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TaylorMade Hybrids and Utility Irons: How to Choose

Published on 10/25/2023 · 9 min readDive deep into the nuances of TaylorMade's latest hybrids and utility irons. From detailed reviews to tailored advice, our guide demystifies the selection process!
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

Photo courtesy of TaylorMade

Tl;dr: Discover the power of adding TaylorMade hybrids and utility irons to your game for better performance from long range. Don’t let your long irons hold you back any longer.

Getting the most out of your golf game has a lot to do with playing the right equipment.

TaylorMade has an impressive range of hybrids and utility irons that can help your long game without swing changes. Whether you need a new “fairway finder” club off the tee, need help hitting into long par 4s, or need a long iron replacement, they have a ton of awesome choices.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my 20+ years golf career is not adding these types of clubs sooner. Hybrids or utility irons can make long, challenging shots much easier, and I can’t recommend them enough for every golfer.

Let’s review the latest lineup of TaylorMade hybrids and utility irons to compare design features to find out how they can help your golf game.

Who Is TaylorMade?

Photo courtesy of TaylorMade

TaylorMade is one of the “Big Three” names in the golf equipment industry. They’ve produced clubs since 1979 and have some of the biggest names in the game playing their equipment, including Tiger Woods, Scottie Scheffler, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, and countless others.

TaylorMade has always offered a large selection of clubs for all types of players. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, everyday golfer, or just getting started, they have tons of equipment choices.

What Are Hybrids and Utility Irons?

Hybrids and utility irons are popular clubs that are being used by tons of players - even among professional golfers. As an amateur golfer, adding one or both of these clubs to your set can have a big impact on your long-game performance.

Because let’s face it: Long irons are hard to hit … even for consistent golfers. I’m a +2 handicap and have a hybrid, utility iron, and a combo-iron set (with a more forgiving 5- and 6-iron) just to make those shots a lot easier.

Hybrids can replace high-lofted fairway woods like a 5- or 7-wood or even longer irons. Utility irons can replace 3- to 5-irons and some high-lofted fairway woods as well.

Ultimately, hybrids are more forgiving and easier to hit than driving irons. They also have adjustability features that can help too. Being able to change loft and lie to fit your swing is a nice bonus that irons don’t provide.

Luckily, TaylorMade has a good selection of both types of clubs to help your long game.

TaylorMade Hybrids and Utility Irons

TaylorMade Hybrids

TaylorMade has three new hybrids, and each has Inverted Cone Technology (as have many of their predecessors) but they've gotten a nice upgrade with an ultra-thin face. The new design helps improve maximum distance, toe strikes, heel strikes, and has a sweet sound. The graphite shaft in each club also is a lot more forgiving than a standard iron shaft and helps with better launch conditions too.

Let's review each hybrid and utility iron to see which one will suit your swing the best.

1. Stealth 2 Rescue

The first TaylorMade hybrid is the Stealth 2 Rescue, which is geared for mid-handicap golfers. TaylorMade considers it the “cheat code” of golf with its tour-inspired shape that makes shots from nearly any lie significantly easier.

The new design in the Stealth 2 improves speed across the face, making it “hotter” and longer than ever. It still has a modern, inviting design that isn't overly large like some hybrids.

This model has a high-launch profile, mid-low spin, and neutral flight bias. It’s available in 2-, 3-, or 4-hybrid with a Mitsubishi Kai'li Red hybrid shaft.

The shaft weighs between 69–96 grams, depending on which flex you choose … a stiffer flex equals a heavier shaft.

2. Stealth 2 HD Rescue

The Stealth 2 HD Rescue club is a little different from the original design. The HD (which stands for high draw) is better suited for higher-handicap golfers who struggle with a slice.

This Rescue club has a larger profile and deeper CG to promote an even higher launching shot. The higher lofts also help encourage a better launch and more forgiveness than the Stealth 2. Not to mention, the draw bias is super helpful to straighten out your ball flight.

This hybrid is available in 3- to 6-hybrid (20–31 degrees of loft) and comes with an easier-to-hit shaft than the original design, the Fujikura Speeder NX Red HB. This is a lightweight (50–60 grams) shaft made for slower swing speeds.

The high-launch shaft, with its other features, makes this one of the most forgiving, easy-to-hit hybrids in golf.

3. Stealth 2 Plus+ Rescue

The last hybrid from TaylorMade is the Stealth 2 Plus, which is designed for lower-handicap golfers. It has a smaller design than the Stealth 2 but is still a lot more forgiving than a normal long iron (or utility iron).

This hybrid is a mid-launch, mid-spin golf club with a neutral flight bias. Like the other hybrids, it does have adjustability features to fine-tune the ball flight and spin.

The Stealth 2 Plus Rescue is only available in 2- to 4-hybrids and has the same Mitsubishi Kai'li Red shaft as the original Stealth 2.

