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Srixon Irons: How to Choose

Published on 07/09/2023 · 11 min readMaster your iron game with Srixon irons! Our expert guide helps you choose the perfect set for your swing and improve your overall performance on the course.
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

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TL;DR: Srixon irons offer quality and performance for all skill levels, with unique technologies like the Tour V.T. Sole and Mainframe Face. Consider your skill level, preferred feel, and necessary adjustments (shaft material and flex, loft and lie angles, grip, offset, sole width, and set composition) when selecting Srixon irons.

As a Curated Golf Expert for over a year, I've worked with hundreds of customers to recommend the best irons for their game, which requires extensive knowledge about the clubs available on the market. In addition, as a contributing writer and author, I dive deep into each brand's irons to discover what separates their product lines and how they stand out from their competitors.

I know what a difference it makes when a golfer plays the right irons for their game, but I also know that a new set of irons can be expensive. That's why I'm so excited about Srixon irons. The combination of quality and price is unmatched. Whether you're a beginner or a single-digit handicap, Srixon has a set of irons to match your skill level and price target.

Why Srixon?

Approach shot at Black Creek. Photo by Trisha Mallock

Established in 1930, Srixon is a leading Japanese golf brand, known for its premium golf balls and clubs. Notably, Srixon's Z-series irons are renowned for their innovative design, and exceptional control and feel. Players seeking high-quality equipment that combines traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology should consider Srixon. Having carved out a place in the global golf market, it’s a popular choice among both professionals and amateur golfers.

What to Consider When Buying Srixon Irons

1. What is Your Skill Level Style?

Your skill level significantly influences the type of irons you should consider. Srixon offers clubs tailored for professionals and beginners alike. High-handicap golfers may benefit from Srixon's game improvement irons, while low handicaps might prefer the player irons for more precision and control.

2. What Type of Iron Head Do You Prefer?

Srixon offers both cavity-back and blade-style irons. The former is forgiving, making it suitable for beginners, while the blades offer control and feel for more experienced players.

3. What Type of Iron Set Are You Interested In?

Proper club fitting is crucial for optimal performance. Factors such as your height, swing speed, and arm length will determine the length and lie angle of your irons. A professional fitting session can help you find the right size.

4. What Kind of Shaft Material Do You Prefer?

Shaft material can impact swing speed and control. Srixon offers both steel and graphite shafts. Steel shafts are heavier but offer more control, whereas graphite shafts are lighter and can increase swing speed.

5. What is Your Budget? How Much Should Srixon Irons Cost?

Srixon irons can range from $800 to $1200 for a set, depending on the model. At the lower end, you can expect robust, reliable irons aimed at improving your game. The higher-priced models incorporate the latest technologies and premium materials, offering exceptional feel and precision. Remember, investing in the right irons can significantly improve your golfing experience.

What Are the Different Types of Srixon Irons?

Srixon manufactures several series of irons in a catalog covering the three main iron golf club types. Each series caters to different skill levels and preferences, so let’s break it down:

1. Player’s Irons

These are designed for low-handicap golfers who value control, feel, and the ability to shape shots.


  • Increased control over their shot shape and trajectory
  • Provide a great deal of feedback on each shot, allowing experienced players to make subtle adjustments to their swings

Keep in Mind:

  • Can be unforgiving with mishits due to their compact design and focus on control over distance.
  • Demand a high skill level to fully take advantage of their design features


  • Srixon Z-Forged II: The Z-Forged II are blade-style irons that offer excellent feel and control with a compact shape and a narrow sole.
  • Srixon ZX7 Mk II: The new ZX7 Mk ii is a compact player's iron that delivers high control and workability for skilled players.

2. Player’s Distance Irons

These are aimed at mid-handicap golfers who have been playing golf for a while and might even be good ball strikers but want some extra forgiveness and distance in their irons.


  • Designed to minimize the negative effects of off-center hits without sacrificing on feel
  • Often feature designs that promote longer carry, which can be beneficial for golfers with slower swing speeds

Keep in Mind:

  • Offer more forgiveness but less control and feel compared to player irons
  • They may not provide the same ability to shape shots as player irons do


  • Srixon ZX5 Mk II: These irons are great for players who may be using game improvement irons and are ready to take their game to the next level. The ZX5 Mk II irons offer a unique blend of forgiveness, feel, and distance that's perfect for a mid-handicap golfer trying to consistently shoot in the 80s and even the 70s.

3. Game Improvement Irons

These are aimed at mid to high-handicap golfers who need extra forgiveness and distance.


  • Designed to minimize the negative effects of off-center hits.
  • Often feature designs that promote longer carry, which can be beneficial for golfers with slower swing speeds

Keep in Mind:

  • Offer more forgiveness but less control and feel compared to player irons
  • They may not provide the same ability to shape shots as player irons do


  • Srixon ZX4 Mk II: More forgiving than the ZX5 Mk II irons, the ZX4 Mk II irons are designed to maximize distance and forgiveness, making them ideal for golfers looking to improve their game
  • Srixon ZX Mk II Utility Irons: Control and confidence for the long irons, which can often be the most daunting and challenging to hit

Features to Look for When Buying Srixon Irons

In addition to the basic checklist to consider when selecting irons, there are a few other features and technologies to note when buying Srixon irons. Consider the following proprietary features and technologies to find the best match to enhance your performance and adapt to your golfing lifestyle.

