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Published on 07/19/2023 · 12 min readMaster your iron game with our expert guide to Titleist irons. Find the perfect set that delivers precision, distance, and control on every shot.
Joe Mallock, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

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TL;DR: Titleist irons, renowned for superior design and advanced technology, cater to various skill levels and preferences. When selecting one, consider your skill level, budget, ideal iron type, club size, and specific performance needs. Key Titleist features include Max Impact Technology, progressive profiles, high-MOI design, and optimal CG positioning.

As a Curated Golf Expert for over a year now, I've worked with hundreds of customers to recommend the right irons for their game, which requires extensive knowledge about the clubs available on the market. In addition, as a contributing writer, I dive deep into each golf brand's irons to explain what separates their product lines and how they stand out from their competitors.

If you want some of the best clubs, then you need to look at Titleist. The evolution of their irons over each previous generation never ceases to impress. Whether you're the club champion or just looking to improve your golf experience with a set of high-quality irons, Titleist has a set of irons that can work for you. With that said, let's dive into this Titleist iron review!

Why Titleist?

Titleist, established in 1932, is a renowned American golf equipment manufacturer known for producing premium golf balls, clubs, and accessories. Originating in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Titleist’s reputation is built on quality, innovation, and a strong endorsement presence in professional golf. Its irons, celebrated for exceptional performance and craftsmanship, appeal to players seeking precision, control, and consistency. With advanced technology and superior design, Titleist irons provide the tools necessary to enhance every golfer's game, making them a popular choice for both amateur and professional players worldwide.

What to Consider When Buying Titleist Irons

1. What’s Your Skill Level and Playing Style?

Titleist offers a range of irons suitable for various skill levels. Whether you're a novice, intermediate, or advanced golfer, the type of irons you select should align with your expertise. Beginner players may want irons that prioritize forgiveness and ease of use, meaning ones with a wider sole, thicker topline, and stronger lofts. More experienced golfers might opt for irons that offer greater control and feel, like muscle back irons (MB irons) or the T100 irons that Jordan Spieth plays.

2. What’s Your Preferred Iron Type?

Titleist offers different types of irons such as cavity back, muscle back, and blade. Cavity back irons are generally easier to hit and more forgiving, making them suitable for beginners and mid-handicappers. Muscle back and blade irons offer greater feel and control, appealing to low-handicap and professional players.

3. What are Your Specific Performance Needs?

Do you want more distance, better accuracy, increased control, or improved feel? Each iron series from Titleist is designed to emphasize certain performance aspects. For example, the T-Series offers a balance of speed and forgiveness, while the MB range is designed for precision shot-making. Identifying your specific needs can help you choose the perfect set.

4. Do You Need Custom-Fit Irons?

Properly sized clubs are critical for optimal performance and comfort. Shorter golfers or those with a more upright swing may need shorter irons, while taller golfers might need longer clubs. Consider factors like shaft length, lie angle, and grip size when selecting Titleist irons.

5. What’s Your Budget? How Much Should Titleist Irons Cost?

Titleist irons are a premium product, with sets typically ranging from $800 to over $2000. Entry-level price points often cater to beginners, offering balanced performance and durability. Mid-range irons typically introduce more advanced technology for improved control and distance. The highest price points are usually reserved for elite models, featuring cutting-edge design and technology for the most discerning of players.

What Are the Different Types of Titleist Iron Sets?

Titleist manufactures three primary iron series, which cater to different skill levels and preferences, so let’s break them down:


The Titleist T100 Iron

This series includes several subcategories of irons, each of which is designed for golfers of varying skill levels:

  • T100: Tour-level irons known for their precision and feel, preferred by many professionals.
  • T200: A player's distance iron that provides a balance of playability and forgiveness, suitable for low-to-mid handicappers.
  • T300: Game improvement irons to help launch the ball higher and provide enhanced forgiveness, thanks to a dense back cavity.
  • T400: The most forgiving irons of the T-series, designed for the highest launch and the most distance.


