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The Top Most Recommended Srixon Golf Balls

Published on 08/31/2023 · 8 min readDiscover the top recommended Srixon golf balls for enhanced performance on the course. This Expert guide showcases the best options to elevate your golf game!
Brendon Elliott, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Brendon Elliott

Photo by James Milstid

There are countless choices in the golf ball market, with nearly 100 different models to choose from among the more recognizable brands in the game. With that many choices, deciding which one might be right for you and your game may be challenging.

I have been a long-time PGA staff professional for Srixon and Cleveland Golf. My relationship with them goes back to when Srixon first purchased and merged with Cleveland in 2007. I have a deep admiration and appreciation for the products that Srixon Golf puts into the marketplace. Additionally, names like Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, Shane Lowry, Brooks Koepka, and Inbee Park all trust in Srixon.

With the above in mind, I am sharing my review and recommendations for the best Srixon golf balls for your game today.

I will be looking at the following:

Aside from the price point difference of each series, each series' performance characteristics will match up nicely for golfers of all ability levels.

It’s time to jump up on the tee box and get more details on all Srixon Golf offers from their golf ball lineup!

Srixon Z-STAR Series: Best Golf Balls For Low Handicaps, Higher Swing Speeds, and More Advanced Players

The Z-STAR series from Srixon is their premium ball offering. These are the balls that Srixon Tour Professionals play. The series is broken down into three different ball models along with a variety of color options, something that has become very popular in recent years.

Srixon Z-STAR

The Z-STAR model offers the most spin in the series. This three-piece urethane-constructed ball has the most greenside spin of any in the Z-STAR series. The Z-STAR is an ideal choice for those with a swing speed over 90 mph who want to maximize their spin around the green and on full wedge shots.

You might think a high-spinning ball may hurt you in the distance arena, but that is not true with the Z-STAR model. With its FastLayer DG Cores, the Z-STAR has a soft core at the center but gets firmer as you move out from the center of that core.

That core construction helps the ball move quicker off the face for exceptional distance while giving you a soft feel and fantastic spin.

The Z-STAR is offered in Pure White, Tour Yellow, and its DIVIDE option, a half Pure White and half Tour Yellow ball—perfect for alignment on the green!

Some may ask, is there a difference between the Z-STAR and their Z-STAR DIVIDE cousin? Other than the two-tone color, the balls are the same construction.

Srixon Z-STAR XV

The Z-STAR XV model provides maximum ball speed off the face of your driver and irons. The Z-STAR XV is a premium three-piece constructed ball that offers better and lower handicap players' tour performance, with the added benefit of distance. The construction between the Z-STAR XV and the Z-STAR XV DIVIDE is the same.

The Z-STAR XV is offered in Pure White, Tour Yellow, and its DIVIDE option—a half Pure White and half Tour Yellow ball.

I play the Z-STAR XV in the DIVIDE Pure White/Tour Yellow combo. I need the added benefit of more distance off the clubface while still having a superior short-game spin around the greens.


The Srixon Z-STAR ♦ DIAMOND is the new kid on the block in the Srixon ball lineup. The Z-STAR ♦ DIAMOND offers a mix of the best from the Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV. This includes impressive greenside control, increased distance off the tee, and increased spin on all your iron shots. The Z-STAR ♦ DIAMOND is offered in the Pure White option.

The comparison chart below breaks down some of characteristics between the Z-STAR, Z-STAR XV, and the Z-STAR ♦ DIAMOND.

Chart compiled by Brendon Elliott with information from and

The Srixon Q-STAR Series: Best For Single Diget Handicappers, Middle Handicappers, and Average Swing Speeds

The Q-STAR series from Srixon is their mid-price point golf ball offering. These golf balls are some of the best on the market for higher single-digit to mid-teen handicap golfers.

The series is divided into three ball models, each with various color options. Colored golf balls have become very popular in recent years, and more and more manufacturers have been producing different color options. Srixon is no different in this regard.

