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Published on 10/30/2023 · 8 min readStep up your game with our in-depth look at the most recommended golf clubs! From drivers to putters, we break down top picks for players at every skill level.
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Jacob Wetzel

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One of the most satisfying feelings that you can have on the golf course is accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself before the round. Whether that goal was to make one par, to break par, or to have no three-putts that day, one of the best ways to achieve your goals is to play with the right equipment for you.

Over the years, I have consistently played golf at a high level, from shooting under par in Division 1 golf tournaments to still shooting in the 70s today. Having worked in the golf industry for well over a decade, most recently as the caddiemaster at the Kiawah Island Club, I have been able to put various equipment to the test to see how it performs.

I find great joy in assisting others with their golf game, and have a passion for testing different clubs. In this article, I review my top 5 most recommended golf clubs that are available today to complete your golf bag and lead you down the path of continuous improvement.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

If you want to improve your driving immediately, try out the new Stealth 2 from TaylorMade. The technology packed into this clubhead will narrow your misses and increase your distance.

Combining its patented Twist Face technology with a new red carbon fiber clubface, TaylorMade has designed a masterpiece with a giant sweet spot that allows players of all skill levels to absolutely send it off the tee. In my first session with this driver, I immediately noticed the improvement in how the ball flew off the clubface at impact, even compared to recent models like the TaylorMade Sim and M6. Players of all types will likely see a 10-15 yard increase in driving distance by switching to the TaylorMade Stealth 2, with the potential for even more depending on your current setup and capabilities.

The increased accuracy due to the Twist Face technology also cannot be ignored. TaylorMade constructs the clubface in a way so that off-center mishits, whether struck towards the heel or the toe, perform as though they were struck on center. With this technology, distance and accuracy are not necessarily compromised when you make a less-than-perfect swing.

My most common miss is a “duck hook,” a ball that is struck way out on the toe of the club that stays low and continues hooking. I can attest that a few of my tee balls which felt like they should have been duck hooks stayed in the air and in bounds with the Stealth 2.

You have the option of various graphite shafts with different shaft flex. Extra stiff flex caters to higher swing speeds, while regular flex is designed for slower swings.

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver exceeds all of my expectations concerning distance, accuracy, and feel. I have it as my most recommended club because I believe that it can change your game on day one.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Putter

On a recent trip to the golf mecca that is Hilton Head Island, one of my old pals was talking up his new Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 putter. He joked that it was ‘so good that it should be illegal’, and I was eager to try out the putter producing that kind of confidence.

We met on the putting green of the Shipyard Plantation a few hours before our first round, and I requested a trial run with the Phantom X5. My stroke has always been a bit shaky, but at first setup I felt comfortable and balanced over the ball.

The mallet design is stable and sets up square on the ground. I found it easy to lock my wrist and take the club back on its line due to the balanced weight of the club. Instantly, I was rolling the ball effortlessly.

The alignment line is traditional, on the top of the putter blade, while the shape of the putter is a modern mallet with two balanced wings. The overall feel of the putter face is consistent, and putts that are struck off-center still roll true.

The pistol grip settles well into your hands, and you can really feel the ball as you contact the putt. The Phantom X5 comes in different sizes to suit your preferred shaft length.

After just a single warm-up session with the Phantom X5, you will begin to gain confidence with your stroke. Simply put, the shape and design of the putter make it hard to get the ball rolling too far offline.

With putts from distance, I found that the Phantom X5 is simple to dial in. I was able to lag 40-foot putts consistently inside the circle of friendship, leaving myself a lot of tap-ins.

On short putts, the Phantom X5 is zoned in. I felt confident stepping up to testy three footers, knocking them firmly into the back of the cup.

For amateurs and professionals alike, the Phantom X5 is more than capable of improving putting and lowering scores.

Callaway Paradym Fairway Wood

I have always considered a proper fairway wood to be an essential piece in any set of clubs. I lean on my fairway wood whenever my driver is not cooperating off the tee, or whenever the hole requires less than the long ball.

After testing the Callaway Golf Paradym family of woods, I found the original Paradym to be the most forgiving and longest of the bunch. Callaway uses Jailbreak Batwing technology to provide consistency and speed across the club face, and the center of gravity is positioned low for ideal launch and spin.

Depending on your personal preference, the Callaway Paradym Fairway Wood can be ordered in 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, and Heavenwood. What you will get with every option is consistent, controllable distance.

Hitting the Paradym Fairway Wood dead in the center feels amazing. The sound is solid at impact, and you can really feel how sturdy the club is.

On mishits, the forgiveness across the club face is remarkable and ball flight stays true. I found that shots struck off the toe or heel still carried a playable distance, and my shot dispersion was never far from center.

Callaway consistently produces top equipment, and their line of Paradym Fairway Woods are no exception. If you are looking for reliability off the tee, or a better chance to hit a par 5 in two, look no further than the Paradym Fairway Wood.

Titleist T200 Irons

Titleist is one of the most trusted names in golf, and their products are always at the forefront of golf technology. They have remained a popular brand among PGA Tour players over the years, and their equipment is consistently capable of elite performance.

The Titleist T200 Iron sets are some of the most solid feeling irons that I have ever experimented with. Their sleek style and thin top line make them desirable for both advanced and beginner players alike.

I found the T200s to be as long as any of the other complete sets that I have tested, and while ball speeds were hot off the face, it did not seem to compromise accuracy. I felt in control of my distances, and the pitching wedge through the 4-iron felt good in my hands at address and through the ball.

The workability of the T200s is high. I had no problem working my natural drawing ball flight through the air. If I had to fade or put a big slice on one, these irons were up to the challenge. Overall, the T200s are reliable, accurate, and long.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge

Titleist’s line of Vokey Wedges are consistently the best available, and trusted by professional players across all tours. Their precision from the fairway is accurate, and control around the greens is exact.

The Vokey SM9 can produce max spin from squirrelly lies in the rough around the green, and can assist players of all skill levels in improving their short game and lowering scores.

From a long distance with full swings, I discovered that I was able to lock in the SM9 Wedge rather effortlessly, and I felt in control of the spin on the greens.

There are plenty of loft options and bounce degrees available to choose from, including itching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge. They even offer a 62-degree lob wedge for super flop shots. You also have the choice between steel or graphite shafts, depending on your swing speed and skill level.

Trajectory is optimal with the SM9 Tour Wedge, and I felt that I had the ability to launch the ball high and land it softly. At the same time, I found it easy to fly the ball low and under the wind with less spin.

The Vokey SM9 Wedge is a versatile addition to the bag for players of all skill levels, including scratch players, beginners, and seniors. A better player will enjoy the different types of shots that they are able to play, while those with a higher handicap will benefit most from its consistency around the greens.

Choosing the Right Golf Club for You

#7 Approach Shot at Turtle Point on Kiawah Island. Photo by Jacob Wetzel

There are various options for top golf equipment, each with different characteristics designed to assist you in game improvement and getting the most out of your swing. The five clubs reviewed in this article are my most recommended clubs for all skill levels, intended to complete your bag and give yourself the best chance to lower your scores.

If you’re wondering which club would be the best fit for you, chat with a Golf Expert on Curated for free, personalized advice on picking the right piece of equipment.

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