Best Golf Apps For Your Apple Watch in 2024

Published on 01/05/2024 · 9 min readStay ahead of the game in 2024! Discover the best golf apps for your Apple Watch, enhancing your experience with cutting-edge technology.
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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​​Apple Watches have transformed the game of golf.

Legends of the game are probably rolling over in their graves thinking of how much technology can help the average golfer today. Yet, despite all the tech and gadgets, golf is still one of the most challenging sports ever.

That being said, having the right apps on your watch or phone can make a big difference. I had the first version of the Apple iPod and remember using it daily in golf practice. Having music allowed me to practice longer because I wouldn’t get bored and eventually get to a single-digit handicap in high school.

Now, there are more apps than ever, and if you like Apple Watches, I’ll help you find the best app to improve your game.

Best Apple Watch Golf Apps

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As you’ll learn today, there is an app for just about anything you need. Some apps act like a caddy on the course, others help with practice, and others can help keep scores or act as a leaderboard with several groups.

Before getting into the details of these apps, it’s important to first consider playing golf with a watch. Some golfers love it, while others hate it and can’t imagine something on their wrist while they swing the golf club.

Remember, technology is here to help you, not hinder your performance. If you don’t feel like it’s helping, you can use a lot of these apps on your phone instead. But some of them don’t have as many features.

Others work best on your Apple Watch and have additional features when using your iPhone as well. Now, let’s get into the best apps, their core features, pricing, and more.

1. Arccos Caddie App

Arccos is one of the best apps in golf — both the free and paid versions have many features to help your game. Its first major feature is the 40,000+ golf courses to help you navigate your tee shots and approaches. Say goodbye to blind shots — this app shows the distances to different penalty areas, doglegs, and more.

The app also has the world’s first AI rangefinder that provides real-time adjustments such as slope, wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity, and more. I think this is the primary feature that sets it apart from similar apps, and I couldn’t believe its accuracy when I used it. It’s like having a PGA Tour caddy on your wrist at all times.

Speaking of caddies, this golf app actually has its own Caddie Advice feature. It uses AI to provide an optimal strategy for the hole and expected outcomes. It also tracks your distances with each club, provides strokes gained analytic data, and provides even more metrics on your desktop device.

Additionally, don’t forget that Arccos Sensors can improve your game as well. These sensors live in the grip of your clubs and pair with the app to track your performance on the course. This can help you assimilate valuable strokes-gained data and more to analyze and improve your skills. Plus, you can also buy smart grips and the wearable Link device for improved shot tracking.

2. GolfLogix App

GolfLogix considers their app the ultimate game improvement tool from tee to green. After trying it myself, I have to say I am impressed with its functionality for so many aspects of the game. It is a paid app, but it’s a low cost.

First, it can help before you even get to the golf course by booking tee times. GolfLogix App members get 20% off most tee times and $20 off the first booked time. My buddy uses this to book our tee times and it’s a great way to save money throughout the season.

Once you get to the course, it can help analyze every hole with a 3D flyover to see the shape and elevation of each hole. It also has club tracking with club recommendations and shot tracking to better understand your performance with every club in the bag.

The GPS distances do include slope, which can be turned off with Tournament mode. The 3D approach view is also a perfect feature to help you pick the right club when hitting into the green. It has phenomenal graphics on your phone or watch to avoid trouble and play smart.

Finally, what separates this golf app from the others is the Putt Line feature. This allows you to understand the slope of the green so you can read putts better and hopefully avoid three-putting. This should have a big impact on your scoring average and is something I love, especially if you can’t see the break with your eyes.

3. Roundabout (V1 Game App)

The V1 Game App, which was recently acquired and renamed Roundabout, is another solid game improvement app. It’s only available in the App Store and helps you track all the dimensions of your game with ease.

The major features are the shot detections and easy-to-use tracking. You can easily track your strokes, putts, penalties, shot distance, and more during the round or afterward.

