Cobra Putters: How to Choose

Published on 09/13/2023 · 13 min readExplore the best Cobra putters for your golf game. From classic designs to modern tech, find the perfect fit for your needs, skill level, and putting style!
Joe Mallock, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

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Tl;dr: When buying a Cobra putter, consider their unique 3D printing technology, which allowed Cobra to create KING putters with the most precise weight distribution. You can choose between traditional designs like the KING Vintage series or modern aesthetics in the KING 3D Printed series. Factor in your putting stroke style and personal design preference for the best fit.

I have been playing golf for over 25 years, and I like to focus on the statistics of the game. During any given round, I consistently hit twice as many shots with my putter versus any other single club in my bag. So I try to practice putting more than any other aspect of my game. Probably about 50% of my practice is spent putting. Finding a putter that made me excited to practice and improve was a critical step in the process towards becoming a better putter.

As an avid golfer and a Curated Golf Expert for over a year, I know how many strokes golfers can save just by making more putts. The putter is a precision tool, and it's important to pay attention to every detail while choosing a putter. The Cobra putters offer a wide variety of options and iterations, and I love helping people find the right putter for their game!

Why Cobra?

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Cobra Golf is a renowned American manufacturer of golf equipment, founded in 1973 by Tom Crow in San Diego, California. Famous for innovation, Cobra introduced the first utility wood, a directional shift that has led to hybrids and other easy-to-hit clubs to help average golfers play like the pros from thick rough and tricky lies.

Today, Cobra continues to innovate in golf club design, like the KING 3D Printed putters or creating iron sets that are all the same length. Cobra clubs are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. American professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau has brought visibility to Cobra's cutting-edge equipment, notably using their putters in his victories.

Golfers considering a Cobra putter can expect a blend of advanced technology and trusted brand reputation. The confidence that Cobra putters instill can help you make decisive putts that go in the hole more often!

What to Consider When Buying a Cobra Putter

1. What Is Your Skill Level and Playing Style?

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Knowing your proficiency and style helps in selecting the right putter. If you're a beginner, a putter that offers more forgiveness might be ideal. That means that even off-center putts still result in the most consistent roll. For seasoned players, a putter with more advanced features for precision might be preferable.

2. What Type of Putter Head Design Suits You?

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Cobra offers a variety of designs, like blade, mallet, fang shape, and others. The choice often depends on your personal preference. Mallet putters are generally more forgiving, while blade putters offer more touch and feel.

3. How Do You Determine the Right Size for Your Putter?

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Size is crucial. A putter that's too long or short can affect your stance and stroke, leading to missed putts. Most putters range from 32 to 36 inches. Ensure the length allows you to maintain a comfortable posture, with your eyes over the ball.

4. How Much Should a Cobra Putter Cost?

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  • Entry Level ($100-$150): At the lower end, you might find simpler designs without the latest tech features. These are often suitable for beginners.
  • Mid-Range ($150-$250): In the mid-range, you'll find putters that incorporate some of Cobra's innovative technologies and materials for enhanced performance.
  • Top Tier (>$250): At the high end, expect the latest technology, premium materials, and often a collaboration with renowned designers. These are for serious players looking for top-tier performance.

5. What Type of Greens Do You Usually Play On?

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Fast greens are easier to manage with a putter that has a heavier head to ensure controlled strokes, while slower greens might require a lightweight feel for more aggressive strokes. Knowing the greens you play on most frequently can influence your putter choice.

What Are the Different Types of Cobra Putters?

There are two putter series to consider: the Cobra KING Vintage putter series and the Cobra KING 3D Printed putter series. Let's dive into both!

Cobra KING Vintage Series

The Cobra KING Vintage series was designed to appeal to a wide audience, accommodating various player preferences and stroke types. The combination of modern technology with classic aesthetics makes the series both appealing to the eye and effective on the green. Here's a breakdown of the types of putters in the line:

