Callaway Hybrids and Utility Irons: How to Choose

Published on 11/01/2023 · 9 min readCurious about Callaway's hybrids and utility irons? Delve into the details of each option in this guide so you can choose the best club for your game!
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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TL;DR: Explore the new Callaway hybrids and utility irons to hit high-launching shots so you can say goodbye to your long irons for good. Callaway’s new technology is a literal game changer and adds tons of versatility to your game.

Callaway Golf recently expanded their lineup with innovative hybrids to simplify long, challenging shots for most golfers. Whether you need pure distance, a fairway finder off the tee, or something to help with off the deck on long par 4s, there is a great Callaway club for you. Even aggressive swingers have a new option in their latest utility iron, too.

I’ve played Callaway drivers and fairway woods ever since the Epic driver was released in 2019, and I absolutely love them. As a +2 handicap, I use the low spin models and went from the Epic to the Mavrik, to the Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond, and now the Paradym Triple Diamond.

I’ve also played their hybrids – most recently, the Callaway Rogue series – which was a solid choice as well. But it didn’t have any adjustability features, which was frustrating as I couldn't tweak the lie angle and loft.

After hitting the newest hybrids from Callaway, I’m impressed with the results and think they're a big upgrade. My goal is to help you find the best Callaway hybrids and utility irons to make long shots a lot easier.

Who Is Callaway?

Photo by Callaway

Callaway is one of the most well-known brands in the golf world. They’ve been making equipment since the early 1980s and are a favorite among pros and amateurs alike. Callaway is responsible for some of the most revolutionary clubs ever, including the Great Big Bertha, Odyssey 2-Ball putter, and now, their A.I.-designed drivers. I’ve played their drivers since 2019, and it’s made a massive difference in my overall performance off the tee.

Whether you’re a newer golfer, an avid weekend warrior, or a PGA Tour professional, there are some great Callaway clubs to improve your game.

What Are Hybrids and Utility Irons?

Hybrids and utility irons are some of the best additions to your bag and are recommended for every type of golfer. Even as a skilled golfer, I carry a hybrid and driving iron because they’re much more reliable than a traditional long iron. A utility iron is a more forgiving type of long iron that is much easier to hit and generally higher launching than a long iron that comes in a standard set of clubs.

The low torque and firm feel of these clubs offer more stability – not to mention a lot more forgiveness. The shafts, like the HZRDUS Smoke Black HY, also make these clubs much easier to hit than long irons, which have a heavy steel shaft.

Don't let pride get in the way of playing your best golf. If PGA Tour and LIV golfers are using these clubs, you should too.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Hybrids and Driving Irons

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So, how do you choose between a hybrid or driving iron? It's a good question, as both can help with optimal trajectory and soft feel from longer distances. Not to mention a lot more forgiveness than long irons, thanks to the confidence-inspiring shape.

I’d argue that the majority of everyday golfers should opt for a hybrid instead of a utility iron. Utility clubs are much easier to hit than longer irons, and all have a player's graphite shaft, which is much easier to hit than a True Temper Project X. But if you're a low handicap who plays X-stiff shafts in your clubs, the UT iron might work out well. Also, all hybrids and irons come with Golf Pride's Z grip, which has a firm feel but provides plenty of traction.

What Are the Different Types of Callaway Hybrids and Utility Irons?

Callaway now has five hybrids and one utility iron for long iron replacements. Thanks to Tungsten weighting and a sophisticated face architecture, these clubs are longer and more forgiving than ever. Let's review each to see which one will suit your swing the best.

Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid

The Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid is a newer club that is part fairway wood, part hybrid. The Super Hybrid has “driver like distance” with a hybrid type of design, which should inspire a lot of confidence. The biggest difference between this hybrid and others is distance. The new A.I. lightweight design makes this club easy to create more speed for longer distances.

The larger design also makes it one of the most forgiving. It also has Callaway’s OptiFit 3 hosel, which gives you complete adjustability to dial in the ball flight and launch. This new Callaway hybrid is available in five lofts: 2H (16), 3H (18), 4H (21), 5H (24), and 6H (27).

Lower loft hybrids replace longer irons (2, 3, 4), while more loft replaces mid-irons. This adjustability lets you change the club's loft two degrees for maximum customization.

This Callaway hybrid comes with a UST Mamiya Recoil Dart HYB graphite shaft, which is a mid-launch, low-spin shaft. It’s also available in light to extra-stiff flex, making it a top choice for all types of golfers.

