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Callaway Golf Balls: How to Choose

Published on 08/04/2023 · 12 min readFind the perfect Callaway golf ball for your game based on factors like skill level, playing style, and course conditions. Elevate your performance!
Joe Mallock, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

Callaway Superfast golf ball in the fairway. Photo by Joe Mallock

TL;DR: When buying Callaway golf balls, consider your skill level, playing style, and typical course conditions. Callaway offers a wide range of balls with features such as Dual SoftFast Core, Graphene infusion, Triple Track Technology, Hybrid Cover, and HEX Aerodynamics to suit diverse golfing needs. Prices vary based on the features and performance of the balls.

I’ve been a Golfing Expert at Curated for over a year, and I've been golfing for over 25 years now. I have experimented with lots of different golf balls and reviewed many of them, including Callaway Superfast BOLD, Callaway Chrome Soft, and Callaway Warbird golf balls.

New golf clubs can cost a lot, but golf balls are a relatively inexpensive way to make a big difference in your game. Sometimes the more expensive ball isn't even the right ball — it all depends on the feel you prefer, your swing speed, and the way you like to play the course. I'm passionate about helping golfers play the right golf ball, and Callaway golf balls are one of my favorites to share with people!

Why Callaway?

Putting with the Callaway Superfast. Photo by Trisha Mallock

Founded in 1982, Callaway is a premium American golf equipment brand renowned for their state-of-the-art clubs, balls, and accessories. Callaway is known for their innovative technology, quality craftsmanship, and consistent performance, and their products are sought after by golfers of all levels worldwide. From their origins in Carlsbad, California, Callaway is synonymous with golfing excellence, making them a reliable choice for anyone seeking to elevate their game.

With their golf balls, you can expect optimal distance, precision, and spin control, offering you a competitive edge on the greens. Plus, Callaway balls are offered in lots of different colors and t patterns for golfers who want to see the spin on the ball or just see the ball better on the course.

What to Consider When Buying Callaway Golf Balls

1. What Is Your Skill Level?

Your proficiency in golf can determine which Callaway golf ball suits you best. For instance, beginners might prefer balls with more forgiveness, while advanced players might seek balls offering precise control and spin.

2. What Is Your Playing Style?

Consider your personal playing style. If you prioritize distance, a ball designed for long drives might be beneficial. Alternatively, if your strength is the short game, a ball with superior spin control can be more advantageous. Or, consider that maybe if your short game isn't as strong as it could be, playing a softer, high spin ball could help you improve your consistency in short range.

3. What Are the Weather Conditions Where You Usually Play?

Different golf balls perform differently under various conditions. For example, some balls are designed to perform better in windy conditions, while others may offer better control in wet weather. Consider the typical weather conditions of your regular golf courses when choosing a ball.

4. What Is Your Budget? How Much Should Callaway Golf Balls Cost?

Callaway offers a range of golf balls to fit different budgets. Lower-priced options, around $20 per dozen, often provide good all-around performance. Mid-range balls, priced between $30-$40, offer more advanced features like better control and longer distance. Premium golf balls can exceed $50 per dozen, delivering superior aerodynamics, spin control, and total performance, typically preferred by experienced and professional golfers.

What Are the Different Types of Callaway Golf Balls?

Let’s delve into the distinct types of Callaway golf balls and see which of their unique characteristics and potential benefits might be suited for your game:

1. Chrome Soft Series

The Chrome Soft Golf Balls use the new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core to help generate Tour-level speed, spin, and control from driver to putter. Key performance characteristics include a soft feel, more distance off the tee, low-spinning iron shots, and a high level of green side control, making them popular among both amateurs and professionals.


  • Versatile performance ideal for a wide range of players
  • Enhances both long-distance drives and short-game precision
  • Consistent ball flight in all playing conditions

Keep in Mind:

  • Higher price range might not be ideal for beginners or casual players
  • Not optimal for players who prefer a firmer feel
  • May require a higher swing speed to fully take advantage of its technology

2. ERC Soft Series

ERC Soft Series balls feature the groundbreaking Hybrid Cover with a urethane coating for increased grip on the ball for short game shots, plus innovative Triple Track Technology for improved alignment. This series is known for producing longer distances with a soft feel, blending high speed and low spin through its multi-material construction.


