The Most Recommended Junior Golf Apparel

Published on 12/27/2023 · 6 min readDress for success on the course! Check out the most recommended junior golf apparel, combining style, comfort, and performance for young golfers.
Brendon Elliott, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Brendon Elliott

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Did you know that junior golfers have been one the fastest-growing segments of golfers in the game over the last three years? Kids are finding out at record numbers that golf is cool!

As a PGA Professional, ensuring the game is healthy and growing is one of the main items I am tasked with. For a good part of my almost 30-year career in golf, I have made it my mission to get more kids into the game, experiencing all it has to offer and making sure they fall in love with the sport.

When a kid gets interested in the game, there are many things for them and their parents to consider. What clubs to play, whether they should take lessons, whether they should strive to compete, and other considerations are what parents and kids want and need to know.

Today, I will look at one aspect of the game that kids and parents might be interested in learning more about: What should they wear on the golf course? Many options exist, so I will share some of my most recommended brands to consider in junior golf fashion.

What Drives Kids to Choose What They Like?

The overwhelming majority of kids will undoubtedly choose the brands they wear based on their favorite players. Kids want to wear what the biggest names are wearing. If Tiger Woods is rocking Nike, they will want to wear Nike. If Rickie Fowler is wearing Puma, then Puma it is for his young fans. If Justin Thomas is wearing a golf hoodie, then, you guessed it, they want that same hoodie, too.

Additionally, the brands of golf clubs that their favorites play matter, too. If their favorite golfer uses Titleist, they'll likely want the Titleist logo on their jacket or shirt.

Kids Golf Apparel: What to Wear and Why?

Unlike other athletics, golf does not have a set uniform for play and competition. Young golfers and their parents need to consider the following types of clothing for golf:

  • Youth Golf Shirts: You’ll usually find polo-style, collared shirts in cotton or performance fabrics. The golf shirt is the mainstay of the golf outfit for your young golfer. Whether they prefer a solid color basic or a wilder and more colorful pattern, a nice-looking collared golf shirt helps them say, “I’m a golfer!”
  • Youth Golf Pants and Shorts: Bottoms are usually lightweight, high-performance fabrics built for comfort. The biggest consideration for your young golfer's pants or shorts is comfort, regardless of the brand or style. Moisture-wicking capabilities are worth looking at, especially in summer heat.
  • Youth Golf Skirts or Skorts: Girls' golf is very popular right now, so don't forget your juniors! In terms of what your future LPGA Tour star wears, you want comfort to be at the top of your mind. As with the pants and shorts, consider moisture-wicking skirts or skorts for the girls.
  • Youth Golf Outerwear: For those cooler days, layers, jackets, hoodies, and vests will help keep them warm. Just as staying cool and dry in the heat of the summer is important, so is staying warm in the cooler months. The biggest thing here is to consider dressing in layers so they can shed clothing as needed. Being able to swing freely is important, too.
  • Youth Golf Footwear: Durability is one of the most important aspects of footwear. Finding something that is waterproof, too, is hugely important. As mentioned, comfort is also of most importance. Kids usually walk when they play, so their shoes must allow them to make it around 18 or even 36 holes daily.
  • Youth Golf Accessories: Outfits are not complete without belts, socks, youth golf hats, and other essentials. If your junior is anything like me, they will be concerned about not mixing up the brands they wear; you can't wear a Nike belt with Puma pants, after all!

Kids need to look good for the course and inside the clubhouse. Many country clubs also have a specific dress code to be aware of. On the flip side, many municipalities or public courses are fairly casual. Things like T-shirts and gym shorts may be allowed. Make sure you pay close attention to the rules of dress for each course.

Kids' golf clothes don't necessarily need to be the most stylish or wear a big-name brand. Most kids may not agree with that idea. However, the clothes should be functional and something they can move freely in while they swing.

There are many clothing brand choices out there for youth golfers. The following are some suggestions to consider, some of which you can find right here on Curated!

Puma Golf

Puma is a favorite of young golfers. Colorful shirts, shorts, outerwear, shoes, and accessories are some of the go-to choices. As I mentioned previously, kids gravitate to the clothes their favorite golf stars wear, and Puma may be the best example. Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson, both Puma ambassadors, have really made this brand a go-to choice for young golfers. Here are some Puma options here on Curated:

Selling fast

Under Armour Golf

Under Armour is another favorite of young golfers. More traditional styles in shirts, shorts, outerwear, shoes, and accessories are signature choices. Jordan Spieth is by far one of the biggest faces of the Under Armour Golf brand, and he is a fan favorite, too!

While there are no kid's sizes for Under Armour here on Curated, most teen golfers will be in regular adult sizes. Here are a few great options offered on Curated in the Golf apparel section:

Kids Golf Apparel: Other Brand Options to Consider

Tiger Woods and his TW brand through Nike is very popular among young golfers. Photo by Brendon Elliott, 2022 Masters

Most big-name golf apparel companies offer an awesome selection of options in youth-specific sizes. Remember that most teen golfers will be in adult sizes anyway, so our adult options are their options, too.

Some great youth-specific junior golf brands to consider include:

Find the Right Junior Golf Apparel for Your Kid

I hope this quick guide has proved helpful for those needing some assistance. An ever-growing number of kids have not only picked up golf in recent years, but many are falling in love with it. It is our duty as parents, coaches, friends, and family to ensure they have all the resources they need to continue playing and loving this amazing sport. Part of that duty is ensuring they look good and feel good on the course.

If you have any questions about youth golf apparel or anything golf-related, please contact me or any other Curated Golf Expert. We are here to help!

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