Srixon Q-STAR

The Q-STAR model ball offers lower compression with premium ball performance. The technology offered in the Q-STAR includes:

  • FastLayer: Srixon’s FastLayer offers a great feel and fantastic ball speed off the face of the club. This is Srixon’s sixth generation of FastLayer technology. With it, they have lowered the compression even more so you can launch the ball more off those tough-to-hit, longer irons.
  • SPIN SKIN with SeRM: A thin coating on the ball allows for more grab and spin off your irons.
  • SPEED DIMPLE: With its 388 dimples in a specifically designed pattern, golf balls will have less drag and more lift as they fly through the air.

Incidentally, you can find FastLayer and SPEED DIMPLE technology in Srixon’s golf ball series. The Srixon Q-STAR model is offered in Pure White and Tour Yellow.


The Q-STAR TOUR is Srixon’s softest ball with the tour-level performance most golfers are looking for, but in a formula that matches their non-tour level game.

All the things you love about a tour quality ball, including those characteristics listed below, can be found in the Srixon Q-STAR TOUR ball:

  • Spin without sacrificing distance
  • Three-piece construction
  • A urethane cover
  • A softer feel that you usually can't find in traditional tour balls

Q-STAR TOUR is made with more moderate swing speeds in mind but gives you the ultimate in a premium ball feel. There is a reason why the Srixon Q-STAR TOUR was rated first in Curated’s Most Recommended Golf Balls of 2023! The Q-STAR TOUR comes in Pure White and Tour Yellow.


The Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE is a ball that stands out! With its unique two-color matte urethane cover, this ball looks fantastic and is fun! This is all while offering great technology and added alignment properties.

The Q-STAR DIVIDE’s two-tone, two-color design makes it easier to line up your putts without drawing lines on your ball. Not only that, but you get 360˚ of alignment, so your confidence on the greens can really soar! It also makes chipping and pitching pretty cool, as you can see the ball spin like never before with the two-color combo on the ball.

This spin-off (pun intended) of the popular Q-STAR TOUR ball is more than just a fun golf ball with its choice of colors:

  • White/Yellow Divide
  • Blue/Yellow Divide
  • Red/Yellow Divide
  • Orange/Yellow Divide

It also boasts all the technology that golfers love from the Q-STAR TOUR model, including:

  • Spin without sacrificing distance
  • Three-piece construction
  • A matte urethane cover
  • A softer feel one doesn’t usually find in traditional tour balls

The chart below serves as a guide to help you decide on what ball is right for your game within the Q-STAR Series.

Chart compiled by Brendon Elliott with information from and

Srixon SOFT FEEL Series: Best For High Handicappers, Beginners, More Moderate Swing Speeds, and Women Golfers

Srixon’s SOFT FEEL series is their economy golf ball offering. Despite their lower price point at $22.99 a dozen, these golf balls are some of the best on the market for higher handicap golfers, beginners, or those with slower swing speeds.


The series is broken down into two ball models: the SOFT FEEL, SOFT FEEL BRITE, and the SOFT FEEL LADY. Each has various color options: the SOFT FEEL has two (Pure White and Tour Yellow), the SOFT FEEL BRITE has three (Brite Red, Brite Orange, Brite Green), and the SOFT FEEL LADY has two (Soft White and Passion Pink).

Low compression is part of the secret sauce with these balls. The SOFT FEEL and SOFT FEEL BRITE are both 60 compression, and the SOFT FEEL LADY is 58 compression.

The SOFT FEEL LADY golf ball is excellent for women golfers looking for a ball to give them distance, durability, and spin around the green. The SOFT FEEL LADY also offers a high launch off the driver, something many women golfers might want from a golf ball.

The following is one last comparison chart to help you look for the right ball in this category by Srixon Golf.

Chart compiled by Brendon Elliott with information from and

Next Steps on Picking the Right Srixon Ball for You

I hope this guide has helped you understand all that Srixon Golf has to offer from its golf ball lineup. As a fan of what Srixon produces, you won't go wrong putting the suitable Srixon Golf ball model for your game and tendencies into play the next time you tee it up.

Feel free to contact a Curated Golf Expert for personalized advice if you have any lingering questions or other golf-related needs.


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