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Odyssey Putters: How to Choose

Published on 07/30/2023 · 11 min readLearn how to choose the perfect Odyssey putter for your golf game! Explore various models, technologies, and alignments to improve your putting.
By Golf Expert Jay Anderson

Photo by Cottonbro Studio

TL;DR: Odyssey offers a range of putters catering to varying skill levels and preferences. Consider your putting style, budget, and desired feel when choosing your putter. Key Odyssey technologies include the White Hot Insert which provides a soft feel, the Tri-Hot 5k which increases moment of inertia (MOI), the Stroke Lab which has a unique weight distribution in the shaft, and alignment aids like the Triple Track and Versa which can improve accuracy.

A putter is one of the most important clubs in your golf bag, and there are several factors to consider when purchasing your next putter, such as skill level, stroke type, personal preferences, and cost. In this article, I’ll draw upon my 20 years of golf experience, where I’ve observed putter technology change with the times. Having owned several types of putters myself—from the Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 to the Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2—I feel I can help guide you in choosing your next putter. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m something of an expert online-window-shopper!

Why Odyssey

Odyssey is a renowned golf equipment company, known especially for their cutting-edge putters. Founded in 1991 in Carlsbad, California, it quickly gained acclaim with its groundbreaking insert technology. Acquired by Callaway Golf in 1997, Odyssey continues to combine innovative design with consistent performance. Its putters are lauded for their superior balance, durability, and exceptional feel. Golfers, from beginners to professionals, choose Odyssey for its commitment to improving putting accuracy and consistency. With its distinguished history and consistent innovation, Odyssey is a top choice for high-quality putters.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Odyssey Putter

  • Skill Level: Your proficiency in golf significantly impacts the kind of putter you need. Beginners might prefer a putter with greater forgiveness and alignment aids, while seasoned golfers might seek advanced features for finer control and feel. Keep in mind that putting is based on personal preferences: a tour-level player may feel more comfortable using a putter with more technology and assistance built-in, while a beginner might gravitate toward more classic designs.
  • Stroke Style: Generally speaking, there’s two types of putting stroke: the straight-back, straight-through stroke and the arc stroke. Your putter choice also depends on which stroke you prefer, as an arc stroke generally suits a blade putter, while a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke matches a mallet putter.
  • Material: The material the putter head is composed of is also a determining factor. A milled putter is one carved out of a single piece of material, which is then shaped into the putter head. Milled putters generally feel a bit firmer at impact but also more solid, and are a bit more expensive. An insert putter, on the other hand, employs a face insert on the putterface, where a section of the face is hollowed out to make way for the insert. Usually, it has a softer feel and sound at impact. Insert putters are generally more affordable, but this can depend on the other technologies included.
  • Cost: The cost of Odyssey putters varies from $150 for basic models to over $500 for premium ones. Lower-end putters are reliable and feature Odyssey's Core technologies, which include bespoke head shapes and face inserts. Premium models offer more advanced features such as multi-material construction, customizable weights, and sophisticated alignment aids.

Features to Look for in Odyssey Putters

  • Head Shape: As discussed earlier, most putter head shapes fall into the two categories of blade and mallet, and your preferred putting stroke largely determines your putter head shape. If you’d like to learn more about deciding on a head shape, you can check out this article from my fellow Curated Golf Expert James L.
  • Neck: Putter necks are sometimes overlooked, but they also play an important role. The neck determines how much toe hang a putter has, or the amount the toe of the clubhead hangs down when the club is balanced on its horizontal axis. Different putter necks combined with the same head will produce different toe hangs. For example, a blade putter with a plumber’s neck will produce a 45° toe hang, while that same putter with a center-shafted neck will give you a face-balanced putter. Read more about putter necks in this previous article of mine.
  • Alignment Aids: One of the first things you should look for on a putter is its alignment aids. Putters can have a single line, several tram lines composed of different colors, or no alignment aids at all. Odyssey has several alignment aid options available across their models, so consider your preferences.
  • Grip Style: The grip meant for a putter can vary, along with the grip style that you use when holding the club. This also comes down to personal preference and what you’re comfortable with. As such, there’s several putter grip styles on the market—from the classic pistol style, to the ever-popular SuperStroke grips, to oversized and extra-length counterbalance grips.

