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An Expert Guide to Smith Goggles

Published on 09/29/2023 · 11 min readLooking for some new eyewear for this winter? Check out this comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect pair of Smith Goggles to hit the slopes with.
By Snowboarding Expert Gaelen Mast

Photo courtesy of Smith

TL;DR: Smith is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to ski and snowboard goggles. They have dozens of different models, and it’s very likely that one is right for you. To choose the perfect Smith goggles, consider the fit, lens type, and your budget. Smith also has several specialized technologies like ChromaPop™ for enhanced vision, MAG™ for easy lens change, and Fog-X anti-fogging that make their goggles top-notch and are worth considering. Finally, remember to check helmet compatibility to make sure your new goggles will fit!

Hi, my name is Gaelen, and I'm a lifelong snowboarder! I've been riding for over half my life at this point and usually average about 50 to 80 days on hill per season. When I first started snowboarding, I rode mainly in Massachusetts, which has a mild enough winter climate that you can get away without wearing proper goggles. However, as my snowboarding journey progressed and I began riding in places like Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon, I quickly discovered that a good pair of goggles was non-negotiable.

Fast forward to today: I've been able to test over a dozen pairs of different goggles and hone in on the features that matter and the features that don't. While I enjoy geeking out on these things on my own, I also really like sharing this knowledge and helping people improve their gear kits! I'm able to do that right here on Curated as a Snowboarding Expert, where I give people free snowboard recommendations! Today, I want to explore one of the most prominent goggle brands: Smith!

Who Is Smith?

Photo courtesy of Smith

Smith Optics was established in 1965 in Sun Valley, Idaho, and is a brand known for inventing the first-ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. This new style of goggle was much less prone to fogging up and provided better protection from the elements. Today, Smith is renowned for its innovative goggles, helmets, and sunglasses for skiers, snowboarders, bikers, and generally outdoorsy people. Smith provides quality goggles that are used by amateurs and professionals alike, and they continue to push the envelope with new cutting-edge technology.

What to Consider When Buying Smith Goggles

Is that a Smith goggle/helmet combo I see!? Photo by Olaf Kraus

1. Are the most expensive Smith goggles going to be the best?

Well, it depends! There’s a common misconception in snowboarding that the more expensive the gear, the better it is. However, it simply isn’t as cut and dry as that. Sure, a more expensive pair of goggles from Smith might have lots of cutting-edge technology, but it’s important to ask yourself if you really need the top-of-the-line ones. The answer may well be no, you do not need all that fancy tech, and a more basic and affordable option would better suit your needs. The rest of this article will help you determine which features you actually need, as well as which options from Smith might be best for you!

2. What is the right size and fit for you?

Comfort and fit are essential for goggles to function effectively. An improper fit won’t protect you from snow and will easily fog, no matter how good the goggles are! Typically speaking, their goggles are one-size-fits-all unless they are specified as men’s or women’s or children’s. Smith also makes XL goggles for particularly large heads and a variety of other goggle styles to fit different face shapes. Understanding your face size and shape helps you choose a model that won't be too tight or loose. Furthermore, if you wear glasses, consider models designed for over-the-glasses use.

3. What type of goggle lenses are most suitable for you?

Photo by Travis 182

Not all goggle lenses are created equally, and the ones you’ll want depend on the weather conditions you typically encounter at the mountains you ride/ski. At the very least, you should have a pair of goggles for bright and sunny conditions and cloudy conditions/when it’s snowing or you’re riding at night. Luckily, many Smith goggles come with a bonus lens, so if you pick the right pair, you’ll get goggles that can handle the full spectrum of lighting you might encounter. If you frequently need to swap goggle types, it’s worth getting a pair with an interchangeable system for easy lens changes.

4. How much should Smith goggles cost, and are they worth the money?

Smith goggles are around $150-$250 for most models, but they also have great budget options, such as the Smith Frontier, which are well under $100 and still quite decent. Some of their goggles are also over $300, which are the ones packed to the brim with high-end technology like MAG interchangeable systems, ChromaPop lenses for enhanced color and clarity, and superior ventilation and anti-fog systems. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all that tech later in this article!

Now, I know you can go on Amazon and find goggles that look just as cool for a fraction of the cost, but take it from me and don’t do this. This is a trap I fell into when I bought my first pair of goggles. I got what I thought was a cool pair (see photo below), and I was stoked about them until I tried them out, and they failed miserably.

Cheap goggles like these are flimsy, scratch easily, and don’t fit properly. Even if you can find a pair that seems sturdy, they’re still not going to work well because these types of goggles rarely have any anti-fogging properties. You’ll more than likely be riding blind from fogged-up goggles within a couple of minutes of hitting the slopes. All that is to say, quality goggles from a professional brand like Smtih are worth their weight in gold. Visibility is vital for obvious reasons, so make the proper investment and do it right if possible!

What Are the Different Types of Smith Goggles?

Smith offers several different goggle lines, each with unique features designed to enhance performance on the slopes. Here are a few:

1. Smith MAG

This MAG line is all about performance and convenience and is perhaps Smith’s most well-known line. Goggles in this series feature Smith's MAG™ lens change system, which uses the power of magnets to allow users to quickly change lenses to match conditions. Plus, these models often feature Smith's ChromaPop™ lens technology for enhanced color clarity and contrast.

  • Benefits:
    • Quick, easy, and secure lens change system due to the MAG™ technology
    • Offers excellent field of view with virtually no blind spots
  • Keep in Mind:
    • Goggles in this series tend to be on the expensive side
    • The magnet system, while convenient, can be delicate

2. Spherical

These lenses mimic the shape of your eye to create a natural view with less distortion, and they offer a wider field of vision. Smith's spherical models also feature technologies like ChromaPop™ that maximize visual clarity. Goggles will spherical lenes are referred to as I/O within the product listing.

