Tour Edge Complete Sets: How to Choose

Published on 07/14/2023 · 12 min readUnleash your golfing potential with Tour Edge complete sets. Our Expert guide helps you choose the perfect set to help you conquer the course!
Ryan Graybar, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Ryan Graybar

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TL;DR: When buying Tour Edge complete sets, consider your skill level, budget, and playing style. Look for unique Tour Edge features like Diamond Face and VFT Technology for top performance. Evaluate the set composition, shaft material, flex, loft and lie angles, grip size, and club specifications to ensure the best fit for your game.

My name is Ryan Graybar, and before joining Curated as a Golf Expert in 2021, I was a college golf player and a caddie at a private club for players of all skill levels. I am now a certified product and fitting specialist for many of the top manufacturers in the world. I love playing and talking about golf! I help match players with clubs that work for their game all day.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about the Tour Edge complete set options so you can pick the right one for your game!

Why Tour Edge?

Tour Edge is a renowned American golf equipment brand established in 1986 by David Glod in Illinois. They are recognized for their innovative craftsmanship and offer top-quality golf clubs, including drivers, fairwoods, irons, and putters. Tour Edge is known for its high-performance gear that caters to professionals and amateurs, delivering an optimal blend of value and performance.

The brand's reputation for superior quality, durability, and unique, tech-infused clubs makes a complete set from Tour Edge an enticing investment for those seeking to play better golf.

What to Consider When Buying Tour Edge Complete Sets

1. What is Your Skill Level?

As with any sport, your skill level determines the equipment you need. Tour Edge offers complete sets tailored for beginners, intermediate players, and experienced players. Ensure you choose a set that matches your current skills for optimal performance.

2. What is Your Playing Style?

Different golf sets cater to different playing styles. Whether you prioritize forgiveness, distance, or control can guide you to the appropriate set. Tour Edge offers options to suit various styles, giving each player an option that works for their game.

3. How Often Do You Play?

How frequently you play can influence which set you decide on. If you play often, consider investing in a higher-quality set that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

4. What's Your Preferred Club Size?

Sizing is essential to ensure comfort and accuracy in your swing. The length of the golf club is directly related to your height and the distance of your hands from the ground. Club heads are different sizes for different skill levels as well.

Larger and more offset club heads are better for newer players, while experienced players often prefer a more compact clubhead. Tour Edge offers various lengths and clubheads to accommodate all golfers.

5. What is Your Budget? How Much Should Tour Edge Complete Sets Cost?

Prices can vary considerably depending on the set's features. Entry-level sets start around $300-$600 and are a decent starting point for beginners. Intermediate sets typically cost between $800-$1000, providing a balance of quality and performance with some better materials. Premium sets cost over $1000, offering modern technologies and higher-end materials for players who want the best performance.

What Are the Different Types of Tour Edge Complete Sets?

Tour Edge offers several types of complete golf sets that cater to golfers of varying skill levels and needs. Each of these lines includes men's and women's sets and options for right-handed and left-handed players. The specific composition of the sets (e.g., the number and type of clubs) can vary. Some of their most popular series are:

1. Bazooka Series

Tour Edge 1130165 Right Hand Steel Golf Bazooka 470

The Bazooka series is designed for beginner to intermediate players seeking an affordable, high-performing set. The clubs in this series are known for their ease of use, promoting distance and accuracy.


  • The affordable price point makes them accessible for beginners or budget-conscious players
  • Clubs are easy to use, promoting faster skill improvement for new golfers
  • Durable construction for the price means they're capable of withstanding common beginner mistakes

Keep in Mind:

  • Good for learning but may not provide the advanced features required as skills improve
  • A budget-friendly option that may lack the latest technology and design innovations of more expensive sets

2. Hot Launch Series

Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 To-Go Complete Golf Set

The Hot Launch series targets golfers looking for high-quality, technologically advanced clubs at a mid-range price point. This series includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter.


  • Advanced technology allows for enhanced distance and accuracy, even for mid-handicappers
  • A wide variety of clubs in each set covers all possible needs on the course
  • Higher-quality materials used in manufacturing offer durability, which is great for a longer-term set

Keep in Mind:

  • They may be considered expensive for beginners who are unsure of their commitment to the sport
  • They are not going to be the top-performing clubs Tour Edge offers.

3. Exotics Series

The Exotics series is Tour Edge's high-end offering, designed with advanced materials and innovative technology for seasoned golfers who demand top-tier performance. These sets typically have a premium price tag and will offer the best performance.


  • High-end materials and advanced technology cater to golfers who demand top-tier performance
  • Design elements often include a focus on speed, distance, and accuracy, benefiting advanced players

Keep in Mind:

  • The higher cost may deter non-experienced golfers
  • Casual players may not be consistent enough to get the most performance benefits

Understanding the differences between these complete sets will help you arrive at the right set that matches your needs and playing style.

Features to Look for When Buying Tour Edge Complete Sets

In addition to the basic checklist to consider when selecting a complete set, there are a few features and technologies to note when buying from Tour Edge:

  • Diamond Face Technology: This is a unique feature found in some Tour Edge drivers and woods. It incorporates multiple thick and thin diamond shapes or "mini-trampolines" behind the face of the club. These diamonds produce a hotter face with faster ball speeds and better performance on off-center hits. It's perfect for golfers wanting increased distance.
  • VFT Technology: Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect across the clubface. This feature enhances forgiveness on mishits and can help you achieve greater distance.
  • Dual V Sole Design: This is a signature design feature in many Tour Edge irons. It improves turf interaction and reduces the impact of mishits, which is especially beneficial if you're playing on a course with challenging turf conditions.
  • Houdini Sole Technology: This feature pushes weight back as far as possible, helping to get the ball airborne more easily, regardless of your swing speed. This technology can be found in some of Tour Edge's most forgiving designs and is great for those who struggle with launching the ball or have slower swing speeds.
  • Power Channel: The Power Channel, found on the sole of the club just behind the club face, is designed to increase speed and distance. It provides increased face flex, reduces spin, and helps generate extra speed on your shots.
  • SDB Technology: Used in some premium Tour Edge clubs, Sound Diffusion Bar (SDB) technology modifies the acoustics to provide a satisfying sound at impact. If the sound of your clubs is important to you, this is a feature to consider.