Odyssey Putter Lines

Tri-Hot 5k

The Tri-Hot 5k

This product line from Odyssey is one of the most technologically advanced blade putters they have. By constructing a putter head with five different parts, Odyssey has ensured a dramatically increased MOI compared to previous models, measuring in at over 5,000 IZZ (hence the 5K in the name). The head's center of gravity (CG) has also been moved forward in this line. Both the CG and MOI improvements are made possible by two tungsten weights in the heel and toe, and the 303 stainless steel front. Interchangeable weights are used on the putter head, allowing one to adjust the weight of the putter head for more precision. The technology is rounded out with the original White Hot putter face insert and an improved multi-material Stroke Lab shaft, creating one of the most stable blade putters on the market.

Ten and Eleven Series

The Eleven Series

The Ten and Eleven series from Odyssey are mallet putters with tour-proven shapes that come with a variety of alignment options. Both the Ten and Eleven lines feature the White Hot face insert and an improved Red Stroke Lab multi-material shaft, though they have their differences.

The Ten series’ latest iteration comes with a new streamlined shape, high MOI, and the option of the iconic 2-ball alignment aid or new Triple Track Alignment system. The Eleven series features a new mallet shape that advances the forgiveness and alignment properties of the Ten. One such innovation is the inclusion of a TPU sole insert, which is super lightweight and improves sound and feel on impact. The crowned design of the Eleven allows for a variety of alignment aid options—including the 2-ball, Triple Track Alignment, a single alignment line across the width of the head, or the classic no-alignment aid design.

White Hot OG and White Hot Versa

The White Hot Versa Putter

Along with the innovative Tri-Hot 5k, Ten, and Eleven lines, Odyssey also has an updated White Hot model line available. The White Hot OG series features the original White Hot insert in a number of putter head shapes, and it comes in a silver PVD finish with fine milling. The White Hot Versa models utilize Odyssey’s Versa Alignment system, which paints the putter head in a high-contrast, alternating black-and-white pattern to highlight alignment and stroke path. Both the OG and Versa lines come in the Red Stroke Lab multi-material shaft and the classic-stepped stainless-steel shaft.


The DFX line is the most affordable option from Odyssey, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in performance. This line comes with the DFX insert, which is up to 20% softer than the White hot insert, giving you an even softer feel and sound at impact. A premium black finish with white sight lines helps eliminate glare so you can focus on alignment and stroke.

Toulon Design

The Toulon Design Series is Odyssey’s premium milled putter line. These putters are carefully crafted with intricate designs, offering both aesthetic appeal and superior performance. They come with a Deep Diamond Mill face pattern, which promotes a great roll, and customizable sole weights for fine-tuning.

How to Choose the Right Odyssey Putter for You

Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell read the 9th-hole green during round 3 of the French Golf Open at the Golf National in Saint Quentin as he hold his Odyssey White Hot putter. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Having reviewed the various putter lines from Odyssey, next comes determining which of these putters is right for your game. Keep in mind that while the below recommendations are here to guide you, you’re free to choose your putter according to your personal preferences.

Rick: Beginner/Casual Player

Needs: Rick probably needs a bit more assistance from his putter. Because he’s still learning, his putting stroke lacks consistency, which means he needs to rely on the technology in his putter to help make more putts.

Features to look for: Mallet-style putters with emphasized alignment would be a good place to start—this helps enforce a straight-back, straight-through stroke, making impact and results more predictable. The emphasized alignment aids help ensure the putter is properly lined up.

Products to consider:

  • Odyssey 2-Ball Eleven Triple Track Double Bend Putter: Eleven mallet putters are designed for extreme forgiveness on off-center hits, and this particular model comes with Triple Track alignment to make sure you’re lined up properly. It also comes with a Double Bend neck, suited for straight-back, straight-through putting strokes.
  • Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter: This Ten model uses the company’s 2-ball alignment aid, which mimics the look of golf balls on the top of the putter, making alignment easier. The double bend neck is suited for a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.
  • Odyssey DFX Seven Putter: The #7 putter head shape from Odyssey is iconic and alive here in the DFX line. This putter comes with an alignment line, two tramlines, and a double bend neck for a straight-back, straight-through stroke.