  • Benefits:
    • Wide field of view and less distortion due to the spherical shape
    • Tends to have better peripheral vision than cylindrical lenses
  • Keep in Mind:
    • Generally more expensive than cylindrical models
    • Some users might prefer the look of cylindrical lenses

3. Cylindrical

These goggles have a flat lens that curves horizontally across your face. The design gives them a sleek, low-profile look while still packing performance. Many cylindrical goggles have features like Fog-X anti-fog technology and durable Carbonic-X lenses.

  • Benefits:
    • Provides a trendy, low-profile aesthetic
    • These are usually more affordable than spherical models
  • Keep in Mind:
    • Some riders may experience slightly less peripheral clarity compared to spherical lenses
    • These may not have as wide of a field of view as spherical models

4. Over-the-Glasses (OTG)

If you wear glasses, this is the category for you. Smith's OTG goggles are specifically designed with extra interior space to fit comfortably over most eyeglasses. There’s no need to sacrifice vision clarity on the slopes! They also feature excellent anti-fog capabilities to keep your glasses from steaming up inside the goggles.

  • Benefits:
    • Provides a comfortable fit for those who need to wear eyeglasses while skiing or snowboarding
    • Avoids the need for prescription ski goggles
  • Keep in Mind:
    • They may have a bulkier design due to the extra space for glasses
    • Some styles might not provide a fit as secure as non-OTG goggles

Features to Look for When Buying Smith Goggles

Photo by Andrey Yurlov

Here are some of the features and technologies Smith employs in their ski and snowboard goggles that set them apart from other brands.

  1. ChromaPop™ Lens Technology: This is one that Smith is very well-known for. ChromaPop™ technology filters two specific wavelengths of light to eliminate color confusion for your eyes. The result is sharper, more defined, and more natural vision.
  2. Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens: Not being able to see due to foggy lenses is a huge bummer. That’s why Smith uses Fog-X technology, which is a hydrophilic, micro-etched surface that absorbs moisture and prevents fogging.
  3. Tapered Lens Technology (TLT): This is a game-changer. It straightens out incoming light rays to eliminate distortion in the peripheral vision. The result is crystal-clear vision with no optical illusions.
  4. DriWix Face Foam: Comfort is king, especially during long days on the mountain. Smith's DriWix Face Foam is a dual-layer, dense foam with a plush microfleece layer that wicks away sweat. It creates a cushioned seal between the goggles and the face, which prevents moisture from entering the inside of the lens.
  5. QuickFit Strap Adjustment System: This system allows for easy and fast strap adjustments, with a clip buckle for on-the-go convenience. No more fumbling with your goggles when you're out in the cold!
  6. Hydroleophobic Lens Coating: Smith's hydroleophobic coating repels water, dirt, and grease that may land on your goggles, maintaining a clean, clear lens even in harsh conditions. Think of it like Rain-X for your goggles!

As always, consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Happy shopping!

How to Choose the Right Smith Goggles

Photo by Billion Photos

Now it’s time to apply all this Smith goggle knowledge in some real-world scenarios. Below are three examples of Curated customers with their own specific needs and preferences. For each example, I’ll cover what features they should look for in a pair of Smith goggles and which products from Smith would suffice.


Heather is looking for a pair of goggles that will work for any day on the hill, and she wants to be able to easily switch out the lenses. She doesn’t mind spending more on a quality pair of goggles and knows she has a larger head she’ll need goggles to accommodate.

Features to look for:

  • Goggles that feature an extra lens (bonus points if they’re MAG for easy lens swap)
  • Goggles that come in an XL size for larger heads

Products to consider:


Brad needs goggles that allow him to see the terrain better. After having too many close calls with trees because he just couldn’t see them, he decided he needs some goggles that are going to provide the utmost clarity.

Features to look for:

  • Goggles with Chromapop for better color contrast
  • Goggles with an anti-fog treatment so his goggles don’t fog up on him
  • Bonus: goggles with TLT to eliminate peripheral view distortion

Products to consider:


Lindsey is desperate to find goggles that will fit comfortably and seamlessly over her glasses. She doesn’t want to spend more money than she has to and really doesn’t care about other features, so long as her glasses fit comfortably when she’s wearing her goggles.

Features to look for:

  • Mid-range priced goggles
  • OTG-style goggles

Products to consider:

Find the Best Smith Goggles for You

The Smith Squad XL Goggles. Photo courtesy of Smith

As you can see, there are plenty of different models offered by Smith, and each model has its specific technologies. In order to pick the right pair, you should consider your needs and use cases for goggles so you can decide on which goggle technologies are important for you. From there, you can create a list of the best goggles for you!

Hopefully, now you feel more confident in navigating the sea of goggle options, but your research with Curated doesn’t have to stop here! That’s because here on Curated, you can connect with me or another Snowboarding or Skiing Expert, and we’ll provide free, personalized gear recommendations no matter your riding style (you could be a total newbie or a pro) to get you kitted and fitted for your next adventure!

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Gaelen Mast, Snowboarding Expert
Gaelen Mast
Snowboarding Expert
FYI: I'm not a salesman or a robot! I've been snowboarding for 11 years and work at a snowboard shop in Colorado. Send me a message if you want me to pick out some gear for you!.Consider me a resource on your snowboard gear hunt for any and all questions!
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7589 Customers helped
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Written by:
Gaelen Mast, Snowboarding Expert
Gaelen Mast
Snowboarding Expert
FYI: I'm not a salesman or a robot! I've been snowboarding for 11 years and work at a snowboard shop in Colorado. Send me a message if you want me to pick out some gear for you!.Consider me a resource on your snowboard gear hunt for any and all questions!
175 Reviews
7589 Customers helped

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