The Best Mizuno Golf Gear

Published on 10/21/2023 · 7 min readElevate your golf game with Mizuno's finest gear. From irons to hybrids, we've reviewed it all to help you swing with confidence.
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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So you want to buy Mizuno golf gear but aren't sure what's the best pick?

I’ve been playing this amazing game for more than two decades, and Mizuno has always been a top name when it comes to equipment — specifically irons. While they might not have the advertising dollars of TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist, Mizuno makes gear that can hold its own with any of these brands.

Today I'll review the best Mizuno equipment to help you buy with confidence and find the right equipment to help your golf game.

Best Mizuno Golf Gear

Some of the most common questions I hear from golfers are:

  • Do tour players use Mizuno?
  • Are Mizuno drivers any good?
  • What are the best irons from Mizuno?
  • What is the difference between Mizuno JPX and MP irons?

I'll answer all those questions and more. Let’s start by reviewing the Mizuno golf gear within each category.

Mizuno Irons

Did you know that Tiger Woods used Mizuno irons when he was an amateur golfer and early on in his professional career? Eventually, he switched to Titleist and then Nike, but Mizuno helped create one of the best ball strikers ever.

As I mentioned, Mizuno has always been a top name when it comes to irons. However, most golfers associated them as only being a good fit for low-handicap players, which was pretty true, as most older designs looked sleek but were quite unforgiving for the everyday golfer.

Luckily, Mizuno has expanded their product lineup to include irons sets for mid- to higher handicappers as well. Now, all types of players can enjoy the look and feel of these amazing clubs.

Mizuno JPX Irons

Their other types of irons are the Mizuno Pro series, in which there are three models to choose from: the 221, 223, and 225.

The 221 is the ultimate muscleback and the least forgiving model but a top pick for skilled players who want enhanced shot-shaping capabilities. These are a popular choice among professional golfers who want a smaller, blade-like design.

The 223 or 225 is likely a better fit for low to mid-handicappers. What's so exciting is that you can also create combo sets with all three iron sets. A lot of players prefer the 225 in their longer irons for more forgiveness and the 221 or 223 in their scoring irons.

Make sure to check out the best Mizuno irons for all types of players to find the right set for your swing.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi

Other clubs I’ve been lucky enough to test out are the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi irons. These irons are much more forgiving than traditional long irons and an easy way to improve your long game.

Mizuno used the material that is normally used in their fairway woods for the first time in these new utility irons. This makes them “hot,” so the golf ball gets a better energy transfer of the face for longer distances.

These long iron replacements put an emphasis on ball speed above all else. They have a longer head length and a more offset, wider sole than the popular 225 irons.

What’s awesome about these clubs, too, is not only the bigger head design but the hybrid shaft. By using a lighter shaft than a normal iron, it’s much easier to hit consistently well and hit them higher.

These irons are available in 2 (16.5 loft), 3 (19 loft), or 4 (21.5 loft) but unfortunately only available for right-handed golfers. You can also get the “black out, lights out” look where the chrome is replaced without blacked-out ion plating.

In terms of utility irons, these are no doubt some of the best-looking clubs in golf.

Mizuno Hybrids

Mizuno ST Hybrid

Prior to attending the PGA Show in 2023, I had never hit a Mizuno hybrid or even knew they had utility clubs. But I was in need of a 2H replacement, as my Callaway Rogue ST Pro wasn’t adjustable, and wanted a club with higher launch.

So I tested the Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrid and was quite impressed. It’s a low-spinning, high-launching, adjustable hybrid that looks incredible when you’re standing over the ball.

I hit the ST-Z 230 2HB (16 degrees) very well and would definitely recommend it to mid-low-handicap golfers. They also have a 19-, 22-, and 25-degree option as well. These Mizuno clubs are also very adjustable compared to other hybrids and can adjust two degrees in either direction.

So what’s the technology that makes these clubs nearly as pure as their irons? The CORTECH Chamber helps add more weight closer to the face for less spin (necessary for faster-swinging golfers). It also has a thick sole weight, which helps lower the speed spot for a very high center of gravity. This produces a high launch, helping the golf ball to land softly on the greens.

Not to mention, it’s just a phenomenal-looking club. It’s not nearly as big as some hybrids and has plenty of workability, with the midsize design and quick-switch hosel.

If you’re tired of hitting long irons or need a hybrid replacement, this is one of the best choices.

Or, if you want a Mizuno hybrid with some more forgiveness, check out the ST-X 220 instead. This has a higher-launching, bigger clubhead that has a built-in draw bias for higher handicappers.

Mizuno Wedges

Mizuno also makes some high performing wedges too.

They have different profiles to fit different types of swings and typical playing conditions. Here’s a quick overview of each to help understand the difference between each wedge grind.

  • X-Profile: This low-bounce profile is ideal if you have a shallow angle of attack or play firm course conditions.
  • S-Profile: This high-bounce profile is better for full shots with a gap wedge or pitching wedge.
  • D-Profile: This mid-bounce profile is likely the best choice for most golfers and is flexible in all playing conditions.
  • C-Profile: This is another mid-bounce profile and one of the most versatile options for all types of wedges.
  • V-Profile: This is a high-bounce profile geared for players with a steeper angle of attack. It’s the best choice when playing in soft, wet conditions or fluffy sand.

Mizuno Drivers

Mizuno isn’t really well known for their drivers and fairway woods, but I’ve been impressed by their recent lineup. They have three drivers to fit different types of golfers. Here’s a quick recap of each:

  • Mizuno ST-G: This is their lowest spinning, tour performance driver. It’s ideal for faster-swinging golfers who want to minimize spin to maximize distance. This is the club most tour players will use.
  • Mizuno ST-X 230: This model is the most forgiving option in the Mizuno driver lineup. It has a mild draw bias and adjustability They also have a PLTNM version which is an ultra-lightweight version of the ST-X 230. It’s ideal for slower-swinging golfers and senior players.
  • Mizuno ST-Z 230: This model has a neutral clubface to help promote a straight ball flight and maximum workability. It’s also lower spinning than the previous model making it a topchoice for low handicap golfers.

Mizuno Golf Balls

You might not realize it, but Mizuno does make golf balls as well. Here are the four options to choose from:

  • RB Tour X: This is a high-compression, soft-feel golf ball that has tons of short-game spin. This is the best pick for lower-handicap players with faster swing speed who need less spin off the tee.
  • RB Tour: This is the softest Mizuno golf ball with a slightly lower trajectory and even less spin with a driver.
  • RB Max: This three-piece ball provides the highest trajectory and moderate short-game spin.
  • RB 566: This two-piece golf ball is soft, low compression, and one of the better choices for beginner-intermediate golfers. It’s also cheaper than the other three Mizuno golf balls.

Choose the Right Mizuno Golf Gear for You

Photo courtesy of Mizuno

Mizuno golf clubs are extremely well made and can help all types of players on the golf course. There’s no doubt the irons are their best category of clubs, but their hybrids and woods are impressive too. Contact a Curated Golf Expert today if you have any questions or need any help finding the right equipment for your game.

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