  • Triple Track Technology aids in putting alignment
  • Good blend of distance and a soft feel
  • Multi-material construction for high-speed and low-spin

Keep in Mind:

  • Advanced players might want more spin control
  • Not the best choice for players preferring a firmer feel
  • Higher price point compared to other entry-level golf balls

3. Supersoft Series

The Supersoft Series is a two-piece construction ball known for its ultra-low compression core, which promotes faster ball speed and increased accuracy. The HyperElastic SoftFast core formulation enhances feel and provides better greenside control.


  • Ideal for players with slower swing speeds
  • Soft feel and increased greenside control
  • The lower price point is great for beginners

Keep in Mind:

  • Not optimal for players with faster swing speeds
  • Reduced spin might limit short-game control
  • May not provide the desired distance for long hitters

4. Superfast Series

The Superfast Series boasts a fast core, a durable ionomer cover to maximize distance from high launch and low spin shots, plus the brand’s latest HEX Aerodynamics for a longer, more efficient, and satisfying flight. These balls provide maximum distance for a wide range of players.


  • Engineered to provide maximum distance
  • HEX Aerodynamics for efficient and stable flight
  • Mid-range price point offers good value

Keep in Mind:

  • Not the softest feel compared to other Callaway offerings
  • Lacks premium-level greenside control
  • Might not suit advanced players seeking high spin

5. Warbird Series

The Warbird Series features a larger, softer core that results in faster ball speeds for maximum distance. The thinner cover enhances the feel without sacrificing speed and distance off the tee.


  • Built for distance with a larger, high-energy core to unlock the most distance
  • The thin cover enhances the feel
  • Affordable, making them ideal for beginners

Keep in Mind:

  • May not provide the highest level of control
  • Not ideal for golfers seeking high spin
  • Some players might prefer a firmer feel

6. REVA Series

The REVA Series is designed for women, providing optimized distance for moderate swing speeds. The soft ionomer cover promotes better feel and control, while the high-speed core and HEX Aerodynamics provide longer distance and better flight.


  • Designed specifically for women with moderate swing speeds
  • Longer distance with high-speed core and HEX Aerodynamics
  • Soft ionomer cover provides a better feel and control

Keep in Mind:

  • May not be suitable for advanced players with higher swing speeds
  • Less spin control compared to premium offerings
  • Limited to specific markets and might not be widely available

Features to Look for When Buying Callaway Golf Balls

Chipping with the Callaway Chrome Soft. Photo by Trisha Mallock

When selecting Callaway golf balls, consider these unique features and technologies:

  1. Dual SoftFast Core: This technology, as seen in the Chrome Soft series, uses a larger inner core to minimize spin and increase ball speed. The outer core is reinforced with graphene to provide fantastic durability and enhance energy transfer for increased distance. If you're seeking reduced spin and extended durability, this is your go-to.
  2. Graphene-Infused Core: First seen in the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls, Callaway started infusing their dual-core design with graphene. This ultra-strong material enhances the durability and performance of the ball, particularly in delivering high-launch, low-spin long shots. It's perfect for golfers who play frequently and require reliable performance over time.
  3. Triple Track Technology: The Triple Track Technology, which started with the ERC Soft Series, involves three parallel lines on the ball's cover. These lines significantly improve alignment and accuracy in putting. If you often struggle with putting alignment, I would strongly recommend considering balls with this feature.
  4. Hybrid Cover: Callaway's Hybrid Cover, found in the Supersoft and ERC Soft series, combines the benefits of ionomer and urethane. This innovative cover creates an amazing blend of faster ball speeds, high spin, and a soft feel. It's ideal for those wanting an excellent combination of speed, spin, and feel in their game.
  5. HEX Aerodynamics: Callaway has also developed HEX Aerodynamics, which uses a unique pattern to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry and longer distance. The dimple pattern helps to minimize air resistance during flight, promoting a stable, penetrating ball trajectory. If you play in windier conditions or want to maximize your driving distance, look for this feature.

Remember, the key is to align the features with your swing speed, ball flight, short game, and overall skill level. And don't hesitate to experiment a bit until you find the perfect fit!

How to Choose the Right Callaway Golf Balls for You

Callaway Warbird (yellow) off the tee. Photo by Joe Mallock

Below I've outlined three types of golfers I've encountered the most at Curated and on the golf course. Based on some key factors of their golf game, like driving distance, swing speed, short game preference, and general budget, I've also laid out the top ball choices for each player.

