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Cobra Irons: How to Choose the Right Ones for You

Published on 11/14/2023 · 10 min readGolfing Expert Michael Leonard breaks down the different Cobra iron models, helping you understand which set aligns best with your playing style and goals.
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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Tl;dr: Discover how a new set of Cobra irons can help you hit it longer and straighter so you can have more birdie putts than ever before.

Are you looking for a new set of Cobra irons but don't know where to begin? No worries, I want to help simplify this decision so you can find a set of irons that will improve your long game.

After playing for 20+ years and buying all types of irons - from game improvement to blades - I know there is a lot to consider. I’ll cover each step of the process so you can avoid buyer’s remorse and get the help that your game needs.

What Are King Cobra Irons?

Cobra Golf has a little bit of everything when it comes to their iron sets. Some are extremely forgiving and made for higher handicappers, thanks to a larger sweet spot. Others are ideal for mid-handicappers who need help with some forgiveness but also want shot-making playability.

There are also sets designed for low handicappers and even professional golfers who are Cobra athletes. I’ll cover the most popular ones below, so you can find the right set for your golf game.

What to Consider When Buying Cobra Irons

When shopping for new Cobra irons, here are three crucial questions to ask yourself before investing in a new set of clubs.

1. What Do I Want From My Irons?

The first step when picking a new set of irons is figuring out what you want from your irons.

Do you need more carry distance? More forgiveness? A smaller head so you can work the golf ball more?

Once you identify the main goal of your irons, it’ll make it easier to compare different sets.

2. How Many Irons Do I Need?

The next question to ask yourself is how many irons do you need. Do you want to replace your existing set of 4-PW or 5-GW? Or do you want to only get mid-irons and wedges so you can replace longer clubs with hybrids or utility irons?

3. How Much Do I Want to Spend?

Finally, ask yourself what type of budget you have for new clubs. The good news is that Cobra has some of the most affordable iron sets available and won’t break the bank.

What are the Different Types of Cobra Irons?

Cobra has a myriad of options when it comes to iron sets ranging from $700 to $1200. Here is a quick recap of each set.

Cobra King Tec Utility Irons

Cobra makes one of the best utility irons with their latest King Tec.

I’ve played a Titleist driving iron for years, and if I didn’t love it so much, I might switch to this club. It’s not overly big like some driving irons, which helps control ball flight and improve feel compared to some of their competitors.


  • Multiple lofts available to replace pesky long irons.
  • Available in graphite or steel shaft (but advise most golfers to go with graphite as they’re much lighter and easier to hit).

Be Aware:

  • Not great for higher handicap golfers with less consistent swings… a hybrid is a better choice.

Cobra King Forged Tec X Irons

The Cobra Forged Tec X are some of the best looking irons in their lineup. These forged irons are designed for mid to low handicap golfers with slightly faster than average swing speed.


  • KBS $-Taper Lite shafts are lightweight steel and should provide a mid-to-high trajectory.
  • They are known as a player distance iron, but still offer some forgiveness, too. I hit these and was impressed with the distance capabilities in a more compact design.
  • They’re a perfect combination of looks, feel, forgiveness, and distance for a more consistent golfer.

Be Aware:

  • Not the best option for higher handicap golfers who might need a more forgiving design.

Cobra Aerojet Irons

The Cobra Aerojet irons are a solid choice for mid-handicap golfers who want distance and forgiveness.


  • Single length options available. This is where every iron in the bag is the same length - so a PW is the same length as a 5-iron.
  • The traditional cavity back design improves ball speed and mishits more than the other irons sets I’ve already covered.
  • Available in a combo set as well. This replaces longer clubs with hybrids that are very forgiving and easy to hit on typically challenging shots.

Be Aware:

  • Very large design isn’t ideal for shot making but helps with forgiveness.
  • Overall I wouldn’t recommend single length irons unless you've had them before or consulted with your golf coach.

Cobra Air-X 2 Irons

Cobra’s Air-X (and now Air-X 2) line of drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons are the lightest in their lineup. The lighter the clubhead and shaft, the easier it is to swing faster and improve distance.

I bought my dad an entire set of these clubs, and it helped every aspect of his long game.


  • These clubs are more offset than most on this list and offer some slice correction.
  • These irons are also available in a combo set as well. The 4 and 5-iron are replaced with easy to hit hybrids that are ultra-lightweight like the rest of the irons in the set.

Be Aware:

  • Very lightweight so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have an average or above swing speed.

Cobra King MB and CB

The next iron on our list is the King CB and MB, which are a combo set. These Cobra golf clubs are not oversized like the rest on this list. But if you have that in your game, they offer more stability and shot making than other clubs on this list. One of the most well known golfers to hit these clubs is Rickie Fowler, who is part of Cobra staff.


  • Cavity back in the longer irons.
  • Smaller design enables more shot making capabilities.

Be Aware:

  • Require precision with every swing (not for beginners)

Cobra King Tour Irons

The Cobra King Tour iron is a great new option for more advanced ball strikers. They're made for lower handicap players who put a premium on shot making with a small amount of forgiveness.