  1. Vintage Widesport: The Cobra Vintage Widesport putter is an oversize blade-style design. The putter's sleek appearance and precision milling make it suitable for golfers who prefer a traditional look and a balanced feel. Most notably, this putter produces a very consistent roll, regardless if your putting attack angle is ascending, descending, or neutral.
  2. Vintage Torino: This mallet-style putter has a single-bend hosel, making it ideal for the type of stroke that is straight back and straight through. It’s a very forgiving putter, so whether you hit the ball on the heel or the toe, the result is consistent.
  3. Vintage Nova: A fang-shaped putter, the Nova is optimized for straight back and straight through putting strokes. This putter uses triple lines, so it’s great for players who want to improve their putting accuracy.
  4. Vintage Stingray: With a distinct oversize mallet shape and a single-bend shaft, the Stingray offers another mallet option in the KING Vintage series, tailored for players with slight arc to no arc who are seeking maximum forgiveness and stability. Plus, there’s an interchangeable weight in the sole of the putter, so for players who like to tinker, adjusting the weight can help improve putting tempo and feel at impact.
  5. Vintage Cuda: The Cobra Vintage Cuda putter uses a mallet-style head with a rear-weighted design for increased stability and a smoother putting stroke. Its larger head size provides enhanced forgiveness on off-center strikes, while the alignment aids assist in squaring the face to the target. If you want to improve your speed and directional consistency, the Cuda putter is a great option.


  • A blend of time-honored design with modern technology, making it attractive to a broader audience.
  • With both blade and mallet options available, players can choose based on their individual stroke styles and preferences.

Keep in Mind:

  • With both modern tech and traditional design, there might be overlaps that don't distinctly place the putters in the innovative or traditional category, potentially causing confusion for some buyers.
  • While they have modern-tech integration, the Vintage series might not offer the same precise weight distribution as the 3D Printed series.

The Cobra KING 3D Printed Putter Series

This series leverages 3D printing to enhance putter performance in ways traditional manufacturing couldn't achieve. Let's dive into the types of putters in the KING 3D Printed series:

  1. Grandsport: A blade putter, the Grandsport is the highest moment of inertia (MOI) putter for a blade and is best suited for players with a straight putting stroke. A 3D-printed, nylon-lattice cartridge optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible, meaning the clubhead resists twisting on impact, so it enhances the forgiveness and stability.
  2. Agera: Another large mallet in the series, the KING Agera putter is equipped with a multi-material construction that leverages the 3D-printed design for optimal weight distribution. The stainless-steel chassis lowers the center of gravity, while the forged-aluminum crown positions more mass around the perimeter of the club to make it extremely forgiving. It's versatile and appeals to players with varied putting strokes.
  3. Supernova: With a distinct and innovative shape, the Supernova is a mallet putter that leverages the benefits of 3D printing, tungsten weighting, and SIK face technology (see below) for improved performance on the green.


  • For those intrigued by the latest technology, the visible 3D-printed structures offer an allure of cutting-edge design.
  • The extensive use of 3D printing allows for intricate designs, potentially leading to better customization in terms of weight distribution and balance.
  • The oversized-mallet designs common in this series can be particularly beneficial for players seeking maximum stability during their strokes.

Keep in Mind:

  • The futuristic design might not appeal to traditionalists or those who prefer classic putter aesthetics.
  • 3D-printing technology might make these putters more expensive than traditionally manufactured counterparts.
  • Some golfers might need time to adapt and harness the full benefits of these putters.

Features to Look for When Buying a Cobra Putter

Photo by Trisha Mallock

Both the Cobra KING 3D Printed putter series and the Cobra KING Vintage putter series are remarkable in their innovation and design. While there's an overlap in some of the technology and features, there are distinct differences between the two series. Let's outline these similarities and differences:

Shared Features:

  • SIK Face Technology: In partnership with SIK Golf, both series boast the SIK Golf’s patented Descending Loft Technology, ensuring a consistent launch angle for improved roll and distance control. This is achieved using descending loft technology, meaning the loft of the putter is four degrees at the top and gradually reaches one degree of loft towards the sole of the putter. This means a descending putting stroke and an ascending putting stroke will launch the ball with the same trajectory — very cool technological help to become a more consistent putter!
  • Tungsten Weighting: Tungsten weights are strategically placed in both series to increase the MOI, offering better stability and resistance to twisting because of off-center hits.
  • Arccos Smart Sensors: The grip can be equipped with an embedded Arccos Smart Sensor, which will give you the unique ability to access the Arccos Caddie App to track putting stats and help improve.

