Callaway Complete Sets: How to Choose

Published on 07/14/2023 · 10 min readDiscover the perfect Callaway complete set to elevate your golf game. Our expert guide helps you choose the right set for your needs and skill level.
Ryan Graybar, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Ryan Graybar

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tl;dr: When buying a Callaway complete set, consider your skill level, budget, size, strength, and goals as a golfer. Options range from the Strata sets for beginners, to the XR and REVA sets for intermediate players, to the Paradym and custom sets for advanced golfers. Overall, Callaway's unique technologies enhance speed, control, and consistency.

My name is Ryan Graybar, and before joining Curated as a Golfing Expert in 2021, I was a college golf player as well as a caddie at a private golf club for players of all skill levels. I’m now a certified product and fitting specialist from many of the top golf manufacturers in the world. Aside from all that, I just love playing and talking about golf! Now, with Curated, I help fit players into clubs that work for their game all day.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Callaway’s complete set options so that you can pick the right one for your game!

Why Callaway Complete Sets?

Callaway Golf company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. They’re renowned for their innovative golf equipment and high-quality clubs, bags, balls, and accessories. For beginners and professionals alike, Callaway makes products that offer top performance. Callaway’s complete set lines offer some great options for players looking for game improvement technology at different price points. A quality set of Callaway clubs is an investment well worth it for golfers seeking advanced, reliable, and top performing equipment.

What to Consider When Buying a Callaway Complete Set

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1. What is your skill level?

Understanding your capabilities on the course helps you choose the right set. Beginners may prefer sets with forgiveness-focused clubs, while seasoned players might opt for clubs that offer more control.

2. How often do you play?

Your frequency of play can justify an investment in a set of irons. Regular players might benefit from higher-end models with advanced features, while occasional players might prefer more affordable, yet still reliable, sets.

3. What are your specific game improvement goals?

Some golfers may want to improve their distance, while others focus on accuracy. Callaway's multiple complete sets are designed with different emphases, catering to a wide array of player goals.

4. What are your physical attributes?

A properly-fitting club is essential. Taller players may need longer clubs, while those with less strength might benefit from lighter clubs. Callaway also offers custom fitting to ensure you get clubs that suit your body and swing style. Are you looking for a men's or women's set? This question relates to the size, weight, and length of the clubs. Men's sets usually have longer, heavier clubs, while women's sets feature shorter, lighter ones.

5. What is your budget? How much should a Callaway complete set cost?

Callaway offers sets at various price ranges. Entry-level sets (generally less than $1000) are aimed at beginners, offering decent quality and performance. Mid-range sets (costing around $1000-$2000) provide advanced technology and greater durability. High-end sets (often over $2000) are designed for avid players who want cutting-edge technology for top-notch performance.

What Are the Different Types of Callaway Complete Sets?

Callaway manufactures several lines of complete sets to cater to different skill levels, budgets, and preferences.

Callaway Strata Complete Set

These are considered entry-level sets. The Strata is designed to offer great performance right out of the box for less experienced players and are very reasonably priced. They come in different configurations with varying numbers of clubs, including a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter.

  • Benefits
    • Affordable and excellent value for money, making them a good choice for beginners or casual golfers
    • Complete set, which covers a range of clubs for various situations on the course
  • Keep in Mind
    • Offer good overall performance, but lack the advanced technologies and quality of components found in higher-end Callaway sets
    • As a player's skill improves, they might outgrow these clubs and need to upgrade for more control

Callaway REVA Complete Set

REVA sets are designed specifically for women, with lightweight clubs to suit the general physical stature and strength of women golfers. They focus on improving distance and accuracy with more forgiving designs. They also have a petite version for shorter players and a tall version for players that need longer clubs.

  • Benefits
    • Designed specifically for women, providing a great fit and performance for women golfers
    • Lighter shaft and components make them easier to handle and swing
  • Keep in Mind
    • May not be suitable for women with faster swing speeds who require heavier clubs or a stiffer flex
    • Options may be limited compared to the men's ranges

Callaway XR Complete Set

This set is the total package for a complete set: one driver, a 3-wood, two hybrids, 6-PW, a AW, a SW, a putter, and a bag complete this set. The XR features high-end components and technology, while still being priced well under a custom set. This set comes with the choice of graphite or steel shafts and an option for taller players as well.

  • Benefits
    • A great step-up set for players wanting to improve their game with slightly more advanced technology
    • Balanced between forgiveness and control, offering a good compromise for intermediate golfers
  • Keep in Mind
    • More expensive than the entry-level Strata sets
    • Technology not as new as the top individual lines on the market

Callaway Custom Sets

Callaway also offers custom fitting and the ability to assemble a set to your exact specifications, which includes mixing and matching across different club lines.

