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The 5 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Published on 11/16/2023 · 8 min readEnhance your golf game with our guide on the best golf balls for mid-handicappers, expertly chosen for optimal balance of distance, control, and feel.
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Jacob Wetzel

Photo by Lamyai

My interest in golf ball technology began during the final round of the 2005 Masters. After torching Augusta National on Saturday with a 7 under par 65, Tiger Woods arrived at the 16th tee on Sunday clinging to a one-shot lead.

After missing the green long and left with his tee shot, he faced a difficult up and down that would require him to aim his chip shot up a steep slope on the green about 25 feet in the opposite direction from the pin. From there, the ball would have to check up and almost come to a stop at the top of the slope before it started to trickle the opposite way, down the hill and towards the hole.

With a sea of patrons in the background, Woods stepped up and hit the perfect chip shot. The ball spun when it hit the green and started its downhill descent toward history.

As the ball arrived at the hole, it came to rest on the lip of the cup, with the Nike swoosh smiling at the camera as time stood still. After a second that felt like an eternity, gravity had its way, and the ball fell into the cup, prompting an eruption from the crowd and an insane celebration from Woods and his caddie, Steve Williams. Tiger went on to win the green jacket in a playoff, and perhaps the greatest golf ball advertisement of all time was born.

Over the years, playing competitive golf in college and working in the golf industry, I have had the opportunity to play with various premium golf balls under demanding conditions. I have a growing passion for helping others lower their scores, and one of the keys to improvement is playing with the right golf ball for your swing. In this article, I review the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

A mid handicapper is a golfer that holds a handicap between 10 and 20. On the low end, this type of player is looking to break into the 80’s for the first time while on the high end, that player is leaning more towards keeping their score under 90. Mid handicappers are capable of making pars but need any equipment advantage that they can to take their scores to the next level. Below I have included the best golf balls for mid handicappers to save shots and lower scores.

1. Titleist 2023 ProV1 Golf Balls

Titleist is known as the #1 ball in golf, accounting for hundreds of professional wins and more major championships than any other manufacturer. The 2023 ProV1 is a high-performance golf ball designed for players of all skill levels in search of consistent accuracy, reliable distance, and soft feel.

For over 20 years, the ProV1 has been a low spin option to increase distance and ball speed with your driver, fairway woods, and long irons. Around the greens, the ProV1 is soft and checks up with the proper technique for optimum control.

I consider this three piece golf ball to be the best overall performing ball on the market and an exceptional option for players looking to take the next step from being a mid-80s golfer to breaking into the 70s. The low driver spin that it creates off the tee penetrates through the wind with consistent ball flight, and iron shots produce the spin control necessary to hold the green and have more makeable putts.

For higher spin rates and a firmer feel, Titleist created the ProV1x as an alternative option in the same premium ball class. If you are looking for long game spin, this is the ball you should try.

The outside layer of the ProV1 is durable and holds up over time. It is common for the ball to retain its quality over several days of play, and a shot or two off a tree or cart path is typically not the end of the round.

The ProV1 feels solid on the greens, producing a true roll. Regardless of your putter, you can feel the soft outer layer at impact, and there is a small, traditional icon arrow for alignment. For the player looking to maximize ability, the ProV1 golf ball is the best way to start.

2. Callaway 2022 Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

For a mid handicap golfer with medium to fast swing speeds, the Chrome Soft X Triple Track is an exceptional, high compression ball that promotes greater trajectory and more spin. This ball is the most played Callaway golf ball on the PGA Tour and has a proven track record of success at the highest level.

On the journey to lower your handicap from mid-level to scratch, saving shots on the green is vital. The triple track alignment aid on the Chrome Soft X Triple Track allows you to focus in on your target and truly get lined up.

Golf is a game of inches, and every fraction counts. Knowing you are consistently lined up precisely at your target will brew the confidence required to complete a free-flowing stroke.

I found the Triple Track alignment not only puts you in line with the target, but also helps focus your eyes on the center of the golf ball to make consistent contact. On short putts, this is the key to nailing the ball in the back of the cup.

The Chrome Soft X Triple Track is designed to maximize greenside spin. When you are short sided and need one hop and stop control to save a par or prevent a double bogey, this golf ball produces the extra spin required to keep your ball on the green at a makeable distance.

3. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls

The Tour Response Stripe golf ball from TaylorMade is a low compression option that benefits medium and slower swing speed. The Cast Urethane cover is soft feeling at impact on full shots and produces ample short game spin on shots around the green.

I found that even though this is a soft golf ball, noticeable distance is not sacrificed off the tee or throughout the bag. When I caught it purely with my driver, ball speeds were consistently fast, and carry distance was like other tour quality options that I have tested.

If your eyes do not mind the color contrast, the 360-degree ClearPath Alignment is a gamechanger on the greens. This technology is like the Triple Track Alignment on the Callaway Chrome Soft X, but the line on the Tour Response is one solid stripe that encircles the entire ball. TaylorMade offers this ball with bands of various colors, including lime green, blue/pink, and a variety pack that has orange, dark blue, and red.

Putting from long distance is simple with the Tour Response. On large breaking putts, the alignment stripe points you in the right direction and guides your stroke on the proper arc to get you down in two.

When you make a bad stroke on shorter putts, the alignment stripe provides instant feedback based on how straight the line is as the ball rolls to the hole. When practicing putting before and after the round, there is no better ball to identify areas of improvement. For low, middle, and high handicappers alike, this is not only a quality golf ball but also a training aid all in one.

4. Stix + Vice Tour Golf Balls

The Stix + Vice Tour golf balls are high-quality golf balls that will not break the bank. If you are an average golfer that is always good for one or two blow up holes every round, you won’t feel as bad after piping two of these out of bounds as the cost for a dozen is roughly half the price of other high performing golf balls.

Designed for all skill levels and swing speeds, this 3-piece ball is surprisingly long and accurate. I did not sacrifice length off the tee, and I hit several drives with high launch the same distance that I would have with other widely recognized top golf balls.

There are 392 dimples on the Stix + Vice Tour golf ball, which is comparable to the 388 on the Titleist ProV1. The more dimples that exist on a golf ball reduce the drag as it flies, creating less spin than a ball with fewer dimples.

When I am not playing ProV1 or ProV1x, I trust the Stix + Vice Tour golf ball to keep my score under 80. I have found that this ball, along with other balls from Vice Golf, including the Vice Pro are capable of high performance.

5. Wilson Staff Duo Soft NFL Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft NFL golf ball is made for the weekend warrior who tees it up every Sunday before the big game. Complete with the logo of your favorite NFL team, this ball allows you to perform in style.

Wilson is marketing Duo Soft as the world’s softest golf ball. With a compression rate of 40, less than half the compression rate of the Titleist ProV1, they are onto something.

For a mid-level handicap player with medium swing speed looking for a softer feel on approach shots and greenside control, this golf ball feels like it clings to the club at impact and lands soft at the target.

Off the tee, I could really feel the low compression core of the golf ball at impact due to the soft outer layer, but at the same time, the ball showed durability after it interacted with the ground and wedges. If you are looking for a soft option that adds a little flare to your game, check out the Wilson Staff Duo Soft.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball for You

#8 at The River Course - Kiawah Island. Photo by Jacob Wetzel

Playing the right ball for your swing is paramount to shooting your best scores. As a mid handicapper, you are just a few shots away from being able to break 80 consistently and maximize your talents. The golf balls reviewed in this article provide the assistance needed to take your game to the next level.

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