The 10 Best Ski Movies Ever

Ski movies are special to any skier, but there are countless films out there to pick from. Ski expert Nick Keim shares his top ten list of all-time favorites.

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The Fall can be a difficult season for any skier. The Winter is obviously our favorite season, Springtime is for sunny, slushy, party days on the mountain, and Summer is a nice refresher after months of braving the cold. Fall, though, is filled with anticipation. Skiing is right around the corner, always so close, and yet so far. It is an exciting yet cruel season.

For my friends and me, we attempt to satisfy our desire to ski by crowding up the couch and watching all the new ski movies filmed last season, as well as some of the classics. It’s a sacred ritual. Beers are mandatory, and talking is forbidden, except when something that is just pure mind-blowing happens, and then it is imperative that we all look at each other and exclaim, “how on earth did they do that?!” It’s like feeding a bear. We slowly feed the excitement to keep it satisfied, but it just keeps growing and wanting more, until it snaps.

At this point, one hopes there is enough snow on the ground. It never stops there though. Inevitably, half-way through the season we start to think of going bigger, and we turn to our movies for inspiration.

Ski movies are special to any skier, but there are countless out there to pick through and deciding what to watch can be difficult. So whether you and your friends are just trying to get through the fall, need some mid-season inspiration, or maybe you just need to impress a new love interest by telling them you’re in a ski movie, showing them an epic clip of Candide Thovex and saying it’s you, whatever it is, I put together 10 of my favorite ski movies of all time to make your life easier.

These are, in my opinion, the 10 best ski movies ever. They are in no particular order or rank, because each movie is unique and it would be unreasonable to attempt to say one is better than any other. The movies included come from decades of skiing, ranging from the 80’s all the way to today, and feature some of the best skiers to ever live. Most of these movies include links to places where you can watch them legally, and if you can’t watch for free somewhere legally, buy the movie. Believe it or not skiing isn’t all that lucrative a business for athletes. With all that being said: enjoy!

Blizzard of Aahhhs by Greg Stump

It seems appropriate that this list begins with the oldest movie of the 10, and by old I mean 1988 old. The time of skinny skis, foot-long mohawks, and an introduction to the skiing counter-culture that would forever change the sport. Featuring punk-rock extreme skiers Scott Schmidt, Glen Plake, and Mike Hatrup. Even if you don’t get the chance to see this movie, you’ll hear it mentioned in many of the below movies, as it is widely considered to be the movie that inspired generations of freestyle skiers. There’s no question this movie belongs on this list, as it is a timeless legend to the entire sport of free-skiing, and it is hard to do this movie justice for the influence it has had in making skiing what it is today.


Claim by Matchstick Productions

An absolute all-star cast of skiers from 2008, with one message: “throw your hands up and claim you’re the best!” Featuring Shane McConkey, Mark Abma, Simon Dumont, Hoji, and so many more crazy skiers, this movie is comedy gold. Each one thinks they’re the best skier and they are determined to prove it because that’s what skiing is about, right? With some of the best big mountain and freestyle skiing to be featured in a ski movie, an amazing singing performance from Colby West, and a cringing crash real, this movie is a highlight of everything skiing had to offer in the 2000s.


Few Words by Candide Thovex & Quicksilver

I don’t think many people would argue with me when I say, Candide Thovex is the best freestyle skier to ever exist. This movie highlights Candide’s life and digs deep into the man who rarely speaks. Candide is humble, quiet, and has natural skill not seen by anyone else in the sport. He absolutely revolutionized freestyle skiing in the early 2000s, and even today, he releases edits of him skiing that amaze even the top pros out there. Before you watch this movie, I would strongly recommend watching One of Those Days 1, 2, & 3 (each are only 5 minutes), in order to really understand how easy Candide makes skiing seem.


Refresh by Level 1

This one’s for the park kids, urban fanatics, and admirers of the freestyle side of skiing. Big lines, big tricks, and big cities. Featuring Tom Wallisch (Tommy Walnuts) at his peak, the rise of the innovative Henrik Harlaut, and special guest narrator Warren Miller – to bring some nostalgia. Not to mention an abundance of absolute steeze in the form of the baggiest ski gear you’ll ever see. Don’t let urban skiing be your only attraction though, there are still tons of serious backcountry lines and some huge kickers built by the crew. This movie highlights a really unique generation of skiers known for their afterbang and advancement of freestyle skiing.


