An Expert Guide to TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Published on 12/02/2023 · 12 min readEnhance your golf game with an expert guide to TaylorMade golf clubs. Discover top-notch technology and recommendations to elevate your performance on the course!
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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Tl;dr: TaylorMade has a club for every shot in golf and every type of player. Whether you’re a beginner, mid-handicapper, or scratch golfer, this guide will help you find the right equipment to buy with confidence.

TaylorMade is one of the most trusted names in golf, with new products coming out every year. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have my favorite player (and arguably the greatest golfer ever) Tiger Woods on their team. He’s joined by other top golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Colin Morikawa, Scottie Scheffler, and many others on Team TaylorMade.

But what about everyday golfers… Can TaylorMade golf clubs help your game? The short answer is yes, absolutely, as they have an expansive product lineup. However, it’s about finding the right type of driver, woods, irons, and wedges that match your skill level to optimize your game.

After playing for 20+ years myself and becoming a scratch golfer, my goal is to guide you through the best TaylorMade clubs. This way, you can ensure your hard-earned money is spent on clubs that will help and not hurt your game.

What Are TaylorMade Golf Clubs?

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TaylorMade is one of the biggest brands in golf, alongside Callaway, Titleist, and Ping. They make all kinds of equipment, gear, and other accessories to help all skill levels. TaylorMade got its start in 1979 when Gary Adams took out a $24,000 loan to build his vision of a golf company. With only three employees, they went on to create some of the best-selling clubs. Now they’re one of the most well-known names in the game.

If you’ve played for a while, chances are you remember some of their earlier clubs, including the TaylorMade Burner. I used this club in high school and absolutely loved it - alongside nearly everyone else on my team. Since then, they’ve expanded to revolutionize new equipment to make the game easier for golfers.

Let’s review the best TaylorMade golf clubs to see which ones you should consider adding to your set.

What to Consider Buying TaylorMade Golf Clubs

TaylorMade makes all types of clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, irons, driving irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Each product has several models to fit a different level of golfer. This is why a weekend warrior can benefit from them as much as Tiger himself.

Ask yourself these questions as you start shopping for different TaylorMade gear:

What clubs do I need to upgrade or replace?

Chances are you don’t need to replace all 14 clubs in your set. There’s likely some equipment - whether it’s your trusty driver, dependable irons, or putter - that’s doing just fine. Start by identifying the clubs that you think are holding you back from playing your best.

If you track your statistics after each round, use the data to look at your weaker areas. For example, let’s say you have a fear of your driver and rely on 3-wood instead. In this case, you should consider buying a new driver to help you find more fairways, add more distance, and ultimately make golf a lot easier. Or, maybe it’s your short game holding you back. If you’re consistent off the tee and from the fairway, maybe it’s your flat stick that gives you a lot of grief on the course.

Trust me, I’ve been there myself. Sometimes you just need a new putter that is more forgiving to help you drain more putts and shoot lower scores.

What is my skill level?

What’s great about TaylorMade and other top brands is that they make clubs for all types of golfers. The key to getting the most out of equipment is to make sure they’re right for your swing.

Over my own playing career, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is playing clubs that are too good for me. Meaning I let ego get the best of me and play clubs for the golfer I wanted to be vs. the one I was at the time. For example, if you typically shoot in the 90s, you probably shouldn’t play heavy steel shafts or a smaller head driver. Instead, you should play lightweight graphite shafts and a more forgiving, possibly draw bias driver. Playing clubs that match your current skill level will make the game easier and lead to longer drivers and more greens in regulation.

What is my budget?

Finally, don’t forget to consider your budget. TaylorMade makes extremely reliable and consistent equipment, but it does come at a steeper price than other brands like Cleveland or Cobra.

Most drivers cost more than $500, iron sets are about $1,000 (more or less depending on shafts and type of clubs), and putters are $200 or more. However, if you’re an avid golfer and want to improve, it’s a great investment in your game.

Different Types of TaylorMade Golf Clubs

After hitting nearly all of TaylorMade’s clubs in 2023, here are the ones that I think are worth considering. I’ll start with the big stick, then get to irons, wedges, and putters.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

TaylorMade made a big update to their driver line in 2022 with the release of their Stealth driver series. This driver was the first design (coined Carbonwood) that used carbon, not titanium, like most brands and previous TaylorMade models.

In 2023, they updated them slightly for the Stealth 2, making them more “forgiving” (aka forgiving), as Rory mentions in their commercials. More carbon and a new 60X carbon Twist Face made these drivers longer, straighter, and easier to hit than ever. The Stealth 2 lineup has three types of drivers to match different types of players. Mid-handicappers will benefit from the Stealth 2, while higher handicappers will benefit from the Stealth 2 HD, which helps correct a slice. While Tiger and more skilled players typically play the Stealth 2 Plus, which lowers spin to optimize total distance.


  • Adjustable weights.
  • More carbon means more forgiveness than the original Stealth.
  • Four degree loft sleeve to customize loft/lie angle for ideal shot shape.
  • Available in three models with different shafts to match ideal player type swing speeds.

Be Aware

  • Only a few stock shaft options compared to Titleist or Callaway.
  • There is no smaller size, as all three models are 460 cc. It’s common for the most advanced version of a driver to have a smaller design to help reduce spin for better golfers.

They also have matching fairway woods, so you have a smooth transition with a 3, 5, or 7-wood.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Rescue Hybrids and DHY Utility Irons

If you like the Stealth 2 driver and fairway woods, you should consider the hybrids as well. Like the woods, they offer three types to fit different skill levels of golfers. Plus, I’ve yet to meet an everyday golfer who couldn’t benefit from adding a hybrid instead of a long iron in their bag.