  • Benefits
    • A personalized set that caters to an individual's specific needs and preferences
    • Potential to mix and match across different lines of clubs
    • High-end components and top technologies are included in these clubs
  • Keep in Mind
    • Requires a fitting session and a good understanding of your golf game to make the right choices
    • More expensive due to the customization process and components included

Features to Look for When Buying Callaway Complete Sets

There are a few features and technologies to note when buying Callaway sets. Consider the following features and technologies to improve your golf game:

  • Jailbreak Technology: This feature of modern Callaway drivers utilizes two steel bars behind the club face to stiffen the body, promoting faster ball speeds across the entire face, leading to more distance. I have played several drivers with Jailbreak technology, and I think it is a great piece of technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Designed Flash Face: This innovative technology uses AI to design the clubface to optimize ball speed. Each club model has a unique face design that optimizes performance. As a result, consistency has improved across the Callaway line.
  • 360 Face Cup Technology: Incorporated in Callaway’s irons, this feature enhances ball speed across the face by using a rim around the face that flexes and releases at impact. This technology has significantly increased ball speeds in Callaway’s forgiving irons.
  • Tungsten Weighting: Callaway often uses tungsten weights in their irons to precisely position the center of gravity for optimal launch and control. This is a high-end material only seen in XR or custom sets.
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Shafts: Used in Callaway putters, these shafts improve weight distribution for better control and consistency in putting. I’ve noticed that my putting accuracy and control has increased since using a putter with a stroke lab shaft.
  • Microhinge Insert Technology: This putter face technology imparts more topspin on the ball for a smoother roll and improved accuracy. The goal is to get the ball rolling on its line as quickly as possible to ensure the most consistency.

Remember, these features may not be present in all sets, especially the entry-level ones, so if any of these technologies align with your golfing goals, make sure to choose a set that includes clubs with these features.

How to Choose the Right Callaway Complete Set for You

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Here are some examples of people looking for Callaway complete sets and the recommendations that are best for them. Use these as inspiration when starting your research process.


A newer golfer who wants to get into the game with a reliable set of clubs on a budget. She’s looking to upgrade from a set of hand-me-downs she’s used a few times.

Needs: Budget performance, well-built clubs

Features to look for: Lightweight and oversized clubs, forgiving irons to promote consistency and high launch

Callaway sets to consider:

  • Callaway Strata Complete Set for Men and Women: Callaway manufactures three sets for the strata line. For men, they have the 12-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece, which are different colors. The women’s sets come in 11-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece. I recommend getting at least the 14-piece for complete course coverage. Go for the 16-piece if you want the most complete set for all the shots on the course.


An intermediate player looking to upgrade from an older, budget boxed set. He wants a reliable set he can use for the next five-plus years.

Needs: Quality components, forgiving and controllable clubs

Features to look for: Tungsten weighting, stainless steel irons, special technologies in the woods and irons

Callaway sets to consider:

  • Callaway XR Complete Set: This set features high-end components and technologies not found in any other boxed sets on the market. For the player who wants a highly reliable and top-performing complete golf club set, the XR is perfect.
  • Callaway REVA Complete Set (8-piece or 11-piece): For women who want a high-quality boxed set, look no further than the REVA. The 11-piece set comes with a more complete iron set and an extra hybrid for better spacing in the set makeup.


An experienced player looking for unmatched performance and some of the top clubs on the market.

Needs: High end technology, top of the market performance

Features to look for: The newest and most innovative technology on the market: 360 carbon chassis, AI-designed components, and a Forged 455 iron face to name a few.

Callaway sets to consider (Note: because these are more advanced lines, they don’t come as complete boxed sets, so you will have to build your own set. Drivers are linked here for your convenience. Feel free to reach out to a Curated Golfing Expert to help you create your set.):

  • Callaway Paradym: This is the newest and top Callaway line on the market. A major technological shift in the use of forged carbon in the woods has allowed for an increase in ball speed, as well as forgiveness on and off the tee. AI is being used like never before to further optimize this entire line. These irons are among the longest ever made in the industry, with strong lofts and high launching capabilities. The Paradym X is the model for players who want extra forgiveness on off-center strikes, while the regular line offers more shot shaping control for mid-handicappers.
  • Callaway Rogue ST: This is 2022’s top Callaway line. AI-optimized faces and high-end materials offer top-market performance at a discount. This set can also be customized for players that need different lengths, shafts, grips, or other adjustments made to the clubhead. There are several different models of the woods, hybrids, and irons, so make sure to pick the right model for your game! And you can always chat with a Curated Golfing Expert to figure out which will fit you best.
  • Callaway Big Bertha: Callaway’s all-new Big Bertha line offers extra-forgiveness, easier-swinging clubs, and a set built to launch the ball higher and further. For players who need extra help getting the ball in the air for the longest drives—or who want large cavity back irons for extra forgiveness—consider the new Big Bertha line!

Next Steps for Finding the Callaway Complete Set for You

Callaway makes several different lines to suit the needs of all types of players. A budget friendly set like the Strata can help newer players get a nice starter set without breaking the bank. For players that are looking for better performance and components, both the XR for men and REVA for women offer great mid-range options. For experienced players looking for top-performing clubs, Callaway has several premium options like the Paradym for the very best performance. Chat with a Curated Golfing Expert like me today to find out what the right full set is for your game!

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