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An Expert Guide to Titleist Putters

Published on 09/14/2023 · 15 min readElevate your golf game with Golf Expert Joe Mallock's guide to Titleist Putters. Choose the perfect putter for precision on the greens!
By Golf Expert Joe Mallock

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Tl;dr: Titleist putters, produced under the Scotty Cameron label, offer unique characteristics designed to enhance your performance on the greens. When choosing these putters consider length, balance, weight, grip, and budget. Notable features include proprietary Scotty Cameron milling, multi-material technology, high-MOI designs, Teryllium inlays, and vibrant alignment aids.


I have been playing golf for over 25 years, and for the last 5 years, I've been playing a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter. It's 33 inches long and is a classic blade shape, plus it has nice, heavy 20-gram sole weights in the toe and the heel for an optimal weight distribution. Hitting the sweet spot feels unbelievable — the metal delivers so much feedback with each stroke, and the consistent sound lets me know I've hit it just right. The Scotty Putter represents the highest level of craftsmanship and a true work of art!

As an avid golfer and a Curated Golf Expert for over a year, I know how many strokes golfers can save just by making more putts. You’re going to use your putter more than any other club over the course of a round, so it makes sense to get an outstanding putter. Scotty Cameron putters are constructed with premium materials, and there is a Scotty putter for every type of golfer out there. I love helping people find the right putter for their game!

Why Titleist?

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Titleist was founded in 1932. It’s an American company, known as one of the best brands in golf. Originating in Massachusetts, Titleist’s company ethos is to create golf gear that enhances performance, and countless tour professionals choose to play with Titleist clubs.

In particular, Titleist’s reputation is built on exceptional golf balls and well-crafted clubs, including putters. The brand's putters, under the acclaimed Scotty Cameron line, embody precision and innovation. Players who want the best control and consistency on the putting green choose Scotty Cameron putters, and for good reason. Let’s explore why!

Critical Questions to Ask When Buying a Titleist Putter

1. What Is Your Ideal Putter Length?

The right putter length is crucial because it influences your stance, swing, and overall control. Titleist putters typically range from 32 to 36 inches, but just because you’re super tall doesn’t mean 36 inches is necessarily best for you. A great way to figure out your ideal length is to take a comfortable putting stance, then measure the distance from your hands to the ground. A properly sized putter improves precision and consistency in your game.

2. What Type of Balance Suits Your Stroke Style?

Putters are generally face balanced or toe balanced. Face-balanced putters suit players with a straight back and straight-through stroke with minimal face rotation. On the other hand, toe-balanced putters are ideal for players with an arced stroke, meaning the toe of the putter head opens on the backswing and then rotates back until the putter face is square at impact. Understanding your stroke style can help determine the balance that will optimize your performance.

3. How Much Weight Do You Prefer in a Putter?

Titleist offers putters in various weights. Some players prefer heavier putters for a stable, solid feel, while others opt for lighter ones for increased control. The putter's proper swing weight is a function of personal preference and playing style. If you’re unsure, it can help to test putters of different weights to discover what you like best.

4. What Kind of Grip Do You Find Comfortable?

The right grip can significantly enhance your feel and control. For example, some players like a really thick grip because it helps them eliminate using their wrists in their putting stroke. Scotty Cameron putters offer all different grip sizes and textures, so you should consider which grip gives you the most confidence when standing over a putt.

5. What Is Your Budget?

A Scotty Cameron putter can range from around $250-$500. All models use superior craftsmanship and materials, but the higher-priced models are usually newer and allow more custom options.

What Are the Different Types of Titleist Putters?

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There are two putter series under the Scotty Cameron brand: the Super Select series and the Phantom X series. Generally speaking, the Super Select options are classic-blade and mallet putters, while the Phantom X putters are bigger, heavier mallet putters that are very forgiving. Let's explore the distinctive types of Titleist putters:

The Scotty Cameron Super Select putters are meticulously crafted and offer a range of putter styles. From classic blades to modern mallets, the Super Select series putters are tailored to enhance alignment, stability, and feel.

1. Newport

The Newport putter is a classic blade-style design. This clean, no-frills appearance is great if you don’t like any distractions while standing over a putt.


  • Precise Alignment: The Newport's simple and clean line for alignment makes it easy to hit your putt exactly where you want to.
  • Soft Feel: The putter's soft feel off the face makes it easier to control the distance of your putts, especially on fast greens.
  • Balanced Weighting: This can help you maintain a smooth, consistent tempo in your putting stroke, just like a pendulum.


  • Minimal Forgiveness: Due to its blade-style design, there isn’t as much weight distributed to the heel and toe, like in a mallet-shaped putter. This means the Newport is not as forgiving on off-center hits.
  • Skill Level: Ideal for golfers who prefer a traditional look and consistently hit putts in the center of the club face.

