The Best Golf Clubs of 2023

Published on 12/08/2023 · 7 min readLooking back on 2023, we've rounded up the year's best golf clubs that really made an impact on the course. Discover the game-changers below!
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Jacob Wetzel

We just had our first frost of the season in Charleston, South Carolina, which is a sign that the year is concluding, and many golfers in the northern parts of the country are preparing for Winter snow.

Each year, golf technology advances, and a new lineup of exceptional golf clubs from top brands designed to improve your game is introduced. 2023 set a new standard for premium equipment. Top manufacturers made gains in distance, workability, accuracy, and forgiveness for players of all skill levels.

Choosing the right equipment for your game is essential to lowering your scores, and 2023 produced many viable options to begin your journey to better golf. For almost 30 years, I have had a growing interest in golf equipment and assisting others in finding the right clubs for their swing. through playing golf competitively at the highest level in college and working in the industry.

I have had the opportunity to test different equipment brands from year to year, and in this article, I review the best golf clubs of 2023.

Best Drivers

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver 2023

TaylorMade is known for driver technology. In 2023, their Stealth line of drivers with red carbon clubface were endorsed by top players like Rory Mcilroy and often spotted on the PGA Tour circuit. This is the best overall driver for all skill levels to increase your distance and maximize ball speed.

The Stealth 2 is extremely forgiving due in large part to the 60X Carbon Twist Face clubface, which is constructed to offer additional support for shots struck off center towards the toe or heel. The club face is angled in such a way that the ball will perform as if it were hit closer to the sweet spot. Regardless of your handicap, pair this driver up with a shaft that matches your swing speed, and you will see immediate gains in carry distance and accuracy.

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver 2023

For a top player seeking maximum workability off the tee, the Paradym Triple Diamond driver from Callaway Golf gives you the chance to shape shots both ways and fly your ball into the wind on blustery days. When you find the middle of the club face, you will see an increase in ball speed and penetrating trajectory that never sways far from the fairway.

This driver is designed specifically for better players who hit the sweet spot with regularity. For shots struck off center, the level of forgiveness is not as great as other 2023 Callaway Paradym driver options like the original Paradym and Paradym X.

The key to the Paradym Triple Diamond is having the desire and ability to shape shots. Regardless of swing speed, if you want to work a slice or fade and can find the center of the club, this driver will keep you in the go-zone all day.

Best Irons

TaylorMade 2023 P790 Irons

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from the feel, distance, and accuracy of the TaylorMade P790 irons. Engineered with a larger sweet spot, this year’s version of the P790 provides consistent shot dispersion and greater forgiveness across the face.

I enjoyed the launch and sound of these irons. They produce a solid thud at impact and interact extremely well with the turf, whether the ground is wet or hard.

Even though this is a muscle back iron, I found them to be as workable as some tour blades and as forgiving as a cavity back. Overall, I consider these the best-performing irons that 2023 has to offer.

Titleist 2023 T350 Irons

If you struggle with iron play and are looking for improvement, the T350 irons from Titleist are ultra-forgiving and will provide the assistance you need to get the ball in the air and headed toward your target.

Designed with the high-handicap player in mind, these irons offer increased durability and are easy to hit. That said, they also offer a great feel without sacrificing any distance for top players. For anyone searching for consistent contact and a more penetrating ball flight, the 2023 T350s are a great option.

Best Wedges

Titleist SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge 2023

Saving shots around the green is the name of the game with the 2023 SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge from Titleist. With the right practice, this wedge will allow you to become a short-game wizard.

For all players, this club provides pinpoint accuracy from a short distance and the ability to generate spin from squirrelly lies around the green. It easily slices through the turf on full shots, creating a desirable toupee-shaped divot on bent grass and an explosion of sand in Bermuda or paspalum.

The SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge comes in a variety of lofts, covering you from sand wedge to pitching wedge. Each allows you to adapt to ground and weather conditions, creating optimal spin and control on impact. This wedge will get you going in the right direction for increased feel and short-game improvement.

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Chrome Wedge 2023

The latest Hi-Toe wedge from TaylorMade is a game-changer for greenside spin and playability. On shots where you are short-sided around the green, the additional mass on the toe of the club face provides the extra surface area contact and spin you need to land the ball softly and hold the green.

With the Hi-Toe 3 Chrome Wedge, you can play shots that you would not be able to play with a traditional wedge design. If you don’t mind the look of the higher toe at address, this club will increase your ability to get the ball up and down, saving you shots around the green.

Best Putters

Titleist 2023 Super Select Newport 2 Plus Putter

The Scotty Cameron line of putters from Titleist are widely recognized for their tour feel and precision. The Newport 2 Plus offers a traditional blade setup that has a slightly larger flange than the standard Newport 2. For all skill levels, I think that the added mass makes it easier to keep the putter on its plane and produce a smooth and consistent roll.

There is no better feeling than striking the Newport 2 Plus in the center, and after some practice you will be able to confidently step up to short putts and knock them into the back of the cup with pace. For any player that enjoys the look of a traditional blade, this putter provides the feeling necessary to lag long putts for tap-ins and make more 10-footers that will lead to better scores.

Titleist 2023 Super Select GOLO 6 Putter

The GOLO 6 Putter from Titleist is another Scotty Cameron masterpiece that is a proven winner on professional golf tours around the world. In addition to providing a true roll on well-struck putts, the mallet head design promotes a repeatable putting stroke that holds up under pressure.

Like most Scotty Cameron putters, this club produces a nice ping sound at impact and a soft, buttery feel to get the ball rolling end over end. The textured Pistolero Plus grip molds to your hands, making it easy to settle in and make more putts.

Best Fairway Woods

Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood 2023

The TSR2 Fairway Wood from Titleist is a high-launching wood that offers distance and forgiveness for all skill levels. I found that this wood produces the distance needed to attack par 5’s in two or lay back on short par 4’s.

The adjustable hosel lets you set the club to your optimum ball flight for top players or to combat your swing flaws for the less skilled. Overall, this wood feels great and is consistently long and straight from the short grass or off the tee.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Fairway Wood 2023

For anyone looking for extreme forgiveness on long shots from the fairway, the Stealth 2 Fairway Wood from TaylorMade provides a club face that will perform well even when the ball is struck off center.

I was able to draw and slice this wood with precision, and the launch was high and consistent. I saw an increase in ball speed and found this wood to be as long as any other premium fairway wood on the market.

For a mid-to-high handicapper looking for improvement on par 5 approach shots or a reliable option when the driver goes astray, the Stealth 2 Fairway Wood is steady and accurate. For top players, this wood can produce the distance needed to keep up with the bombers in your group.

Choosing the Right Clubs for You

2023 was another impressive year for golf equipment. Top manufacturers produced new quality gear designed to meet the needs of your game and lower your scores.

The clubs included in this article are the best 2023 has to offer based on my experience. For more free personalized advice, please contact a Curated Golf Expert today!

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