Golfer A - Majority of Golfers

Needs: This golfer hits the ball between 220-250 yards with the driver and about 140-150 yards with a 7-iron. The miss with a driver is a slice, and with the irons, it would be great to be able to get the ball up higher to be able to land it softly on the green. Generally, pitches and chips are inconsistent. Sometimes they go too long, and other times not long enough.

Features to Look for: A golf ball that offers a combination of adding more distance, elevating with ease, and providing a softer touch around the green will help this golfer.

Products to Consider:

  • ERC Soft Golf Ball: This ball will give a golfer with a fast swing excellent distance, but even more important, increased control as they get closer to the green. Plus, with the Triple Track Dagger lines, putts per round should also decline.
  • Superfast Golf Ball - Especially for players who want to get their ball higher from tee to green, the Superfast balls will help create a higher trajectory and more distance at the same time.
  • Warbird Golf Ball - The fact that you can pay such a low price and still get a high-quality golf ball is what makes the Warbird such an attractive ball. The reduced spin from this ball maximizes distance, which also means it will help reduce the slice with the driver. Keeping the ball in play makes the game so much more enjoyable!

Golfer B - Slower Swing Speeds

Needs: This golfer has a slower swing speed and doesn't hit the ball very long. So having a ball that goes further would be great. Also, it would be nice to have colorful balls that are easier to find in the fairway and the rough. This golfer has a good short game, though, so it's important that the golf ball doesn't just maximize distance — it must also offer excellent touch.

Features to Look for: A golf ball that has a soft feel, offers long distance, and comes in many colorful options.

Products to Consider:

  • Supersoft Golf Ball: These balls come in white, yellow, red, orange, green, and pink! The hybrid cover on this ball has an incredibly soft feel. And even a moderate to slow swing speed will still get a surprisingly good distance with this ball.
  • REVA Golf Ball - Specifically designed for women who want to maximize distance, the REVA ball comes in white or pink and uses an oversized core with low spin to produce more distance. The more advanced golfers might opt for the ERC Soft REVA, especially because it offers Triple Track Technology for putting.
  • Chrome Soft Golf Ball: The game of golf is played inside of 100 yards, right? So having a ball with the best touch makes sense. The Chrome Soft has outstanding feel, excellent responsiveness, and great spin. Plus, it comes in a variety of colorful patterns, and many iterations offer Triple Track technology, too.

Golfer C: Highly Skilled Golfer

Needs: This golfer is a single-digit handicap, drives the ball 260+ yards, and is able to generate spin with their wedges. They need to be able to shape their shots — hitting a draw or fade or hitting it high or low, or some combination.

Features to Look for: A ball that combines length with excellent spin control and responsiveness.

Products to Consider:

  • Chrome Soft Golf Ball: This ball has an incredibly soft feel, it launches high, it gets a ton of spin greenside, and it is designed for a straight ball flight.
  • Chrome Soft X Golf Ball: If you want to play a premium ball, but prefer a firmer feel, then the Chrome Soft X is a great option, especially if you like to work the ball. If you like the firm feel but prefer to keep the ball straight, then the Chrome Soft X LS is a great choice.
  • ERC Soft Golf Ball: A little less expensive than the Chrome Soft, the ERC Soft can be a great choice, especially for good players who don't have crazy fast swing speeds. It has a very soft feel at impact and good responsiveness (not as much spin as the Chrome Soft balls, though). But, the ball goes higher than the Chrome Soft and even straighter.

Enhance Your Game With the Right Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft out of the bunker. Photo by Trisha Mallock

I love Callaway Golf Balls because of how many options exist. Do you like the Triple Track Technology but prefer the Chrome Soft over the ERC Soft? Well, that option exists. Do you like to play bright colored balls? Well, the Supersoft exists just for you. Or do you just want a good ball at a really reasonable price? Well, that's why Callaway makes the Warbird.

Hopefully, this article helps you figure out which ball to play, but remember that finding the right ball is all about finding the best one for your game, not the priciest or the most recognizable brand. Reach out to me or another Curated Golf Expert and ask for some help. It's what we're here for, and we love helping you find the right ball for your game!


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