The Latest Trends in Ski Fashion

Published on 01/24/2024 · 10 min readHit the slopes in style with our guide to the latest trends in ski fashion where functionality meets flair. Make sure your time on the slopes is as comfortable as possible!
Matthew Geraci, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Matthew Geraci

Photo by Anatoliy Gleb

If you haven’t heard or been outside yet (depending on your location, of course), snowfall has arrived! For the snow sports enthusiasts and fashionistas, that means it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe and think up some fire Instagram captions. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to picking out apparel for the upcoming ski and snowboard season, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find the latest and greatest ideas, taking into account this season’s latest fashion trends. Whatever winter gear you need from whatever companies you dig the most, just name it, and you can likely find it for the right price at Curated.

Keep in mind, randomly adding flashy apparel to your cart just to check it off the list can quickly have you dressed like a head-turning Jerry, similar to a parrot lost in a flock of seagulls. No offense if your name is Jerry—it’s just a ski bum thing. But that’s why you’re here to learn from the experts: so you can make the modern trends your own while looking like a pro on the mountain.

Photo by Max Topchii

If you’re going to shell out the dough to hit the slopes once, twice, a handful of times, or a hundred, you might as well look the part. Heading into this season, keep in mind some of the latest trends hitting the ski fashion industry right now:

  • Sleek, breathable, and lightweight yet durable and insulated fabrics
  • Two-tone colorways and flashier designs
  • Technological advancements like RECCO’s rescue detectors and reflectors
  • Environmentally conscious recycled materials—look out for a bluesign® label
  • One-piece ski suits and ski bibs, both of which have been trends for a few years now
  • Functional gear that also looks great

The latest ski fashion trends call for clothing that is sleek yet breathable, durable yet comfy, and flexible yet fitted. Whatever apparel you decide on should look and feel fun, because skiing is supposed to be fun! And if you’re not having fun on the hill, you can always post up in the lodge with a piping hot chocolate or Irish coffee and pretend you’re a sponsored X Games snowboard athlete like Shaun White, or a ski legend like Mikaela Shiffrin. As long as you’re geared up like them, of course.

Ski fashion trends have evolved quite a bit over the years, but everyone taking part in winter sports still has one thing in common: they love to hit the slopes! Whether you’re an aprés-ski superstar, a backcountry touring expert, or a blues and greens groomer, there’s something that’s just right for you. As you can see from the image below, modern ski fashion looks a bit different than it did in the black-and-white days (although this guy’s outfit definitely still works on a blue-sky day).

What to Consider When Investing in Ski Fashion

So, bearing these ski fashion trends in mind heading into the 2023-24 season, what else should be considered to help fit your unique style?


First things first before tapping into your inner fashionista: What’s your budget? Skiing can get pricey, so it’s best to determine what you want to spend before throwing items into your cart.

Let’s take jackets as an example. If you’re looking for a solid winter jacket on the lower price range with a variety of color options and designs to stand out amongst the crowd, the Columbia Men’s Powder Lite™ Hooded Insulated Jacket, pictured below, is a great option. Or, you can shell out $680 for the Rab Men’s Khroma Diffuse GORE-TEX Jacket, which has all the bells and whistles for a backcountry tour in any weather, and looks great with its two-tone design. And of course, there are tons of great options lining the spectrum between those two price points, like the ever-popular Flylow Men’s Roswell Jacket, which also comes with a few two-tone colorways.

Ski Wear Materials

A few fashion trends for contemporary ski wear materials include lightweight and breathable insulation, environmentally-friendly and responsibly-sourced fabrics, and apparel that implements new, improved technologies. One such example is RECCO, a rescue technology which helps rescuers locate someone buried by an avalanche or lost in the wilderness. Helly Hansen’s Women’s Avanti Jacket utilizes the RECCO technology, and is a great choice for skiers who like to venture out to the backcountry for the most daring adventures.

Waterproofing is also important. As the outer layer, ski jackets and ski pants or bibs are typically made of nylon or polyester, and coated in a “DWR,” or durable water repellent. Some ski jackets will come with built-in soft jackets that can be zipped in or out, while some will come as just the shell, allowing you to determine how many layers to stack underneath, depending on the day. A great waterproof shell that will keep you warm with its lightweight insulation and looks great is the Burton Men’s Pillowline GORE-TEX 2L Insulated Jacket.

And, as mentioned, the world continues to reward eco-friendly manufacturing and material. Brands like Patagonia and Picture Organic Clothing continue to put out great apparel fitting that mold. So, if you want to stay conscious about the environmental impact of your ski wear, be on the lookout for gear marked with “bluesign®.” Apparel that is bluesign®-approved has met the highest standards in the industry for environmental manufacturing. And the best part is that you can do your part in supporting sustainable manufacturing while looking awesome on the slopes. I mean, just try and tell me Burton’s bluesign® certified Women’s [ak] Kimmy GORE-TEX 2L Bib Pants don’t have an immeasurable amount of steeze.