2. Fastback

The Fastback putter is a mid-mallet design that offers a blend of stability and sleekness. This is a great option if you like the setup of a blade putter but the forgiveness of a mallet putter.


  • Improved Forgiveness: The Fastback's mid-mallet shape enhances stability on off-center hits, producing consistent ball speeds even if you hit the toe or heel of the putter.
  • Enhanced Alignment: Visual alignment cues and sightlines make it easier to line up your putts and hit it where you’ve aimed.


  • Transition: If you’re used to a blade putter, it may take some getting used to when you switch to the mid-mallet Fastback putter.
  • Weight Preference: This putter head is lighter than other models, so if you like a heavier putter head, this might not be the right choice for you.

3. Squareback

The Squareback putter features a compact, square, mallet design that emphasizes stability and alignment. If a modern blade aesthetic is appealing to you, this could be the right putter.


  • High MOI: The Squareback's square mallet design increases moment of inertia (MOI), which means you get a consistent roll regardless of where you make contact on the putter face.
  • Alignment Assistance: Distinct sightlines and alignment aids make it easier to hit your putts on line.


  • Aesthetics: If you prefer a traditional blade or round mallet design, you may not find the Squareback visually appealing.
  • Personal Preference: The feel of the square mallet might not deliver enough feedback for players who want to know how well they hit each putt.

4. Del Mar

The most modern Del Mar putter has a classic mallet shape. What makes the Del Mar unique compared to the other Super Select mallet options is that the shaft connects directly to the heel of the putter face. This contributes to an elegant look and an old-timey feel.


  • Balanced Weight Distribution: The Del Mar's mallet design provides balanced weight distribution, making it easier to putt with a smooth stroke.
  • Soft Feel: The soft feel of the 303 stainless steel promotes better distance control and touch.
  • Classic Look: If you prefer a traditional design, I think you’ll find the classic mallet shape of the Del Mar appealing.


  • Alignment: The line on the back of the Del Mar doesn’t go right to the face of the putter, so you’ll need to be confident in your setup and alignment to use this putter effectively.
  • Feel Preference: If you prefer a firmer feel off the face of the putter, you might need to adjust to the Del Mar's softer impact.

5. Golo

The Golo putter is a face-balanced mallet, which makes it ideal for players with a putting stroke that’s straight back and straight through. This putter has excellent weight distribution and high MOI, which makes it particularly forgiving for off-center hits.


  • Very Forgiving: The Golo's design maximizes MOI to ensure minimal distance loss on mishits.
  • Optimal Weighting: This will make it easier for you to find a better tempo in your putting stroke.
  • Modern Design: If you like a putter with flare, the Golo putter has a unique and visually striking appearance that you’ll appreciate.


  • Transition: If you’re used to a traditional blade or smaller mallet putter, it might require time to adjust to the Golo's larger head size.
  • Alignment Preference: Some golfers might find the alignment features of the Golo unconventional and may struggle with aiming.

Phantom X

The Phantom X putter line is the next generation of Scotty Cameron putters. Unlike the half-moon mallets that you’ll find in the Super Select series, the Phantom X mallets are big and bold. We’re talking about fang-, wingback-, and square-shaped mallets. The hallmark feature of the Phantom X putters is the sole plate, which provides perfect balance in the center of the “X” when the putter is rested on the sole.


  • Multi-Material Construction: The Phantom X's multi-material design optimizes weight distribution, making each stroke feel very stable and controlled.
  • Advanced Alignment: Elaborate sightlines and visual cues can help you feel confident with your alignment.
  • Customizable Weighting: The Phantom X putters have adjustable weights in the soles, allowing you to tinker with the feel from a heavier or lighter putter.


  • Complexity: The Phantom X has a lot going on. If you prefer simple and clean designs, this putter may not be for you.
  • Price: The next-generation putter commands a premium price.

Features to Look for When Buying Titleist Putters

Whether you like the Super Select line or the Phantom X line, here is a list of things to consider when choosing a Scotty Cameron putter.

  1. Alignment Technology: Do you want a putter that offers advanced alignment aids, such as distinct sightlines, dots, or lines on the putter head? Both the Super Select and Phantom X putters have models with more alignment systems and also some models that let you use your feel more. Figuring out your system for lining up putts will help you choose the right putter.
  2. Weight Distribution and MOI: Pay attention to the weight distribution and MOI of the putter. Some of the Super Select and Phantom X putters have weight distributed around the entire putter to achieve a higher MOI. This is a sign of a forgiving putter. Explained another way: If you use a high-MOI putter and hit three putts with the same force on the heel, the toe, and the center of the putter, all three putts will roll with the same speed and go the same distance.
  3. Customization Options: You should check if the putter model offers customization options, like adjustable weights or lengths. Some models within the Super Select and Phantom X lines allow golfers to customize features like weight or length. This can change the feel of the putter and boost your confidence as you line up each putt.
  4. Aesthetics and Feel: Consider the visual appeal of the putter and how it feels in your hands. The Super Select and Phantom X putters come in a variety of designs, from classic blade to futuristic mallet. Choose a design that appeals to your preferences and gives you confidence at address.