If you struggle with a slice and want a higher launch, opt for the Stealth 2 HD model. If you want a lower flight and more playability, consider the Stealth 2 Plus Rescue. Or, if you prefer an iron vs. a hybrid, they also make the Stealth UDI or DHY, which are significantly easier to hit than traditional long irons.


  • Both hybrids and utility irons are much more forgiving than irons.
  • Hybrids have an adjustable loft sleeve to fit in with the rest of your set perfectly.
  • The hybrids and driving irons have graphite shafts to improve launch and increase swing speed.
  • Three hybrids and three driving irons make long shots a lot less challenging and they have a huge selection of lofts. You might consider adding two hybrids or one hybrid and one driving iron based on your current setup.

Be Aware

  • The hybrids are a lot more forgiving than the driving irons. Unless you’re a confident iron player, stick to the hybrids for your best long game performance.

TaylorMade Irons

The Stealth Irons

TaylorMade has an impressive iron lineup, including the Stealth, Stealth HD, P770, P790, P7MB and P7MC irons. Not to mention the P7TW irons, which are nearly the exact same irons that Tiger himself plays. But chances are you can’t swing like Tiger (nor can I) and would suggest skipping these clubs. I did hit them and can say they look great but extremely unforgiving. Most everyday golfers will benefit most from the Stealth HD (very forgiving), the P790 (forgiving but a smaller shape), or the P7MC if you’re more consistent.


  • Different sets for all types of golfers.
  • Good selection of steel and graphite shafts.
  • The Stealth HD set is perfect if you fight a slice with your approach shots.
  • Some TaylorMade iron sets are available as combos that include 1-2 Stealth 2 hybrids. By replacing long irons with easy to hit hybrids, it can have a dramatic impact on your game.

Be Aware

  • Play the clubs that are right for your swing speed and skill level. As I mentioned earlier, I played the wrong irons too many times (shafts too heavy, clubs not forgiving enough, etc.) and it hurt my game.

Learn more about blade vs. cavity back irons here.

TaylorMade Putters

The TaylorMade Spider X

TaylorMade helped my putting so much in 2017 when I finally invested in their original Spider putter. This putter was unlike anything on the market and revolutionized putters in the golf world.

It’s not a blade or mallet like most traditional putters, but instead, it has its own unique design that is more forgiving than ever. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to line up and get the putt started on the proper line.

They now have several versions of the Spider X with different club heads and hosels to suit all types of golfers. TaylorMade also has a good selection of blade putters if you prefer a more conventional look.


  • The right putter can transform your scores and confidence on the course.
  • Larger design Spider putters are easy to line up and work with all types of putting strokes (in to out or straight back, straight through).
  • The Spider series has a large selection of shaft bends that will help you get the ball rolling on the proper line.

Be Aware

  • Switching from a blade to a Spider-type design might take some getting used to.
  • Putter length is just as important as the putter itself. Make sure to buy the right length based on your height and arm length.

Features to Look for in TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Photo by Daniel VG

Now that you have an overview of some of the best TaylorMade golf clubs, let’s get into some features you should consider.


The size of the head and type of design play a big role in straightening out ball flight. An HD (high draw) design can help correct a slice. Paired with the adjustable sleeve features in TaylorMade clubs, this can help you find more fairways and greens. However, more forgiving heads aren’t as easy to hit shots in either direction.

Type of Shaft

The clubhead is important, but so is the shaft, especially with irons. Make sure to consider your swing speed to get the right flex (learn more about graphite vs. steel shafts here). The right shaft can improve launch and distance, but replacing iron shafts isn’t cheap, as you’ll need to buy the shafts and have a fitter replace them.

Set Makeup

Another aspect of your set to consider is the type of clubs (hybrids vs. long irons) and number of wedges. Nearly every golfer can benefit from easier-to-hit fairway woods and hybrids vs. long irons. Driving irons are another great alternative to traditional long irons, as they have a better launch and more forgiveness. However, don’t let ego get in the way when buying equipment - play the clubs that help your game the most. This is why I rocked a 7-wood in high school, and it was my go-to club instead of long irons.

How to Choose the Right TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Below are some examples of different types of golfers and what might work best for them.


Austin is a mid to high handicap golfer who needs help with his iron game more than his driving or putting.

Features Austin should look for:

  • A combo set that replaces long irons with hybrids.
  • Irons that offer more forgiveness than playability.
  • Lightweight steel or a heavy graphite shaft, depending on swing speed.

TaylorMade Golf Club Examples: TaylorMade P790, Stealth 2 Combo set


Corey is an avid golfer who loves irons more than hybrids and wants to become a scratch golfer. He also wants help with a more forgiving putter, as he’s averaging 34 putts per round.

Features Corey should look for:

  • Graphite shafts in his long irons to help his consistency.
  • A putter that is easy to line up and some extra forgiveness on mishits.

TaylorMade Golf Club Examples: Stealth UDI, TaylorMade Spider putter


Ryan doesn’t play often and wants clubs that are ultra-forgiving and can help him straighten out his slice.

Features Ryan should look for:

  • Lightweight graphite shafts.
  • HD (high draw) design driver, hybrids, woods, and irons.

TaylorMade Golf Club Examples: TaylorMade Stealth HD 2, Stealth 2 HD iron combo set.

Find the Best TaylorMade Golf Clubs for You

Photo by TaylorMade

Whether you need more distance, more accuracy, or short game help, TaylorMade has a club or set for you. With any brand, always make sure you’re buying clubs that will help your game based on your swing and skill level.

If you aren’t sure which bag is right for you or have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact a Curated Golf Expert today.

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