What Are the 10 Best Women's Golf Bags?

Published on 10/12/2023 · 9 min readDiscover the top 10 women's golf bags to elevate your game in style. This expert guide helps you choose the perfect bag for your needs!
Elissa S, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Elissa S

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If you’re searching for a golf bag, whether a seasoned golfer or new to the game, the array of options can be overwhelming. There are a lot of different brands, a lot of different types, and a lot of different styles.

I’m hoping to help introduce you to several options I’d personally recommend for a range of golfers, from beginner to professional and from walkers to cart riders. But first, here are several features that golf bags have in common that you should think about before deciding on one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Bag

1. The Number of Dividers

Golf bags range from one to 15 dividers. The term “X-way top” is usually used to reference the number of dividers for those searching for a bag with a certain count. Some people often want more dividers if riding a cart or traveling often with their clubs. More dividers keep your clubs from hitting each other and possibly causing wear. However, if you often walk, use a push cart with your clubs, and don’t carry as many clubs, fewer dividers could be sufficient for you.

2. The Number of Pockets and Special Features

Bags range from having insulated cooler pockets to accessory pockets for keys and cards to wide pockets for your shoes. Some special features that may be useful include an external ball slot, an integrated umbrella holder, and even a place to store your rangefinder.

3. The Strap System

If you are a course walker, this choice will affect you the most. Be sure to choose a bag with wide, well-padded straps. Most bags also have a carry handle, which would be sufficient for those using carts.

Carry Bags

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The lightest bags for walkers or an easy Sunday round, carry bags are often the lightest options available and include the least amount of features. This makes it easier for an effortless 18 holes wearing your bag.

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

The Sunday Golf Loma Easy Carry bag is a great lightweight stand bag option. Standing 31in tall, this bag can hold 6-7 clubs comfortably and comes with a carry handle and a strap. The bag also has a valuables pocket lined in velour for storage of items such as keys, wallet, and cell phone. This Sunday golf bag has a cooler pouch that can fit two cans or one bottle as well. This is a great option for those wanting to practice at the range or get in an evening round.

2. Ram Golf Lightweight Stand Carry

The Ram bag is another great choice for those who walk the course. Coming at a cheaper price tag, this is also a great starter bag. This bag is smaller in size than other bags listed and includes auto-pop legs to help stand your bag. Like the other carry bag listed, the Ram has a molded hip pad for easier carrying and a dual-strap system to evenly distribute the weight. Though smaller in size, this bag also includes a valuables pocket, apparel pocket, and bottle pouch.

Stand Bags

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These offer the most versatility, although they are typically heavier than carry bags. Stand bags are designed for players who walk more than they ride. It’s also a great option for those who need those extra pockets for storage, as they often include more than a carry bag offers.

1. MacGregor Golf Ladies VIP Hybrid Stand Bag

This bag really surprised me — it offers a lot for the price. Stand bags don’t usually have 14-way dividers. This helps with organization while carrying and makes it easy to find which club you need. This bag also offers automatic pop-out legs and adjustable, padded shoulder straps with a four-point harness and molded hip pad.

This bag definitely gives you everything you could need in a golf bag: ball and tee pocket, valuables pocket, full-length apparel pocket, and bottle storage. It also includes a rain hood, velcro glove holder, umbrella holder, and buckle for a towel.

Lightweight and versatile, this bag is great for those looking to walk 18, hit the driving range, or even ride the cart. Since it’s a hybrid, it’s a solid choice for any golfer of any level.

2. IZZO Ultra-Lite Stand Bag

This bag is for walkers! The Ultra-Lite stand bag weighs only 3.2 pounds, making it super easy to carry and transport. The bag seems to be very durable, created with high-strength polyester, sure to last a long time. This bag includes those nice feature pockets like the heavier bags do, including a waterproof valuables pocket and dual straps for easy carrying.

Unlike other bags mentioned, this bag only has a four-way top for clubs, yet it also boasts an umbrella holder and a rain hood. This bag would be best for those who prefer to walk the course.

3. Taylormade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

What makes this bag special is the “crossover” effect, making it appropriate for both walkers and cart riders. The bag has a cart-strap passthrough, yet it also has removable fixed straps. The strap, which is a backpack style, can be used for walking the course or removed to be a better fit while riding or using a pushcart.

