The 5 Best Callaway Golf Clubs

Published on 11/06/2023 · 9 min readStep up your game with our expert rundown of the 5 best Callaway golf clubs. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these clubs are set to be the new MVPs of your golf bag.
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Jacob Wetzel

#15 Tee Shot at Turtle Point - Kiawah Island. Photo by Jacob Wetzel

Since 1982, the Callaway Golf Company has been on a mission to produce top-quality golf clubs that send the ball further with greater accuracy. Their equipment and accessories are often spotted on the PGA Tour and have played a part in many major championship victories.

Whether you are playing golf at the highest level or just taking up the game for the first time, you can benefit from Callaway’s new golf club technology. Callaway specializes in equipment for all skill levels, and my experience has been that their equipment holds up over time with few defects, paint scratches, and cosmetic blemishes from normal use.

Golf has always been my passion. Each day, I learn something new that will help me or another improve their game. Through playing amateur golf at a high level and working for over a decade in the golf industry, I have been able to test and receive discounts on various equipment. I have developed a deep understanding of which clubs will help certain swing tendencies, and I love assisting others in achieving the joy that comes with completing a great round or hitting that one shot that keeps you coming back.

Callaway has always been one of the most reliable golf equipment manufacturers, and in this article, I examine the best Callaway golf clubs available to complete your bag.

1. Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver

Remember John Rahm’s Sunday battle with Brooks Koepka at this year’s Masters? In the end, the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver helped secure the green jacket and John Rahm’s second major championship win. Later in the year, that same driver helped Rahm lead the European Ryder Cup team to a victory over the United States.

Designed with stronger players in mind, the Triple Diamond provides electric ball speeds when struck on the center. When you strike the Triple Diamond in the center of the club face, it is without a doubt the longest and best-performing driver that Callaway offers. For those who struggle to find the center of the club, there are more forgiving Callaway models available in the Paradym X, Mavrik Driver, or Rogue ST Max Driver.

The faster ball speeds and extra yards gained off the tee make it easier to reach the par 5s in two. I found the Triple Diamond gave me a great chance to minimize my yardage on approach shots and reach the corners of lengthy dog legs even on cold January mornings.

If you are like most of us in search of more distance, this driver will fly. For more advanced players that can work the ball both ways, the Triple Diamond provides controllability and precision. On days when the wind is up, this driver provides the low launch and spin required to keep the ball in play and on target.

With a 450cc driver head, the Triple Diamond is the smallest of all members of the Paradym driver family. For those in search of a tour look and feel, this diver looks sleek, feels balanced at setup, and swings fast due to the lighter carbon chassis that has replaced the older titanium components.

The Triple Diamond is the top Callaway Driver for max distance, stability, and workability. I rank it as the overall top Callaway golf club.

2. Callaway 2024 Apex Pro Irons

All models of the Callaway Apex Iron family offer high performance. The Apex MB, Apex TCB, Apex Pro, and Apex DCB irons are all reliable and worthy of consideration when selecting a new iron set. However, the latest version of the Apex Pro Irons from Callaway takes the cake for me as the best Callaway iron available. Their modern design comes with a pop of extra distance and maximum workability for a true shot maker.

I have always been a fan of the way I can move the ball with Apex Pro Irons, and the 2024 version is no different. My natural ball flight is a draw, and I feel in complete control starting my ball at the right side of the green and letting it drift back to center. Every now and then, I am faced with a shot that I must slice with a mid or long iron, and the Apex Pros have that feeling at impact where you can sense the moment that the club grips the ball. I tend to miss the sweet spot on this type of shot, but the heel and toe of the Apex Pros are surprisingly forgiving and can compensate for mishits.

These irons interact extremely well with the turf due to a Dynamic Sole Design that promotes more efficient contact at impact. With the short and mid irons, I find it easy to take the ideal toupee divot while exploding through the ball. Regardless of which iron I hit, throughout the bag, the Apex Pro irons are noticeably softer than in previous years. This is due to the new hollow body design with forged carbon steel combined with Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres.

The 6-iron through pitching wedge has a slightly different face plate than the 3, 4, and 5-irons. The long iron face plate is designed to promote extreme forgiveness across the face, while the mid and short iron face plate provides an even gentler feel that can handle daily normal wear.

