The Ultimate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Women’s Winter Sports Gear

Published on 11/17/2023 · 9 min readFind the perfect gift for the winter sportswoman in your life with our top picks that promise to add warmth and style to her time on the slopes!
Gaelen Mast, Snowboarding Expert
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As the holiday season draws closer, so does the pressure to find the best gifts for those in your life who live to ski or snowboard. Luckily, the Winter Sports Experts at Curated have done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of both big and small gift ideas that any snowsports enthusiast is sure to love!

Gifts Under $50

Smartwool Women's Ski Full Cushion Tie Dye Print OTC Socks — $28.95

The Overview: Warm feet? Check! Extra cushioning? Check! Funky fun colors? Check!!! These socks will not only keep your feet warm dry and protected, but they also add some flair to your fit.

The Breakdown: Not only do these socks feature a women’s specific narrow heel and slim fit, but they are also fully cushioned to provide a more comfortable and warmer experience than your average sock.

Best For: The shredder who runs cold and has sore feet for days after skiing

Coal The Aurora Plush Beanie — $19.93

The Overview: In a world of infinite headwear possibilities, there are few choices as cozy as the Coal Headwear’s The Aurora Plush beanie!

The Breakdown: This one-size-fits-all sherpa fleece beanie will provide warmth on your walks to the resort, and with several color choices, there’s an option for every outfit.

Best For: The beanie-loving friend who could use a little insulation on their dome.

Dakine Women's Lynx Mittens — $39.15

The Overview: You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have warm hands this winter. The Dakine Lynx mittens are a budget-oriented option to keep your hands warm, dry, and comfortable all season long.

The Breakdown: These mittens have an internal heat pack pocket for a handwarmer, Rubbertec-reinforced palms for extra durability, and cuff cinches to stop snow from going where it shouldn’t, all for a fraction of the cost of other mitten and glove options.

Best For: The casual skier or snowboarder who’s looking to build out their first snow sports wardrobe.

Expert note: Check out this list of super warm gloves to find more options for those looking for some extra protection from the cold.

Coal The Alpine Moisture Wicking Balaclava — $19.93

The Overview: Not all balaclavas are built the same, and most certainly aren’t as comfortable or convenient as this Balaclava from Coal, which is specifically designed to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.

The Breakdown: This one-size-fits-all balaclava features a polyester blend of moisture-wicking lightweight fabric for the ultimate comfort on the slopes.

Best For: The person who wants an easy-to-use, sleek face covering to protect themselves from the elements.

Smith Frontier Goggles — $49.95

The Overview: These entry-level goggles from Smith are the most recommended budget-friendly goggles by Curated experts. While they may not have the fanciest technology, they get the job done at a fraction of the cost of many other goggles.

The Breakdown: These goggles are constructed with a low-profile design to fit many face shapes. They feature airflow technology to keep your view fog-free and come in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

Best For: The person who values their vision on the mountain but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Gifts Under $150

686 Women's GORE-TEX SMARTY 3-in-1 Gauntlet Gloves — $89.95

The Overview: This isn’t just any old glove — it’s a glove that’s just as well suited for a freezing sub-zero-degree powder day as it is for a sunny spring day!

The Breakdown: A merino wool blend liner paired with a completely waterproof Gore-Tex outer layer means that these gloves are second to none on those cold days, but can quickly be transferred into lightweight and breathable warm-weather gloves by simply removing the liner.

Best For: The person who is invested in riding all year or in many different climates and wants a single solution to keep their hands comfortable.

Atomic Four HD Goggles — $99.95

The Overview: If you wear glasses, you can’t just throw on any ol’ pair of goggles and call it a day. Luckily these Atomic Four HD aren’t any ol’ pair — they’re specifically designed to fit over prescription lenses to give people with glasses the best possible visibility and protection from the elements.

The Breakdown: These goggles feature cylindrical lenses that provide peripheral vision as well as plenty of space for glasses to fit underneath their frame. Additionally, the lenses are designed to be resistant to scratching and come with an anti-fog treatment to keep your goggles looking new and functional!

Best For: The person who wears glasses all the time and needs goggles to accommodate so that they can shred with clear vision.