The Virtual Caddie feature provides accurate distances to more than 40,000 golf courses on the phone or app. You can even manually set the pin on your app for better club selection and use the bird’s eye satellite view to create a solid strategy for every hole. Additionally, there is a virtual AI coach feature that can help you learn more about your weaknesses and objectively assess your game.

This is the highest-paid plan, but if you’re eager to improve, it can have a huge impact on your game. It also pairs with the Apple Watch Health App to provide more insights into your exercise on the golf course. This is a paid app that has three different annual plans.

I plan to use this app more in 2024, for I want to improve my health so I can keep playing this great game as long as possible (without injuries).

4. TheGrint App

TheGrint App is another popular app that works with your Apple Watch and is loved by many in the golf community. It feels like nearly any time I play golf with a new group of people, at least one person uses this app for scoring. I’ve yet to use this app but have several friends that do and love the simplicity of it.

The digital scorecard feature is simple to use and can sync with your GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) to upload your score and build a handicap. It's also ideal to use with large groups because of its leaderboard feature, and I suggest using it if you go on a golf trip with multiple groups of players.

This golf app also has a GPS rangefinder for real-time distances on the app, advanced stat tracking on your phone, and more on the desktop version. This is a free app, but it does have paid features as well for an annual charge.

5. GolfShot App

Another subscription to consider is the GolfShot app, which is used by more than four million golfers worldwide. Leave your phone in the golf cart, download this app on your Apple Watch, and start playing to let GolfShot do the work for you.

Like other apps, it has auto-shot tracking, advanced statistics, and scoring. But what separates this app is the Golfscape AR, which gives you a 360-degree view of the entire course, using your phone to identify hazards, layups, and targets. I was wildly impressed when my friend used this feature on a new course we'd never played on a blind hole.

But what I really love is how it can help you practice. The Swing ID feature sends you personalized data about your swing to your Apple Watch or phone. This makes it easy to understand your hand speed, individual club performance, swing path, tempo, and more. If you want an app that is like having a coach during practice, this is definitely a top pick.

6. SwingU App

SwingU is another Apple Watch App to consider, as it has more than 150,000 5-star reviews and is used by more than seven million golfers worldwide. What makes it so great?

First, the course management features provide GPS for nearly any course in the world. It also has plays like distances (which accounts for wind/slope) to help you understand wind and slope to pick the right club off the tee or from the fairway. It also has club recommendations, green reading maps, real-time distances, and other features to improve your game.

This app is free, but more features are available depending on which plan you choose. The paid side of the app includes in-depth insight with traditional stats, strokes gained data, post-round analysis, and even more features on their website.

Comparing Golf Apps

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As you can tell, there are tons of features offered by these apps that can help you in practice or on the golf course. So how do you compare them?

First, you’ll want to consider the costs of each app. Golf is not a cheap sport, and paid apps will only make the game more expensive. However, some apps have free features, so you can test the functionality and then upgrade at a future time if you’d like.

Second, make sure to read reviews and ratings from fellow golfers on the app store. This can help you learn more about the app, its functionality, and its new features, and then you can decide if it’s worth your money.

Finally, don’t forget to consider how much you’ll use the app, as some are best for practice, while others are meant for on-course performance. Some of them can zap the battery life from your device, so make sure to always give it a full charge before heading to the golf course. Also, investing in a power bank isn’t a bad idea either to keep your gear charged during the round.

Find the Best Golf App for Your Apple Watch

I’m confident that these apps will help your golf game and, hopefully, make a tough sport a little easier. However, I do warn you not to rely on your phone or Apple Watch too much on the golf course. Golf allows you to be in nature, enjoy the outdoors, and connect with others. Don’t let technology add to your screen time and take away from teeing it up outside. Additionally, a dedicated golf watch might be a better alternative if you don't wear a watch much off the course but still want extra help on the course.

Hopefully one or more of these apps will make the game easier. Paired with the right equipment and a good mentality, you can play better than ever. If you have any questions about different golf equipment that might help your game, contact a Curated Golf Expert today for personalized, free advice.

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