Temperature Preference

When it comes to regulating your body temperature on the mountain, there are plenty of ways to stay properly layered up while looking great. It helps, of course, to ask yourself a few questions.

Do you like to open all your vents and leave your jacket unzipped even on the coldest of days? Pit vents are for you—they’re all the rage these days. Or do you prefer to rock a down jacket or fur coat even when the spring warmth starts to roll in? Buying a ski jacket or pants that match your temperature preference is an important consideration.

For a jacket with plenty of vents to provide cool air, a great lightweight option for you is the Flylow Women’s Sarah Anorak Jacket. It keeps you warm when you need it, but has a low-bulk base with underarm vent zippers on both sides to help you cool down quickly in case your day on the slopes leads to some major pit sweat. It also allows for easy removal of the shell once you're back inside the warmth of the lodge.

On the other hand, for those who get cold quickly, insulation is essential. As any frequent mountain visitor will recommend, layers are your best friend. Listed below are a couple of base layers and insulated apparel options that check all the boxes of today’s modern ski fashion trends, while retaining heat for the chiliest, windiest, most goosebump-inducing days. These are great for full-body warmth and wind resistance:

Skier Type and Ability Level

You can be the most high-fashion person on the mountain, but it could all be for naught if the ski wear you pick doesn’t fit the type of skiing you enjoy most. This goes back to defining what type of skier you are. Those touring the backcountry for untouched powder want light, sheddable layers that allow them to breathe while hiking up. For example, the high-waist factor of ski bibs keep snow out and keep you warm, so you can shed an outer jacket while skinning up. One terrific bib option for backcountry skiing is the Outdoor Research Women’s Archangel Bibs Pants.

For the park rats among us, many seek relaxed fits that provide plenty of flexion to easily land the trickiest tricks. Options like the 686 Women’s Outline Pants and Rossignol Men’s SKPR Anorak add a fashionable, comfortable swagger to any park skier’s attire.

Ease of Access and Functionality

As much as this article is about looking fashionable on the slopes, it’s best not to forget our basic human bodily functions. If you’re planning on slinging a water pack or knocking back a couple of cold ones in the ski lodge, well, what goes in must come out.

So, if you find yourself desperately and clumsily running to the restroom in your ski boots, put your mind at ease with gear that’s simple to unfurl. A great example of a product that keeps this in mind is Flylow’s Foxy Bib Pants, with the classic bib features like the kangaroo pocket and side zippers, but with a so-called “pee-tail” specifically built for women who break the seal too early.


Now that you’ve picked out the hottest winter coat and pants for this season, don’t forget to accessorize in style. Believe me, you don’t want to arrive at the mountain in your newest fit, only to realize you forget about gloves, a hat, or goggles. Been there, done that. It’s no fun.

And please, please, please wear a helmet if you’re going to strap a pair of slippery skis to your feet. Make sure that whatever helmet you choose has MIPS functionality, or a Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Don’t be fooled by anyone who claims it’s not cool or fashionable to protect your dome. Looking cool in your new gear unquestionably loses its appeal if you end up with a head injury.

One of the coolest new trends are helmets with built-in visors, like Smith’s Survey MIPS Helmet. Why buy two separate products when you can get two-in-one?

Gloves are also an essential piece of the ski outfit puzzle. Leather’s certainly in when it comes to gloves, although, was it ever really out? For a pair of gloves that offer winter work functionality in addition to flair on the mountain, consider the Flylow Tough Guy Insulated Gloves. As someone who has rocked these gloves for the past few seasons, I always sing their praises. But if you’d prefer some great-looking leather mittens with added insulation, I can’t blame you. You can’t go wrong with Hestra’s Women’s Fall Line Mitt.

Lastly, don’t forget your feet. While doubling up on socks might sound smart, oftentimes it only reduces circulation and leads to even colder toes. So, consider picking up a pair of Smartwool ski socks, and slap those babies on underneath your boots to keep everything feeling alright down low. Smartwool has arguably been the most popular sock brand for a while now, although Stance’s fancy socks have soared in recent years, and Icebreaker’s durable, breathable merino wool socks offer yet another great option for your toes.

Find the Best Ski Fashion for You

Photo by Dmitry Molchanov

Taking all the above into consideration, you’re now equipped with the knowledge of today’s ski fashion trends. It’s time to put all the pieces together and hit the slopes like the fly guy or gal you are. Just remember that while ski fashion trends may come and go, comfortability, durability, and cost are the three most essential factors to consider when adding to your skiing wardrobe.

For some extra tips on ski fits that combine fashion and function, check out Curated Ski Expert Hannah Bibbo’s 10 Best Ski Outfit Options to Hit the Slopes in Style. With Hannah’s advice, you’ll be looking like a professional ski model in no time.

If you’re looking for more help finding the best ski fashion picks for you, chat with one of our Curated Winter Sports Experts for free, personalized advice on the best winter apparel for you. Have a great season!

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