The Best Cookware That Is Made in the USA

Published on 01/24/2024 · 6 min readExplore top-notch cookware made in the USA below, featuring brands that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation for superior kitchen performance.
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The Best Cookware That is Made in the USA

Manufacturing is spread out worldwide, meaning that if you want to buy something made in the United States, it can take some looking. Many manufacturers make it a point of pride to say their products are Made in America. During the last decade or so, I’ve made a point to buy American-made goods. Of course, sometimes it isn’t always possible, but I consider having something made domestically a point in its favor.

What Material Should the Cookware Be Made From?

The best material for cookware is subjective. To help you choose, I’ve laid out the standard materials and their pros and cons.

  • Cast Iron: Cast iron cookware is still a specialty item in many ways, but it’s been making a comeback. It’s primarily used for skillets and Dutch ovens, but you’ll also see it used for griddles, bakeware, and pots. It has excellent heat retention but is heavy and needs special care. Lodge is known for its American-manufactured cookware, but Viking and Finex also make cast iron here.
  • Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is similar to cast iron in that it’s specialty and is usually seasoned. However, the fact that the material is much more rigid means that it can be thinner and, therefore, lighter.
  • Aluminum: This material has excellent heat distribution, heats quickly, and is extremely light. However, plain aluminum is prone to scratches and is reactive with acidic material, which is why pure aluminum cookware is unusual. Nordic Ware is known for aluminum bake and cookware made in the US.
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is created by a chemical bath that bonds aluminum with its oxidation, making it tougher, scratch-resistant, and naturally nonstick. However, it doesn’t do well at high temperatures and is more expensive.
  • Copper: Copper cookware is gorgeous and has excellent heat reactivity. But it tends to be expensive and harder to find. Certain foods will pick up a taste from copper, and it doesn’t work on induction cooktops.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is arguably the most common material for cookware. It works well for sauté pans, stock pots, and saucepans, among others. It’s durable, attractive, scratch-resistant, and affordable. Companies like All-Clad and Viking have a lot of stainless steel cookware.
    • Clad: Many stainless steel pans will claim to be clad or fully clad. Clad stainless steel cookware usually has an aluminum or copper core to aid heat distribution and is considered superior to plain stainless steel. The best stainless steel cookware is fully clad.
    • Ply: Most will also mention plies, such as 3-ply or 5-ply. That refers to the number of layers. A clad pan will have a layer of conductive metal surrounded by stainless steel – that would make it 3-ply. 5-ply adds another layer of conductive metal and stainless, though most home cooks likely won’t notice much difference in heat distribution between the two.
  • Nonstick: Any of the above materials can have a nonstick coating. A nonstick coating makes the pan easier to clean but isn’t suitable for high temperatures, and metal utensils can damage the coating.

My Top Picks for Cookware Made in the USA

I’ve compiled a list of the American-made cookware that stand out, so you can get an idea of what’s out there before making any purchases. All of these come with a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee their quality. Many of these also come in cookware sets if you choose to kit yourself out with a particular brand. Here’s some of the best cookware made in the United States.

1. Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge is known for having some of the best cast iron that’s American-made. This griddle is made entirely of cast iron, making it induction-compatible, oven-safe, and stovetop-safe. It excels at making pancakes, grilled cheese, french toast, and omelets. It’s safe for high temperatures, making it great for searing or the broiler. However, cast iron is heavy, meaning this pan can be unwieldy, and the low sides mean you have to be choosy about what you make so it doesn’t spill over.

2. Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Finex makes eye-catching cast iron products and is based in Oregon. It is a high-end cookware brand expanding its product line. This skillet is octagonal with a stainless steel wrapped handle, giving it a distinctive design. It’s oven-safe, broiler-safe, and works with induction. However, Finex’s cast iron is expensive, especially for non-enameled cast iron, and it’s heavy.

3. Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

While Lodge’s enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are primarily made overseas, their seasoned cast iron Dutch ovens are made in Tennessee. This Dutch oven is made entirely out of cast iron, making it stovetop, oven, and broiler safe, as well as able to be used over a campfire. The looped handles make it easy to lift and move. However, cast iron is heavy, and some reviewers complained that the seasoning it came with is a bit light, meaning you may want to add another layer before cooking with it.

4. Viking Cast Iron 10" Fry Pan

Viking is headquartered in Mississippi, and its products are made in the USA. They make a mix of cast iron and stainless steel cooking equipment. This enameled cast iron skillet is a find. It has an understated black matte exterior that’s easy to keep clean, excellent heat retention, and pour spouts. That being said, Viking began on the commercial cooking side, and its cookware still reflects that in terms of price. The skillet also doesn’t have a helper handle, which can make getting it out of the oven more difficult.

5. Made In Nonstick Frying Pan

While not everything Made In manufactures is made in the United States, their nonstick frying pans are. It’s made of clad stainless steel with a multiple-layer nonstick coating. The handle is hollow so that it stays cool on the stovetop, and the pan is oven-safe up to 500 degrees. That being said, it’s hand wash only, and the nonstick coating means you can’t use metal utensils.

6. All-Clad D3 Stainless 3-Ply Bonded Cookware, Fry Pan with lid, 12-inch

This fully clad pan has an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for superior heating distribution. The pan has excellent balance and is one solid piece. The stainless steel lid is oven-safe and adds additional options to what you can make with it. That being said, the lack of a helper handle makes it more difficult to get a secure grip on a bigger pan. It also isn’t dishwasher-safe.

Find the Right Cookware made in the USA for You

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It can be overwhelming to find the right choice for your needs, particularly when looking for something specific. As cookware is something you’ll use a lot over its lifetime, don’t be afraid to take your time. If you feel you need more information, recommendations, or advice, reach out to one of our Kitchen Experts here on Curated! Any of our Kitchen Experts would be more than happy to help you find the USA-made cookware that’s just right for you.

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