  • Offers something for every golfer with versatile options for varying skill levels.
  • Combines forgiveness and control in a blend of features for an all-round game improvement.
  • Modern design using advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing looks.

Keep in Mind:

  • Can be expensive, potentially prohibitive for some golfers.
  • Distinct performance features of each model might take time for players to adapt to when switching between them.

620 Series

The Titleist 620 MB Iron

This series includes the 620 MB and 620 CB models, which are muscle back and cavity back irons, respectively. They're designed for highly skilled players who demand precise control over their shots. These irons are also known for their traditional look and feel.


  • Exceptional control, ideal for skilled players.
  • Sleek, classic look of these clubs appeals to purists and professional golfers.

Keep in Mind:

  • Targeted at low-handicap and professional players, these player’s irons have limited appeal to a broader golfing demographic.
  • Despite having “cavity back” in their name, the 620 CB irons are NOT designed for average golfers. They are really designed for single digit handicappers who want just a little extra forgiveness. Definitely something to keep in mind since cavity back irons are typically considered game improvement clubs, which these are not.


The Titleist U505 Iron

These are utility irons designed to deliver more distance than standard irons, but with greater control and accuracy than hybrids. They are often used by players looking to replace their long irons. This line includes the U505 model.


  • Practical solution for players who struggle with long irons, providing a balanced mix of distance and control.
  • Can be used in a variety of golfing situations, from tee shots on short par-4s to approaches on long par-5s.

Keep in Mind:

  • Can be harder to hit well consistently than traditional irons or hybrids.
  • Utility irons may not be used as frequently during a round, potentially making them a less cost-effective investment.

Features to Look for When Buying Titleist Irons

Photo by Trisha Mallock

In addition to the basic checklist to consider when selecting irons, there are a few other features and technologies to note when buying Titleist irons. Consider the following proprietary features and technologies to find the best match for your performance and golfing lifestyle:

  • Max Impact Technology: Found in the Titleist T-Series irons, Max Impact Technology incorporates a silicone polymer core within the clubface to maximize speed and distance across the entire face, while maintaining a superior feel. This is great for golfers who want to maximize ball speed and distance without sacrificing feel or control.
  • Progressive Profile: Titleist irons often use a progressive profile, where each iron in the set is tailored to its specific function based on length, clubhead size, and weight distribution in the iron. The scoring irons focus on control and precision, while long irons emphasize ease of use and distance. This ensures optimal performance from every club in the set.
  • Tour Speed Projectiles (TSP): In the T-Series, Titleist uses a co-forging process to place high-density tungsten low and towards the perimeter of the clubhead. This lowers the center of gravity, promoting high launch and increasing stability, for more consistent distance and tighter shot dispersion.
  • High-MOI Design: Titleist's high-MOI (moment of inertia) design means their clubs resist twisting on off-center hits, providing more forgiveness and consistent distance, which is beneficial if you're seeking increased performance on mishits.
  • Pre-Worn Leading Edge: Found in the 620 CB and MB models, this feature ensures the club slides through the turf smoothly, preventing digging and improving contact. If you often play on courses with tight lies or firm conditions, this feature could be very helpful.
  • Muscle Back Design: Present in the 620 MB, the muscle back design concentrates weight behind the sweet spot for exceptional feel and control. If you're a skilled golfer seeking maximum feedback from your shots, this is a feature to consider.
  • Optimal CG Positioning: Titleist places the center of gravity (CG) in the optimal position for each club to enhance ball flight and control. Longer irons have a lower CG for easier launch, while shorter irons have a higher CG for more controlled, penetrating flights.

Remember, it's not just about having the "best” Titleist irons, but the “right” irons with the best technology for your game. Always consider your skill level, typical playing conditions, and personal preferences when choosing your new irons.

How to Choose the Right Titleist Irons for You

Photo by Trisha Mallock

"Inside each and every one of us is our one, true authentic swing," –Will Smith in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Remember this line as you shop for new irons. Just because everyone loves a particular set of clubs, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are the right ones for you. The best irons for YOU depends on your skill level, physical characteristics, and style of play.

