What Are the Best Kitchen Tools? A Look at the Top Recommended Tools & Utensils for the Home Kitchen

Published on 10/25/2023 · 8 min readFrom whisking to slicing, and everything in between! Discover the tools and utensils that transform meals and elevate every culinary experience!
Charlene F, Kitchen Expert
By Kitchen Expert Charlene F

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At the heart of every culinary experience is the kitchen. The canvas, if you like, is a chef’s knife, and a cutting board and silicon spatula are the all-essential utensils that bring a masterpiece to life. But with countless kitchen tools and utensils available today, which ones truly deserve a spot in your kitchen? And which kitchen gadgets do you genuinely need? Amidst the vast array, which utensil stands out as the most useful? To kick-start putting together your dream kitchen, I’ve curated a list of 20 kitchen essentials and recommended products to ensure every dish you put together isn't just food but an edible masterpiece.

1. Best Chef’s Knife: Zwilling Pro Chef Knife 6"

Photo courtesy of Zwilling

This do-it-all chef’s knife is a must-have. This nimble 6” model from Zwilling is made from high-carbon stainless steel and boasts a precision-forged, ice-hardened blade. With its unique blade curvature, it promises smoother slices and diced fruit every time – from tomatoes to ginger, lemons, and carrots – and it’s even dishwasher-safe. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on large cuts of meat or sizable vegetables, like cabbage, an 8” model may be better suited. Sharpen it regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.

2. Best Meat Cleaver: Global 6.25” Meat Cleaver

Photo courtesy of Global

While a cleaver is better suited for more advanced chefs, every meat lover should eventually have a reliable cleaver to split and cleave meat and bones with absolute precision. Global's made-in-Japan offering is top-notch, designed specifically to execute clean cuts without tearing. But it’s not just about its sleek design; the balanced weight distribution – which is important since you don’t want an instrument that’s too heavy to handle – and sharp edge ensure effortless meat and bone cutting. Its stainless-steel makeup also promises durability and resistance against corrosion, which is a key factor to keep in mind as it can be a pricy addition to your kitchen.

3. Best Kitchen Utensil Set: Le Creuset 5-Piece Utensil Set

Trust Le Creuset to produce a nonstick utensil set to stir, flip, baste, and serve with eye-catching, aesthetic charm. The silicone spatula is gentle on cookware (especially your cast iron skillet) and easy to clean, and the ergonomic handles ensure comfortable usage, all while adding a pop of color to your kitchen. The only downside is that silicon utensils lack a hard edge and are not the best choice if you’re looking to flip a piece of meat or chicken. The included color-coordinated crock is a bonus addition storage solution that'll look right at home next to your espresso machine.

4. Best Cutting Board: Joseph Joseph Folio Steel Cutting Board

Crafted for functionality and style, these boards come with colored tabs, so you will never worry again if you placed vegetables on the meat board. Designed with anti-slip feet and stainless-steel bars to ensure stability, the fingerprint-proof organized storage case is a bonus for those who appreciate a tight-looking countertop.

5. Best Kitchen Tongs: Circulon Tools Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs Set, 2-Piece

Photo courtesy of Circulon

Every kitchen deserves these easy-to-hold yet sturdy stainless steel tongs. Be it for flipping that perfect steak or serving salad, they’re essential. Plus, their clever locking feature allows you to easily stash the tongs quickly and neatly in your kitchen utensil drawer. To care for them, use a little baking soda and hot water to clean them, and simply wipe them dry.

6. Best Wooden Cooking Utensils: Anolon Teak Wood Tools

These gorgeous Brazilian teak wood utensils not only bring an earthy aesthetic to your kitchen but promise durability that will last a lifetime, provided you care for them properly (i.e., don’t stick them in the dishwasher too often). This set from Anolon is finished with a food-safe natural oil for a glossy finish, and the 13-inch handles make it easy to reach the bottom of your pot to scoop that last bit of soup. If making sauce is a weekly affair, set aside the wooden spoon for your sauce’s exclusive use – wood utensils can sometimes retain flavors, so each week’s sauce will simply get better and better.

7. Best Kitchen Utensil Set: Anolon Tools and Gadgets SureGrip Nonstick Kitchen Utensil Set, 6-Piece

This set is ideal for home cooks who value their cookware and want longevity from their utensils. This six-piece BPA-free set includes essentials like a 12" mini-turner and a 13.25" slotted spoon. With a nonstick design and heat safe up to 400°F, these will be your go-to kitchen utensils to ensure all of your pots and pans remain scratch-free.

