Best Golf Club Fitters and How to Choose

Published on 01/06/2024 · 7 min readFind your perfect golf club fit! Our guide on the best golf club fitters and tips on choosing one that ensures a tailored and improved golf experience.
Michael Leonard, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Michael Leonard

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Getting fitted for golf clubs is one of the best investments you can make in your golf game. Golf is already so hard, playing the wrong sticks will only make it more difficult.

Working with a professional fitter will help you easily compare clubheads and shafts and find the right lie angle for your swing. Using a launch monitor, they’ll quickly assess your ball speed, launch angle, ball flight, spin rate, distance, and more to objectively assess the performance of each club.

This should lead to buying with confidence and not having buyer's remorse (which, as you probably know, is the worst). Common fittings include full bag, driver/woods, hybrids/irons, wedges, and putter fittings.

Finding the Best Golf Club Fitters

Now that you know more about the benefits of a fitting, I wanted to provide a few tips to make the most of your time. First, make sure to bring your current golf club(s) to your fitting. This will allow you to establish a baseline to compare against other clubs.

You also want to bring golf shoes to simulate what it’s like when you’re actually on the course. I’d also suggest wearing golf clothing or athletic attire (including a golf glove) to provide the most accurate data possible.

Lastly, make sure to not play golf beforehand. A fitting experience can be exhausting, especially if you’re doing a full-bag fitting. It’s best to go into your fitting refreshed so you swing like normal. Learn more about the club-fitting process here.

Now, here are the best golf club fitters. At the end, I’ll share how to choose the right one for you.

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Club Champion

The first place to consider for a custom fitting is Club Champion. These are individual golf fitting studios (not part of a golf store or course) to help you find the right gear for your game.

They have locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

What’s impressive about these locations is the incredible amount of equipment options available. Whether you want to hit Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Cobra, or any other brand, they likely have it.

They have a ton of shaft combinations as well. They mention on their website that they have more than 65,000 club combinations. They also do custom builds and offer a perfect fit guarantee.

I did one fitting for some wedges with them a couple of years back and had a great experience. My fitter made it simple and left me feeling confident about my club selection.

PGA Tour Superstore

The PGA Tour Superstore is kind of like a second home for me — I’m on a first-name basis with nearly all of the employees. Being a golf writer and avid player, I’m always looking at new gear, testing out different clubs, and making adjustments to my equipment.

The PGA Tour Superstore is located throughout the United States (sadly, there are none in Canada) and has several fitting options. The first is a free fitting to test out different equipment in the store. They have hitting bays with simulators that allow you to test out a new set of clubs and easily compare their performance.

A team member will usually watch you hit shots with different clubs and offer tips on how to read the data (like ball flight, spin rates, etc.). This is more of a way to test out equipment and narrow down your choices. You can do a driver, iron, wedge, putter, and even golf ball fitting (100% free).

The other option is to do a paid fitting at the PGA Tour Superstore Studio. This is where you’ll work one on one with a fitter inside one of their exclusive bays to assess your equipment versus new clubs. You can do all types of fittings or a full bag.

I’ve done several with a fitting fee at PGA Tour Superstore, and they make it easy to get fit for any club in the bag.


Golftec is another solid choice to do a fitting, and you can get regular golf lessons there as well. In 2019, I signed up for one of their monthly packages, which included a lesson and practice access, and they did a fitting as well. Since I was already a member, they didn’t charge me for the fitting and helped me get some awesome new Callaway woods.

Even if you aren’t getting lessons, you can do a club fitting as well. Golf Digest,, Callaway, Ping, and Mizuno have recognized them as a top fitter in the game.

They’ll have you hit balls with your own clubs and then test out new equipment on a launch monitor and their proprietary TECFIT software. This makes it easy to see the data. They sell top club brands, and they have a lot of custom shafts that you won’t be able to test out during a free fitting at local golf stores.

There are over 200 Golftec locations around the world. Most of them are in the United States, but they also have locations in Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore.

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Golf Galaxy

Another chain to consider for a fitting is Golf Galaxy. Each location has fitters that offer all types of fittings and use Trackman launch monitors (the best in the game and used by PGA Tour pros) to find the right equipment. They also have a BioMech putting sensor if you want to improve performance with your flat stick too.

Like the PGA Tour Superstore, you can hit golf balls with new clubs during a free fitting. Or, you can work with a certified club fitter by booking an appointment online.

Golf Galaxy also offers lessons, simulator rentals, club services (new grips, shafts, etc.), and a trade-in program. They have more than 100 locations spread across the United States. If you don’t have a location near you, they also offer virtual club consultations plus a driver or wedge selector online.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

The first four options on this list are the most immersive and in-depth fittings. They’re all paid (except the free type of fitting at PGA Tour Superstore) and ideal for serious golfers.

However, Dick’s Sporting Goods also has free fittings and a decent line-up of golf clubs. This makes it easy to test out the newest drivers, irons, and wedges. But since they’re a sporting goods store versus a golf store, they typically do not have as big of a selection of clubs or shafts.

Some locations, like the one near me in Scottsdale, Arizona, don't have hitting bays, either. But if your location does, it can be a good way to test out new gear.

They also have a golf club trade-in program that can help offset some costs with new golf clubs. They can also custom order clubs as well.

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How to Choose the Right Club Fitter

As you can tell, there are some solid choices to find the right golf equipment for you. How do you choose the right one?

Start by assessing your skill level and goals. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a paid professional fitting (yet) and should work more on mechanics and building a reliable golf swing. A free fitting at a golf store like PGA Tour Superstore or something similar will work just fine to find forgiving equipment.

If you’re more of a mid-handicap golfer and want to get better, start by getting fitted for your driver and putter. They are the two most important clubs in the bag since you use them both nearly every hole. Even tweaking your current equipment — shaft, loft, lie angle, etc. — can make a big difference if you aren’t ready to buy new clubs yet.

If you’re an avid golfer, getting fitted should be a top priority. To find the right fitter, make sure to compare price, types of fitting (for example, a driver versus a putter fitting), and hitting environment. The hitting environment is either indoors with a simulator or outdoors on a driving range.

Both types of fittings will use a launch monitor to track your data and easily compare clubs. However, some golfers prefer hitting outside on real grass at the driving range if possible. Unfortunately, location and weather might only allow indoor fittings, but they’re still incredibly accurate and helpful.

Find the Best Golf Club Fitter for You

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A professional fitting is a great idea if you’re a committed golfer who takes the game seriously. Getting fit for clubs can help you find the best golf club for every shot and make the game a lot easier. If you have any additional questions about clubs or other equipment, make sure to contact a Curated Golf Expert today. We can help answer any questions so you can buy with confidence.

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