The Best Jura Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

Published on 09/18/2023 · 8 min readCoffee and Espresso Expert Janelle G. lists the finest Jura coffee makers and espresso machines to bring barista-quality coffee into your home.
Janelle G., Coffee Expert
By Coffee Expert Janelle G.

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Tl;dr: JURA espresso machines are great options for anyone wanting a top-notch super automatic espresso machine to make quality drinks at the press of a button. Consider your price range and desired features in selecting the right JURA machine for you.

As a Curated Coffee and Espresso Expert and a long-time espresso lover, I've advised hundreds of customers on finding the best espresso machines for them. Working as a barista for six years and co-managing a coffee shop for two exposed me to all types of coffee and coffee drinkers — and taught me that there is no “one size fits all” in terms of home espresso machines! I love helping people find the right machine and explaining some of the complex and sometimes jargon-y aspects of home espresso.

JURA Machines

JURA is a well-known and respected name in the super automatic espresso machine world. A Swiss brand recognized for making high-quality and innovative coffee and espresso machines for nearly a century, JURA machines feature an elegant design, easy-to-use interface, exceptional espresso quality, and an ability to create a wide range of coffee drinks at the touch of a button.

JURA super automatic coffee machines and espresso makers are defined by their durable and high-quality construction. Some of their notable features include their pulse extraction process, which uses short bursts of high-pressure water, and their intelligent water system for automatic water filter detection. These features do come at a price, so JURA coffee machines are typically best for those with budgets starting at around $900.

JURA offers a range of super automatic espresso machines, ranging from simple machines that only make a couple drinks to complex drinks meant for high-volume commercial settings. Because of the wide variety of JURA machines, it can be difficult to identify the best option for you. While the best way to do this is to reach out to a Coffee and Espresso Expert at Curated, this article can help get you started with your research.

1. Entry-Level: $700-$1,000

What to Expect: JURA machines under $1,000 are designed for those who want a premium experience and high-quality espresso but don’t need too many bells and whistles or lots of programmability. They might lack some of the advanced features of higher-end models, but they deliver quality espresso shots.

Notable Model and Features:


  • Features: Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, three programmable coffee strengths, four programmed drinks (espresso, espresso doppio, coffee, and coffee doppio).
  • Why I Like It: This is a great machine for the no-nonsense, straight-up espresso drinker who wants to have the best espresso possible at the press of a button. It doesn’t have endless drink options or customizability, but it is durable and reliable and makes a great shot of espresso. It also has a minimal footprint and sleek design.
  • Good For: Single users, small kitchens, and those who solely want espresso and coffee and don’t need a milk frother or milk steamer.

2. Mid-Range: $1,500-$3,000

What to Expect: A balance between price and features. Machines in this range often come with more drink options, better user interfaces, and a little more programmability. All machines in this range and above will have a fine foam technology milk steaming system, providing the option for milk foam with exactly as much froth as you like. Some will also have larger capacities for water and beans, which is good for higher-use scenarios but does take up a little extra space on your counter. However, they won’t have the top-of-the-line features and programmability as the more expensive options and are not built for high-traffic office or commercial use — they are best suited in the home.

Notable Models and Features:


  • Features: Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, milk frother, 10 programmable coffee strengths, 10 specialty coffee settings, three adjustable brewing temperatures, three adjustable water temperatures, compact design, water-saving function, and an energy-saving mode.
  • Why I Like It: This is a great option for those who want to make milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos but don’t need advanced programmability like user profiles. It is also one of the more compact JURA machines, perfect for a small space.
  • Good For: Environmentally conscious users, medium-sized households that don’t need a large amount of water in the machine, and those with limited counter space.


  • Features: Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, 11 pre-programmed specialty coffee drink settings, 10 different coffee intensity levels, 64-oz water tank, 10-oz bean hopper, milk frothing system, separate hot waterspout, and 2.8” thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) color display.
  • Why I Like It: This is an alternative for those considering the ENA 8 but wanting a slightly larger machine, maybe to serve a larger family. It’s nice not to have to refill the water reservoir and bean hopper quite as often. Also a good option for those who love Americanos or want to use the hot water function for tea – the separate spout keeps the hot water pure and free of any coffee residue.
  • Good For: Regular coffee drinkers, households with multiple users, and those who enjoy both coffee- and milk-based drinks.


