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An Expert Guide to Bataleon Snowboards

Published on 06/23/2023 · 12 min readTake your snowboarding to new heights with our Expert guide to Bataleon snowboards. Snowboarding Expert Will Koons dives into all the details on the brand!
By Snowboarding Expert will koons

Photo by Yannick

TL;DR: When buying a Bataleon snowboard, consider your skill level, preferred terrain, and appropriate size. Look out for Bataleon's unique features like Triple Base Technology (3BT), SideKick Tips, and Carbon Stringers. Budget is also key, with quality boards ranging from $400–700+. Ultimately, the best board will complement your riding style and snowboarding goals.

What's up, riders? I'm Will. With two decades of snowboarding experience and over ten years of industry experience under my belt, I've got a thing or two to share about gear that'll get you stoked on the mountain. I've ridden everything from local mom-and-pop resort groomers to big backcountry lines; and along the way, I've had the chance to get hands-on with a ton of snowboarding equipment—including Bataleon Snowboards.

Being part of the outdoor industry, I've developed an appreciation for gear that not only meets but exceeds rider expectations. Bataleon, with its unique board designs, certainly falls into that category. This brand has made a name for itself in the snowboarding world, and for good reason.

The thrill for me is in connecting riders with the right gear. Each rider is unique, and matching your style and needs to the perfect board is a puzzle I love solving. So, let's dig into the world of Bataleon Snowboards, break down their innovative tech, and see if we can find a board that speaks your language.

Why Bataleon?

Photo by Life's Good

Born in 2006 in the creative heart of the Netherlands, Bataleon stormed onto the snowboarding scene with a singular mission: to shake things up. And shake things up they did. Bataleon's game-changing invention, the Triple Base Technology (3BT), redefined the concept of snowboard design and firmly established the brand as an innovator in the industry.

What made Bataleon stand out was their relentless drive to go beyond the norms. Founders Danny Kiebert and Dennis Dusseldorp weren't satisfied with the status quo. They envisioned a different kind of snowboard—one that would offer unrivaled control, smooth rides, and reduced edge catch while also delivering a solid performance across all terrains. This vision came to fruition through their patented 3BT technology, which, by lifting the board's side base and edges in the tip and tail areas, created a revolutionary shape for smoother and more playful rides.

With this groundbreaking design, Bataleon snowboards excel in all snow conditions—powder, piste, and park. Their portfolio is stacked with high-quality, durable boards that meet the diverse needs of riders, from rookies finding their snow legs to pros carving up uncharted backcountry lines.

Choosing Bataleon means investing in a brand that values innovation, performance, and the sheer joy of snowboarding. They've transformed the boarding experience for countless riders and continue to push boundaries in design and technology. If you're after a ride that merges style, function, and a dash of rebellious spirit, Bataleon has got your back.

What to Consider When Buying Bataleon Snowboards

Pumped to grab a Bataleon snowboard, but feeling a tad lost on where to begin? No worries! Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What Is Your Snowboarding Skill Level?

Let's start with your snowboarding chops. Bataleon's got boards for everyone, from rookies to seasoned shredders. If you're still getting the hang of things, you might like a board that's got a bit of flex and keeps things steady. Meanwhile, our veteran riders might want a stiffer, more responsive board for those hardcore, adrenaline-pumping rides.

2. What Size Snowboard Should You Choose?

Getting the right board size is key to having top-notch control and performance. The best size for your snowboard hinges on your weight, height, and the kind of riding you're into. As a rule of thumb, go for a board that's about chin to nose height. Keep in mind, shorter boards are super agile and great for freestyle moves, whereas longer ones are super steady and ideal for freeriding.

3. What Type of Terrain Do You Primarily Ride On?

Bataleon's got boards crafted for all sorts of terrain: groomed runs, snow parks, or deep powder. Think about where you'll be spending most of your mountain time to help narrow down your options. Those of you who love to play in the park might dig a twin board for easy switch riding, while you powder chasers might love a directional board.

4. Do You Value Graphics and Design?

Bataleon's boards rock some seriously cool designs. If how your board looks matters to you, take a gander through their lineup to find one that vibes with your personal style.