Each of these features is designed to enhance your game in specific ways. Their importance will depend on what areas of your game you feel need improvement or emphasis, your current skill level, and the conditions in which you typically play.

How to Choose the Right Tour Edge Complete Set for You

Below are examples of golfers I’ve helped on Curated find the right golf set for their needs.

Marty: The Beginner

A player like Marty is a newer golfer who wants a reliable budget set to get started. Anyone trying to get back into the game after some time off will also fall into this category.


  • Durable and forgiving clubs

Features to Look For:

  • Oversized clubs
  • Large sweet spots

Tour Edge Sets to Consider:

Tour Edge Bazooka 370: This is Tour Edge’s most popular men's set. It comes in both a senior set and a regular set option. The new Bazooka clubs emphasize distance but are still very forgiving for the newer player. This set comes with an Anser-style putter for more feel on the greens. A premium lightweight stand bag with an eight-way divider top, extra storage pockets, and a couple of large garment pockets allow you to easily store your gear.

Tour Edge Bazooka 470: A touch more expensive than the Bazooka 370 set, the Bazooka 470 set offers even more forgiveness for players that need it. A lower center of gravity allows for ease of launch and forgiveness. This set comes with a mallet putter with an alignment aid to allow for easier putting and a smooth stroke on the greens.

Tour Edge Lady Edge: This entry-level set offers great performance for women who want reliable and easy-to-play clubs. These clubs are oversized, lightweight, and forgiving. This set also comes in a half-set version for players who don’t need a full set of clubs to start.

George: The Progressing Golfer

George came to Curated looking for a mid-range set with quality components and technology.


  • Durable clubs that perform and feel great
  • Extra technology and more quality components than a starter set

Features to Look For:

  • Variable Face Thickness technology
  • 17-4 forged steel crowns
  • Cavity-backed irons, titanium woods, and other great components and technology

Tour Edge Sets to Consider:

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 To-Go Complete Set: The hot launch line is designed to provide the best performance for the price. The Hot Launch 4 To-Go offers a complete set option with some great components and technologies included in the clubs. A larger sweet spot and more optimized center of gravity help increase launch and consistency. Distance-based irons with a stainless steel head, a large undercut cavity, and a deeper CG help improve iron performance. Great for players who want a reliable and high-performing set without going to the custom price point.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 To-Go Womens Offset Complete Set: This set offers the best bang for your buck in the tour edge line for women. Quality components and technologies allow for enhanced performance. Extra offset in the club design allows for easier launch and helps against the dreaded slice. A mallet putter is also included for consistency and forgiveness on your putts.

Hot Launch 3 To-Go Complete Set: The Hot Launch 3 is a slightly older version of the new hot launch 4. This set comes with a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 5-hybrid with a low-profile design, and 6-SW iron. The mallet putter helps the stability of putts hit off the toe and heel for more forgiveness. The new line has more optimized club designs and new shapes for better performance, but this is a great option if you’re looking for a solid mid-range set on clearance!

Bill: Top Performance

Players like Bill are looking to customize their own set and are seeking the top performance on the market.


  • Top components and technology on the market, overall the best performance out of a set

Features to Look For:

  • Advanced technologies
  • High-end components, shaft options, and customization

Tour Edge Sets to Consider:

In the more premium lines, clubs are sold individually instead of as a boxed set. The drivers are linked for convenience to the lines. Talk to a curated expert to help build out the best set for your game!

Tour Edge Exotics E723: Exotic is the best of the best. This set is the most premium game improvement line Tour Edge offers. It is loaded with distance and game improvement technology, including lower CG for higher launch, additional weight near the toe to increase forgiveness, and a large sweet spot that helps make this one of the best options on the market.

New designs and ultra-thin faces also allow for increased speed and forgiveness. For players who want the best performance in a high-launching, easy-to-swing club line, the Tour Edge E723 does exactly that.

Tour Edge Exotics C723: The most premium player’s line that Tour Edge offers. These clubs allow for more control and shot-shaping while still offering moderate forgiveness. For experienced players looking for a premium and accurate set to gain more control of their ball flights, the new C723 is a great option.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C523 and E523: These two lines are in-between the Hot Launch To-Go sets and the Exotics lines in price point and performance. If you want the customization and newest technologies in a more budget-minded club, these lines offer exactly that. For the players needing super game improvement technologies at a mid-range price point, consider building a set with the Hot Launch E523. For players looking for a game improvement set that offers excellent distance and forgiveness, consider the Hot Launch C523.

Selecting the Best Tour Edge Set for You

Photo by Sattahip Beach

Tour Edge makes several different lines of clubs to cater to all different types of players! Newer players looking for a reliable budget set should consider the Bazooka or Lady Edge lines. For players looking for mid-range performance in a complete boxed set, consider the Hot Launch To-Go sets. If you are looking for budget performance and customization, consider the new Hot Launch C523 and E523 lines. Finally, for players looking for the best Tour Edge has to offer, consider the Exotic C723 and E723 lines.

For more personalized help finding out what is best for you, contact me or another Golfing Expert here on Curated any time to find a set perfect for you!

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