Remember, the most important factor in choosing a putter is how comfortable and confident you feel with it in your hands. Trust your instincts as you explore these features and find the perfect Titleist putter for you.

Choosing the Right Titleist Putter

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Below, I’ve highlighted three of the most common types of golfers I’ve seen when it comes to putting. If you identify with one of them, you should dig into that section and check out my Titleist putter recommendations.

Steve: Shaky on the Short Putts

I’ve seen a lot of golfers that have a tendency to miss short putts because of shaky hands, so more weight in the putter would help stabilize their stroke.

Features to look for: This golfer should look for a heavier putter with a balanced weighting system. A mallet-style putter with a larger head size and extra weight would help counteract the effects of shaky hands. Additionally, a putter with a soft feel could enhance control on short putts. This type of golfer should look for a putter that offers clear alignment aids, especially considering their tendency to miss short putts.

Putters Recommendations:

  1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5: This model offers a high-MOI design for a very consistent roll, even if you hit your putt on the toe or heel. Plus, the three-dot alignment system can help you hit putts on the line you set. The soft feel off the face can help control the ball on short putts.
  2. Scotty Cameron Super Select Del Mar: The Del Mar putter's balanced weighting and simple mallet design makes it easy to have a smooth, steady stroke. Plus, the soft feel can help you gain more control of ball speed on short putts.
  3. Scotty Cameron Super Select Golo 6: The Golo 6 also has a high MOI, which can help with consistency — especially for putters with shaky hands. The weight distribution makes for a smoother stroke so that you don’t feel as jittery on short putts.

Willy: Leaves ‘Em out Wide

This golfer has a moderate to extremely arched stroke. This person tends to leave putts out wide (out right for a righty, and out left for a lefty), and they don’t like a putter that’s too heavy.

Features to look for: If this is something you struggle with, then a putter with proper alignment aids and a toe-hang putter to complement your arced putting stroke is essential. The toe hang helps bring the clubface back to square at impact, since your putting stroke has an arc to it (as opposed to a straight-back and straight-through putting stroke).

Putter Recommendations:

  1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5: The Phantom X 5.5 features a mid-mallet design with multiple alignment lines. Plus, it offers a balanced feel that isn't overly heavy, so you feel like you’re more in control of the club face.
  2. Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2: The Newport 2 is a classic blade design with simple alignment aids. Again, this putter is not too heavy, and it has adjustable weights in the toe and heel so that you can lighten the feel.
  3. Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2: The Squareback 2 has a medium toe hang, which is perfect for players with an arced putting stroke. This will help make sure the putter is square at impact, so that you hit the ball where you want and stop leaving it out wide.

Charles: Likes the Classic Look but Isn’t too Sure

This golfer knows that they need a new putter, but they’re not sure where to start. They like the classic blade look, but they are not sure how much arc is in their stroke. This person is like Goldilocks: They don't want either end of the extreme — they need a new putter that is "just right."

Features to look for: This golfer is looking for a balanced option with a classic blade look, so it's important to find a putter that offers a blend of forgiveness, alignment assistance, and versatility in stroke type. Since this golfer is unsure about the amount of arc in their stroke, a putter that accommodates a range of stroke types would be ideal.

Putter Recommendations:

  1. Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2.5: The Newport 2.5 combines the classic blade appearance with a bit more forgiveness due to its slightly larger head size. This model has a classic beauty and works well for a range of stroke types and is a perfect choice for golfers seeking a "just right" fit.
  2. Scotty Cameron Super Select Fastback 1.5: The Fastback 1.5 is a hybrid blade with a mallet rear, which creates stability on off-center hits and makes it suitable for a range of stroke styles. The alignment features provide guidance for setup, and its balanced weight distribution is very agreeable for a range of golfers.
  3. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7: The Phantom X 7 has a slightly larger mallet design with prominent alignment features. The putter's fang shape makes it even more forgiving than the other two options, and the adjustable weights allow you to customize the feel if you like to tinker.

Find the Right Titleist Putter for You

Between all of the Super Select blades and mallets, plus the Phantom mallets, there’s a Scotty Cameron putter out there to give you outstanding feel on the greens and a big boost of confidence over each putt. We know it can be a challenge to understand exactly which putter is right for you, which is why Curated Golf Experts are happy to chat and ready to help you figure out the right Titleist putter for your game.

Curated experts can help

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