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The Top Recommended Titleist Golf Balls

Published on 06/20/2023 · 8 min readElevate your golf game with the top-recommended Titleist golf balls. Enhance your distance, control, and overall performance on the course!
Eric Hall, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Eric Hall

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Which Titleist Golf Ball Is Best for Your Game?

Golf is hard enough as it is. With unique swings, metrics, and styles, each golfer should be suited for their ball, not just what they think will make them look like they know what they are doing. Don't waste strokes on the course playing a ball that is not suited for your needs on the course.

Amateur golfers are usually faced with a wall of golf ball boxes, having to determine which is the best fit for them without being able to test them like the pros. Asking questions like, "Which is best for higher launch?" or "What is a dual-core?" can sometimes be a perilous adventure in a store.

Many factors go into picking the right ball, including swing speed, ball spin, ball flight, and looks. Before diving into the nitty gritty of each ball, let's look at some factors that play into choosing the correct ball for your game.

Ball Fitting Parameters

Numerous factors go into finding the best ball for your game. These factors will go into all aspects of your game, from providing more carry distance and distance, more greenside spin, better descending angles, and overall feel.

Inner Workings

Before we get to the aesthetics of the ball, we have to consider the inner workings of the golf ball that make the magic happen:

  • Core: The innermost part of the golf ball deals with compression and distance, depending on the varying size and material.
  • Mantle(s): The next important layer of the ball is the mantle, which aims to help the player control spin
  • Cover: The cover is usually made of urethane and comprises varying dimple patterns. In recent years, the covers have also begun coming in various colors and with differing visual markers to benefit golfers of all skill levels.
  • Dimple design: Golf balls all have different dimple patterns and designs. They vary in shape, depth, and count. All of these changes are made to help create efficient aerodynamics.
  • Durability: Whether the ball has a TruFlex cover, a urethane cover, or some other material, you will want to consider the ball's durability when hit with wedges. Balls that scuff easily will have to be replaced more often.


You must consider performance after determining what materials make up your golf ball—not just tee performance or short game spin performance with wedges, but all-around performance to maximize your game. The best golf balls for you are the ones that perform the best and allow you to hit the full arsenal of shots.

Swing Speed

One other huge detail in the ball is swing speed. While it is not as massively important as some used to make it, it does affect whether a golfer can properly strike the ball to get the best results. In other words, just because J.T. and Jordan are playing the ProV1x, it doesn't mean it is the best ball for your game.

Which Titleist Ball Is Best for More Moderate Swing Speeds?

For reference, we will establish "more moderate swing speeds" under 85mph. These golfers will need softer and more easily compressed balls. In this vein, that means that these players are going to be best steered toward the Titleist Performance Line of golf balls. This group includes TruFeel, Tour Soft, Velocity, and Tour Speed.

Generally, more moderate swing-speed players are also higher handicappers, but that is not always the case. This line is great for high handicappers, though, as they are more affordable and are less painful to lose on an errant shot.

Below are four golf balls best suited for more moderate swing speeds:

1. Tour Speed

The Titleist Tour Speed golf ball is meant to be the closest performer to the Premium Performance line recognized across the game as the elite performance golf ball. These balls are going to provide long distance, a piercing, penetrating ball flight, optimal greenside spin to hit the full arsenal of shots, and are going to have a nice, soft feel. The ball comes in yellow and white cover options.

2. Tour Soft

The Titleist Tour Soft is a great ball for those looking for a soft feel. The ball will perform at a reliable rate around the green, giving golfers comfort unknowing shots will come off a certain way every time. The low compression factor of this golf ball helps get the ball spinning for more moderate swing speed golfers. This is a high-performing ball for a fraction of the price of other golf balls.

3. Velocity

The Titleist Velocity golf ball will do exactly what you think it would: increase ball speed to fly longer distances. It is a low spin, high launch, and flight golf ball with a decent playable feel around the greens. If you want to hit big bombs and look flashy, this ball in any of its four colors (white, green, orange, and blue) will do the trick! This is a great choice for beginners.

4. TruFeel

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball will be the softest ball of the bunch. It is long, will give the golfer excellent control around the green, and is available in yellow, red, or traditional white. If you are starting your golfing journey, start here and see how it performs for you!

Which Is the Best Titleist Golf Ball for Higher Swing Speeds?

Now that we have covered the more moderate swing speed balls, let’s talk about balls that will give us the most performance for elite players with high swing speed. These golf balls come from the Titleist Premium Performance Line of golf balls. These are the models that most are familiar with when they hear “Titleist golf balls”: ProV1, ProV1x, ProV1x Left Dash, and AVX. Each ball is designed with a specific group of golfers in mind. Finding the right ball will instantly help you to start lowering your scores.

When comparing these balls, a golfer will look at three components: flight, spin, and feel. Finding the right combination of these factors for your swing and golf style is paramount to having the highest performance on the course.

Below are four golf balls best suited for higher swing speeds:

1. ProV1

The Titleist ProV1 is the most recognizable name in the golf ball lineup. ProV1 lives in the middle of every range, making it the optimal ball for most golfers. It is where you should start if you compare the four models in this line. It is the second lowest flight golf ball, meaning the golfer can better control their shots and the windows through which they hit each shot. It is the second-highest spin-rate ball, meaning it has great stopping power on full swings and the full arsenal of short-game shots.

Finally, it is the second softest feeling ball, where again, it will have a nice feel, allow you to spin and compress to your heart’s desires, and lower your scores significantly.

2. ProV1x

The ProV1x golf ball is the highest-flying, highest-spinning golf ball in the premium performance category. If you hit great shots, but they come off lower than you expect and are not spinning as much, the ProV1x will be the ball to solve your problems!

Feel-wise, it is a firmer ball than the ProVi, meaning it takes a little more swing speed to compress the ball, but it will provide a better feel for most shots for higher swing-speed golfers. This is why pros like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth prefer the ProV1x; it gives the spin and feel they need at the launch they desire, making it one of the most popular golf balls among golf fans.

3. ProV1x Left Dash

The ProV1x Left Dash is meant to give the same great flight and feel characteristics of the ProV1x, with a dramatically lower long-game spin on full-swing shots, allowing the ball to carry further. The lower spin of the full shots doesn't affect spin performance around the greens; you can still hit the zippy, “two hop and stop” shots that you see pros execute on the course, but you will see your driver carry distance increase if you generate too much full swing spin.

This is the firmest feeling golf ball in the lineup, so it will have a nice clicky sound when you hit your shots, letting you know you made perfect contact. The flight will come down slightly from ProV1x but is still on the higher half of the range.

4. AVX

Finally, the original alternative to the ProV1/ProV1x offerings. The Titleist AVX golf ball was initially released as an alternative to balls that flew high, had good spin, and were firmer in feel. The AVX will be at the bottom end of each category, giving the golfer who desires a low-flying penetrating trajectory, low spinning, and a softer feel from their golf ball.

This golfer generates all the spin and speed they need, can control their windows beautifully, loves the soft feel of the ball hitting their club, and has full short-game control. This premium golf ball is great for lower handicap golfers that play in high winds.

Find the Right Titleist Golf Ball for You

If you still have questions about which ball will perform best for you or are undecided on your optimal flight and spin combination, head over to Curated and fill out a quick questionnaire. Curated will match you to a knowledgeable Golfing Expert (like me!) who can help narrow down your choices and have you on your way to the best scores of your life, as well as comparing the Titleist offerings to those of other companies, like the Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x, and Bridgestone's range of balls.


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