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The 5 Best CAPiTA Snowboards

Published on 06/30/2023 · 7 min readDiscover the top 5 CAPiTA snowboards that excel in performance and design. Navigate your options to find the perfect board for your next time on the slopes.
By Snowboarding Expert will koons

2nd final run of Snowboarding – Women's Slopestyle at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics in Lausanne on 18 January 2020. Photo by Martin Rulsch

CAPiTA boards are known for their advanced tech, durability, unique graphics, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. As a Snowboarding Expert here on Curated, I've spent a good chunk of my life riding, selling, and personally testing snowboarding gear from various brands, and one of the brands I’ve recommended the most to riders looking for the right board fit for their needs is CAPiTA.

If you're like me, you understand that what makes or breaks a good day on the mountain always boils down to your snowboard. If you have a great board, you may have one of the best days of your life. But if you have a bad board, your day might be ruined. One of the first steps to choosing the best snowboard for you is developing a familiarity with different snowboard brands and what they offer.

In this article, I’ll explore what makes CAPiTA unique and what boards stand out in their lineup. If you have any questions about whether a CAPiTA board would be a good fit for your riding style, reach out to me here on Curated for free, personalized advice.

What is CAPiTA?

CAPiTA Snowboards, founded in 2000 by Blue Montgomery and headquartered in Seattle, has steadily grown into one of the most respected names in the snowboarding world. CAPiTA stands out because of its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainable manufacturing.

The state-of-the-art CAPiTA production facility — aka The Mothership — is renowned for being one of the world's most environmentally-friendly snowboard manufacturing sites.

Uniquely, CAPiTA has managed to infuse creativity and style into its board designs without compromising performance. Each board carries a distinct artistic flair, a signature of the brand that's well-loved among the snowboarding community.

But what truly sets CAPiTA apart is its revolutionary board construction technologies. The FUS3D sidewall technology, for instance, enhances board durability and edge hold, while the Alpine V1 profile offers a blend of camber and rocker for a versatile ride on any terrain.

Choosing a CAPiTA snowboard means investing in top-tier performance, environmental sustainability, and a ride that stands out on the slopes. No matter where you are in your riding progression, there is a board in the CAPiTA lineup that will fit your skill level and style.

What to Consider When Choosing a CAPiTA Snowboard

When I’m looking to choose a snowboard, there are five primary items on my checklist that I take into consideration:

1. Riding Style and Terrain

Different boards are crafted for different riding styles — from freestyle to all-mountain — and the terrain you plan to ride in. Choose a board that matches your riding style and the type of terrain you plan to spend most of your time riding.

2. Board Profile

This refers to the shape of the board when laid flat. There are camber, rocker, and flat profiles. There are also hybrid options out there. Each profile affects how the board performs.

3. Flex

Flex is all about the stiffness of the board. Some folks prefer a softer flex for freestyle riding, while others like a stiff flex for speed and control on steep terrain. Some like a “Goldilocks” medium flex.

4. Size

Selecting the perfect size is critical. A board that is too long is a monster to control. If it's too short, you'll lose stability. There's a “just right” length for everyone that depends on weight, height, and riding style.

5. Shape

Boards come in many shapes that lend themselves to specific types of terrain. There are two primary shapes: directional and twin. Some combinations of these two are also available. All-mountain riders may want a directional twin combination, whereas terrain park riders may prefer a true twin shape to ride switch. Pow riders may prefer directional boards that create more float in deep powder.

CAPiTA Features & Technology

All snowboard brands have proprietary technologies. Here’s a rundown of some of the standout tech CAPiTA has pioneered. Each has its own unique benefits. It's helpful to identify features you think will help improve the type of riding you plan to do, then look for a board with those features.

