellent performance while maintaining maneuverability in powder. The twin-tip design provides the freedom to spin and switch with confidence. The Camber-Rocker-Camber profile offers a balanced mix of versatility and float, making it ideal for both powder and park sessions. Thanks to its solid wood core, it’s a bit lightweight, so it's not the best ski for high-speed groomer laps, but if you’re more of a park and off-piste skier, this ski shines in both areas!

4. Sender 104 Ti Open

For advanced skiers who want a stable ride on powder, bumps, and everything in between, the Sender 104 Ti Open is for you. With its powerful and responsive Ti construction, this ski offers excellent stability and maneuverability. Its wide waist effortlessly floats through deep snow, while the versatile rocker profile ensures reliable performance on various terrains. Whether you're seeking untouched powder or tackling challenging backcountry lines, the Sender 104 Ti Open delivers both confidence and control. The Titanal layering makes this ski a bit stiffer and heavier, so for more intermediate or beginner skiers, check out the Sender, which does not have that extra metal, making it a bit lighter and more forgiving!

5. Sender Free 110 Open

Next is a ski from Rossignol's freeride line, the Sender Free 110 Open. This ski is purpose-built for all-mountain exploration, providing the perfect balance of playfulness and stability. With its wide waist and progressive rocker profile, it excels in powder and allows for stylish turns. The lightweight construction enhances your agility and maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrain. The Sender Free 110 Open is the ultimate tool for expressing creativity and pushing freeride skiing boundaries. It’s also light enough to be a backcountry-designated ski or a resort/backcountry crossover ski!

6. Rallybird 90 Pro

For newer skiers who live in areas that get a lot of snowfall or want to jump headfirst into some off-piste skiing instead of building their skills on trail, the Rallybird 90 Pro was made for you. This ski delivers the responsiveness and control you need for an exhilarating on-piste experience as you build your carving skills. Its narrow waist and aggressive sidecut ensure quick and precise turns, allowing you to carve through hardpack effortlessly. But it’s also wide and agile enough to float on new snow and turn easily in soft snow.

The Rallybird 90 Pro's construction provides excellent energy transmission and stability, enabling you to push your limits. This is a great option for gung-ho beginners who want more than just some on-trail skill-building as they’re getting the hang of things.

7. Blackops 118 Open

Last up on the list, the widest ski from Rossignol meant for the deepest of powder days and demanding freeride days is the Blackops 118 Open. Its wide waist and rockered profile offer exceptional flotation and maneuverability in bottomless snow. With a progressive flex and lightweight construction, the Blackops 118 Open provides a playful and agile performance, allowing you to navigate natural features and tackle steep chutes. Though not quick to carve, this is a great powder ski to keep in your quiver.

Find the Right Rossignol Ski for You

As you can now see, Rossignol knows how to deliver exceptional performance and exhilarating experiences on the slopes. From the thrill-seekers seeking deep powder to the precision carvers carving their way through groomed runs, Rossignol has crafted diverse skis to suit every style and skill level.

But beyond their technical prowess, Rossignol skis embody the spirit of adventure and passion for the mountains. Each turn, jump, and glide becomes a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication poured into every ski. With innovative technologies, top-notch materials, and a commitment to sustainability, Rossignol continues to push the boundaries of what's possible on the snow.

Hopefully, you now have narrowed down which ski from their lineup will be the perfect fit for you, but if not, no worries! We have a knowledgeable team of Skiing Experts here on Curated who are ready to help you find the perfect ski gear for your needs. Chat with my fellow Experts or me today, and we will get you set up with whatever ski gear you need, regardless of your skill level, terrain preferences, or needs. Happy skiing!

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