As a Golf Expert at Curated and an avid golfer myself, I see three main types of players. Explore this section to find the example that most closely matches your game to determine which Titleist irons could be best for you.

1st Golfer: Beginner Brian

Needs: This golfer has been playing for a little while with a set of hand-me-down clubs or a very basic starter set. Though it's time to invest some more money into better clubs, this golfer is still shooting in the 100s—maybe occasionally breaking 100—so the clubs still need to be forgiving.

Features to look for: Cavity back and wide sole, which typically mean extra forgiveness, and a forged face means softer touch, which helps develop your feel.

Titleist irons to consider:

  • T400 Irons: These are my top recommendation if you want the most forgiving set Titleist offers that launches the ball higher and further.
  • T300 Irons: These are game improvement irons that are not overly bulky. If you're serious about taking your scoring from around 100 to the low 90s (or even into the 80s), then the T300 irons will serve you best on that journey.
  • U505 Utility Iron: Long irons can be very challenging to hit, so rather than struggling to hit the 4-iron that comes with your set, you might consider a U505 Utility Iron. It looks and feels like an iron, but it plays like a hybrid, providing extra launch on long-distance shots.

2nd Golfer: Average Joe

Needs: This golfer has a good set of clubs already, but they're getting a little old and need an update. This person is shooting somewhere between 85-95—give or take a few strokes—depending on the day. Many golfers will land in this category, so my suggestions will vary.

Features to look for: Depends on the person and age ultimately.

Titleist irons to consider:

  • T300 Irons: If you get out to play one to two times per month, playing with cavity back irons like the T300 irons could be the right choice for you. These clubs are easy to hit, offer tons of forgiveness, and will provide excellent distance.
  • T200 Utility Build Irons: A player's distance iron, the T200 Utility Build Irons have the look and feel of a player's iron. They provide loads of feedback and shot-shaping ability, while also adding a little muscle behind the clubhead for extra power and forgiveness. If your goal is to take your game from a mid-handicap level down to single digits, consider these irons.
  • T400 Irons: Maybe you've had an injury that makes it hard to swing. Or maybe Father Time has caught up to you. Regardless, it doesn't have to mean you're taking a 5-iron while the rest of the group has an 8-iron in hand. The T400 irons are ideal for players with a moderate swing speed looking to get some extra yardage back in their game thanks to the deep cavity and extra mass behind the clubface.

3rd Golfer: Tour Tony

Needs: This golfer is a single-digit handicapper—they’re an advanced player who wants clubs to match their skills.

Features to look for: Forged design, thin topline, minimal offset, and pure feel.

Titleist irons to consider:

  • T100 Irons: These have a desirable thin top line, shot shaping ability, and a forged feel that all good players need. If you're a single digit handicap, definitely look into the T100 irons. And if you want the same club with a little extra distance, the T100S irons are built two degrees stronger for extra power.
  • T200 Irons: You can be an excellent golfer and still play clubs that are forgiving. The T200 irons offer advanced players the best of both worlds: shot shaping and great feel, while also providing great distance and some forgiveness for mishits.
  • 620 Series (MB or CB): For outstanding golfers who like their irons forged from a single piece of metal, the 620 MB irons have a classic appeal. It works for Justin Thomas after all! And if you want something very similar with a little more forgiveness, then the 620 CB irons could be right for you. For both the 620 MB and CB, the 4-iron through PW offers the most loft compared to other Titleist irons, which allows advanced players the ability to get extra height on their shots and attack pins with their scoring irons.

Next Steps for Finding the Best Irons for You

There’s a set of Titleist irons to fit every golf game, no matter your playing style, age, or how long you've been playing. Curated Golf Experts are here to help you determine which Titleist irons are right for you. Reach out to me or one of my fellow Golf Experts, and we’ll ask you the right questions to guide you through the process and figure out the best irons for your game!

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