Callaway Paradym Hybrid (Three Models)

The Paradym series hybrids are available in three models: X, Star, and standard Paradym. They have a different design and technology from the Super Hybrid, which is more like a fairway wood than a true hybrid as it’s built for distance.

Here’s how each club differs from one another to find the best option for your game.

Callaway Paradym

The original Paradym is the best choice for a moderate-swing speed golfer who wants a mid-sized wood-shaped hybrid. It is a high-launching hybrid with neutral flight bias thanks to a low CG position (center of gravity). This results in less spin and faster ball speeds. This versatile hybrid is available in four lofts (18-27°). Each has adjustability features to find the right launch and shot shape as well.

Callaway Paradym X

The Paradym X hybrid is a little more forgiving thanks to its larger, wood-shaped design. If you’re looking for distance and slice forgiveness, this is the best choice in the Paradym lineup.

This adjustable hybrid is available in 3H-7H (18–30° of loft, depending on the club) with two stock shaft options. Slower swinging golfers should opt for the Aldila Ascent PL Blue 50 graphite shaft as it’s lighter and higher launching. Moderate swinging golfers should opt for the Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 Silver shaft.

Callaway Paradym Star

The Paradym Star is the lightest hybrid in the Paradym series and is 33g lighter than the original design. This makes it a top choice among senior golfers, beginners, and players who don’t have as fast of a swing speed.

This hybrid has more loft and more upright lie angles to help promote a high launch with draw bias. Even the shaft and grip are ultra-lightweight, making this one of the lightest hybrids in golf. Unfortunately, these golf clubs are right-hand only (RH).

Callaway Great Big Bertha Hybrid

The final hybrid option from Callaway is the lower-priced Big Bertha hybrid. This is very similar to the Paradym X as it has more offset, designed for distance and forgiveness. If you prefer hitting hybrids over mid or long irons, this is likely the best option. They offer the Big Bertha hybrid in 3H-9H (19 to 36 degrees of loft), and each one is adjustable, too.

Callaway Utility Iron

Callaway offers some solid irons, including the new Apex Pro series, but unfortunately, they only offer one driving iron. The Apex Utility Iron (UT) is a nice update from previous designs with its updated look and dynamic sole design. This helps the club cut through the turf more efficiently for more ball speed and distance.

The new Apex Utility Iron is also more compact, which more advanced players tend to prefer. However, it still has a much wider sole than a traditional long iron, so it cuts through the turf with ease.

Whether you want to swap out a long iron or need a driving iron, the Apex Utility is a great choice. It’s available as a 2, 3, or 4-iron with a graphite or steel shaft choice (I’d suggest most golfers opt for the 80g graphite shaft). The 115g steel shaft is primarily for low handicappers (and pros) who have an above-average swing speed.

If you're looking for a new go-to club with a longer blade length than a normal iron, the Forged UT iron is likely the best choice.

How to Choose the Right Callaway Hybrid and Utility Iron

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Now that you have more information about each type of club, here are a few examples of which club is best for different players.


Jake has a 15 handicap and hates long irons. Long irons are challenging to hit, even for skilled golfers, which is why engineers created hybrids and utility clubs.

Features Jake should look for:

  • As a 15-handicap, I’d suggest replacing everything up to a 5-iron to improve his long game scoring.
  • The best choice for hybrids is likely the Callaway Paradym hybrid. It’s much more forgiving and easier to hit than any long iron or even the utility irons. It’s a great club to hit on long par 3s, tight par 4s, or even for a second shot to get on some par 5s in two shots.


Steve has a 5 handicap and doesn’t love fairway woods. As a lower handicap, Steve has some more options.

Features Steve should look for:

  • Steve should consider the Super Hybrid from Callaway. It’s longer than the Paradym irons and built for distance above all else.
  • Adding a 2H (16° of loft) is a great club to use off the tee when finding the fairway is a must.
  • Then, I’d suggest adding a utility iron if he’s not a big fan of a 3/4 iron in his set. It’s much more forgiving and will help with confidence on long par 3s or par 5s that can be reached in two shots.

Find the Best Callaway Hybrid and Utility Iron for You

Photo courtesy of Callaway

Don’t make golf harder by trying to hit long irons. Use a hybrid or utility iron for high ball speeds, more forgiveness, and more confidence. Par will be a much easier score to get with these clubs and offer the best technologies to help your game.

Compare each hybrid design, loft, and shaft to find the right one to add to your golf bag. Make sure to reach out to a Golf Expert here on Curated if you have more questions about Callaway golf equipment.

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