Smartwool Women's Classic Thermal Merino Baselayer Top — $69.93

Smartwool Women's Classic Thermal Merino Baselayer Pants — $59.93

The Overview: A good day on the mountain begins with proper layering, and nothing is more important than your base layers. This set from Smartwool will build the perfect foundation for you to stay comfortable while you’re skiing or snowboarding.

The Breakdown: This top and bottom are made entirely from merino wool fabric with an interlock knit, which provides enhanced comfort and breathability, as well as natural body temperature regulation and odor resistance.

Best For: The skier or snowboarder who usually wears jeans, sweatpants, or leggings to the mountain and is ready to upgrade their comfort.

Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet · Women's — $140.00

The Overview: With its top-notch safety tech and massive amounts of adjustability, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this helmet is not only a best seller for Smith but also one of the most recommended helmets overall by the whole expert community here at Curated!

The Breakdown: This helmet features MIPS, a multi-directional impact system that is regarded as the safest technology on the market today. You only have one brain, so you may as well protect it as best you can! It also comes with adjustable vents to keep you at the right temperature all season long and a dial that can adjust the size of the liner, ensuring a perfect fit no matter your head size.

Best For: The skier or snowboarder who values both safety and comfort. This could also be a great gift for the friend who has been using an ill-fitting or old, beat-up helmet and needs an upgrade.

Db The Strøm 30L Backpack — $98.93

The Overview: This backpack boasts endless options: storage for your ski or snowboard boots, your tuning kit, your pocket tool, or any other small accessories are just a few of the possibilities.

The Breakdown: This bag features 30L of storage to fit tons of gear. Not only that, but your gear will be protected by the bag’s solid structure and ribcage design, which provides maximum durability and protection.

Best For: The person who’s currently shoving all of their gear in a duffel bag or, even worse, carrying it all separately!

Gifts Under $250

DC Women's Cruiser Jacket — $199.95

The Overview: Vintage styling meets functionality with this women’s jacket from DC. It comes in a variety of styles and will keep you warm and dry no matter the weather conditions, making it a great choice for even the slushiest days of the year.

The Breakdown: Not only does this jacket look amazing, but it is waterproof, insulated, has several zippered pockets, and offers a helmet-compatible hood as well as a multitude of other features to keep you comfortable while on the slopes.

Best For: The shredder who likes to add some pizazz to their outdoor fits and express themselves on the mountain.

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses — $218.93

The Overview: Anyone who has spent the day at a snowy ski resort on a sunny day will tell you that eye protection is non-negotiable. The Smith Bobcats will not only protect your eyes, but they’ll also keep you looking fly and promise the same performance as the goggles from Smith.

The Breakdown: These one-size-fits-all sunglasses from Smith feature many of the same technologies as the brands’ goggles, such as ChromaPop, so you can see everything in detail. They also include an interchangeable bonus lens for those cloudy days.

Best For: The friend who loves to substitute their goggles for glasses on warmer days.

Smith Liberty MIPS Helmet — $220.00

The Overview: If you’re in search of a premium helmet, look no further. Any helmet from Smith is a good bet, and the Liberty MIPS packs in all the goodness you’d expect from the brand as well as a couple of extra goodies.

The Breakdown: Just like the Smith Mirage, this helmet also features MIPS protection, but there’s much more to it than that. It also features top-notch ventilation via adjustable vents, a comfortable liner, and audio-compatible earpads.

Best For: The shredder who wants the utmost safety, comfort, and versatility for exploring everywhere, from ski resorts to the backcountry.

The Overview: Most goggles are designed to work either on bright, sunny days or dark, snowy days. While you can switch out your lenses, the process can be time consuming and difficult. However, the Smith Squad MAGs are an exception. Switching out lenses with these is lightning quick and will make you prepared for every type of snow you may encounter.

The Breakdown: The Smith Squad MAGs are based on the winning formula of the Smith Squad (Smiths’ most popular goggles), with the addition of magnets! These magnetic contact points make switching out your lenses an incredibly quick and easy process that can be done virtually anywhere. These also come with a bonus lens and a goggle sock to keep your goggles safe when not in use.

Best For: The rider or skier who wants one pair of goggles to rule them all and values convenience.

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