8. Best Food Preparation Bowls: Joseph Joseph Nest Prep & Store 8-Piece Bowl & Lid Set (Stainless Steel)

Made from stainless steel, this stackable, freezer-friendly set is all about versatility and compact storage. As the stainless steel doesn’t retain flavors or colors (like ceramic can), you can do everything from marinating meat to proofing dough and whisking salad dressings in these bowls. The non-slip grips at the base also keep the bowl from moving, and the snap-in lids keep your food fresh and your fridge free of odors. The biggest downside is that, unlike glass, you can’t stick these bowls in the microwave, but maybe that’s not a massive deal breaker for you.

9. Best Kitchen Spoon: Anolon Tools and Gadgets SureGrip Nonstick Solid Kitchen Spoon

That one spoon that appears at every Sunday meal? This is it. This 13.25” spoon with a clever silicone loop handle guarantees that every bit of your delicious stew gets served without sticking.

10. Best Kitchen Scissors: Wüsthof Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears

A pair of reliable kitchen shears is a game-changer, and Wüsthof delivers with their Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears. They’re not just for cutting; these sharp, heavy-duty shears clip herbs precisely, tackle thicker fish bones, and cut through chicken without effort. While their pull-apart design means easy cleaning, Wüsthof recommends hand cleaning instead of sticking them in the dishwasher.

11. Best Box Grater: Cuisinart Box Grater with Storage

Grate, zest, measure, and store with ease. This grater, with its measurable storage solution, ensures no ingredient goes to waste. The non-slip base is particularly helpful when grating with speed and energy. While a rotary grater may work better and faster with hard cheeses, this affordable all-in-one model from Cuisinart is hard to beat.

12. Best Colander: Cuisinart Colander

Thanks to a lifetime guarantee, this Cuisinart Colander will be the only colander you’ll ever need. Drain pasta, rinse fruits, or wash veggies effortlessly. Its sturdy design and evenly distributed perforations ensure rapid drainage. The stay-cool handles make it comfortable to hold, even when steaming hot. That said, if space is an issue, a collapsible model will work better.

13. Best Silicone Baking Mats: Anolon Advanced Bakeware Silicone Nonstick Baking Mat Set, 2-Piece

Goodbye, sticky messes! These silicone baking mats (oven-safe up to 480°F) ensure even baking and a nonstick experience every time. Not only do they save parchment paper, but they also offer a consistent baking surface for cookies and pastries – just be sure to get the right size to fit your baking trays.

14. Best Pizza Cutter: Anolon Tools and Gadgets Pizza Cutter and Server Set

You may think you can live without a pizza cutter, but slicing and serving pizza just feels better with Anolon’s cutter and server set. Designed with a stainless steel finger guard and thumb tab, its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the sharp wheel cuts through even the thickest crusts.

15. Best Kitchen Scale: Zwilling Enfinigy Kitchen Scale

Photo courtesy of Zwilling

This is not your average kitchen scale. The Zwilling Enfinigy Kitchen Scale delivers precise measurements (to 0.1oz/1g) with a sleek, modern design. It also unlocks a database of recipes via a QR code to give you off-the-cuff ideas should you be having one of those “what should we eat” days.

16. Best Knife and Scissor Sharpener: Cangshan Adjustable Knife Sharpener + Scissor Sharpener

Photo courtesy of Cangshan

Maintain the sharpness of your knives and scissors with the Cangshan sharpener. The easy-to-manipulate design is great for beginners as it comes with adjustable angles catering to various blade types (including ceramic), so you’ll never be stuck with a dull blade.

17. Best Measuring Cups and Spoons: OXO Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find that 1/2tsp? OXO’s unique magnetic feature puts an end to this by keeping all cups and spoons together, allowing for easy separation as well. As with all OXO tools, it’s built for durability and ease of use.

18. Best Garlic Press: Joseph Joseph CleanForce™ Garlic Press

Say goodbye to the chore of garlic mincing. This press uses a downward force to efficiently crush garlic cloves with a trigger-operated wiper blade to remove garlic without unnecessary wastage. Bonus points for being easy to clean and ergonomically designed.

19. Best Whisk: All-Clad Stainless Steel Whisk

When it comes to whisking, it's all about control and consistency. The All-Clad Stainless Steel Whisk delivers on both. Sturdy and well-made with a strong grip (no slippage issues) and evenly spaced times, it ensures an effortless mix, whether you’re whisking eggs or creaming butter and sugar, every time. It's the ideal companion for airy meringues, velvety sauces, and everything in between.

20. Best Meat Thermometer: Thermoworks Thermapen® ONE

Never second-guess your meat’s doneness again. The Thermoworks Thermapen® ONE provides lightning-fast and precise temperature readings in just one second. Its accurate readings can mean the difference between a juicy steak and an overcooked one, so it’s definitely a kitchen essential.

Find the Best Kitchen Tools for You

Photo by Africa Studio

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