TaylorMade Utility Irons

TaylorMade has three options when it comes to driving irons (also commonly referred to as utility irons): the Stealth DHY, Stealth UDI, and P790 UDI.

1. Stealth DHY Utility Iron

The Stealth DHY is a lot larger than the UDI and made for mid-handicap golfers thanks to its easy-to-launch design. The large sweet spot and wide, yet playable, sole make this a superior driving hybrid iron.

This driving iron has a higher launch, more distance, and more forgiveness than the other driving irons below. It’s shaped for confidence, with the longer blade length and wider sole for improved turf interaction and forgiveness.

The Aldila Ascent Black shaft is a major upgrade from a normal long iron too. It weighs between 96-109 grams (based on S or X flex) and has a mid-low launch.

Players can choose between a 2- (17), 3- (19), 4- (22), and 5- (25) iron. The 2- and 5-iron are only available in right-hand models.

Unlike hybrids, there is no adjustability to the lofts of these golf clubs.

2. Stealth UDI Utility Iron

The TaylorMade Stealth UDI is the choice for more consistent golfers who don’t need an iron with as much forgiveness. This iron has a traditional look and is perfect for golfers who need a fairway finder with tight tee shots on shorter holes.

It’s significantly smaller than the DHY model, but this makes the club more “playable.” The clean design makes it easier to work the golf ball in either direction and change ball flight.

The UDI is powered by new SpeedFoam Air technology, which helps produce a penetrating ball flight and tons of playability. This iron comes with the same Aldila Ascent Black shaft as well.

Players can choose between a 2- (18), 3- (20), and 4- (23) iron.

These are similar to the Mizuno Pro Fli Hi, which are another top choice for utility irons.

3. P790 UDI

The last option is the P790, which is only available in a 2-iron RH model. It’s the lowest-launch, lowest-spin iron in the TaylorMade series. The 790 series are known as “players irons” thanks to their smaller shape and increased workability.

This club is not recommended for the everyday golfer as it’s very unforgiving and not easy to hit from the fairway. However, it’s a solid choice for low-handicap golfers who have plenty of swing speed and like hitting “stingers” off the tee.

This driving iron comes with a Project X HZRDUS 85-gram shaft, which is a low-launch, low-spin profile. If you have the clubhead speed, these are some of the best irons in golf.

Choosing Between Hybrid and Driving Iron

Photo courtesy of TaylorMade

Instead of thinking, “Should I buy a hybrid or driving iron?” why not ask if both can help you out?

For example, I have an 18-degree hybrid (which replaced my 5-wood) and a 3-driving iron. My hybrid goes 15–20 yards farther with a lower ball flight. The driving iron has a mid-launch shaft that helps me attack par 5s in two shots. Both work well in helping inspire confidence in all types of long-game shots.

Honestly, most golfers should not carry a standard 3- or 4-iron from their set, as it’s just making golf a lot more difficult. Instead, having a driving-iron alternative (or several) can help your long game tremendously.

I'd love to see more golfers with a 5-wood (or equivalent hybrid) paired with another hybrid or utility iron. These golf clubs have incredible feel and versatility, and they make the game so much easier!

Start by identifying what is the longest playable iron you feel confident hitting, whether it’s a 4-, 5-, or 6-iron. Then look at your 5-wood (or equivalent hybrid) and find the gap where your long game needs some help. You'll see the easy launch and confidence-inspiring shape are addicting and will likely never play a standard long iron again.

How to Choose the Right TaylorMade Hybrid and Utility Iron for You

Here are a few examples of different types of players to help you choose the right clubs for your game.

  • High handicappers or fighting a slice: The Stealth 2 Rescue HD is likely the best option as it’s easy to hit, high launching, and can help straighten out your ball flight.
  • Mid handicappers: The Stealth 2 Rescue is likely the best choice as it’s much easier to hit than long irons and very high launching. You can adjust the club to dial it for your swing and even add several in your bag to replace higher-lofted fairway woods too.
  • Low handicappers: If you want a hybrid, the Plus model is the best choice thanks to the smaller design. But if you’re the type of golfer who likes irons over hybrids, the Stealth DHY is a phenomenal option. If you’re close to a scratch golfer, the UDI might be an even better fit.

Find the Right TaylorMade Hybrid and Utility Iron

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Rescue. Photo courtesy of TaylorMade

TaylorMade has a solid selection of hybrids and a few good driving irons for more explosive ball speeds and higher trajectory shots from long range. These forgiving golf clubs are much easier to hit than traditional long irons and can’t recommend them enough.

I hope that this article has pointed you in the right direction for your next TaylorMade hybrid or utility iron. If you have more questions about choosing the right long iron replacements, get in touch with a Curated Golf Expert today.


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