5. How Much Should a Bataleon Snowboard Cost?

Price wise, Bataleon snowboards usually run from around $400 to over $700. Starter models (around $400–500) bring solid performance for those just starting out. Mid-tier boards (think $500–600) come with some fancier tech that intermediate riders will appreciate. Top-shelf boards ($600 and up), decked out with premium materials and the latest tech, deliver an unbeatable ride for experts or anyone who wants the crème de la crème.

What Are the Different Types of Bataleon Snowboards?

Navigating the world of Bataleon snowboards might seem daunting, but fear not! Here, we'll explore the different types of Bataleon snowboards—all-Mountain, freestyle, freeride, and powder—and discuss their distinct attributes, benefits, and potential downsides.

1. All-Mountain Snowboards

These bad boys are your do-it-all tools, designed to handle whatever the mountain throws at you—piste, powder, or park. Their balanced flex, Triple Base Technology, and varied shapes make them the Swiss army knife of snowboards. Super versatile. Benefits:

  • Versatility across multiple terrains
  • Balanced flex pattern suits varied riding styles
  • Great for progressing your skills

Keep in mind:

  • Not specialized for any single terrain
  • Might not meet specific riding preferences

Board example: The Bataleon Chaser

2. Park Snowboards

These beasts are your ticket to park dominance, designed for tricks, jumps, and rails. With a true twin shape, they're symmetrical from tip to tail, which is ideal for landing switch and executing technical tricks. A bit softer, they're forgiving yet playful! Benefits

  • Twin shape perfect for switch riding and tricks
  • Soft flex ideal for a playful ride
  • Excellently tuned for park and jibbing

Keep in mind

  • Less stable at high speeds
  • Not ideal for deep powder or steep terrains

Board example: The Bataleon Fun.Kink

3. Freeride Snowboards

Built to conquer steep slopes and deep snow, these boards offer directional shapes and a stiffer flex for stability and control at high speeds. If you dream of carving big lines and floating on powdery pillows, these are for you! Benefits

  • Exceptional in deep snow and steep slopes
  • Stiff flex provides stability at high speeds
  • Directional shape for better control and float

Keep in mind

  • Not suited for park or freestyle riding
  • May be too stiff for beginners

Board Example: The Bataleon Party Wave

4. Powder Snowboards

These boards have wider noses, narrower tails, and unique shaping to keep you floating atop the deepest powder. Imagine effortlessly gliding on fluffy snow—that's what these snow surfers deliver. Benefits

  • Unparalleled float in deep snow
  • Unique shapes for surfy feel
  • Offers stability in powder conditions

Keep in mind

  • Not ideal for hardpack or icy conditions
  • Limited performance in park or freestyle settings

Board example: The Bataleon Cruiser

When you're hunting for the right snowboard, think about your style of riding, where you're at skillswise, and the kind of slopes you'll be shredding. Every board has its highs and lows, and they'll shine or struggle depending on the terrain and how you ride. Basically, you're looking for a board that syncs up with your snowboarding plans.

Features to Look for in Bataleon Snowboards

When you're on the hunt for a Bataleon snowboard, there are some cool, unique features that can take your ride to the next level. Let's dig into what makes Bataleon boards different and how they can help you get more value and a board that perfectly matches your needs.

  1. Profile: Camber, rocker, or hybrid profiles affect the snowboard's performance in terms of edge hold, pop, and floatation. Choose based on your preferred riding style and conditions.
  2. Shape: Directional, true twin, or directional twin shapes influence the board's performance in different stances and terrain.
  3. Flex: The snowboard's flex (soft, medium, or stiff) impacts its responsiveness, stability, and suitability for specific riding styles.
  4. Construction: The core material, sidewall construction, and laminates determine the board's overall weight, durability, and performance.
  5. Base material: Sintered or extruded bases affect the board's speed, durability, and maintenance requirements.

Specific technologies unique to Bataleon Snowboards include:

