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This review is my own honest opinion of the wedges, which I bought with my own money in December 2020.

Photos courtesy of Matt Jolley
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About this review This review is my own honest opinion of the wedges, which I bought with my own money in December 2020.

My take

From 120 yard in, to pitches and chips, the Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedges provide a high amount of spin with good control and forgiveness! With so many bounce and grind options, these wedges are so versatile. They have a great feel on solid shots, and a satisfying pop when I hit it just right. These wedges are geared toward the intermediate to advanced player, while also approachable for beginners as well.

Matt Jolley swinging with a Callaway JAWS wedge
Photos courtesy of Matt Jolley

About the club

  • Model: 2020 JAWS MD5 Wedges
  • Loft: 52, 56, 60
  • Bounce: 52 (10 bounce), 56 (12 bounce), 60 (10 Bounce)
  • Grind: 52 (S Grind), 56 (W Grind), 60 (S Grind)
  • Finish: Platinum Chrome

About me

  • Average Score: 90
  • Handicap: 18
  • Experience: 1.5 years
  • Right/Left-Handed: Right
  • Golf Ball Used: Srixon Z Star
  • Angle Of Attack: Steep

Test conditions

  • When I bought these wedges: December 2020
  • Days tested: 4 months
  • Where I’ve used it: Trackman simulator, Greystone Golf Club
  • Weather Conditions: Soggy, dry, soft, sunny, windy.
  • Green Conditions: Bermuda, bent grass. Wet and very dry

How it performs

How it performs star ratings
Feel 4
Bounce 5
Around the green 4
Full shots 5
Launch 5
Forgiveness 3

What I was looking for

I was looking for a wedge that told the truth. I didn't want a super forgiving wedge, I wanted a high-quality wedge that would tell me my misses and be a wedge I could grow with as my game improves.

Why I chose this club

Ultimately, I purchased these wedges because they felt the best for me at approach. They provided the best spin and power on full shots, with the ability to hit draw and fade if I want to as well.

I replaced an older set of Titleist SM5 Vokeys with these JAWS wedges. Ultimately, I found them to feel the best for my swing and I like the shaft offering. My Vokey set was old and the grooves were wearing thin. I was looking for deeper and better grooves, and I can’t get much better than the groove-in-groove technology on the JAWS!

Closeup shots of the Callaway Jaws wedges
Photos courtesy of Matt Jolley

What I love about it

  • Launch: Excellent Launch with a very good descent angle, from 52 through 60. I found that the S200 Stiff shafts pair well with all the wedges for my swing speed (90-93), and the center of gravity is nice and low allowing for great launch too. Even off the bottom grooves, I can get the ball up in the air if I strike the ball first, and with 12 bounce on the 56, I can cut through the turf since I have a steep descent angle. The 12 bounce will still pop that ball right up in the air!
  • Forgiveness: Great forgiveness in terms of getting a straight shot even when I hit off the toe or heel of the club. I feel as the sweet spot is stretched just enough to off-center areas to help with mishits, even if the feel changes on off-center hits. The JAWS wedges are not cavity-backed wedges and do not have as much forgiveness as cavity-backed wedges do, but are still exceptional for a player’s style wedge.
  • Spin: Absolutely savage spin when I hit in the center of the face, and the wedges are still good with mishits due to groove-in-groove technology.
  • Bounce: Generous bounce options and matched with grinds, that provide me with wedges that suit my game perfectly.
  • Around the Green: The wedges produce so much spin that I feel confident in “one hop and stop,” even from very short distances.
  • Full Shots: Full shots have great stopping power due to the deep grooves, and I find that the 12 bounce works best for my steep swing, and the soft to neutral conditions where I live. For diggers, I’d suggest 12 bounce too. I find that the gapping (distance each club hits) is perfect so you can rely on consistent distances for each club.
  • Shaft Feel: The shafts work great for me because I use stiff shafts in my irons. I’ve had a seamless transition using stiff shafts as the feel is similar, especially in the gap wedge (52 degree).
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The Platinum Chrome finish is sharp and cleans up well with a good rag and some polish. They land somewhere between shiny and matte, and I love that look. The blue dots look really cool in the bag!
  • Innovation: I really like the innovation put into the grind/bounce combos as well as the groove in groove technology. While I noticed a little less spin on pitches and chips, full shots will really come ripping back after impact with the green.
Closeup shots of the Callaway Jaws wedges
Photos courtesy of Matt Jolley
Closeup shots of the face of the Callaway Jaws wedges
Photos courtesy of Matt Jolley

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Feel: I feel a hard impact all the way in my hands if I hit one off the heel or toe. Feels very stiff when not hit in the middle of the face, but still gets decent spin and straight flight.
  • Grip Feel: I did not like the Lamkin UTX grips that came on these as stock grips. I felt that the standard grip size felt too skinny in my hands compared to my preferred grips and didn’t provide enough tack for me. I had them changed at my local retailer before taking them home.

Best Shot with this Wedge

Without a doubt, hole 9 at Greystone Golf Club has been my most memorable shot. I had a short 68-yard shot into a green with a backstop. I choked up my 56 as it was soggy that day, so I wanted to take advantage of the 12 bounce W Grind. I hit a good lofted ball that buried into the hillside behind the green. And then POP! It came right out of the hillside, still spinning, and stopped 2 ft from the pin. Sunk that for a birdie on that par 4.

Value for the money vs. other options

The fit, finish, and attention to shaping the head make these worth the money. The partnership with Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s chief club designer, was definitely a good idea and resulted in some high-quality, high-performance wedges. The Callaway JAWS stand up next to Vokey with no problem at all and are a better option for a premium performance wedge that will play for years.

Final verdict

The Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedges are true and will help guide players in learning a good stroke, while also performing well on mishits. I knew I was hooked when I saw these wedges cause the hit and sit, and when I watched the ball hit and spin back for the first time. Newer players will see these wedges unlock a lot of confidence as they learn to swing them properly.

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