  • More forgiving than the CB or MB models.
  • Available in 4-PW and 5-GW to fit all types of players.
  • New TPU inserts improve feel and improve vibrations (even on mishits).

Be Aware:

  • Not very forgiving. If you find yourself missing off the toe or heel, I'd suggest against these clubs for now.

Cobra T-Rail Irons

I saved the most forgiving Cobra irons for last - the Cobra T-Rail irons. These are defined by Cobra as super game improvement hybrid-like irons.


  • They’re significantly bigger than the other irons on this list and built for forgiveness above all else.
  • These are distance irons with lightweight graphite shafts that are a perfect pick for seniors and newer golfers who haven’t dialed in the fundamentals yet.
  • The T-Rail irons are also available in a combo set as well. This replaces the longest iron with a hybrid for even more forgiveness.

Be Aware:

  • The incredibly bulky design isn’t for a lot of golfers who are used to traditional iron sets.

Features to Look for When Buying Cobra Irons

When shopping for a new set of irons, here are the most important things to consider.

Set Makeup

The first thing to consider is the set makeup.

Most sets are either 4-PW or 5-GW. In most instances, I'd recommend the everyday golfer opt for a 5-GW and replace long irons with utility clubs or hybrids.

For a more experienced player, it might make sense to go with 4-PW.

Size of Clubhead

Next is the size of the clubhead. The bigger the clubhead, the more forgiving the iron.

Some irons are so big they’re considered hybrid irons, which can help improve launch and distance. But bigger isn’t better for all players, as you might find them to be clunky and hard to hit from the rough.

Bigger club heads also have strong lofts to help improve distance. While smaller, more compact heads have weaker lofts as the typical player who uses them has plenty of swing speed.

Forgiveness vs. Playability

When searching for the right set of irons, you want to consider if the design is built for forgiveness or playability. A game improvement iron has a wide sole, is easier to launch higher, and has better turf interaction for less consistent golfers.

The smaller the clubhead, the less forgiving it is, but it does improve the feel. A smaller, less forgiving head also makes it easier to control trajectory, spin, and improve distance control for a tighter shot dispersion.

Shafts (Flex and Material)

The final feature to consider when shopping for new irons is the shaft. I think shafts are just as important as the clubhead itself, as they can impact tempo, distance, and launch.

When comparing irons, make sure to consider the shaft material - graphite vs. steel. Slower swinging golfers need graphite to improve club head speed and distance, while more advanced golfers will benefit from a heavier graphite or steel shaft.


Lastly, don't forget about grips to make sure they fit your hands correctly. Most golfers will play a standard grip, while some players with larger hands might benefit from a midsize grip.

How to Choose the Right Cobra Irons

Photo by Miya 227

Choosing the right irons is key to shooting lower scores and having confidence with your approach shots. Below, I’ve described three types of golfers who require different irons to help you find the best ones for your set.

David: 30 Handicap

David doesn’t get to play a ton of golf, and when he does, it's more casual rounds than anything competitive. He wants clubs that make golf as easy as possible, as it’s more of a hobby than something he takes too seriously.

Features David should look for:

  • Senior or regular flex shafts.
  • Lightweight graphite shafts with a higher launch profile.
  • Easy to hit hybrids and irons that are built for slower swing speed golfers.

Cobra Iron Examples: His best Cobra irons are likely the Air X, T-Rail irons, or a combo set that includes one or more hybrids.

James: 18 Handicap

James is your everyday golfer who gets out to the golf course a few times per week. He doesn’t have a ton of time to work on his game, but loves playing nine holes after work and 18 on the weekend. James would benefit from clubs that are more forgiving but not overly large, like a hybrid-iron.

Features James should look for:

  • Regular or stiff flex shafts.
  • Heavier graphite shafts or lightweight steel shafts.
  • Cavity back irons that offer forgiveness and distance above all else.

Cobra Iron Examples: His best Cobra irons are likely the King Forged Tec or Cobra Aerojet irons.

Timothy: 8 Handicap

Timothy is a solid golfer who plays and practices a lot. Since he’s a consistent ball striker, it’s ideal to use irons that aren’t game improvement irons. Instead, he would do better with a smaller, more compact shape that helps him shape shots and have more playability.

Features Timothy should look for:

  • Steel iron shafts.
  • Smaller, more compact irons.
  • Stiff flex (or x-stiff depending on swing speed).

Cobra Iron Examples: His best options are the Cobra King Tour, King CB/MB, or Forged Tec. He might also add in a Cobra utility iron instead of a hybrid.

Find the Best Cobra Irons for You

Photo by Eryx V

Cobra has a huge selection of irons for all types of golfers. Whether you’re a 30 handicap or a single digit player, there is a high-performing and affordable set for you.

Make sure to consider the size of clubhead, setup (irons vs. hybrids vs. combo set), and shafts to find the ones for your swing. If you need help deciding which is best, make sure to contact a Curated Golf Expert today.


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