Cobra KING Vintage Putter Series:

  • Traditional Meets Modern: Despite integrating 3D elements, its overall design leans more toward the timeless and classic aesthetic of traditional putters.
  • Diverse Range: The Vintage series offers a broader range of putter designs, from blade-style putters like the Torino to mallet designs such as the Nova. This variety caters to a wider spectrum of golfer preferences and stroke types.
  • 3D Printed Integration: While 3D printing is a feature in the Vintage series, it's generally more subtle in its integration, serving as a nylon medallion insert rather than a major structural component.
  • Nylon Medallion Inserts: These 3D-printed nylon inserts help in optimizing weight distribution, ensuring a lower center of gravity and a consistent roll.
  • Adjustable Weight System: The ability to change the weights in the sole of the putter is great for players who like to tinker with their equipment and find the right balance for their putting stroke.

Cobra KING 3D Printed Putter Series:

  • Emphasis on 3D Printing: The primary distinction is the extensive use of 3D printing in this series, particularly in the nylon-insert structure. This technology enables precise weight distribution, which is challenging to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Design Aesthetics: The 3D-printed series generally sports a more futuristic and avant-garde design, underlined by the visible 3D-printed structures on certain models.
  • Size and Shape: The putters in this series, like the Grandsport-35 and Agera, tend to be oversized mallets, emphasizing stability and forgiveness. This size caters to those who want the confidence of a larger head while putting.

How to Choose the Right Cobra Putter

Super long range putt. Photo by Trisha Mallock

Below, I've laid out a few examples of different types of putting issues. If you identify with any, then check out the putters in that section, as they might be the perfect choice for your game.

Persona 1 - The Yips

Needs: This golfer needs a putter with extra weight to help stabilize their shaky hands during short putts and accommodate their limited arc putting stroke. They should look for a putter with a slightly heavier head and a design that promotes stability through impact.

Features to look for: Heavier head for stability, alignment aids for consistent setup, and a mid-mallet or mallet-style head for improved forgiveness.

Cobra putters to consider:

  • Cobra Vintage Torino: The perimeter weighting in the Torino provides stability and forgiveness, while the mallet design suits a limited arc stroke.
  • Cobra 3D Printed Grandsport: The 3D-printed construction allows for precise weight distribution, aiding stability for shaky hands, and the design suits various stroke types.
  • Cobra 3D Printed Agera: This putter offers superb weight distribution and a balanced feel, ideal for addressing shaky hands and limited arc. Plus, there is a 37-inch option, which is great which is great for tall players and also players who have back pain and have a more upright putting posture.

Persona 2: "It Never Goes Where I'm Aiming"

Needs: This golfer requires a putter that complements their arced putting stroke and helps them with consistent alignment, especially for putts that tend to go wide. A putter with a balanced feel is preferable, as they don't want it to be overly heavy.

Features to look for: Alignment aids for improved aim, adjustable weight options for customized feel, and a design that suits an arced putting stroke.

Cobra putters to consider:

  • Cobra Vintage Stingray: The Stingray's mid-mallet design offers both alignment aids and weight distribution to assist an arced stroke and improve consistency.
  • Cobra 3D Printed Supernova: Thanks to the SIK face technology of descending lofts on the putter face, you will get the most consistent rolls with this putter. Plus, the alignment features aid in squaring the face, so you stop missing putts wide and start converting those pars!
  • Cobra Vintage Cuda: The mallet design of the Cuda offers stability and a balance between weight and forgiveness, making it suitable for golfers with an arced stroke.

Persona 3: Goldilocks - Just Right

Needs: This golfer needs a putter that combines the classic blade appearance they prefer with versatility to accommodate their stroke, which they're unsure about. They seek a balanced and adaptable putter.

Features to look for: Classic blade design, adjustable weighting options, and alignment aids for flexibility and ease of setup.

Cobra putters to consider:

  • Cobra Vintage Widesport: The Vintage Widesport's blade-style design appeals to the preference for a classic shape, and its balanced performance suits various stroke types.
  • Cobra 3D Printed Supernova: This putter offers a classic yet adaptable look, and its superbly balanced weight distribution can cater to a variety of putting strokes.
  • Cobra Vintage Nova: The Nova's clean fang design with modern enhancements strikes a balance between classic aesthetics and versatile performance, fitting their "just right" approach.

Find the Best Putter for You

Some players like putters with classic shapes and a heavy feel. For other golfers, it's the alignment system and putter line that matter most. And other golfers prioritize getting a consistent roll and trajectory with every putt.

With lots of options to choose from, there is a Cobra putter out there for you that will give you substantial feel on the greens and a big boost of confidence over each putt. Chat with me or one of my fellow Golf Experts for free, personalized advice to help you figure out the right putter for your game.

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