Tour V.T. Sole

The dynamic Tour V.T. Sole helps maintain clubhead speed through impact for clean strikes across the fairway, rough, and sand — even if your turf interaction begins slightly behind the ball.

Srixon irons have a reduced drag with the turf because a higher bounce on the leading edge prevents digging, then a lower bounce on the trailing edge curves away from the turf. The benefit is more control of the clubface at impact, providing golfers with maximum workability of the clubhead.

Mainframe Face Technology

MainFrame is a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the backside of ZX4 Mk II, ZX5 Mk II, and ZX Mk II Utility Iron faces that maximizes flex at impact. Increased flex improves ball speed, consistency, and forgiveness.

Plus, the clubs are designed with more mass in the toe and sole of the club, which lowers the center of gravity. This helps mid-to-high handicap golfers elevate the ball more easily and provides more forgiveness for mishits.

Progressive Grooves

Srixon irons have different groove designs in their long and short irons. The long irons have wide grooves that are more shallow, which decreases spin and increases distance. This is ideal for longer shots in all conditions. The scoring irons (8i-AW) have deeper, closer set grooves, which cut through grass and debris. This means more spin for approach shots.

Additionally, all of the clubs have laser milling between each groove, which increases friction and thus control in all conditions. Overall, the progressive grooves translates to a more optimized performance throughout the set.

Forged Construction

Most Srixon irons, including the Z-Forged and the new ZX Mk II series, are forged from a single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel. This results in a softer feel and increased feedback at impact, something that you’ll definitely appreciate when trying to shape your shots or hit more delicate approach shots.


The ZX7 Mk II irons use PureFrame technology, which adds support to reduce vibrations when you strike the ball, creating a better feel at impact.

How to Choose the Right Srixon Irons for You

Short iron into the green. Photo by Trisha Mallock

Remember, golf is a highly personal sport, and the right equipment depends on your skill level, physical characteristics, and style of play. It's always a good idea to try different models and consult a club-fitting professional to find the best irons for your game.

As a Golf Expert on Curated and an avid golfer, I see three main types of players. Explore this section to find the example that most closely matches your game to see which Srixon ZX MkII irons could be best for you.

Persona 1

Needs: This golfer has been playing for a little while with a set of hand-me-down clubs or a very basic starter set. It's time to invest some more money into better clubs, but this golfer is still shooting in the 100s, maybe occasionally breaking 100, so the clubs still need to be forgiving.

Features to look for: Cavity back, wide sole, and a forged face

Srixon irons to consider:

  • Srixon ZX4 Mk II Irons: These irons are my top recommendation. They have a long blade length for tons of forgiveness, a wide sole to help improve contact with turf to improve your ball striking, and an exceptionally powerful design to maximize distance.
  • Srixon ZX5 Mk II Irons: If you're a natural athlete who wants a challenge, then consider these irons. They won't be as forgiving as the ZX4 irons, but the advantage is that you will have to learn how to become a better ball striker to use these clubs effectively and get the most distance out of them.

Persona 2:

Needs: This golfer has a good set of clubs, but they're getting a little old, and it's time to update. This person is shooting somewhere between 85-95, give or take a few strokes, depending on the day. Many golfers will land in this category, so my suggestions will vary.

Features to look for: Depends on the person and age. See below.

Srixon irons to consider:

  • Srixon ZX5 Mk II Irons: Most often, golfers in this category will be happiest with these irons. They offer a great blend of forgiveness, distance, and precision. With these irons, you might improve your game without even changing a thing. The tech is just that good.
  • Srixon ZX7 Mk II Irons: Golfers hungry to keep improving might consider the Srixon ZX7 Mk II irons. These are player's irons, for sure. You'll have a great feel and workability with these clubs, but you need to be a solid ball striker for these to make sense. If you're shooting in the mid to low 80s and trying to break 80 more often, these could be right for you.
  • Srixon ZX4 Mk II Irons: For senior golfers who want to get back some distance, the Srixon ZX4 Mk II irons could be the right choice. These irons have a sleek, narrow look, so they don't look like a clunky game improvement club. But the hollow head design with extra-strong lofts can give you the improved distance you want.

Persona 3:

Needs: This golfer is a single-digit handicapper. They’re a good player who wants clubs to match their skills.

Features to look for: Forged design, thin topline, minimal offset, and pure feel.

Srixon irons to consider:

  • Srixon ZX7 Mk II irons: These irons have the feel of a blade and a player-preferred look but with a little more forgiveness than a blade. You can still shape your shots, but you can also get away with a miss every now and then.
  • Srixon Z-Forged II irons: These are a muscle back blade that offers the most control and shot-shaping precision. If you like to attack pins with different shot shapes and trajectories, these are the irons I'd recommend.
  • Product three: There are no pictures on the scorecard, right? You might be an excellent ball striker and a low-handicap player, but you also play a smart brand of golf. You hit the ball down the middle and aim for the middle of the green, and you want an excellent set of irons that provide great distance and forgiveness. If that's the case, you might consider the Srixon ZX5 MkII irons.

Finding the Best Irons for You

4 iron on a par 5. Photo by Trisha Mallock

Whether you're just getting into golf, you're the club champion, or you're somewhere in between, there is a set of Srixon irons that will fit your game. Curated Golf Experts are here to help you determine if Srixon irons are right for you. Reach out to me or one of my fellow Golf Experts here on Curated, and we’ll ask you the right questions to guide you through the process and help you figure out the best irons for your game!

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