  • FUS3D 3D Printed Sidewalls: This technology uses a unique fusion process to create ultra-durable, full-length sidewalls that increase the board's edge hold and overall strength.
  • Alpine V1 Profile: This unique profile combines a cambered mid-section with rocker tips, delivering a versatile performance that can handle any terrain.
  • Quantum Drive Base: This ultra-hard sintered base is designed to deliver maximum speed, enabling riders to race down the mountain with ease.
  • Carbon Fiber Boosters: These boosters are lightweight yet exceptionally strong, adding power and pop to the board while maintaining an overall light weight.
  • Holysheet Fiberglass: With more glass fibers per square inch than traditional layers, Holysheet Fiberglass provides a more dynamic ride with increased ollie power and response.
  • Hyperdrive Sidecut: This sidecut design uses multiple radiuses to create a unique shape for ultimate control and responsiveness at high speeds.
  • PLT Topsheet Technology: This feature reduces the weight of the board and gives it a smooth, high-quality finish.
  • Kevlar Bound Sidewalls: These sidewalls increase the board's durability and improve impact resistance.
  • Magic Bean Resin: This resin is a plant-based, eco-friendly option that strengthens the board without adding unnecessary weight.

Having put many boards through their paces, I think a few models are true standouts in the brand’s lineup. These are boards I’ve ridden personally and recommend to other riders frequently.

1. CAPiTA Super Defenders of Awesome (DOA)

The CAPiTA Super DOA has a stellar reputation for a reason. It's a versatile, all-terrain board with a camber-dominant profile that delivers power, pop, and stability. It's pretty much the Swiss Army knife of snowboards.

  • Features: All-terrain versatility, camber-dominant profile, power, and stability
  • Good for: The rider who wants a well-rounded board that can tackle a bit of everything. It’s as adaptable as they come.

2. CAPiTA Mercury

The Mercury is my go-to when I'm tackling steep, challenging terrain. With a balanced twin feel and hybrid camber profile, it’s designed for power, precision, and versatility. It’s responsive without being overly aggressive — a bit like a well-trained German Shepherd.

  • Features: Balanced twin feel, hybrid camber profile, power, and precision
  • Good for: The experienced snowboarder ready to face challenging terrain and looking for a responsive yet forgiving ride.

3. CAPiTA Ultrafear

If you're a park rider with a need for a sturdy board that can take a beating, the CAPiTA Ultrafear could be your new best friend. It boasts a freestyle-focused design and a softer flex, perfect for those creative lines and playful tricks.

  • Features: Freestyle-focused design, softer flex, park-friendly
  • Good for: The daring park rider seeking a sturdy board that can endure the rigors of jumps, jibs, and rails.

4. CAPiTA Equalizer

Designed with adventurous women snowboarders in mind, the CAPiTA Equalizer is a true all-mountain board. It handles beautifully in a variety of conditions and terrains, making it a trusty companion whether you're cruising groomers or exploring backcountry lines.

  • Features: True all-mountain board, versatile performance, designed specifically for women
  • Good for: The adventurous woman who wants a reliable board that will perform across a variety of conditions and terrains.

5. Capita Children of the Gnar

Don’t let the name fool you. The Children of the Gnar is a serious board for young riders ready to move beyond beginner boards. It provides a good mix of flex and stability, helping to boost the confidence of shredders.

  • Features: Good mix of flex and stability
  • Good for: The young rider who is ready to level up from their beginner board, seeking to build confidence and skill.

Finding the Best CAPiTA Snowboard for You

Photo by M. Pincus

CAPiTA snowboards stand out in the world of snowboarding with their unique blend of advanced technologies, impressive durability, and innovative designs.

Remember, choosing the right snowboard is highly personal and depends on your individual style, skill level, and the conditions in which you'll be riding. We've explored some of CAPiTA’s top snowboards and the key technologies they employ. Still, you'll want to consider these details in light of your own riding preferences to ensure the best match.

And don't worry if you're still unsure about which board is best for you. I'm here to help guide you further in your decision-making process. Please feel free to reach out to me here on Curated. Together we'll find the right snowboard for you.

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will koons, Snowboarding Expert
will koons
Snowboarding Expert
As a life long outdoor enthusiast I have been skiing and snowboarding since age 3 and I also love to climb, paddle, surf and skydive. I love playing outside and chatting with people about gear..Consider me your on-demand concierge for all things gear related!
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Written by:
will koons, Snowboarding Expert
will koons
Snowboarding Expert
As a life long outdoor enthusiast I have been skiing and snowboarding since age 3 and I also love to climb, paddle, surf and skydive. I love playing outside and chatting with people about gear..Consider me your on-demand concierge for all things gear related!
3 Reviews
242 Customers helped

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