Hitting the new Apex Pro irons reminds me of the performance of the TaylorMade P790s, Titleist T200s, and even the players’ distance Callaway Paradym Irons. This is a solid iron that is tour-ready but also playable for the mid-level handicap.

3. Callaway Jaws Raw Full-Face Groove Wedge

I always judge a wedge by how much spin I can produce across the clubface. With a full face of grooves, I refer to this Callaway Wedge as “The Spin Doctor.” Around the greens, I find chip shots easy to check up and control. The value of one hop and stop control with your wedges from inside 100yds is critical to lowering your scores. This wedge gives you the ability to put yourself on the green with a chance to make a putt. The sole of the wedge cuts through the rough with little resistance, and with the right technique, the ball comes out soft. Pair this club with Callaway Golf Balls like Chrome Soft X to maximize spin performance.

With grooves etched up the entire face of the club, this club reminds me of the TaylorMade Hi-Toe Wedges at set up and through initial ball contact. This wedge design allows you to use the entire face and maximize mishits that otherwise might get caught up in the rough.

Low handicap players will be able to generate noticeable spin, not only with full shots but also with those three-quarter and knockdown shots that will make or break a round. High handicap players will benefit from extreme forgiveness and soft feel on shots into the green as well as around the green.

The Callaway Jaws Raw Full-Face Groove Wedge is one of the best available throughout the wedge marketplace and can handle the daily wear and tear of any top player. The workmanship is undeniable, and after normal use, the grooves stayed sharp. The only repair I needed to make was my ball mark on the green.

4. Callaway Paradym X Hybrid

The slender look of a traditional hybrid has never set up quite right for me. I prefer a fuller body, leaning closer to the shape of a small 5-wood. If you prefer the larger club head, the Paradym X Hybrid will find a permanent home in your bag for that spot between your longest iron and woods.

The Paradym X Hybrid aims to replace a 3 or 4-iron for faster swing speeds and is inserted in lieu of the 5, 6, and 7-iron loft for seniors. I tested the 3-hybrid with a stiff shaft, which I used to cover the spot between my 4-iron and 3-wood. For me, this is approximately 215 to 230yds depending on the launch conditions.

I find this club to be extremely forgiving and capable of performing in a plethora of different conditions, including the rough, fairway, and fairway bunkers. To me, it feels like it could belong in the utility club category of sorts that can not only find the fairway on short par 4s but also get you out of trouble if needed, like a new password or cheat code.

The launch on the 3-hybrid is higher than expected and much appreciated due to the low loft angle. I feel comfortable working the ball both ways when required, and shots struck off-center still hold distance.

For a wide range of golfers, if you prefer the larger body look, the Paradym X Hybrid is the best option in its class. This club is not only reliable, but it produces higher ball speeds and adds new shots to your repertoire.

5. Callaway Paradym X Fairway Wood

The new Paradym X Fairway Wood from Callaway is a powerful option for players of all skill levels looking for a greater chance to attack the par 5s in two. Forgiveness is achieved across the club face due to its Artificial Intelligence designed Flash-Face Technology, and the launch angle is high for anyone who needs an extra lift at impact.

If you are looking for additional assistance to turn the ball over or combat a slice, the Paradym X Fairway Wood has face cup draw-bias built in to straighten you out in conjunction with your normal swing. Clubs with face cup draw-bias have a club face that is angled in a way that promotes a draw ball flight without the user having to completely change their swing path. Its forged carbon toe patch allows the club to turn over faster and keep your ball on its line, while a 23g tungsten weight promotes a lower center of gravity for ideal spin.

I experimented with the Paradym X 3-wood, and even though I hit a slight draw consistently, the draw bias in this club was not too much to contain. I found ball speeds to be explosive off the face, and on holes where there was room to work the ball, I could aim right, swing hard, and send it.

Whether you are looking for a Fairway Wood to land soft on long par 3s or to make it around a long dog leg, the Paradym X Fairway Wood offers a stable and reliable option that improves your wood play.

Choose the Right Callaway Club for You

Photo by Jacob Wetzel

Callaway offers top-quality equipment across the board that helps your long game and short game. The clubs reviewed here are the best that they have to offer to complete your bag, leave you satisfied with your original purchase, and give you the best chance to lower your scores!

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