This bag also has a 14-way top for organizing your clubs. More compartments reduce the chance of damaging your clubs and making them easier to find. Like other bags mentioned, it also includes a valuables pocket for your keys, phone, and wallet, as well as a good-sized cooler pocket. This bag’s versatility makes it a suitable option for every golfer, whether you ride, use a pushcart, or walk 18.

4. OGIO FUSE Stand Bag

This bag, price-wise, is reaching more toward the higher end. You may wonder why this bag is more costly than others. Here’s what I noticed: First, these colorways available will definitely make a statement on the course, with vibrant colors and patterns that are vastly different from other brand’s bags. But the features available in this bag are what sell me.

This bag has six front-facing pockets for valuables, balls, and water bottles. It also includes an umbrella holder; foam-molded, double-shoulder strap with a self-balancing system; alloy towel ring; velcro glove holder; and even a pen holder. What’s unique is it also includes a three-ball silo on the outside for easy access.

You’d think with all of those features the bag might be heavy; however, it comes in at just 4.4 pounds. Just like the IZZO, the OGIO has a four-way divider top, which may deter you from purchasing if you like to keep all clubs separated. This bag would be ideal for course walkers who love eye-catching bags with unique features.

Cart Bags

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Even heavier with a base at the bottom and plenty of storage pockets, these bags were built to be mounted on a golf cart or push cart and include optimal front pockets for easy access to everything you need on the course.

1. Ram Golf Lightweight Cart Bag

As the name suggests, this bag is lightweight at 4.9 pounds, yet it has a lot of features of the other bags mentioned. There are 14-way dividers for all of your clubs, including an oversized putter slot, two apparel pockets, a valuables pocket, and a drink pocket.

In addition, there is a front accessories pocket with three tee slots, an umbrella holder, a rain hood, and a dual towel and glove clip. This bag also has a padded shoulder strap, which works well for walking or transporting to and from your car.

This bag is good for walkers or cart riders, and it might be attractive to beginners as well since the price is on the lower end and still includes everything you could want in a golf bag.

2. 2024 Sun Mountain Women’s Stellar Cart Bag

As a cart rider, this would be a bag I would use. They are lightweight golf bags and include a lot of features, including two integrated lift-assist handles for getting the bag on and off the cart; 13 full-length, individual dividers for your clubs; and 11 easy-access pockets that are front-facing, making them easily accessible when strapped to your cart. It includes a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket; an apparel pocket; accessories pockets; and beverage pockets.

The bag also has cart bumpers for durability, as well as durable fabric overall and a matching rain hood included. The Sun Mountain would work well for a range of golfers since it is both lightweight enough to carry or push and sized for your cart. This bag comes in six colors and weighs under six pounds.

The Tour or Staff Bag

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The heaviest bag, this is larger and usually used by golf professionals because of all it can carry. This bag usually has the most pockets but is also the largest in size and therefore sometimes unable to fit on a cart mount. If using a push or pull cart, make sure they are compatible with the weight of your bag.

1. Cleveland CG Staff Golf Bag

As mentioned, tour bags are the heaviest bag, and this one comes in just under 14 pounds. Looking at the picture, you can tell this bag wouldn’t fit on a cart mount because of its shape, size, and pocket locations.

This bag has nine pockets total, including two that are velour-lined for valuables, two water bottle pockets, and a magnetic-top pocket. This bag also includes a hidden umbrella holder. These pockets on this bag are large enough to hold an extra outfit, rain suits, towels, and even an extra pair of shoes.

2. Callaway Rogue ST Staff Bag

Now I mentioned tour bags previously, and this is what I’m referring to. This bag is insane. Often used by tour professionals, this bag includes a rangefinder pocket, an umbrella sleeve, and two full-length apparel pockets.

If that doesn’t entice you, it also offers a six-way top with a velour-wrapped cuff, a padded comfort strap that conforms to the shape of your shoulder, a perfectly balanced base, a matching rain hood, and nine pockets in total. With all of these additions, however, this bag is larger and heavier, weighing 11 pounds.

This bag would be best for professional golfers and their caddies. This is a premium-style bag, pricier than others but well worth it. You have plenty of room for your gear, it has great durability, and it includes a spacious ball pocket for your golf balls. The downside to this bag is the size — most staff bags are heavier and more cumbersome than others, and they may not fit as securely on a golf cart.

Choosing the Best Bag for You

I hope this information helped you choose your next golf bag. If you are stuck on which bag would work best for you, reach out to one of our Curated Golf Experts, who will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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