Alan: Intermediate Golfer/Weekend Warrior

Needs: Alan may need a bit of help from the club, but he generally knows what he’s doing with his putting stroke and is able to do it consistently.

Features to look for: Alan would want neutral designs in terms of clubhead shape and characteristics. He can also start looking at classic blade designs and different putter necks.

Products to consider:

  • Odyssey 2023 White Hot OG Rossie S Putter: This is another classic Odyssey design with two sets of alignment lines. It comes with a slant neck, which suits a moderate arc putting stroke.
  • Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide Putter: The double wide blade style increases the putter head’s MOI and forgiveness, and the Versa Alignment system helps visualize proper alignment before and during the stroke. A double bend putter encourages a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.
  • Odyssey 2023 Tri-Hot 5k #7 Plumber's Neck Putter: The #7 head shape receives the Tri-Hot 5k upgrade here, with an exceedingly high MOI for forgiveness and feel. The plumber’s neck design is well-suited for putting strokes with a moderate arc.

Justin: Advanced Golfer/Avid Competitor

Needs: Justin needs the latest and greatest. Because he’s more experienced and consistent with his stroke, he has many putter options available to him. He’s also comfortable with either a mallet or a blade putter, and any combination of putter neck and clubhead material.

Features to look for: Any and all technology should be present in Justin’s putters: it works to his advantage since he has the skills to maximize it. More classic designs and putter necks will be suitable, along with premium materials.

Products to consider:

  • Odyssey 2023 Tri-Hot 5k #2 Plumber's Neck Putter: The squared-off design of the #2 putter head shape receives the Tri-Hot upgrade, with a high MOI in classic blade form. The plumber’s neck is suitable for a slight-to-moderate arc putting stroke.
  • Odyssey White Hot OG #1 CH Putter: A more rounded appearance compared to the #2, the #1 putter is one of the most classic designs out there. This model comes with a single alignment line on top, and the White Hot insert. Its crank neck hosel is suited for a slight-to-moderate arc putting stroke.
  • Odyssey Toulon Design Madison Putter: Much like the #1 putter head, the Madison also boasts a more rounded appearance. The milled head comes with the premium feel and craftsmanship that is demanded by the very best. Those with a slight-to-moderate arc in their putting stroke will appreciate the plumber’s neck hosel.

Next Steps for Choosing Your Odyssey Putter

For as many golfers who play the game, there are just as many options when it comes to Odyssey putters. While this guide provides a base for you to go off of, choosing your next Odyssey putter will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences, so it’s time to get out there and start experimenting! Also, do not hesitate to reach out to me or another Curated Golf Expert if you have any questions or want to chat about the products you’re considering. Happy golfing!

Jay Anderson, Golf Expert
Jay Anderson
Golf Expert
Hi! My name is Jay. I've ben playing this beautiful game since I was 6 years old. Ever since, this sport has had a grip on me, as I'm sure it has on you. Some fun facts about me: I was TIME Magazine's 2006 Person Of The Year. Owner of several club competitions and several more golf clubs to commemorate such. Best handicap was a 3.4. Every so often, my birthday falls on Masters Sunday. I'm also Half-Filipino and am in The Philippines at the moment. As such, I have a knack for window-shopping for golf equipment, and would love to share my acquired knowledge with you. Ready and willing to help!
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Jay Anderson, Golf Expert
Jay Anderson
Golf Expert
Hi! My name is Jay. I've ben playing this beautiful game since I was 6 years old. Ever since, this sport has had a grip on me, as I'm sure it has on you. Some fun facts about me: I was TIME Magazine's 2006 Person Of The Year. Owner of several club competitions and several more golf clubs to commemorate such. Best handicap was a 3.4. Every so often, my birthday falls on Masters Sunday. I'm also Half-Filipino and am in The Philippines at the moment. As such, I have a knack for window-shopping for golf equipment, and would love to share my acquired knowledge with you. Ready and willing to help!
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