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Published on 01/21/2024 · 7 min readGet the perfect fit! Learn about the ideal golf club length for women, tailored for comfort and efficiency to enhance performance on the course.
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If you think all women's golf clubs are the same length, think again! I can tell you from experience that women's clubs are different from men's. They are also sometimes different from one manufacturer to another. I'll tell you everything you need to know about standard length clubs, petite and tall clubs, and how to find the proper golf club length for women.

What Is Standard Golf Club Length For Women?

Every golf club in your golf bag has a different shaft length. The length of the club will impact its launch angle, total carry distance, and sometimes even the club's weight. The majority of women golfers end up with a standard length golf club set. Here is what a standard women's golf club set would look like in terms of the length of each club:

ClubLength (inches)
3 Wood42.0
5 Wood41.5
7 Wood41.0
5 Iron37.0
6 Iron36.5
7 Iron36.0
8 Iron35.5
9 Iron35.0
Pitching Wedge34.5
Sand Wedge34.5
Lob Wedge34.5

Women's Golf Club Length Options

If you fall outside of the range of standard length clubs, you are lucky it's 2024. Years ago, as a junior golfer, and even when entering high school and college golf, getting women's golf clubs in various lengths was very difficult.

Today, there are several options for women players, both custom and stock, from golf manufacturers. Let’s look at what you can expect from petite, tall and custom women’s golf club sets.

Petite Women's Golf Clubs

Petite women's golf clubs are one inch shorter than the standard length. When you order a petite set, all shafts will be one inch short from the driver down to the putter.

The shorter length helps women with less height increase their swing speeds, make consistent contact, and hit longer shots.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer offers the petite set as an option. Here are a few that are worth considering.

Cobra Women's Fly XL

One of the best women's golf club sets on the market, the Fly XL comes in petite length, offers three fairway woods, a great golf bag, and plenty of forgiveness in the clubheads.

Tour Edge Lady Edge Half Complete Set

This is an excellent set for a new player still developing their golf swing. The Tour Edge Lady Edge comes in standard club length and petite. It's an affordable and effective way to start the game with the right golf club size.

Tall Women's Golf Clubs

For women taller than 5'7", a tall golf club set is the best choice. The great thing about these tall sets is they still have a ladies' graphite shaft. I've seen women think that playing with men's clubs is a good alternative, but the shaft flex is typically not a good fit.

Some manufacturers offer complete sets for women in a +1 or “Tall” length, including:

Callaway Reva 11 Piece Set

The Callaway Reva is a premium ladies' golf club set with graphite shafts, a great mix of feel and forgiveness, and an excellent brand backing the product. The Reva set works for females just starting the game but also for mid handicap women golfers.

Best seller

Tour Edge Moda Silk

The Tour Edge Moda Silk, with its longer shaft, is ideal for a taller woman golfer. The set has two hybrids and two fairway woods, so your long game is easily covered.

Custom Women's Golf Clubs

If no petite or tall golf club sets work for your needs, you have other options. Custom women's golf clubs are from brands like Cobra, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.

With custom golf clubs, you can have a set of clubs built just for you. These clubs will have specific shaft lengths, lie angles, and even grip sizes fitted to your needs as a player.

Maybe you find yourself a little tall for a standard set but not tall enough for a complete set that comes at +1 inches. Maybe you don't want a complete set and just a few irons. These are all reasons to consider custom golf clubs.

The options are endless for customization in women's golf clubs. Everything from driver length to putter length can be individually customized. The only downside to custom women's golf clubs is the pricing.

You will pay more than you do for a standard complete set. However, if you work with an expert to get your specifications correct, the custom clubs will help lower scores for years.

Women's Golf Club Length By Height

Standard golf club length is not a fit for all golfers. The golf club length should match your height. In addition, things like swing speed and wrist-to-floor length should also be considered.

However, typically, only complete club sets are sold as standard, -1 inch and + 1 inch. When ordering custom golf clubs, you can get whatever length you would like. These are the general recommendations for female golfers when it comes to golf club length for their height.

Golfer's HeightRecommended Club Length Adjustment
Below 5'3"-1 Inch (Shorter than standard) - Petite Set
5'3" to 5'7"Standard Length
Above 5'7"+1 inch (Longer than standard) - Tall Set

How To Measure A Woman For The Correct Golf Club Length

Photo by Andrew Lomas

The best way to determine the length and the lie angle of golf clubs you need is by collecting both your height and your wrist to floor measurement.

Your wrist to floor measurement will tell you if you need a more upright lie angle or a flatter lie angle. Most shorter women need a flatter lie angle, whereas taller women need something more upright.

Once you have your wrist to floor measurement and your height, any Curated Expert can tell you the exact golf club length you need.

Be aware that when you are looking at complete set options for women, you won’t be able to customize the lie angle. That is something you can only do with custom clubs. The golfer who is very tall, but has incredibly long or short arms may need to look into custom golf clubs to get the proper club length and lie angle.

The Different Types of Golf Fittings for Women

Photo by Christina Anne Costello

There are two types of golf fittings for women. Dynamic and static fitting can help get you into a set of golf clubs specifically built for your game. Static fittings are more common and can be done at home, a dynamic fitting is done by a professional with club fitting equipment.

  • Dynamic Fitting: a hands-on approach where a golfer's swing is analyzed using launch monitors and swing analysis software. Things like ball flight, impact position, and spin can all be measured.
  • Static Fit: based on the fixed measurement and is more straightforward using data like height and wrist to floor measurement and then comparing that to a golf club size chart.

What Happens If My Clubs Are Not The Right Length?

You will struggle to shoot low if your clubs are not the right length for your game. Golf club length is a key indicator of how far and how straight your shots will fly. Here are some signs to look out for if you think club length may be an issue.

What Happens If My Golf Clubs Are Too Short?

If your golf clubs are too short, here are a few things you may notice:

  • You may hit golf shots off the toe of the club
  • You'll feel more bent over when you line up to hit a shot
  • Your distances may feel like they aren't long enough and that you are not getting the power you are capable of
  • Your ball flight tendency could be a hook

What Happens If My Golf Clubs Are Too Long?

If your golf clubs are too long, the signs will be:

  • You will have difficulty controlling the shot and may slice the ball
  • You may notice more fat shots
  • Your swing speed will decrease as clubs can be hard to manage, control and release
  • You have Inconsistency in golf shots, especially if timing is slightly off

Final Thoughts

If you still have questions about the length, proper flex, or even club set makeup, don't hesitate to contact a Curated Expert. They are skilled in both proper fitting of golf clubs and the current merchandise available on the market. Shorter players, taller players, and everyone in between should use golf clubs that match their static measurements and skill levels.

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