  • Features: Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, 17 pre-programmed specialty coffee drink settings, 10 different coffee intensity levels, one-touch automatic milk system cleaning, 64-oz water tank, 10-oz bean hopper, milk frothing system, separate hot waterspout, and 2.8” TFT color display.
  • Why I Like It: This is a slightly upgraded option with more pre-programmed drinks and an automatic milk-cleaning system for even easier daily use. An ideal choice for someone who wants more customization and programming but doesn’t need high-tech interfaces like touchscreen controls.
  • Good For: Users who like having a variety of drink options, from latte to cappuccino to macchiato to latte macchiato, at the press of a button; households with multiple users; and those who enjoy both coffee- and milk-based drinks.


  • Features: Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, 15 pre-programmed specialty coffee drink settings, 10 different coffee intensity levels, 64-oz water tank, 10-oz bean hopper, milk frothing system, separate hot waterspout, a “duplicate and personalize” feature that allows you to customize your favorite drinks as pre-programmed options, and 4.3-inch touchscreen color display.
  • Why I Like It: This option stands out in this category for its user-friendly touchscreen interface and usability. If tech features like touchscreens and personalized drinks are important to you, consider opting for the S8. The duplicate and personalize feature ensures that each drink is made exactly to your taste, every time. This is a great tech-forward option that doesn’t get into the full luxury price range.
  • Good For: Anyone who wants a touchscreen machine with added programmability while keeping costs under $3,000.

3. Luxury Range: Above $3,000

What to Expect: The epitome of luxury and innovation. These models come with almost every feature JURA has to offer, including touchscreens, more customizable settings, a broader range of specialty coffees, and smart connectivity.

Notable Models and Features:


  • Features: Pulse Extraction Process, product-recognizing grinder, Wi-Fi connect, 32 hot and cold specialty beverages, 10 programmable coffee strengths, 81-oz water tank capacity, 10-oz bean container, cold brew extraction process for cold-brewed specialty drinks, 3D brewing technology, one-touch milk system rinsing and cleaning function, and 4.3-inch touchscreen display.
  • Why I Like It: This is the ultimate option for a high-tech and customizable home espresso experience. Its unique features, such as 3D brewing technology, cold extraction process using cold water and more coarsely ground coffee, and product-recognizing grinder, will truly elevate a home or small office espresso experience. This is also the best JURA machine for iced coffees, given its unique cold brew extraction process.
  • Good For: Those seeking a top-tier coffee experience with integrated technology, customization, and pre-programmed iced and hot drinks.


  • Features: Pulse Extraction Process, two separate 10-oz bean hoppers, two electronically adjustable disc grinders, dual thermoblock heating systems and pumps and fluid systems, 88-oz water tank, 28 coffee specialties, Wi-Fi connect, and 4.3-inch touchscreen display with AI algorithm to customize the start screen.
  • Why I Like It: The complete dual system inside the machine allows for increased efficiency under high-volume use. Make an espresso while you make steamed milk simultaneously, rather than waiting. The jug of coffee feature allows for a batch brew of up to 5 shots at one touch. This is a perfect option for a high-volume environment, such as homes with frequent dinner parties or offices. Having two separate bean hoppers allows you to store two different types of coffee beans, which is great for those who like having fresh-ground decaf on hand.
  • Good For: High-demand environments like offices, luxury homes, and coffee lovers who want the very best in their kitchen.

Find the Best Espresso Machine for You

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Whether you are looking for a simple, no-frills way to make quick and delicious espresso at the best value or you’re looking for a high-end option for a modern office space, JURA has a machine for you. While the price of these machines will affect the features on each machine, JURA's commitment to quality ensures that even their entry-level machines offer a premium experience and top-notch build quality. When you’re ready to select a machine, please make sure to contact me or any of the other Curated Coffee and Espresso Experts here on Curated for advice.

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