Drop Everything by Matchstick Productions

Drop Everything is a personal favorite of mine and begins with probably the best intro of any ski movie. Cody Townsend, Marcus Eder, Elyse Saugstad, and everyone else put on a hilarious show of absolutely epic skiing. Each of these skiers has completely unique personalities and skiing styles and all of that is placed front and center for a truly awesome viewing experience. A perfect soundtrack to go with all of the epic descents, fluffy pillows, and huge kickers will give you goosebumps and a burning desire to go get out on some snow.


All I Can by Sherpas Cinema

As skiers, we are 100% reliant on mother nature, and that can often be taken for granted. This movie takes you through the majesty of skiing across 6 continents, witnessing some of the most iconic ski segments out there, from JP Auclair shredding through a quaint town to Hoji descending deep lines in remote locations. Alongside all the jaw-dropping descents, epic music, and dramatic shots of the locations featured, is a message about the reality of climate change. All I Can is a unique ski movie in its message about the skiing community's connection to the environment and the importance of protecting it if we want to keep enjoying the best sport there is. It showcases a harsh reality that the beauty encompassed by skiing is under threat and is a must-watch for anyone who wants to enjoy skiing in the future.


All In by Matchstick Productions

In a sport that has been largely male-dominated, few ski movies have featured the phenomenal lady-shredders out there. Today, that is finally starting to change, ladies are getting more and more of the credit they deserve on the big screen for their steep descents and big tricks. All In is one of the first movies to feature an all-star cast of some of the best big mountain skiers out there, that all just so happen to be women. In typical Matchstick Productions style, this movie features absolute hilarity from its riders and some of the best big mountain skiing out there. Featuring Michelle Parker, Tatum Monod, Elyse Saugstad, and Angel Collinson, this movie is jaw-dropping and is a must-watch for everyone.


Winterland by Teton Gravity Research

Released in 2019, this is the most recent movie on the list, and it is a perfect example of the way ski movies have drastically changed from the 2000s to today. Yes, there’s still phenomenal skiing and mind-blowing shots, but the cast is effectively “unmasked.” The goggles are off and we get to hear from the skiers about their journeys and get to know their personalities. There is a lot that goes into skiing the terrain featured in any ski movie, and ski movies are showing more and more of these details, giving us mere mortals a look into the unique lifestyle of a pro skier, both the good and the bad parts… Get up-close and personal to both the skiing and the skiers in Winterland.


G.N.A.R by Unofficial Networks

Have you ever been standing in a lift line and suddenly heard someone scream “I’M THE BEST SKIER ON THE MOUNTAIN!”, and wondered what on earth is up with this Jerry coming in here and asserting such a thing. Well, this movie will answer that for you. It is the story of a game created by a wild group of buddies in Squaw, CA, (aka Squallywood) in order to discover who was the wildest skier among them. This is the Game of G.N.A.R, and it’s 500 points for asserting you’re the best (more if you do it naked). Unlike most of the movies on here, there aren't crazy big mountain lines backed by dramatic music, emphasizing the pure epicness of what pro skiers can do. Instead, it’s all about discovering how to not take skiing too seriously, and new ways to take days of skiing with your friends to a completely different level of fun... Not for kids.


McConkey by Matchstick Productions

Okay, so at the start of this article I said that there would be no particular order or ranking of these 10 movies, but do you know the expression “save the best for last”? Well, that applies here. McConkey is the greatest ski movie of all time, and it is not up for discussion. It showcases the beauty, elaborate history, and dangerous reality of the extreme sport that is skiing. Centered around the story of the most influential skier to ever exist, Shane McConkey. If there is one movie to watch on this list, this is the one. Whether you’ve been skiing your whole life, or if you're brand new to the sport, any skier should know who Shane McConkey is. If you already watched G.N.A.R or Claim, then you already have some idea of Shane and his antics but, while impossible to truly capture his life and influence on skiing, this movie is the closest one could possibly hope to get. Although this movie is a biopic of Shane’s life, it still features incredible skiing by Shane and his friends.


Top 11- 100

Alright, I’m not actually going to give you 90 more ski movies to go watch, but I will tell you that there are way more movies, short films, and edits out there than just these 10 that still deserve to be mentioned. Below is a list of producers and locations where you can find countless more skiing to fill your little heart's desire:

  • Matchstick Productions
  • Teton Gravity Research
  • Level 1
  • Sherpas Cinema
  • Unofficial Networks
  • Strictly
  • Warren Miller Entertainment
  • Faction Collective
  • RedBull TV
  • IF3 Festival

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