  1. Triple Base Technology (3BT): This is Bataleon's signature feature, and it's all about the shape of the board. Instead of a flat base, their boards have a unique 3D shape with uplifted sidebases. This means smoother turns, less edge catches, and a forgiving ride—whether you're slashing powder, cruising groomers, or stomping park tricks. It's a game-changer!
  2. SideKick Tips: An extension of 3BT, SideKick dramatically increases the uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This gives you better handling in rough terrain, enhances float in powder, and makes turn initiation smoother. It's like power steering for your board.
  3. Carbon Stringers: These are thin strips of carbon running from the bindings towards the tip and tail of the board, providing extra pop and stiffness where you need it. Depending on the model, Bataleon uses different carbon configurations to tweak the board's flex and response.
  4. Hyper Glide S Base: Bataleon's high-end sintered base material. Super fast and durable, it absorbs wax better and retains it longer. With this, you'll be outrunning your buddies on the flats and in the pow.
  5. Hollow Tech: This is a unique Bataleon technology where they hollow out a section of the board's nose, reducing swing weight and improving tip responsiveness. You'll notice how your board feels lighter and more nimble, especially when popping tricks or navigating trees.
  6. Bamboo Rods: Found in some models, these are vertically placed bamboo rods in the board's core. They give the board more pop and responsiveness without adding significant weight.
  7. Dual Super Tubes: These are two hollow carbon tubes inserted in the board's core, parallel to the edges. They enhance the board's energy transfer, giving you a more dynamic, responsive ride.

Every Bataleon board sports a unique blend of these tech features, so think about how you ride and what features would boost your performance. But no matter what, you can definitely have a blast with any Bataleon snowboard.

How to Choose the Right Bataleon Snowboard for You

Photo by FS Meyra

Alright, let's go shopping with some imaginary friends. We will cover their needs, what features to look for and some examples of boards that fit their needs. This should provide you with an solid idea of what you might want in a Bataleon snowboard.

Alex: The Weekend Warrior

Alex carves up the mountain every weekend, navigating everything from groomed trails to backcountry explorations. Versatility, stability, and durability are essential for this all-mountain rider.

Features Alex should look for: Mid-flex boards that can tackle a range of terrain, prioritizing technologies like Bataleon's Triple Base Technology for smooth, catch-free rides.

Products to consider:

  • Bataleon Fun.Kink: A versatile, medium-flex board with TBT for a forgiving and fun ride. It's an all-terrain vehicle that’s as happy making turns as it is hitting boxes in the park.
  • Bataleon Spirit: The Bataleon Spirit Snowboard emerges as an ideal pick for female riders seeking a versatile and empowering experience on diverse terrains. Thanks to its proven Triple Base Technology, the board's edges are elevated, minimizing the chance of unwanted catches. Additionally, the inclusion of ShockWalls ensures a smoother ride by absorbing vibrations effectively.

Cameron: The Park Rat

For our park-focused rider, flex and pop are crucial. Boards should allow for easy maneuverability without compromising on stability .

Features to look for: Freestyle riders will benefit from softer, more flexible boards with extra pop. Look for boards with features like Bataleon's Sidekick Tips for improved handling and smooth rides.

Products to consider:

  • Bataleon Disaster: With its softer flex and Jib 3BT, the Disaster is tailor-made for park riders, offering superb maneuverability for those impressive park tricks.
  • Bataleon Feelbetter: Designed specifically for women who are looking for park performance, the Feelbetter brings a twin shape, playful flex, and 3BT tech to deliver a fun and agile ride.
  • Bataleon Evil Twin: A freestyle legend, the Evil Twin is the go-to for park riders seeking a responsive, poppy board with a forgiving ride.

Andie: The Powder Hound

This powder hound lives for fresh powder day runs. This rider needs robust, responsive boards designed to float effortlessly and navigate the deepest snow conditions.

Features to look for: Look for boards with a wider nose, set-back stance, and advanced base technology to maximize float in the deep snow. High-end materials and technologies like Bataleon's Powder 3BT will provide exceptional powder performance.

Products to consider:

  • Bataleon The Surfer LTD: True to its name, The Surfer LTD offers an unparalleled surf-like experience in deep snow. Its swallowtail, set-back stance, and generous nose are designed for superior float and fluid, sweeping turns on powder days.
  • Bataleon Party Wave: With its shorter, wider design, the Party Wave provides top-notch float, stability, and fun in deep snow. It's an outstanding choice for Powder Hounds who want to make the most out of epic powder days.

Chat With a Real Expert

Alright, that's the lowdown on Bataleon snowboards! We chatted about the brand's cool background, the factors to consider when picking your board, the standout tech features of these boards, and how to get a Bataleon board that's going to give you the best riding experience.

If you're still not sure about your pick or have any questions, just holler at a Curated Snowboarding Expert, like me. We offer free advice and gear recommendations, and are all about helping you make the right call so you can shred the mountain with a big smile on your face.

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